Senior Girl

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I could hardly keep my mind on my work that whole afternoon. Since meeting Angelina the previous day, my mind was a complete jumble and I could not think why. There was no reason for us to be anything more than casual acquaintances. Let me explain.

Angelina was a very dark-skinned beauty. She was of an age with my mother and had visited our home often enough, so I had seen her many times. You could see that she was once a head-turner, alluring and mysterious. She was always very friendly to me and gave me an encouraging smile, into which, before yesterday, I had never read anything. Since my very young days she had supplied our household with milk from her small herd of cows. In fact last evening I had gone to take payment for the previous month’s supply, when I saw something in her smile that I had never seen before. What it could be and why now, are among the questions I have been battling with all day when I should have had my concentration on my figure-work. The fantasies that invaded my dreams during the night have also plagued me. Perhaps because of this, I have made more mistakes than is considered usual, prompting my boss to enquire why, but you must understand I could not bring myself to voice my thoughts. Of course not!

As the clock crept inexorably towards 5 o’clock my excitement mounted. I ached to get off the bus at the shopping centre near home. Instead of going home as is usual with me when I do not have choir practice, I planned to visit Angelina at her home.


I knock on her door and when she opens and sees it is I, she becomes wide-mouthed with surprise, but beckons me to enter. I hand her the bouquet of flowers I picked up in town and she lets out a cry of pleasure. She comes and throws an arm around me, gives me something of the look I had seen yesterday and pulls me into the house. It is her tea-time and she pours me a cup. We sit sipping and talking. Before we know it, supper-time has come. She prevails upon me to stay but I protest (meekly, I must admit). She serves us both. After we have cleared the table, she fetches a basin with the intention of washing the dust off her feet before going to bed.

“My back is giving me more trouble today than ever. Could you please help me before you leave?”

I spring up. “Gladly. When did you last have your feet washed?” I ask her.

She flashes one of her bright smiles. “Too long!”

All evening I have been running my eyes over her full body, as you might expect a woman in her late 60’s to possess. I can see by the swell of her breasts that she has not worn a bra. My eyes rove to her abdomen area whose fullness excites me for reasons I am not able to understand; I have never liked fat women. She has hitched up her skirt to keep it away from the water but that has the effect bahçeşehir escort of exposing her knees to my eyes. You must understand that such a woman always wears her clothes almost near the ankles so that for her calves to be uncovered is unthinkable. Now here she sits showing me all. I soap her tenderly until I get near her knees and retreat. I am finding this work much more exciting than I had imagined.

“Are you afraid of touching my knees? The dust seems to have stuck to the lotion I used in the morning.” She pulls the skirt even higher to expose the upper legs and knees but now a part of her thighs comes into view; I almost faint at the sight of this smooth, dark flesh. Playing the cheek, I let my hands roam over some of it at which she looks at me with eyes that suggest she knows exactly what I am up to.

“Hold your leg steady while I dry it,” I appeal to her. While I guide it to the side of the basin where her slipper is, accidentally her legs part to show even more thigh. I pretend I have seen nothing but I have a feeling she has caught me looking. But with one leg on the floor and the other needing to be lifted out of the water, parting them has become inescapable. Angelina does not seem to notice, or care. I dry her thoroughly and guide the leg on the other side to let her put on the slipper. I think I see the flash of her panty as I pull the basin away. I take the dirty water outside and throw it away returning with the basin.

“Hold my hand and help me up,” she requests me. Being quite a heavy woman I find I have to put my arm around her middle to help her up, while she throws her own around my neck. This feels more than anything like an embrace, and indeed when she’s fully erect, we put our arms around each other, wordlessly agreeing to hug. When my eyes connect with hers I feel my legs weaken. The look in those eyes speaks volumes. She is horny!

“Don’t let go. Let me hold onto you!” As she limps to her bedroom, she holds tightly onto my waist. The biggest surprise of the evening comes at this moment.

“Since you have been such a sweet boy to keep a lonely woman company, and washed her legs for her, please go all the way and help her undress for bed.” Multiple bells go off in my mind. I know this is definitely beyond anything that either of us could defend were it to be known outside her walls. We have definitely crossed into erotic territory. Sensing my hesitation and its cause, she encourages me to pull off her heavy jumper. Reaching round her body to lift it off sends tingles of excitement through my whole body. She invites me to pull her top up over her head. As I had guessed earlier she is not wearing a bra. The large but drooping breasts are now exposed to my hungry eyes. Never having bakırköy escort seen such and always preaching to myself that fat bodies are unsightly, I am surprised at my reaction to these floppy bags; I find them exciting to distraction. I cannot but run my open palm over them lightly.

“You like your mother’s withered boobs?” she asks me. I have to tell her the truth that before today I would not have believed it possible. This also opens the door to my taking both large globes in my hands and playing with them for a bit. But she stops me to indicate I should take off the skirt. She leans back to allow me to unbutton it and can pull it down her body. My heart is beating like it will break out of my chest. I pull one side down gently and then the other until I get it sliding down the thighs. I gasp. She is not wearing any panties! I wonder to myself what it was I had taken for a flash of panty earlier.

“It has been many years since I have been able to bend low enough to get those things up my legs, but my dresses and skirts are always long so there is no hope of exposing myself,” offers Angelina. “My back has been too painful for so long. Here, help me put on my nightdress.”

My whole body is trembling with excitement at having this near-naked woman with me in the privacy of her bedroom. I cannot help going back to those soft boobs, playing with them, tweaking the nipples. She playfully slaps my hands as if to protest my naughty games, although its obvious she loves it. I feel bold enough to bring my face onto them and shower them with kisses. My hands are roaming all over her very swollen tummy, packed with fat and for some reason I find it all very exciting. I grab her body and fondle it all over enjoying the sensations greatly. I can feel she is also heating up, expecting me to take the next step.

Kissing her full in the mouth, I let my hand roam down to the thick forest covering her secret place and play with it. Nudging her to open her legs I lay the flat of my palm to cover her vagina. Drawing my fingers towards the heel of my hand, I squeeze her generous cunt lovingly. I hear her moan deeply. I let her down onto the bed gently and nudge her to open the legs wider. I rub the very full lips up and down causing her to start pushing herself into my hand. Running my middle finger up her slit, I find her cunt wet and inviting. I slip one joint between those thick lips and nearly go mad with excitement at all the warm wetness, inviting me to delve deeper.

I do. I push more of the finger into her, her hand coming to cover mine in encouragement. “Aaaah, my son, my son!” she wails in ecstasy.

When I encounter her very large clit, it is slippery with her sex juices. It feels like I am playing with a marble başakşehir escort in oil. Her moans of delight inform me that she is nearing an orgasm. By now I have pulled the nightdress off her shoulder to allow me to nurse on her lovely large breast. Then I take one large nipple into my warm mouth and she clamps her hand more tightly over mine. As my finger moves faster and faster over her clit, her thighs squeeze my hand between then and a wild cry erupts from her throat. Her other hand is wrapped round my neck as she is coming. Probably due to her great mass, the orgasm takes a long time coursing through her body, until my hand feels stiff from being held so tightly for so long. Or perhaps she hits one orgasm after another. Slowly she comes down from the Mount of Olives and opens her eyes. By now the whole room is filled with the heady aroma of sex.

“How long have you been planning to do those naughty things to your mother, you naughty boy?”

“Ever since you showed me your thighs. Wasn’t that invitation enough?” I counter in a light tone.

“Come here, you sweet boy!” And she pulls me down onto her chest, on those lovely boobs again. I feel them tickling my chest and my cock springs up in readiness like a cannon.

As if a secret message has passed between her fingers and my prick, her hand is on my zip in a moment. “Take off these coverings! Since when did anyone eat a lollipop that was still covered?”

I hurry to divest myself of my clothing and take off her nightdress. Soon I am lying between those luscious thighs, as smartly dressed as Adam and Eve in the Garden! She takes hold of my steel-hard cock and rubs the skin up and down in a fucking motion. I can feel her legs parting wide, for me to do whatever I wanted with her. Soon enough, she has the one-eyed snake peering into her depths, eager to slither inside and discover all her delights.

She bounces her buttocks on the bed with the intention of causing my cock to enter her more deeply. I feel the head of my cock slip into her warmth and cry out as if in pain. I delve deeper yet, finding more sweetness in there. I can feel her thick outer lips grasping my stem on each stroke. I seek her fat clit with the head of the cock and I am rewarded with a sharp cry. I make another pass and feel her body react like she has been electrocuted. A third and fourth pass are all that are needed to bring her to ultimate crisis. She tries to clamp her thighs together but is prevented by my body. Instead she half-wraps them around my waist and bites my shoulder in desperation as she comes again powerfully. At that moment I remember how long she had spent in orgasm earlier and wonder if she will do the same. Her body is trembling all over threatening to topple me off the bed. The grip of her thighs around my torso and her bite on my shoulder make me somewhat secure. I can feel clenching in the depths of her big greedy cunt.

My shallow strokes keep her excitement going for long minutes while her teeth are sunk in my shoulder. The pain from this delays my orgasm but when it comes it gives me pleasure which is beyond anything I have ever felt in my life. Truly motherfucking is wonderful!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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