Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 08

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Susan greeted Beth and Jenny at the door with a soft kiss on their lips. Jenny wasn’t surprised walking into a room full of exhausted naked women. Actually she would have been more surprised had she not found them this way. Taylor looked up to see the woman who had been so helpful to her in the adult novelty shop. “Well, hello little one,” Jenny said with a smile looking down at Taylor. Taylor liked her. She liked her a lot. Now here she was naked in front of the woman who had picked out her first adult toys. “This is Beth,” Jenny said really for Taylor and Katherine’s benefit. The other three women knew Jenny and Beth well.

Beth, unlike everyone else was bisexual. She was married with a couple of kids. She had given birth to a little boy just over two years ago and had spent the last year really working to get back into shape. She and her husband had a very open relationship and he allowed her to carry on the lesbian affairs Beth had explored in college. On occasion, she would pick up women and bring them home for both her and her husband to enjoy. Sometimes he merely sat back and watched, but more often he would have sex with both in a three-way.

Beth had met Jenny a little over six months ago and the two were instantly attracted to each other. Jenny had been one of those women who had participated in a three-way with her husband. Jenny, while she preferred the female sex, often crossed that line allowing a man to have sex with her. Particularly if it meant sharing his pretty wife or girlfriend.

Taylor noticed that Beth had very large breasts which she was later to learn were 36DD. While it appeared she was wearing a bra, Taylor could see the nipples outlined against her top. Beth was a very pretty blonde whose hair hung down past her shoulders, much like Katherine’s had before Lisa had it cut short. She appeared to be in her mid-thirties and like Jenny, smiled as she made her way into the room. Taylor wondered if Lisa would have her serve Jenny and Beth. She really liked Jenny and wanted to make love to her. She hoped she would be asked to eat her pussy. To let Jenny fuck her with one of those toys she had shown her at her store.

Lisa spent a few minutes explaining that both Katherine and Taylor were her little slaves as she rubbed their heads like little puppies still sitting at her feet. The newcomers to the scene retreated to the bedroom to change and freshen up before dinner, emerging a short time later. Both had slipped on shorts and kicked off their shoes. Taylor felt funny remaining naked along with Katherine, in front of the other four women, who had all changed into casual clothes for the evening. Eventually Taylor became relaxed and totally comfortable in the nude as she and Katherine waited on the women, filling their wine glasses, as they chatted about their week.

Later they all sat at the dining room table, sampling chicken that Lisa had picked up along with a fresh salad and bread Susan had prepared earlier in the evening. When they were finished, Katherine and Taylor cleared the table and washed the dishes before putting them up and joining the others on the back deck. The other ladies had retreated outside enjoying the brisk mountain air. Taylor was a bit chilly sitting on the deck in the buff, but she knew well Lisa’s rules about remaining naked, and sat there as little chill bumps popped up on her legs and arms. Eventually Beth and Jenny said their goodnights and retired to their bedroom. It wasn’t long before both Susan and Kim did likewise leaving just Lisa and the girls.

“Why don’t you two turn in,” Lisa urged. “We have a pretty busy day ahead of us tomorrow. I think we’ll go for a little hike after breakfast.” Taylor was happy to return indoors as she was quite chilled sitting out on the deck. She and Katherine slid into the double bed in the room Lisa had selected for them. They had begun sleeping together since Katherine had first seduced her. For nearly two weeks they had fallen asleep in each other’s embrace, waking up in the morning with one or the other’s arms wrapped tightly around her partner. They were just beginning to chat about the evening when Lisa’s voice interrupted the darkness. “Taylor, come with me pet. You’ll sleep with me tonight.”

Taylor slipped out of the sheets and in a moment was gone as Lisa closed the door behind her. Katherine laid there, in the darkness, alone. She felt a pang of jealousy. Somehow it was different when Taylor had sex with someone in front of her. But now they were separated. She felt a tremor in her heart. Her eyes teared up a little from the thought of Taylor without her. She wanted to be with her. She wanted to sleep with her. She couldn’t believe the feelings she was having. The longing to wrap Taylor tightly in her arms. She turned over and closed her eyes trying desperately not to think about it.

The next morning could not come soon enough as Katherine peered around the room as the sunlight beamed through the curtains. She pulled back the sheets and headed down the hallway Ankara escort smelling the aroma of fresh coffee. She was greeted by Lisa sitting at the table, enjoying some fruit and a cup of coffee. “Where is everyone?” inquired Katherine.

Beth and Jenny are out on the back deck I believe and Susan and Taylor are taking a shower. I’m not quite certain about Kim. She may have taken a stroll. She was up earlier this morning,” Lisa informed her.

Katherine started to turn back into the kitchen. “Fill mine up since you’re getting a cup,” Lisa requested as Katherine took her mug and headed into the kitchen retrieving two cups of coffee. Minutes later Susan and Taylor emerged from their shower. Susan was wrapped in a satin blue Japanese kimono robe. Taylor on the other hand was naked. Her long brown hair wet and hanging down.

“We cleaned her up a bit and gave her little pussy its first wax,” Susan said gleefully. She took her hand and slid her fingers gently over Taylor’s smooth little twat as Lisa took a sip of her coffee and smiled.

“How does it feel angel,” Lisa inquired looking at Taylor.

“It’s really, really smooth. Smoother than when I have done it with my razor,” Taylor answered back.

“Yes, and we’re gonna’ keep it that way. I like my little sluts hairless and smooth as I glide my tongue along your hot little snatches. Now are you ready to take your next step? To show everyone you are mine. That you’re a little dyke like your friend Katherine there?” Lisa said smugly.

“Yes, mam. I want to. I want you to cut my hair…shorten it like Katherine’s. I want to look like Katherine so every one will know I’m a little lesbian dyke…” Taylor went on.

“Katherine, go back to my room and bring that video camera that’s on the bureau. Bring it back here so we can get this recorded. Actually we’ll have you video it,” Lisa said as Katherine got up from the table and went to the bedroom to retrieve the camera. She returned as Susan had stepped behind Taylor and was combing her wet hair.

“You have it on?” Lisa asked looking over at Katherine.

“Yes mam, it’s on,” Katherine answered back.

“Okay, again, what do you want us to do Taylor?” “I want you to cut my hair. Shorten it like Katherine and Kim’s. I want to look like a lesbian. A little lesbian dyke so everyone will know what I am,” Taylor answered back. “And how short do you want it?” Lisa asked back.

“Whatever length you want. I want you to decide. You own me and you can do anything you want…” Taylor went on.

“I like that answer,” said Lisa. Susan had just started combing through Taylor’s hair when Lisa broke the air of anticipation. “On second thought, just trim up the sides a bit. I think I want her hair to grow even longer in the back.”

Taylor looked back at Lisa with a puzzled look. “I have other plans for you my little angel. I think I want to have your hair grow nice and long. I’m not sure I want you to look like Kim or Katherine,” Lisa said softly, taking a sip on her coffee.

Susan combed Taylor’s hair and snipped lightly at some of the ends. “It’s important to know that you were anxious to serve me. But I have much better things in store for you,” continued Lisa.

Katherine was caught totally off guard. The camera had slipped down and she caught herself filming the carpet and the bottom of Susan’s legs before she raised it back up squarely on Taylor. “What did Lisa mean by that,” Katherine wondered silently.

As Susan continued to comb Taylor’s hair and cut some of the split ends her little ears came into view. “Look at the pretty studded earrings. I didn’t even see them before,” Lisa complimented her. Kim who had stepped back into the kitchen after her morning stroll was watching from the kitchen door.

Kim remembered the afternoon Susan had cut her long black hair. The afternoon she gave herself totally over to Susan. She thought about how her life had changed since that evening she went down to Susan’s salon for a quick cut just weeks before her own wedding. She too was surprised at Lisa’s revelation but was pretty sure she knew what the older brunette had in store for Taylor.

Kim looked at the little green stones which adorned Taylor’s cute little lobes. “She said she might like to have her nips pierced,” Kim said announcing to everyone she had entered the room.

Taylor’s heart pounded hard when she heard the words. She had gotten caught up in the moment last night. Did she really want to have her nipples’ pierced like Kim? Little hoops hanging through her nubs?

“Is that right?,” Lisa smiled. “You want to have those pretty little nipples of your’s pierced?” she inquired looking Taylor directly in the eyes.

“I’m not sure. Maybe… I said I would if Katherine did hers.”

“I see,” said Lisa. “And what did Katherine say?” Lisa shot back.

Katherine could both feel and see the video camera shake. She knew where this was headed. She knew now it was only a matter of time before both Ankara escort bayan Taylor and she would have their nipples pierced.

“She said she would…,” Taylor responded.

“Well, that might be very nice. I think I’d like to see that. My two little lesbian sluts with matching piercings. That would be really special. Maybe little gold barbells with the cute little balls on each end. Perhaps when we take you to have your tat placed on that little pussy of yours…” Lisa continued as Taylor could feel her pussy tingle at the thought. She again looked down at her newly waxed pussy, imagining a tattoo just above her cunt. A picture…words? All she knew for sure was it was inevitable. And once done, it would always be there.

“I forgot to mention,” Lisa continued. We shot a little video…or rather Kim here, shot a little video of Taylor with Susan and myself last night. Are you sore today pet?” Lisa asked as she looked at Taylor.

“Yes, mam, quite sore,” Taylor retorted. “And what did we do last night.” Lisa questioned.

“You and Susan fucked me. You had me sit on Susan’s dick and ride it while you fucked me in my ass,” Taylor went on.

“You enjoyed a little double penetration. Did you like that sweetie? Did you like me fucking your hot little ass while you rode Susan’s big cock?” Lisa continued.

Taylor nodded, “Yes, Mistress. I loved having you both fuck me…use me….like the little slut I am.”

Lisa looked over at Katherine. “I had to use a much smaller dildo on her ass. Seems she’s not quite accustomed to the one I use on you,” Lisa smirked as she looked at Katherine.

The jealousy again swept Katherine’s body. She wondered if her face betrayed her. “But in time, her ass will be stretched out…just like yours. Maybe we’ll even use a bigger dick on her. Would you like that pet? You want me to stretch that little hole out for you…so you take an even larger dick than Katherine here,” Lisa teased.

“Oh yes, Mistress Lisa,” Taylor shot back looking Lisa directly in her eyes. “I want you to fuck my ass. I want you to stretch my ass with your big dick. I want to please you.”

“You do sweetie…you do please me,” Lisa reassured her.” “Now you two go back and change into some shorts and a top. I think we have some hiking boots that may fit you downstairs. If not, wear some sneakers with some comfortable socks. We don’t want you getting blisters on those pretty little feet of yours,” Lisa instructed.

Taylor hopped up and started to walk away when Lisa shot back. “Well, aren’t you going to thank Susan for your waxing earlier?” Taylor, turned back around, stepped up to Susan and leaned in softly, placing her soft pouty lips on Susan’s. The blonde kissed her back…forcefully, and their lips slid together before Taylor teased Susan with her tongue. Susan sucked in the soft tongue and allowed Taylor to explore her mouth.

The older blonde was taller than Taylor and she took her hands and placed it on both sides of her head, guiding the little coed to her knees. Taylor didn’t have to be told as she undid the belt that held the satin robe to Susan’s body. Taylor’s face was even with Susan’s blonde muff. While she kept her pussy trimmed, it was still full and surrounded the engorged lips that were beginning to pulsate in anticipation of Taylor’s tongue.

Taylor saw the black star on the inside of Susan’s right arm. It was the only tattoo she had and it matched perfectly the star on Kim’s right hip. She had first noticed it the night before and the inference was not lost on Taylor. She had never thought much about tattoos or piercings. She had noticed girls on campus with both. Some had piercings in their lips and nose and certainly she had seen a great many of her friends with tattoos on their ankles or the small of their back.

Now she knew it was a matter of time before she would have them as well. She wondered what Lisa would choose. Would she have more than just the one above her pussy? And the thought of her nipples being pierced. Katherine’s nips being pierced as well. Her pussy throbbed at the thought of submitting herself to these women.

Taylor has spent much of the evening last night after Katherine had gone to sleep pleasing Susan and Lisa with her mouth, going from pussy to pussy as they both lay in the bed kissing each other. Kim caught much of it on tape before she too retired for the evening. Taylor planted a wet kiss on Susan’s still damp pussy from their shower together. She kissed her lips over and over again, sucking a little longer on each lip before she lightly probed Susan’s cunt with her tongue. “That’s right you little cunt…lick my pussy,” Susan said as she ran her finger’s through Taylor’s hair. Katherine was still filming and zoomed in on the little coed’s tongue which was clearly shown on the video screen as she twirled her tongue around Susan’s clit.

“Suck me! Stick your tongue up my pussy you little lesbian whore,” Susan continued. Katherine knew that language well. Escort Ankara Susan was much more vocal and obscene in her lovemaking. Her comments strung with obscenities as she urged her lover on. “That’s right, suck on my clit. Use your fingers,” Susan barked as Taylor worked her fingers into Susan’s pussy. Her face buried in her cunt as her tongue probed Susan’s canal.

“Damn, you’re one hot little dyke. Suck my juices slut,” Susan said looking over at Katherine who was filming. “Give Kim that fucking camera and you come over here too you little whore,” Susan said, staring at Katherine who handed the camera over to Kim.

Katherine took her place beside Taylor, working her tongue on the other side of her cunt. Susan grabbed a handful of Taylor’s hair and pulled her around to her backside. “Lick my ass. Stick that little lesbian face between my ass and lick me good,” Susan snarled. Taylor had enjoyed Katherine licking her there but this was a first for her. She probed lightly with her tongue and tasted a mixture of soap and sweat from their recent shower. There was a slight musky taste – different from her pussy. Yet, she didn’t mind it. Actually, the thought of doing it excited her more. She licked the blonde’s ass, pausing every so often to push harder with her tongue. She felt Susan’s asshole give way as her little tongue invaded her anal passage.

Katherine continued her assault on her pussy as Susan pulled at her own nipples, lifting a tit to her mouth as she licked and sucked on her own nipple. The two coeds licked and probed with their tongues as the older blonde felt the first wave of orgasm, then another as she finally pushed them both away. “Damn you little dykes are good,” Susan said, almost in a gasp.

“Kiss her, I want you to kiss each other,” Lisa commanded. Taylor didn’t need further instruction as she leaned in and kissed Katherine on the mouth. It was passionate, and wet, and everything Katherine had longed for and missed the night before. Katherine could taste the familiar taste of Susan’s ass on her lips. A taste she had savored many times over the last few months. Her tongue had just parted Taylor’s lips when she was interrupted by Lisa, “Enough! Now you two go get ready.”

Minutes later, Lisa gave the two girls small packs and asked them to carry it on their backs as they made their way down a trail behind the house. Katherine could hear a stream off to the left as they walked through the woods. They hiked for a couple of miles when the roar of the water became a little louder. “This is it,” Lisa said as she started down a slight hill and into an opening. Katherine could not believe the view. It was simply spectacular. There was a set of flat dark rocks and a stream of water which flowed around them and then over the rocks in a waterfall. There was a large pool at the base of the rocks about ten feet down and the water was crystal clear just beyond the falls. The sun shined brightly down on the area, one of the few spots, not totally secluded by the trees.

“It’s so pretty,” Taylor exclaimed as she took in the scene. Green moss crawled up the rocks and ferns were growing in abandon on the sides of the bank.

“Be careful though, the edges can be slippery,” warned Lisa. Lisa walked up to Taylor and began pulling the pack off her shoulders. She undid the straps and pulled out towels which she handed to Susan who laid them out strategically on the rocks.

“So what are we doing now,” Taylor asked.

“We’re gonna lie out and get some sun,” Susan said sharply. Taylor turned around to see that Kim had already slipped off her socks and shoes and taken off her top and was peeling her shorts down exposing herself. She lay down on her back as the sun began to warm her body.

Jenny and Beth were also removing their clothes. Taylor was anxious to see Jenny’s body. Ever since the afternoon in Jenny’s shop, Taylor had been drawn to the older brunette. Her fixation on Jenny was broken as Susan handed her a towel. She and Kat sat down on a large flat rock and unlaced their boots and slipped off their socks. The slate rock was cool under her feet. Taylor pulled off her top and then eased the shorts down her legs. Not wearing any under garments, she was naked in seconds. She and Katherine spread out their towels as she lay down. She looked over and saw that Jenny had removed her clothes as well and her back was to her. Taylor gazed on her ass and her very shapely legs. She knew it would likely only be a matter of time before she had her face buried in Jenny’s twat.

She was startled when Beth turned around adjusting her towel. Beth’s tits were huge. She had never seen breasts that large and they were capped off by two very thick nipples. As much as she had wanted to eat Jenny’s pussy, she was drawn to Beth’s breasts. She fantasized about licking them. Sucking on the huge nipples. She imagined sucking on Beth as Jenny ate her pussy. Perhaps using one of her little toys on her. Taylor began to get horny thinking about all the hot female flesh that surrounded her. She couldn’t believe how aroused she was becoming. She looked over at Katherine who was lying on her back with her feet flat on the rocks. Taylor leaned over and placed her mouth over a nipple.

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