Seduction of the Ice Queen

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It had been a long flight for Karan and he was looking forward to going to his hotel and starting his day. He, along with the rest of the passengers has just landed in Dubai , the commercial capital of not only United Arab Emirates , but of the entire Persian Gulf , after a 15 hour non-stop flight from New York City . As a high level business executive of a multinational firm, he had flown Business Class of Emirates airlines, and as always their service had been exquisite. However, Karan had a crucial and potentially lucrative meeting in a few hours and he did not want to be late. He had been making these trips to Dubai for a while now ever since he was made in charge of this particular project, and usually these was never an issue. This time however, things were different.

The immigration line, which was usually fairly fast moving, was crawling and his particular line was particularly slow. There were three people ahead of him, and a young woman at the counter was having an argument with the Arab immigration officer. Karan waited for 15 minutes, and when the woman continued to argue, Karan noticed that the immigration officer was on the verge of calling security. He excused himself to the people ahead of him, and with the confidence of a frequent traveler and authority of a high level executive, he approached the counter.

“Is this is problem?” He asked the young lady.

“It’s none of your business!” she snapped back.

Not fazed by her rude remark, Karan turned to the immigration officer and spoke to him in Arabic, which he had picked up during his time in Dubai . After going back and forth for a few minutes with the officer, Karan got his passport stamped and much to the woman’s surprise, the officer gave him her passport too.

“Hey what are you doing with my pass…” the young woman started to protest, but Karan looked at her, held up his hand, and gestured her to zip her lips.

“Follow me,” was all he said to the young woman, who was dumbfounded and followed Karan to secondary immigration. There he spoke to someone in a uniform who looked at her passport, then at her, and then stamped her passport. Karan took the passport back and handed it to the young woman.

“Hey you had no right to interfere in my business and absolutely no right to take my passport!” She stated very angrily at Karan. “I can take care of my own business, and I certainly don’t need a stiff in a stuffed up collar and business suit to treat me like a little girl!”

Karan continued to look at her and listened to the young woman finish her rant and then let the silence hang for a moment. The silence between them lingered long enough for the woman and the couple of people around them to notice. Then without breaking eye contact, he spoke softly yet with a confidence that startled the woman.

“Your visa was missing a signature, so they thought it was a forgery. You were about to go to Jail. Next time, be more careful.” He was still in his executive mode, and spoke to her with his tone of authority. Then without warning, Karan picked up his bags again and walked away; not waiting for the woman to say anything, who continued to look at him in stunned silence.

This was typical Karan. He liked being in control; of himself, his surroundings, and as much as possible of others. He was not a dictator of any sorts, but he was a mover and shaker for sure. He was well liked and respected by his sub-ordinates, admired by his peers and groomed by his superiors. He didn’t believe in waiting for things to happen, he made them happen by his hard work, intelligence and tenacity. The world was his oyster, and Karan absolutely loved it. The best part was, he was only 30 years old and he was already on his way to the top.

After renting his car, Karan called his clients up and notified them of his arrival and informed them that he was on his way to the meeting. Rather than freshen up at the hotel first, Karan liked going full steam ahead through the day and then relax in the evening with a good party. In short, he worked hard and he played hard.

The five hour long meeting was filled with presentations, sales pitches, negotiations, and in the end as Karan as expected, celebrations. After all the documents had been signed and all hands were shaken, Karan left the meeting feeling exhilarated. He went to his hotel to get ready for the night. A quick shower, shave, and change made him full like a new man.

Karan met his clients again for dinner at his hotel which was filled with the usual wining and dining. While he liked these dinners with his clients, he found them a bit tame for his tastes. So as soon as etiquette allowed, he excused himself feigning Jet lag and headed for the hotel Lounge/dance club. The hotel has a rooftop lounge/club which was flaunted as one of the best in the city. He paid his cover charge and walked out the gilded elevators which opened onto a penthouse cocktail den practically stretching to the horizon. The mirror- and window-lined room looked like an ’80s interpretation of the art deco era, with low-slung suede sofas in deep sunset ataşehir escort hues. A chrome staircase leads to a sprawling rooftop that boasted almost 360 degree unobstructed view of the Dubai skyline. This was something he liked. He found himself a comfortable velvet couch, and ordered himself a Vodka Martini. He had started relaxing with it when he heard a somewhat familiar voice.


Karan turned and was surprised to see the woman from the airport.

“I wasn’t expecting to run into you again.” She said still a little stiff

“Likewise” Karan replied. “How have you been? Getting into any more trouble?” He asked with a half smile.

“No,” The young woman blushed prominently which showed even in the dim light but she again controlled quickly.

Sensing her embarrassment, Karan offered, “I’m not expecting any one here, if you aren’t here with anyone, would you like to join me for a drink.”

The woman looked at him and for a second it seemed like she was going to pass on her offer, and then changed her mind.

“Thank you, I would like that.” She said sitting down on the other side of the couch. “By the way, My name is Shilpa,” and offered her hand which Karan shook very gracefully. He ordered a cosmopolitan for her, which she gracefully accepted. She was still pretty stiff, however she didn’t seem as arrogant as she had been at the airport.

She sipped her drink and the two sat in silence. Karan continued to look at her, enjoying his own drink. She looked at him, opened her mouth and then closed it again. Sensing that this woman was not used to being expressive, Karan let her take her own time. Then finally she took a deep breath and said.

“I wanted to thank you for your help this morning. I could have gotten in a lot of trouble today, and I don’t know what I would have done had you not been there.” She continued after taking a few sips of her drink.

Karan looked bemused for a moment. He again let the silence linger as he had done at the airport while taking a sip of his drink, then said, “You are welcome. You seemed to need it.”

“Yea, I suppose I did.” Shilpa said and averted her eyes.

Karan observed that Shilpa was a very good looking woman. While not skinny like models, she had the right amount of curves. She was wearing a blouse and a skirt that fell just below her knees as she sat on the other end of the couch with her legs crossed in a proper and lady like manner. The top button of the blouse was open allowing Karan to get a look at her cleavage and the top of her bra covered breast, whenever she bent down to pick up her drink from the small table in front of them. Her black bra was also visible through the silky material and he could notice that the cups were definitely lacy.

They both sipped their drinks in silence for a bit, listening to the lounge music. Karan was looking at her, observing her and it was obvious she wanted to say something more but was not able to. Again, he let a few moments pass before Shilpa turned.

“I’m really sorry I was rude to you.” She said finally. “I’m not used to being told what to do.”

Letting her off the hook easily than earlier, he said, “Never mind. It’s OK. Immigration can be a stressful experience in a foreign country.”

“Yes,” she replied, “this is my first visit here. I live in London , and am here on business. I travel quiet a bit because of work, and this was the first time I was being interrogated like that.”

“You’re in an Arab country.” Karan said. “This is a male domain. You have to know how to stoke their egos.”

“I order men around all day,” Shilpa said with a touch of arrogance flashing in her eyes. “I am an independent woman. I run my own business, pay my own bills, and make executive decisions in a heartbeat.”

Karan looked at her without as much as a flinch. He took a sip and said, “You may be a very qualified professional, but you cannot deny that you’re a woman. That’s something you cannot change and better for you if you accept your limitations”

“I don’t believe in gender related limitations imposed by backward cultures or worse backward thinking people.” Shilpa said, “And I am not used to taking orders from any man!”

“Hmmm, maybe you should get used to it.” Karan said.

“I don’t think so” Shilpa said with annoyance

Getting into his authoritative tone and executive mode again, Karan said, “You seem to be a woman who has always been on top of things. You probably the first born child of your parents, and have couple siblings that have always taken your orders. You were probably the hall monitor of your school, and the President of various clubs in high school and in college. Am I getting warm?” He asked

Shilpa just looked at him, her arrogance and attitude turning into surprise.

Taking her silence as affirmation, Karan continued, “After college, you got into the work force and from then till now have always been fighting this up hill battle of being strong and being in command. Never a moment of weakness for you avcılar escort are always afraid that men with think you can’t handle yourself. So you have created this wall around you, where no one is allowed to see you in any situation which you can’t handle.”

Karan stopped for a moment, and watched Shilpa’s body language. Her arms were folded, and legs still crossed indicating that she wasn’t hearing what she liked, which probably meant that he was right on the mark. So he smiled to himself and made one final statement.

“You may not like being told what to do, but here is something for you to consider. In reality, being told what to do can actually be quite a liberating experience for some people.”

“You seem to be talking from experience.” Shilpa said with raised eye brows.

“I’ve given enough people orders to know who can take it and who can’t. And if I may be bold, I believe part of you enjoyed not being in charge for a bit.”

Shilpa was quiet for a moment, and then reluctantly she said, “I will admit, that it was nice not have to think of everything and be responsible for having all the answers today.” She sighed. “While I didn’t appreciate the way this happened, in retrospect I guess liked the fact that you were in charge. I felt like you were looking out for me. As I said, without you, I could have gotten in a lot of trouble.”

“I believe its time for another drink,” Karan said looking at her empty glass and ordered another cosmo for her.

“How did you know I enjoy drinking cosmopolitan? This is the second one you have ordered.” Shilpa asked him.

“I know of a few more things you need, but you’re going to have to ask for them.” Karan gave a cryptic response but said it with a confidence that made Shilpa shudder. In her amazement, she took a large gulp of her drink and felt it hit her, making her very aware that she was getting buzzed slowly. She was becoming very aware of the effect the confidence of this man was having on her. His aggressiveness was making her feel so vulnerable yet there was something comforting about him. It amazed her how much trust this man was engendering within a matter of moments.

Shilpa finished her drink faster than she expected and found Karan looking at her. She felt herself flush and then kept her glass down. She found herself leaning towards him a little and looking back at his handsome features. It was obvious that he took care of himself since he was a fine specimen of masculinity. He had a strong chin, broad chest, and apparently flat stomach. She was drawn to him, and she couldn’t explain why. But this was completely against her personality. This man had self-importantly intruded in her personal business and albeit helped her out, was now being arrogant enough to presume to know what she was all about. Her conflicting emotions were making her head spin a little, and the alcohol absolutely wasn’t helping. She was drawn to him, no doubt about it, as her rising body temperature was making her well aware of it.

Karan kept watching Shilpa finish her drink and instantly wanted her. She was a beautiful woman, and the more he talked to her, the more he realized how much he wanted her. This wasn’t about his ego; this was about teaching her something that only a man can teach a woman. But he was going to make sure that she made the first move. He was going to break down her walls and make her want him to the point she would ask for it. Then he was going to make sure that Shilpa remembered this night and was going to make her learn how to listen and how to obey.

Looking around to the dance floor, Karan smiled and got up from his seat. He offered her his hand and asked, “Would you care to dance?”

Shilpa was momentarily taken aback by his offer, but quickly composed herself. She took her hand as Karan helped her up and then nodded, “Let’s go.”

Karan took her hand in his arms and slowly guided her to her dance floor. The live band was playing a mix Latin music including Salsa. Having a beautiful woman in his arms and the drinks in his system was certainly making Karan feel at the top of the world as he glided onto the dance floor.

They made their way towards the center through the groups of people and Karan turned to face his partner. He gently pulled Shilpa closer till they were inches apart. He slid his right hand to her lower back and gently slid it up, his fingertips slowly teasingly caressing her back stopping right below her shoulder blade. He flattened his hand on her back and raised his elbow to his side. Shilpa in turn placed her left arm over his, resting her hand right below his shoulder. Karan gently held her right hand in his left fingers and raised her hand to his face. His lips barely touched her fingers, before their eyes met. Karan saw the anticipation in Shilpa’s eyes, and rather than kissing her fingers, he moved her hand to the side, and started to move to the music.

As Karan led Shilpa around the dance floor, she was being filled with conflicting emotions. Karan’s charms and confidence avrupa yakası escort (not to mention the drinks) were certainly making her drawn to him, but he was a man, and she always had men come to her. She was actually surprised at herself when she felt disappointed that Karan didn’t kiss her fingers. He was certainly a very good dancer, with very fluid movements. He obviously knew how to treat a woman on the dance floor, and his musky manly aroma was making her senses come alive.

Karan and Shilpa moved to the music as one entity. They danced around the other people as the music soared though the air around them. Karan had been dancing for years, and had professional lessons long enough to know all the right moves at the right time. He moved again to the center and spun Shilpa around so that her back was now on his chest. He gently touched the back of his fingers you her check, and ran them slowly, seductively down her neck, and the sides of the chest, barely grazing her breast, stopping at her waist. Karan bent his neck down to her neck and took a deep breath of her, making Shilpa shiver. Karan knew she liked this since the small hairs on the back of her neck stood up and he could see Goosebumps on her skin. Smiling to himself he twirled her again and brought her back to facing him as the music continued to beat around them.

Shilpa was still shivering from what Karan has just done. Her body responded more strongly than she would have expected it. She felt her nipples harden and push out on her bra and they were almost visible poking out of her blouse. Her pussy was definitely indicating its desire by forming a wet spot on her panties. Her mind was fighting her desires and her body was advertising it, and she knew Karan was starting to take notice.

Karan kept looking into Shilpa’s eyes, gazing intently as they danced across the floor. He knew he was having an arousal effect on Shilpa. Her nipples that had started to poke out were clear evidence of that fact. As the song they were dancing to approached its high note, Karan slipped his hand down to Shilpa’s back, and dipped her onto his other hand. He brought his face down to heck and took a deep breath as he moved his face over her throat and down to her cleavage. He paused for an instant to admire the shape of her breasts as they pushed out of the bra and blouse, before pulling her up again.

Shilpa was feeling extremely flushed after Karan’s last move. The proximity of his face to her neck had sent a rush through her whole body. He felt her body melting into his hands, but her mind was trying desperately to hang on to any threads of control. As the song ended, Karan finally took her hand close to his face, and this time did indeed plant a soft tender kiss. The touch of his lips sent ripples though her body and she felt herself blush in spite of herself.

For a change of pace, the next couple of songs were slow. Rather than heading back to their seat, Karan took the lead and pulled Shilpa even closer, till bodies were almost touching and gently moved her to the slow melody. Her body was in his strong grip and he head was almost resting on his shoulders. His right hand clipped down to the lower back while his left was still holding her right one, pulling her body even closer body.

Shilpa’s body was taking over control as she felt it conform to his manly physique. Her breasts were touching his body as were their pelvises. She could feel Karan gentle yet hot breath on her neck as they swayed slowly. Her mind was desperately trying to resist but Shilpa wasn’t listening any more. She was completely intoxicated by this man. With his words, his looks, his charms, and his confidence, he had shaken Shilpa’s very foundation. The comfort she felt in his arms completely thrilled and shocked her. She was lost in her own reverie, when she heard his voice reach her ears.

“Do you want me to kiss you?”

Shilpa looked up and found him looking into her eyes. Their lips already very close to each other. Their bodies locked, their eyes, locked, Shilpa was in no position to resist her body’s temptations and simply nodded. Her mind was still saying no, but she wanted him. To touch him, feel him, and experience him. Her sexual instincts had already registered him as an alpha male, and now she wanted to be taken by him. Shilpa barely nodded her head and leaned in closer to bring her lips closer to him in response.

Karan brought his lips to hers and gently touched them. Shilpa’s lips were soft, yet were emanating her heat of desire. Karan’s lips lingered on hers for a moment before parting. He saw that Shilpa had here eyes closed and when she opened them they had a soft glazed look. He brought his lips to hers again, this time with more passion. He felt Shilpa’s lips push back into his as their mouths opened and closed again. Their kiss took on more passion and momentum right there on the dance floor, oblivious to anyone else around them. Their mouths opened and closed again and again, sucking on each other lips, wanting more and more of each other. Karan wrapped his hand tighter across her waist and pulled her even closer. Shilpa responded by letting a small moan escape her lips as she continued to kiss Karan. His lips were like magic that had a cast a spell and ensnared all her senses. She couldn’t believe that she has just met him this morning, and yet here she was kissing him with every ounce of passion and desire he body could muster.

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