Seduction of Melanie

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Note: All characters in this story are above the age of 18.


Melanie sat blindfolded on her uncle’s couch. Traces of chocolate and whip cream were evident on her soft kissable lips. She hadn’t realized that her thin school skirt had ridden above her knees- something she never allowed. Her mouth was agape in anticipation.

The game she and her uncle played had started two weeks ago and had progressed rapidly ever since. Her uncle Ben had always known how much she loved trying out new cuisines. That made it easier for Melanie to be so smitten with Ben, who happened to be a master chef at Paris’s best restaurant.

Yet things were not as innocent as they seemed to Melanie. A year ago Uncle Ben made her try a new sauce he claimed to have recently invented then. It was something she had never tasted or seen before. The white sauce’s sticky texture and salted taste was something she didn’t like initially, but her uncle’s persistent use of it made her accustomed to the taste. He would laugh sometimes saying the sauce wasn’t even pure yet, rather diluted. Since he had told her that the sauce was made from extremely rare herbs which would help her become more intelligent, she would reluctantly finish every drop he would give her. It seemed odd that to her that Uncle Ben would ask her to open her mouth, pull out her tongue and then, on his command swallow it all. However, with time she got used to the taste and sometimes even registered its absence in the food that he made.

Melanie’s parents, being doctors, had travelled from Paris to Nepal to aid refugees of war, emigrating there from India. It was a tough decision but knowing how bad the condition had been in Nepal, they simply had to leave her in Uncle Ben’s care till they returned. Regular church goers that they were, Melanie’s parents had decided years ago that they would shelter their only child from all sexual education until she got married. To aid their goal, they further planned to home school Melanie till she reached her senior year of high school. Since both husband and wife were sexually inexperienced till they met each other, it made sense to arrange a similar fate for their child.

The ‘guessing’ game had started a few days after Melanie’s parents had left and a week before she had her first official day of school. It initiated when both uncle and niece decided that they would use their time to explore new types of dishes and bake the rarest of treats. However, since school had started a week ago, her uncle had progressed to what was now called the ‘guess what I made today’ game.

Uncle Ben would spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen. Upon his niece’s return, he would make her guess all the different foods he would spoon feed her with. He would blindfold her, so with the excuse that it would be a surprise for her every time. The best part for Melanie were the deserts he fed her, little strawberries dipped in ice cream. To her dismay, she would recognize a faint hint of her uncle’s secret sauce mixed with the ice cream when he would hold out the strawberries to her.

The rules were that she couldn’t use her teeth. She couldn’t bite until he told her to. He would make her lick off all the chocolate syrup or ice cream he would pour on bananas, cucumbers and even sometimes his fingers while they would listen to Beethoven’s symphonies in the evening. To uncle Ben’s enjoyment, Melanie had no idea of the perverted thoughts that were going through his head. She was taught to trust family blindly and so she didn’t even question any of his instructions.

But now Ben felt that her first stage of training was over and it was time to move on to the better part of the game. He was sitting next to her with a Maltepe Escort lump in his pants, something she never noticed even when it was staring her in the face. Today he found the perfect opportunity to corrupt this eighteen year old child. To start seducing her slowly again and again, until she would come to him and ask him for more.

He dipped another strawberry into the ice cream tub and brought it to this blindfolded girl’s lips.

“Say aaaaah, honey,” asked uncle Ben.

“Aaaaahh,” replied Melanie

“Now close your lips over it and slowly drag them to the tip of the berry,” instructed her uncle.

“Again. Keep going like that, pumpkin. Use your tongue a little bit,” Uncle Ben said again. The lump in his pants getting harder.

“Mmmm. How can I eat it if I can’t use my teeth uncle Ben?” Melanie asked innocently.

Ignoring her completely, he took the strawberry back to the table and this time dipped it in whip cream and brought it back to her lips. Slowly, he moved his other hand over her mound, only separated by her panties and her thin skirt.

“Uncle?” Melanie gasped in shock. To her it was as strange as someone touching her neck or bare back- it was something nobody ever did to her. Her mind was completely oblivious to her uncle’s sexual advance.

“Keep going Melanie. Mind the teeth,” Uncle Ben calmly asserted.

While she resumed taking the fruit in her mouth, slowly he began to draw circles over her mound. Getting her used to the feeling. To his touch. Turning her on without her knowing it. Making her wet, so she would be confused yet yearning for more.

“How does it taste, Mel?” he encouraged her to vocalize her thoughts.

She kept her eyes closed, behind the blindfold and slightly nodded her head. She was becoming aware of her nipples hurting for the first time in her life, and of a dim wave taking over her body. A voice kept telling her deep inside that this was wrong, but it felt so pleasant. Even so, she had completely forgotten about her uncle’s finger stroking her mound over her skirt.

“Good. Now I’m going to take away the strawberry baby and replace it with something else. Whatever you do, don’t stop. Keep using your lips.”

Taking advantage of her naivety he moved his face close to hers and took away the fruit.

“Keep going darling,” uncle Ben said soothingly, right before he touched his lips to hers, making her gasp!

She sat still, not knowing what it was. It felt like…lips. They went away and then touched hers again! This time she, unmistakably, felt her uncle touch his lips with hers, a sensation that was absolutely alien to her.

He pulled back a bit again but this time ran his tongue over her pliant petal-like lips, increasing the pressure on her mound.

He saw her mouth opening reluctantly and then cautiously enclosing her lips over his tongue. She didn’t know this was a kiss. It felt weird to her. But here she was, unknowingly following her training. Closing her lips on the middle of the tongue. Dragging them back to the tip of it. Opening her lips again, and starting over. Repeating this exercise again and again, she began losing herself in this new ‘fruit’ she was exploring; enjoying the velvety feeling of her uncle’s tongue.

Ben saw his niece getting settled and so moved his hand from her skirt and slowly snaked it underneath the thin material. Dragging his hands along her slowly accommodating thighs until he reached the soft texture of her panties. Yet she didn’t notice, she was still busy exploring his tongue. Moving her panties aside gently, Ben touched her warm slippery slit with his index finger. Looking for signs on her face, it was clear she still hadn’t noticed his intrusion yet.

It was not İstanbul Escort what he was doing but what he was going to do to her that almost made him cum right then! That almost ruined the plan, but by taking a deep breath, he gained back his control.

Taking it further, Ben began putting his lips to use and turned this one way licking game into a two way, open mouthed kiss. Battling her tongue with own, while simultaneously working his finger up and down her leaking kitty, he knew he had her hooked!

Suddenly, he pulled back from her lips and stopped petting her pussy, until he saw her mouth open, waiting expectantly. She looked so sexy sitting there blindfolded and panting. Subsequently, he quickly ran his fruit finger into the ice cream tub, smeared it over his lips and went back for the kiss. The moment his open mouth found hers, Ben began running his finger up and down her slit with a slight urgency. Increasing his stroke length, he occasionally ran his finger over her now swollen clit, smearing it with her increasingly flowing pussy juice, making her gently squirm in her seat.

Cautiously using his fruit hand, without missing a lick, he removed the dark blindfold covering her eyes for the past two hours. Her eyes were closed and her light blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders. Again, Ben almost gave into the lust! For a moment, he thought he would finally flip her over and open her up with his rock hard cock! He would love to hear her cry his name as he took her over and over, in any way that he wanted.

“But no. That time will come,” he thought to himself.

He pulled back from the kiss and stopped fingers working until he saw her open her eyes. Glassy sky blue eyes stared back at his own, displaying obvious signs of conflict and confusion. He knew that she was lost in his spell. In his ministrations. He knew that his tongue had kept Melanie busy and still distracted from his probing digit, which was exactly what he wanted. Confused with this new feeling, exactly when he introduced her to his tongue, he wanted her to become conditioned to getting aroused whenever he would kiss her. He wanted her pussy to tingle whenever he blindfolded her. He didn’t want her to know yet that it was his finger responsible for such wanton desires inside her, undoing exactly what her mother had denied since she had been born.

“Does it feel good, Melanie?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied in a hoarse whisper.

“Yes, sir,” her uncle instructed with authority.

“Yes, sir,” she repeated hypnotically.

“Yes sir what?” her uncle teased her.

“It feels good sir,” she whispered in desperation.

“Good girl,” he pampered her.

And he went in for the kiss again, resuming his stroking. This time, moving his fruit hand to her clothes, he began undoing her front buttons slowly all the way down. Without missing a stroke, he pulled her a bit forward and unclasped her bra. Even though her bra had loosened, Melanie’s tits were still concealed behind the lapels of her undone shirt.

Suddenly gaining a bit of awareness, her eyes came back into focus realizing that her shirt had been undone. Before she could raise her hands to cover herself, she felt her uncles other hand slip over her stomach and circling her breast sending her back into that pleasurable spell. Reducing the radius of circling fingers until they reached her hardened nipple. Ben simultaneously pinched her nipple and sank his pussy stroking finger half way into her leaking tunnel.

“Mmmfff!” came a muffled cry and Ben couldn’t help but suppress a grin.

He was writing the pages now. Half an hour ago this naive goddess sat eating some desert but now she was close to her first orgasm. She wouldn’t even know what it was. He Anadolu Yakası Escort could make her believe anything. He could make her do anything. Taking his game further, Ben stopped his ministrations again and pulled back.

“How does it feel?” he queried her.

“Ggg-good sir” breathed the goddess.

“What is your uncle doing to you?”

“I…I don’t…know,” she voiced her concern.

“He’s showing how much he loves you sweetie!” uncle Ben answered.

“How much he loves me?”

“Yes. But you can’t tell anyone sweetie. It has to be our secret. Nobody would understand why your uncle loves you so much. They’d be jealous.”

“Our secret, uncle,” Mel repeated in a hypnotized tone.

Slowly resuming the strokes on her pussy to keep her on the edge, Ben continued, “But sweetie! Whoever makes you feel these butterflies in your stomach the first time, has to be the ONLY one who can touch you like this. Has any boy’s touch given you this feeling, Melanie? Has anyone touched you?”

Hearing her name brought her completely out of her current state and she answered clearly:

“No. Uncle. Never. Momma said never to touch boys or let them touch you.”

“Oh my god.” Feigning shock “So I’m the first one to give you the ‘feelings’?”

Getting worried by the expression on his face, she answered, “Yes uncle.”

“So who can only touch you like this?”

Her eyes widened. This was wrong somehow, she thought. It had to be wrong. She had never let anyone touch her down below or under her bra! It had to be wrong! Coming out of her trance, she realized that she was half naked. She had never let anyone see her like this! But he said so himself, “Whoever was the first one to make her feel like that could be the only one to touch her!”. He was the first one to make her ‘feel’ this way, so he must be the only one now who could. And Momma always said to trust family blindly.

“Y…y…you can,” stammered the little goddess.

“Good girl!” said a very pleased Ben.

She was biting her lip now thinking what she should do. She clearly loved her uncle yet this was also wrong somehow. Making eye contact with her, he now started sliding two fingers into her pussy back and forth, while manipulating her clit with his thumb, driving her over the edge of her orgasm.

“Ssss. awwwwwwh!” She hissed and moaned while her eyes rolled back into her skull.

Her toes starting curling. She found her hands around her uncle’s neck, pulling him closer. Involuntarily, she opened her legs farther apart giving him more access.

Wanting to make her think it was his tongue that was causing this, he plastered his lips to hers seconds before her pussy starting contracting around his fingers and she moaned into his mouth.

“Uncle Beeennn,” she moaned into his mouth and then broke free gasping “aaaaaaaaah I’m peeeing!!”

Ben chuckled to himself, as Melanie’s grip tightened over his neck and her thighs locked his hands in position, knowing that she didn’t even know, she was having her first orgasm!!

Slowly Melanie started coming down from her climax. She was out of breath when she looked down to see his fingers slowly sliding out of her ‘pee place’. Slowly he was raising his hands to her mouth and commanded firmly:

“Suck them Melanie!”

Her body followed his command while she opened her mouth to protest,”Uncle Don’t…Mmmfff.”

She had already started sucking on his fingers, with her face scrunched up in disgust. Yet she kept on swirling her tongue like she did with a strawberry. Lick. Lick. Lick. She went on, yet still disgusted.

Looking down at her, he slowly slipped those fingers out and ordered her to stand up and face him.

When Melanie did, he moved both his hands under her school skirt and hooked his thumbs around her cotton underwear and simply pulled it down her legs.


“Eeeek. No!” gasped Melanie, when was yet again caught off guard but still gave in to his silent command and stepped out of them.


To be continued

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