Sensuous Lily Neglected No More

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I’d only popped in for a quick drink and some quiet on my way home. I’d sat in the booth in a secluded part of the bar to avoid too much unwelcome attention. This couple came and sat at the table across from me. I was happy to people-watch whilst enjoying my beer and glancing at the paper so I stayed.

The guy, some pretty boy, expensive hair, flash clothes, toned, sat with his back almost to me whilst his girl sat facing me. Whilst he was everything you’d look for in the glossy pages of a magazine she was far more plain. Not in a bad way. In fact, as I studied her from afar it was clear that she was pretty, in fact, beautiful even.

As I surreptitiously listened I picked up that her name was lily. Lily was redhaired, deep, beautiful red. Her skin was pale and gently freckled, smooth and untainted with makeup. I couldn’t imagine what this English rose was doing with such a fancy boy but there she was.

And she was big.

Lily was a big and beautiful woman, maybe mid-twenties and filled her shapely body perfectly. And her man was just ignoring her. In fact, as I could see from his phone he was actively searching for an upgrade. As she spoke about her hopes and dreams, her difficult day and her thoughts on their upcoming holiday he swiped left and right on girl after girl.

Whilst this beauty sat confiding in him and enjoying a huge ice-cream sundae to share he was finding a way out of their relationship. I began to think that he was probably already on his way out with several of these girls anyway and had become so blasé about what he was doing that he could do it with his lady with people looking on.

Lily didn’t deserve that.

It was simply delicious to watch her eat the cold ice-cream, contemplative and so, so pretty.

I folded my paper and finished my drink. I got up and spoke.

“Lily, that’s your name, right?”

She nodded, her man looked up from his phone confused.

“You are the most beautiful lady to walk in here in months. You are as beautiful as an angel and as sweet as any candy, but your man has sat here through all of your outpouring and sharing finding girls to meet when you’re not looking. He’s been merrily swiping left and right on girls far less beautiful than you and you don’t deserve that. I couldn’t help but notice the pleasure you took in feasting on that ice-cream despite this guy not even bothering to indulge with you.

“I would love to give you a better option right now. You’re welcome beşiktaş escort to stay with this guy who, I’m sure, provides for you and brings you flowers when you remind him that he should, but there is an empty seat in my car which I would be honoured to have filled by your beauty”

It was cheesy and weak but it’s all I could think of in my anger at this guy. I began to walk away slowly knowing that if I looked back all hell would break loose.

I heard a chair move across the wooden floor. I didn’t want to look back. I didn’t want to know if it was Lily or her guy. Then I felt a delicate hand slide into mine as Lily drew up beside me.

“Thank you.”

She wasn’t crying or even angry, but she was ready to leave and I continued to walk with her to my car. I walked her to the passenger seat, opened the door for her and stood in front of her. She stood just an inch or so shorter than me, beautiful green eyes and thin pale lips. She looked into my eyes, flung her arms around my neck and hugged me. I felt her soft body press against mine as she forced me back against the car. She drew back and kissed me, gently at first then with more passion and conviction.

“Take me to your home,” she said.

“Are you sure? We’ve only just …”

She put a finger to my lips and got into the car.

We drove the short distance back to my house, drew up on the drive and she opened the door. Looking back at me she smiled before swinging round to exit the car. I followed her drinking in her beautifully round ass clothed in thigh length denim and her loose t-shirt that, I had observed, hung delicately from her ample breasts and belly protruding from below. She was truly a shapely woman and so very beautiful.

I opened the door and she stepped inside. I followed and closed the door, turned and found her waiting in front of me. We fell together, pulling each other close and grasping at flesh and clothes. Her soft curves and delicate form filling my senses and driving me on. I pulled back, barely able to keep from re-initiating this passion.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” she replied as she grasped the waist of my jeans and pulled me close.

She undid the buttons in a desperate flurry of activity then slowed as I brought my hands to her yielding flesh.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” I replied, “more than anything I could ever imagine.”

I drew my beşyol escort fingers over her pale skin lifting the thin fabric over her belly. She seemed to shy away slightly but I pulled her close enjoying the feel of this woman’s plus size figure against me. She lifted my shirt over my head and dropped it on the floor and placing her hands on my chest stared directly into my eyes. I sunk deep into the wide pools of green soaking in the contrast between her eyes and deep red hair.

I traced a line up her sides drawing the thin t-shirt fabric with my outstretched fingers and allowed it to glide over the satin cups of her red bra. As the material slipped over the cups of her huge bra revealing the pale and freckled flesh beneath her breasts jiggled and bounced. I whipped the t-shirt over her head and, as she had, placed my hands on her chest.

I moved my hands sensuously down over her great orbs noticing a single bead of sweat travel between them. My fingers continued their path over the divine curves of her belly to her skirt which I slid down over the satin of her panties stained with the wetness of her seeping pussy. She shuddered as I continued my path down her legs allowing myself to drop to my knees and pay special attention to her soft, sensuous belly. I kissed her flesh, around her navel and onwards to her sides, then down to her satin covered mound.

I drank in the musty smell of her juices and drew a line with my tongue over the material from slit to red hot clit. I could feel her nub protruding, her lips hot and so very wet. I hooked my fingers in her wet panties and pulled them gently down over her wide, succulent ass. I lapped at her sopping wet pussy, the juices pouring from her slit over my chin and onto my now bare chest. I sucked her clit into my curled tongue as she moaned in pleasure. Her legs began to weaken and as she started to fall I caught her and rested her down in the deep pile of the stairs carpet.

Now naked and laid ready to accept me I removed the rest of my clothes. Now bathed in the evening sunlight pouring though the window this big, beautiful woman reached out for me with primal desire. I knelt between her legs, glistening with her wetness, my cock rock solid and poised at the hot, soft entrance to her pussy.

I pushed, gently at first, breaking the seal and feeling her wanton body clench around me. She grasped at me, drawing me close as I penetrated beykent escort her spreading her legs wide and forcing her to slide gently down onto my solid member. She squealed in pain and delight as I drove deeper into her. Her flesh trembled and her glorious tits and jiggling belly coursed with each carnal thrust. She grasped at her heavy breasts mashing the immense pale flesh together and offering her pert nipples for my delectation.

My tongue followed the outline of her wide pink areolae, one then the other before sucking in her delicate nipple and gently pressurising the nub between my teeth. She clenched and drove herself down on my throbbing rod. Our slippery bodies entwined as each grasped at flesh to gain a better purchase and to drive deeper into each other.

Lily’s eyes rolled in her head, she threw her head back arching her whole spine and forcing her jiggling flesh hard against me. I drove in and out of her tight pussy forcing my bulbous head deeper and deeper inside of her quivering body. She moaned a deep moan growing through all frequencies into a scream of pure, unbridled pleasure. Her body shook violently as she came hard. I exploded inside of her deep, pulsating canal shooting thick streams of seamen deep into her waiting body. Her huge tits shook in my hands as I grasped at the pale sumptuous flesh and I struggled to choose between remaining with these huge, glorious orbs or grasping at her pulsating belly. She drove her finger nails into my back as she clambered for a better purchase in order to draw me deeper into her.

She came long and hard, her body shaking and drawing every bit of my seed from my aching cock. Her angelic face, flushed with orgasmic pleasure, told that her immense orgasm was subsiding as she grasped at me to draw me close. She pulled my head deep into her mammoth cleavage enveloping me in the soft beautiful flesh before pushing me away to stand in front of her.

She reached out to grasp my hips and, pulling me close, began to trace a line with her tongue up the length of my aching member. I watched as Lily bobbed her head down time and time again to draw more fluid from my cock before rising to share the remnants of our combined fluids with me. We kissed deeply. I tasted her smooth, sweet juices mixed with my own seed on her tongue. She broke away from the embrace after some time, turned and carefully, unsteadily made her way up the stairs towards the bedroom beckoning me to follow.

I watched her glorious wide ass, pale and licked by her deep red hair, climb the stairs swaying perfectly from side to side. She turned revealing a shapely hour-glass profile, immense and exaggerated, looked with eyes of pure passion and hope she might just be someone’s world and continued up the stairs only for me to follow to further pleasure my big beautiful Lily.

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