Seduction in the Night Ch. 02

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Oh, it was perfect. Her lovely pink nipple stood up from her gorgeous white breast like a rosebud, and I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure at the feeling of it in my hot mouth. My short breaths were muffled in her cleavage, and I was shaking like a leaf. Her breast was so soft, so deep- I cupped the other one with my right hand and felt its gentle weight shiver as she too began to tremble.
‘Oh- oh god… Maria… This- this is wrong!’
I chuckled and began twirling her nipple with the tip of my tongue, my mouth gently sucking her breast. She heaved and a small sigh escaped her lips. I coudln’t believe it. I had wanted this for so long- dreamed about it- and it was all so easy! It was like she had been dreaming about this too..
I lifted my mouth from her breast, and began kissing slowly down her stomach. She convulsed, and her hand gripped the back of my head.
‘What are you doing?’ she gasped.
‘Relax,’ I murmured between kisses. ‘You’ll enjoy this.’ I stopped at her belly button, and gave it a deep kiss. Then my hand, which had previously been massaging her large breast, came crawling down her hips to her pyjama bottoms. She froze, but I could feel her pleasure, as her legs had opened slightly, to let me in.
‘I’m going to make you feel so good,’ I whispered. Her beautiful eyes stared down at me, half surprised, half heady in pleasure. She made no move to stop me. I began pulling her bottoms down, till finally she was exposed. She wasn’t shaved, only neatly trimmed, which was nice. I slid my hand between her knees and pulled open her legs. Her spread was beautiful, red like a flower and- I was very pleased- wet. Very wet. Like a hungry mouth, waiting. I leaned in, and kissed it.
‘Oooh’ Ankara bayan escort she sighed, softly. I looked up to see that she had leaned back involuntarily, her eyes closed. I kissed her again, only deeper. I began to lick slowly up and down, going deeper and deeper each time, in a slow rythm which I knew would be almost torture. She began gasping, and her hand creeped up to clasp her breast, her nipples pointy and erect. The sight was so erotic, that I began rubbing myself with my free hand, all the while licking deeper and deeper into her moist folds, pulling louder sighs and gasps from her as I did so. I sucked her clitoris, and felt it swell underneathe my lips, pausing to swirl the tip of my tongue around it, till at last she let out a high moan.
‘Oh.. oh god! Oh my god…’
My mouth watering at the sound of her pleasure, I laboured on, my mouth delving deeper, until she began moaning louder and louder, the sound red and raw and sensual in the night.
‘ Maria! Maria! Oh- Maria don’t- don’t stop- Ah mmm!’ In sheer pleasure, I moaned too, and the sensation made her keel over the edge. She was bucking and writhing in the sheets, her back arched and sweat glistening all over her gorgeous plump breasts. Finally she cumed all over my mouth, and at last her primitive moans subsided. Panting, I leaned back over her body, and kissed her. Greedily, her tongue met mine in a passionate kiss, licking at her own juices from my wet lips.
‘That was… amazing! I’ve- I’ve never felt so good in my life… Not with any guy’
This made me smile. I always knew I would be better than any of the guys she had dated. I felt powerful, sexual- I had been the one to make her cry out in pleasure, and moan for more. Escort bayan Ankara I felt so alive, and she was so beautiful…
‘Could you…’ I looked at her meaningfully. Her eyes widened as she understood.
‘I’ve.. I’ve never done it before.. But I’ll try’ she whispered. I smiled and reasured her, then layed back on my back. I was so wet, that even opening my legs turned me on. She crawled to the end of the bed, and then placed herself between my legs. The tips of her breasts stroked the insides of my thighs as she began kissed down my stomach like I had done to her. The feel of her skin sliding softly over me was almost more than I could bear! Finally, she arrived between my legs. Softly, she planted a kiss between my legs. I almost came! The idea that Helen Grey was licking me out, was so erotic that I could barely hold on! I was soon borne away on waves of pleasure, as her hot tongue licked my insides and flicked my clit. I found myself moaning loudly, and whimpering, my legs locked around her head, and my hands pulling the sheets away from me. All the while her blonde head bobbed up and down as she fucked me with her tongue and mouth, her heavy breasts resting softly against my legs.
‘Ahhhh!’ I moaned when she had finished. ‘That was really good!’ She smiled, and blushed. So cute. ‘Come here, I want to try something.’ I pulled her up, and placed her back-down against the pillow and head board. I pulled open her lovely legs, till she was splayed open across the bed, leaning against the headboard. She was staring up at me, her lovely eyes wide, and lips slightly parted. I began crawling slowly up her body, and lay myself down, so that our pubic bones were touching, and I was laying on the sumptuous Bayan escort Ankara pillow of her breasts. Cupping her head with my hands, I slid one leg underneath hers, and the other one on top of hers, till we were ‘scissoring’. I began to pant as I saw her tremble with pleasure underneath me.
‘Helen, I’m going to ride you so hard, you’ll be begging me for more,’ I said, my breath coming out in short gasps now. The feel of her soft pussy sliding beneath mine was so sexy! I began rocked backwards and forwards on top of her, delighted to see her breasts jiggling up and down on her chest. Cupping one and massaging a nipple between my fingers, I rocked harder, till our bodies moved in the same motion, fitting so perfectly. Waves of pleasure rushed through my thighs and pussy, as it began to throb.
‘Myes- Hyes Hyes!’ she panted, her eyes screwed shut, and blood rising up her neck, as she gripped my but cheek and ground her pelvis up to me. We were locked together in pleasure, and our cries grew louder and louder- the bed was rocking and creaking- but we didn’t care. ‘Oh god, fuck- yes- uh uhuh! Oh Maria yes! Fuck me, yes!’ She began yelling, and I was doing the same. I grabbed one knee and pulled it up so that our pussies were melded together, and feeling was too much- for both of us. Crying out, we comed , our bodies locked tighter than ever as we were pushed over the edge of pleasure. I was so happy- I had finally done what I’de been dreaming of for years- I had overcome Helen and brought her to realms of pleasure she had only read about. I had corrupted her, changed her- took a piece of her and changed it forever. She was mine, and always would be.
The next morning at the breakfast buffet, everyone stared at us, even the teachers. It was clear that they had heard everything that we had done, but I really didn’t care. I knew the boys were jealous; and all I could think of was doing the 69 tonight, and maybe buying some strapons in town today 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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