Seducing the Babysitter: Redux Ch. 03

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Big Tits

The girls all piled into Lisa’s king bed with Jamie waking up the next morning, her head resting on Taylor’s shoulder. She had sleepovers as a small girl but waking up naked next to a lesbian was a whole different matter. Taylor feeling Jamie stir turned facing her slipping her leg over the brunettes as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“Good morning,” Taylor smiled, “Sleep good?”

“Oh yeah. Did I dream I was with two girls yesterday?” Jamie smiled back, still feeling a little guilty.

Taylor’s smile grew wider and her brown eyes sparkled as she kissed Jamie on the mouth, her lips moving over Jamie’s slowly, sensuously. “No baby, that was real, and today it gets even better.”

“I don’t know how it gets better,” Jamie responded back as Taylor rose from the bed. Jamie watched Taylor walk to the mirror, her nude body on view for Jamie. She wanted to tell her how beautiful she was, but instead Jamie just watched silently, adjusting her head on the soft cool pillow as Taylor combed out her long blonde hair.

“I think Kat’s got breakfast ready, I can smell it,” Taylor informed her as she moved to the door, opening it as the smell of fresh ground coffee filled the room.

Jamie rarely slept in the nude and would never walk around the house that way but she recalled the rules from the day before as she padded down the hallway to the restroom where she brushed her teeth and stared into the mirror taking in her newly shaved pussy. She had shaved years ago but it had been some time. Now she was hairless and smooth as she rubbed her fingers along the folds of her own pussy.

It was still a little sore from the day before. She couldn’t remember the last time she had that much sex in a single day. She also noticed some slight bruising on her neck and breasts and realized it was hickies from Kat’s more aggressive lovemaking. They were not real obvious but still they remained tale tell signs of yesterday.

“Good morning sunshine,” Kat called out as Jamie joined the other two in the kitchen. Jamie thought it a little amusing that all three were completely naked yet there seemed to be no attention drawn to it like it was just a common thing. Jamie thought perhaps it must be back at their apartment.

“I want to get another day of shooting done and this time I’d like to include the two of you since we have all that bullshit from Thursday night out of the way,” Kat informed her. Obviously she was talking about how Jamie resisted them at first and made such a fuss about not getting involved in their lesbian affairs.

She couldn’t help think how much had happened just in the course of one day. She was still shocked she was doing it. She would like to think it was an aberration. She was drunk and didn’t know what she was doing. Only thing was, she had been completely sober.

Deep down she knew she was a changed person. Katherine and Taylor had shown her something about herself she never knew. She didn’t want to admit it but she loved everything about yesterday. She loved submitting to Katherine, having to go down on her. More importantly she loved the taste of another woman. She thought she would find it unappealing, but instead she loved the taste, the smell, and the touch of a female.

She knew today she would again be required to service the two women and she couldn’t wait. She hoped they could skip breakfast so she could just dive between Taylor’s thighs. To have Katherine fuck her like she had the night before. She couldn’t wait to be their sex slave. This feeling of belonging to another woman was consuming her.

“Anything in particular you want me to wear?” Jamie asked.

“Wear?” Kat smirked.

Jamie realized almost as soon as she said it how silly it sounded. Of course Kat didn’t care. She wouldn’t likely be dressed long anyway. The girls ate a quick breakfast of bagels and creamed cheese that Taylor had purchased with a coffee and some fresh squeezed orange juice.

Taylor packed them a light lunch as well but today they were all three wearing packs. Jamie would later learn one had lunch and beverages, and the other two blankets to spread out on the ground.

It was a three mile hike up a wooded incline before they reached a peak which overlooked most of the valley below. Jamie thought the view was breathtaking as she looked down from a precipice. She heard the clicking of Kat’s camera as she peered down at the valley. “Jamie, I want you to kiss Taylor. Just a small kiss,” Kat directed,

Jamie was only too happy to comply. There was no resistance this time. No hesitation as she approached Taylor. Jamie felt she was the aggressor and Taylor the more subdued as she pressed her anxious lips to Taylor’s savoring her sweetness. The more she kissed Taylor the hungrier she became. There was a passion that seemed to be overtaking her. A longing and she wanted more. She didn’t wait for Kat’s directions. She pushed her tongue between Taylor’s soft full lips, searching out her tongue as they moved together.

Jamie stopped momentarily and looked at Kat, “May I Kadıköy Escort mistress?” Katherine was humored that Jamie now asked for permission to proceed further. She didn’t need encouragement to take the next step but she recognized she should get approval first.

“Absolutely baby, show me what you want. What is it you want to do with Taylor?”

Jamie felt a rush overtake her – a deep heat that swept from her lips and breasts to her cunt and down to her toes. She wanted Taylor in the worst way, to have her, to make love to her. She couldn’t wait to taste that delicious pussy, her mistress’s pussy!

Kat watched in amazement as Jamie went back at Taylor kissing her more passionately than before, letting her lips slide down her neck. Jamie almost ripped her shirt open as her mouth trailed down Taylor’s braless chest taking in her exposed breast. Even Taylor was taken back with Jamie’s newfound passion.

“Oh God, yes,” Taylor mumbled as Jamie took her little nubs in her mouth. She bit lightly on the nipples as she drew them into her mouth, first one then the other. Jamie sank to her knees, her moist lips trailing down Taylor’s flat stomach, stopping to dip her tongue into her tiny naval, teasing it before pulling at her shorts, unsnapping her cutoffs and pulling them free.

Jamie kissed Taylor’s pussy through her satin thong before pulling it down with her tongue and kissing the exposed flesh like it was a long lost lover kissing their partner for the first time in so very, very long. Kat couldn’t get over how consumed Jamie seemed to be as she walked around the two snapping up frame after frame.

Jamie pulled Taylor down on the blankets they had arranged. Still dressed, Jamie dove between Taylor’s thighs and attacked her cunt with her tongue, sucking up her juices and spreading her lips wide with her fingers.

Taylor in the meantime played with her own nipples, groaning, “Eat me, lick my cunt… do me with your fucking tongue,” she urged.

I think she loves eating your pussy,” Kat teased Taylor.

“Yea she does. Fucking lesbian! Just like you made me,” Taylor smiled between groans looking over at Kat. “You’ve made her into a little cunt lapper,” she sighed as she rubbed her fingers through Jamie’s soft brown hair. “Is that what you are now baby? You our little cunt lapper?” Taylor asked looking down at Jamie.

Jamie looked up from between Taylor’s mound. She backed her lips off just enough to say, “Yea, that’s what I am now. I’m your cunt lapper. Your little lesbian slut. That’s what I want to be. God I love your pussy. I love it so much,” Jamie moaned as she dove her lips back into Taylor’s treasure.

“Take your fucking clothes off,” Kat demanded as she set down the camera, Jamie rose up on her knees and removed her top, then sliding onto her ass, untied her boots and removed her socks. She then tugged her shorts off as well as her panties. Knowing Kat intended to fuck her, she remained on all four with her pretty ass perched in the air.

Kat had packed a strapon and pulled the harness up her leg and then the other as she coated the head and shaft with lube. She knew it was likely not necessary but she lubed Jamie as well. She was surprised at how wet the brunette already was as she ran her soft fingers over her smooth pussy and between her lips.

Kat moved the head in with a small moan by Jamie as the cock filled her womb, moving in and out with Kat’s thrust. “You like my cock baby? You like the way I fuck that hot little cunt of yours?”

“Oh yeah, fuck me. Fuck my pussy, uhh, fuccck,” she groaned as she continued to tongue Taylor’s delicious twat.

“You told me you weren’t a lesbian. You weren’t into women. I believe you said you were just into guys…is that what you said?” Kat teased.

“I was wrong. Fuckkk,” Jamie moaned in between Kats thrusts. “I love being with you. I love you fucking meeeee,” she managed to get out.

“Really,” Kat toyed with her. “Tell me what you are now. Tell me bitch!”

“Uh fuck, …shit,” Jamie cried out as she felt a wave sweeping her body. Her legs trembled and in a shaking halting voice, “I’m a lesbian now. You made me a lesbian. I’m your little lesbian slut to use…I’ll do whatever you ask, I belong to you. To you and Taylor,” she added.

“That’s good baby. Now I want you to cum for me. I want you to cum all over my cock. Show me how much you love me fucking that little dyke cunt of yours,” Kat commanded.

Jamie didn’t need to be told but she welcomed the release as she came hard. “Fuuuuuuccccckk, Oh my God, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe the way you make me feel. God you fuck me so good. Shiiit,” she groaned.

Feeling her orgasm subside she went back to eating Taylor’s juicy pussy whose orgasm was also overtaking her. Both women were soon spent as Katherine removed the cock, covered in Jamie’s juices. Katherine smiled knowing that Jamie was way past the point of denying what she had become. It was no longer a weekend experiment. Jamie Smith was a full blown lesbian Ataşehir Escort whether she chose to come out or not. It was only a matter of time.

The girls spent the rest of the day eating from their basket of goodies Taylor had prepared and frolicking naked in the woods. Jamie felt completely uninhibited as she walked through the woods and down to the cold stream naked.

She loved the way the cool ground felt on her bare feet and the leaves which brushed against her soft skin.

Finally they all dressed and headed back to the house.

Arriving back at Lisa’s, Jamie disrobed without being directed as if it were second nature as the other two remained dressed from the afternoon.

“So Jamie, we all know you have accepted you like women. No,” Kat corrected herself, “You love women. Do you also accept you are my little submissive slut to use as I see fit?” Katherine inquired.

“Yes mistress, I love it. I love it when you use me. I love having you own my body,” Jamie assured her.

“Really? Do you worship my body as your mistress? Do you accept my commands without question,” Kat again inquired.

“Yes mistress, anything you ask,” Jamie almost pleaded as she sunk to her knees, her head bowed in complete submission.

Kat stared down at the girl, actually four or five years older than herself, in complete and utter submission. Jamie was ripe to be completely broken. Kat remembered the afternoon Susan and Lisa broke her. It was a turning point from which she never looked back. “Then follow me and prove it,” she commanded.

Kat began disrobing going down the hall, removing her own boots and thick socks. She pulled down her shorts and her panties. “Get in the tub,” she directed.

Kat had brought Jamie to Lisa’s master bath and had the naked girl climb into the garden tub. Jamie wasn’t quite she what she was suppose to do? Pour Kat a bath? Wash her? Kat had Jamie kneel and felt the girl tremble as she moved her in position under her. All three had consumed copious amounts of water on their trip and now Kat was ready to do what Jamie would have called unthinkable if she knew what was coming.

Taylor watched from the doorway knowing full well what was coming. It was something Kat did quite a few times with her. Water sports was not really something Taylor was into but she knew Katherine had a dark side. A little dominant steak and she loved a little rough play. Quite simply, Kat liked the humiliation and breaking the taboo. While Taylor enjoyed the evenings where Kat and she cuddled, Kat liked to experiment every once in a while with light bondage and discipline.

Jamie’s eyes grew wide when Katherine looked down with a small stream of urine which shot from her pussy. “You fucking dyke. You slut, take it,” she sneered as her urine slapped against Jamie’s chest, across her pretty pink nipples. It was warm and she could smell a slight acrid scent. “Play with your pussy, rub that little clit of yours,” Kat demanded as her warm golden urine made contact with Jamie’s cunt.

To say she was shocked was an understatement but she knew better than to object as she rubbed her clit as directed, the warm piss splashing her small hand stroking her crotch. “Open your fucking mouth, open it slut,” Kat directed.

Surely she was kidding. She wouldn’t possibly piss in her mouth! Jamie barely opened it, just a little. “Open your fucking mouth bitch,” Kat barked. Jamie opened it wider as Kat leaned back shooting a stream up her chest. Jamie quickly closed her eyes as she felt the warm liquid hit her chin and the first splash against her teeth, depositing itself in the well of her mouth.

“That’s it. That’s right, now swallow it. Swallow my fucking piss bitch,” Jamie’s mind was screaming, ‘she couldn’t, she didn’t want to. It was disgusting.’ She couldn’t believe Kat was doing this. “Fucking swallow it!” Kat yelled as Jamie felt more warm liquid splash her face, across her closed eyes.

Kat grabbed Jamie by the back of her head, jamming her pussy into Jamie’s open mouth. “Open your eyes! Look up at me and swallow!” Kat growled.Jamie did. She forced it down almost gagging at the thought. Jamie resigned herself to doing what Kat wanted her to do, but with Kat’s hand jamming her mouth against Kat’s pussy choice wasn’t really involved. Kat’s stream eventually subsided and then trickled out.

“Now, eat my cunt. Lick me bitch,” she barked. Jamie did exactly that and went at Kat’s pussy, devouring the liquid which ran down her leg. Jamie seemed to be caught up in a frenzy as she tried to lick up all the remaining urine which seeped from Kat’s cunt and then satisfied with the job she had done began licking her own fingers clean. A stranger watching might think she liked it!

“That’s good baby. That’s real good. You need to understand what it truly means to be submissive. I own your body and you worship mine. Do you understand?” Kat asked tilting Jamie’s head up with her fingers, looking down as the urine drenched woman, with her now wet hair matted around Bostancı Escort her shoulders.

“If I want, I will have you marked, just as my mistress marked me – the tattoo on my back letting everyone know I am a submissive, collared. Just as she cut my hair – I had long hair like yours. Long blonde hair but Lisa decided I needed to look like a dyke, so she cut it. What if I said I would do the same to you?” Kat rambled.

A tear fell from Jamie’s eye but she confessed, “Anything you want mistress. I belong to you. My body belongs to you. I’ll do whatever you ask,” she said softly looking up at her mistress.

“Really…anything?” Kat echoed.

“Yes, mistress, anything,” Jamie countered.

“Bring me the fucking scissors,” Kat barked at Taylor. Taylor hoped Kat was just caught up in the moment. She wouldn’t really cut Jamie’s beautiful long brown hair, “Get em’ Damnit,” she snapped.

Taylor returned momentarily with a pair of shears that Kat held just above Jamie’s shoulders. “I’m going to do it. I’m going to cut your hair so you can look like a little lesbian dyke. The old Jamie will be gone. No more straight Jamie.”

Kat stood motionless over Jamie as Jamie let her hands fall submissively in her lap. “Do it mistress. I want you to do it. I’m not her any more,” the broken girl said.

Taylor shuddered as she heard the first snip and saw a lock of Jamie’s brown hair fall into the tub. Jamie raised her head up and bowed as Kat took another clump and then another as hair fell in thick strands into the tub until Kat was satisfied. It was by no means even as Kat pulled the girl up and kissed her hard on the lips. Jamie kissed her back as Katherine tasted her own urine in the girl’s mouth.

“Clean her up,” Kat said to Taylor as she stepped out of the tub and headed to the other bedroom where she showered.

It was perhaps an hour later that Taylor and Jamie walked into the den. Kat had pondered what she had done. She probably shouldn’t have gone that far but she got caught up in it all.

She looked up to see that Taylor had shaped Jamie’s hair, cutting it further but trimming it up and giving it shape. It was short on the sides and back exposing Jamie’s earlobes and leaving her bangs.

“Wow, you look stunning,” Kat said admiring the new look.

“Does it please you,” Jamie inquired?

“Yes, you look beautiful. Different from the girl who came up here Thursday. Very, very beautiful,” Kat beamed. Relieved that Taylor had worked wonders on the girl’s looks.

“I like it too. I haven’t had short hair since I was a little girl but I like it,” Jamie smiled.

The three women, exhausted from a long day retired early.

Sunday morning, unlike the previous days, they all slept in. Each getting up at their leisure. After the morning rituals of a light breakfast and showering, Kat called Jamie into watch a slide show on her laptop of all the pictures from the last three days. Jamie watched as the metamorphosis transpired unfolding in pictures. She watched the innocent Jamie, shy and demure became the lesbian slut she had now transformed into.

“So baby, I asked you on Friday. You want me to delete your pictures or keep them?” Kat inquired.

“Who will see them?” Jamie asked.

“Just us. No one but us. It will be your pictorial – your journey into what you have become,” Kat assured her.

“No, I want you to keep them,” Jamie responded.

“There’s something else sweets,” Kat went on. “Something we need to discuss. I said the other day this would end here if you wanted it to. This was about you finding out who you really are. What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know,” Jamie said back with a look of anguish. “I really don’t. I mean, this whole weekend has been like something I never ever thought I would do. I can’t even believe it was me… but it was. I’m not sure I could go back to the way I used to be. I loved being with you. Doing everything you said. God, it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before,” Jamie went on.

“And how do you feel about Dave,” Kat inquired.

“I love Dave. I’ve loved Dave since High School. He’s my whole life. I moved here because of him. I’m not sure what I would do without him,” Jamie trembled almost on the verge of tears, holding them back. “But I love you too. Both of you. And I loved what we did this weekend. Gosh, I’m so fucked up right now, I just don’t know,” Jamie said as she was no longer able to hold back the tears that rushed down her cheeks.

“Okay, don’t cry,” Kat said back as she hugged her, taking the girl in her arms. “Tell you what, for the time being you don’t have to make that choice. For a while…you can have both.

How’s that?” Jamie raised back looking at her. Unsure exactly what she meant.

“Go home to Dave. Obviously he’s going to notice some big changes, but hey, mark it up to stating a new life. You can still have a relationship with Dave. Lots of women see both men and women… but I have a feeling you will one day soon make a choice. I don’t think you can serve two masters!” Kat went on. “But here’s the deal. I will also still be your mistress. You will do exactly what I say, when I say it. You will come to me whenever I ask, whatever time of day or night. No matter what you are doing or who you are with,” Kat instructed.

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