Sera Ch. 29

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Big Tits


I awoke with a cry and a start that no alarm clock could ever deliver. My heart hammered and I actually feared a coronary episode. Minutes later, I still hadn’t completely calmed down, or remembered whatever nightmare it was that woke me up that way, though I was rushing through a shower because the preferred alarm clock that actually should have awakened me earlier hadn’t. Out of the shower and drying off, I gulped a modest amount of whiskey before brushing my teeth, hair, and donning my now common dress pants, shirt and tie. Shoving my feet into a pair of black leather shoes, I was off, neglecting to even close my apartment door as I straightened my tie and slicked my hair.

“We’re making progress, champ,” I positively announced.

“It’s still a little early for that kind of talk,” I somberly reminded myself.

“But Kitten’s on our side now and things are beginning to get clearer.”


“Always the wet blanket.”

“Shut up. Tonight we’re not going to get shitfaced and we’re not going to piss Ashleigh off any more than we have to. We have to work with her in order to get the most out of all this shit.”

“That sounds like quite a turnaround.”

“You would think that, but if you saw things the way I do, you’d understand what I mean, that these meetings are a vehicle for our best interests.”

“Whatever. I think you go way overboard on Aunt Ashleigh, though.”

“That’s nothing new. Besides, you often have a lot of hand when I do, and that’s why we’re not getting shitfaced tonight.”

“That’s not fair. You’re using me to do that stuff and you know it. I might more or less agree with how we handled Mum and Kitten, but I’d be a lot different with Ashleigh and it’s kinda sucky how you’d never have the nerve to act that way with her without me.”

“You’re the parasite, not me. If I can use you for my own ends, I will and I don’t give much of a shit if you like it or not. Furthermore, you should be god-damned grateful to me for my caution because, apparently, you’re the one who’ll ultimately benefit from the decisions I’m making. So you just practice shutting up about that while I decide how we treat our dear Aunt Sera.”

“Name one thing that she’s done wrong, or against any of the family,” I challenged.

I had no answer for that, at least none that I felt comfortable with resting my weight on.


“Shut up. And don’t forget to fuck off.”

He, or she, was right. Ashleigh really hadn’t done anything wrong that I could see, especially if certain suspicions of mine that were based on the still unfolding story of our ancestry panned out to be reality, in which case, she’d actually have saved Kitten’s sanity. The trouble was that it might have been nice if it was me who she bonded with instead.

Remembering how Ashleigh had left after our earlier visit, the way we never resolved any differences, made me a little anxious about how she’d treat me when I showed up, but I needn’t have worried. I heard their laughing commotion as soon as I entered the open frontal area of the mansion’s interior. Walking quietly, I stuck to the shadows, looking into the den before actually entering. What I saw was a scene that almost made me laugh for its utter absurdity.

Ashleigh, Kitten and Sheila were all clapping, laughing and cheering Mum as she danced in the middle of the floor for them. In black leggings cut just below her knees and a long sleeved, yellow pullover, she danced with her back to me in three inch, black wedge heels. The band and shoulder straps of a black bra showed clearly through the light summer top and her hair looked done like it was in the days of the PTA, save for those shocking black streaks she’d added in Saint John. At the time, I vaguely thought that there might be one for each of her victims.

The music coming from Ashleigh’s computer was some kind of East Indian techno-dance-beat stuff that pumped the blood and cried for painkillers at the same time. Mum moved to it in a wildly exaggerated way as I couldn’t help but smile from the railing. It reminded me of when I was a little kid and she and dad would horse around with me on the back lawn doing impressions and reenacting stuff from TV with hilarity. However, even in the midst of this mocking tomfoolery, Sera’s erotic presence wouldn’t be denied. Even her sisters and my cousin saw it, laughing their heads off at Mum’s brand of humour, but with their eyes all over her.

Ashleigh, reclining behind her desk again, wore a light choral dress, cinched at the waist and with a plunging V-neck. White lace was visible at the bottom of a mouthwatering display of cleavage that shifted when she clapped, feasting her eyes on her youngest sister.

Also at the Kathleen buffet was Mum’s closest sister, Sheila, actually rocking on her pussy while she sat, loudly encouraging and practically salivating. She wore a pair of tight, hot pink short shorts while she whooped there on the red couch like last Kartal Escort time. Along with this, the Elf Queen wore a rather elegant, yet short and sexy blouse with rolled up sleeves. The front was half unbuttoned and I could clearly see that she wore no bra.

Kitten also sat in the same place as before, this time in a pair of faded blue, very short cutoffs. The bottoms were tattered from the wash, and so was the waist as the band had also been cut off. Allow me to say here that this looked nothing short of sensational on her, even more eye grabbing than the thin, white tank top that she wore, short enough to almost show the bottoms of her tits and sporting some enticingly erected nipples. The white, open toed stilettoes looked more like something Sheila might wear, but were totally fabulous on my little fuckdoll.

Finally, Lynette again sat at the edge of the desk and to Ashleigh’s right. She wore the usual black, skirted business suit and the blank expression of the night before as she stared at nothing in particular.

I stepped across the threshold, not being able to help a smile for my crazy family, even as I again wondered at the night attendant’s vacancy. At the same time, Mum was in the midst of turning in a circle with the music. She saw me and started a little, but kept on hamming it up until I put my arms around her for a big hug.

It was an odd moment. Maybe it was just being reminded of the old days at home, or because I was happy to see that she was happy, but I did this very sincerely as a sort of gift to us both. She stopped dancing and slipped her arms around me as well, hugging back for a few moments. The feel of her tits against my chest turned me on, but it was more about just having her in my arms than anything as the music was cut. When we separated, I felt a little foolish with everyone looking at us with silly, sentimental smiles, but Mum was positively beaming. She got why I’d done it as though she could feel it through my skin and I knew it as she looked me.

“That was sweet,” Ashleigh lovingly approved, the group’s expressions agreeing with her assessment.

The expression on her face, however, wasn’t just one of approval, but also longing. Beyond her frustration with me, I also knew how she saw me as her own son in a way, and I kinda felt bad for her. With a smile for my dark and alluring aunt, I walked around the side of her desk and, as though reading my mind, her smile got even wider as she stood. I gave her the same hug, now feeling her tits against my chest, but also how her very sincere love for me fairly radiated through her body and into mine. There was no need for eye contact to know how she felt and I suddenly found myself trusting her a lot more just then.

She actually had tears standing in her eyes when we separated. She gave me a kiss on the lips, which I returned, managing to break away just before it became a make out session as my cock started growing. I said something then that sort of surprised me, even though I knew it was true. My surprise might just have been over the fact that I’d said it.

“I love you, “Aunt Ashleigh.”

I wouldn’t have thought she could be happier, but she was. She looked like I’d just proposed as the standing tears raced down her cheeks. I suppose she was thinking I’d had a turnaround in my attitude and that maybe things would be a little easier with me from then on. I wouldn’t say my attitude had anything to do with that; I think I was just in a rare mood where I wanted to show my true feelings for them and my appreciation that I was surrounded by my family, fucked up as they were.

“I love you too, Sweetie pie,” she replied as my aunt, mother and lover.

When I turned around, Sheila was standing there with her arms open, looking up at me with a smile that I’ve never seen on her face before. It was the usual tricky/careless one but, beneath the surface and mostly evident in her eyes, it was one that spoke of a need. Of course, I realized in an instant, among all people in that room who would need a genuine hug, Sheila would top the list. I stooped and wrapped her tight in my arms. She held me close, both of us kissing the other in an intense show of how deeply we loved each other as friends, relations and fuckbuddies but, for her, it was more about the genuine feeling of being loved as a person and for who she was, rather than being desired as an objectified sex toy. Even so, by the time I let her go, I was completely hard as I smiled down at her, little tears leaking from her eyes as she adored me.

Turning again, I met Kitten head on. She leapt into my arms, legs wrapping around my waist as our lips locked in pure passion and a love that was as strangely otherworldly as it was rooted in the kind of boy/girl love that had made this world go round since the beginning of the species. Her pelvis ground me as we made out, rubbing my hardness as our arms held each other fast. The feel of our lips touching created subtle, Pendik Escort throbbing electrical shocks all over my body, centralized at my temples and cock. It was sensational and served to fully convince me that we were tied together, that she was my number one concern as Ashleigh had stated. I knew then, without a doubt, that Kitten would always come first in my life.

My mother’s hesitant but happy voice distracted us from one another after a period of time that I don’t even remember.

“Why don’t you two sit together here on the couch?” she suggested.

I looked around, suddenly back in the real world. A little embarrassed, I grinned and nodded. Kitten giggled and allowed her feet to drop to the floor but, when I looked back around at her, she gazed up at me from what seemed like a far off place and I knew that she’d experienced much the same sensations and sudden surety of ‘us’ that I had.

We moved to the couch, me taking the end closer to Ashleigh’s desk while Kitten cuddled up to me. As the other three women sat, all of them looking at us with approving smiles, Ashleigh spoke while wiping at her tears.

“Well… you certainly seem to be in a good mood today.”

I hesitated while trying to assemble my feelings of the moment well enough to give her an answer, then replied with, “I guess it just struck me- when I saw you all in here laughing and enjoying each other’s company- that what you said was true. Who else in this world could we ever really trust like we can each other? No matter what all the little issues between us are… we’re family and, as much as I’d like to throw some of you out a window at times, I love you all.”

We all seemed to bask in those words for a short while, looking from the subtle brightness of one’s eyes to aothers, bonding in an unhuman little way like we never had before.

“I think,” Sheila stated with nipples poking at her blouse, “that after this meeting is over, we should all sleep together.”

We all looked around at each other, the entire family silently agreeing with her idea before Ashleigh made it official.

“Very well. After the meeting, we’ll all retire at my apartments. Don’t worry, Steven,” she amended with a wink, “you won’t have to call me ‘Mistress’. Unless you want to…”

“Can never tell; I might surprise you,” I returned with a grin, gesturing to her desk as I graciously added, “and you can have your seat tonight, by the way.”

She, along with the rest of the women, laughed at this, the silent kind that shook her tits as she shook her head, shuffling papers as she prepared to get the meeting underway.

“So…” Ashleigh began with a leftover smile, her gaze still down on her desk until she continued, “Eleonore had some decisions to make, with Dolanna being one of the bigger variables of influence, if you’ll excuse that choice of words. In the end, she decided to turn her back on Saint John and, considering those variables, especially Dolanna, I can’t say I wouldn’t have made the same choice.

“She recruited a group- in Dolanna’s own words, ‘about fifty people’. She never said as much, but these people were most likely influenced. Maybe paid, maybe not, but we can assume they were influenced because Eleonore wouldn’t leave that up to chance, seeing as how they’d all be living quite close during a long overland journey. Being surrounded by so many who’d lost everything, I don’t imagine it would have been difficult for anyone with a strongbox full of wealth to find paid help if she chose to do so, in addition to ensuring their oblivious loyalty where any hints of Sera were concerned, and not to mention the added prospect of free transportation to a place where they could make a new start. After acquiring food, weapons and other supplies and necessities, not to mention additional horses and support wagons for feeding and housing her people, they started off for Tornoto.

“Not much is known about the trip itself. Dolanna did tell of how she alleviated boredom with the young women of the group, often more than one at a time and often right in front of others… She also mentioned a few run-ins with bandits, but they were turned away by the convoy’s large and well equipped security force, Dolanna being part of that security, as you can well imagine. Apart from that, they didn’t have any real trouble and finally arrived in Toronto almost two months after leaving the smoldering remains of Saint John behind them.”

Looking around at us, she paused in her story to remind, “Again, the details we do have regarding their journey and many other things are freely available here to any of you who want them, and I only leave them out because they’re not particularly important to this story of who we are, where we came from and how it is that we’re all here.”

Kitten cuddled in closer as I listened along with the rest of the family, attracting Ashleigh’s attention. After an odd, self-satisfied glance at me, she went on with the Göztepe Escort story as my cock, having softened since the group hug scene, again began to expand its width and length, an automatic reaction to Kitten’s touch that felt just super.

“Eleonore bought a house right away, a rather smallish one for herself, Dolanna, Odette and Cary. While another house was being constructed for the family on Adelaide Street, one much larger and more impressive, She wasted no time investing the family fortune into what she knew, that being Forestry.

“Toronto was a boomtown and there was plenty of call for timber, not just for building, but also for the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the many manufacturing needs in the area. In addition, she also bought property and began hiring tradespeople in order to expand her business interests to construction, real estate and, later on, manufacturing as well. In the years that followed, Eleonore again proved herself as a more than competent businesswoman. The family fortune grew as the greater Toronto area, along with Montreal, benefitted from John A Macdonald’s 1876 National Policy, which paved the way for the private manufacturing sector and allowed them to haul in money hand over fist.

“On the home front, meanwhile, things weren’t so rosy. Their new home, a large, four story brick building, was as divided as each floor was from the other. The bottom level served as a centralized office space for the many family businesses. The second level housed in-house commercial and residential staff, support areas such as Laundry and a large kitchen and a few guest rooms. Also on that floor was a large parlour for these guests, off duty staff and any business needs that the first floor board room wouldn’t be suitable for. The third floor was where Eleonore, young Odette and Cary resided, while the top level housed Dolanna and her infrequent guests.

“As you might imagine, it was Dolanna who created the division. Along with past grudges against her mother, it was her bohemian lifestyle and a continuing lack of interest in the family business that maintained the gulf between them, not to mention her ongoing disinterest in having anything to do with Odette. This wasn’t only a disinterest in raising the child, but a complete refusal to so much as recognize her existence when her mother could coax her down to her apartments for whatever reason. And she had to coax. Dolanna spent as much time away from her mother as possible and, according to Odette, began spending more and more time away from the house as time went on. Dolanna, you see, had got her own apartment somewhere in the city. According to Odette, neither she nor Eleonore ever knew where it was until after Dolanna’s death.

“From here, we have the benefit of Odette’s testimony as well as Dolanna’s, as she was growing up in that house and witness to the goings on there, so I’ll run through an overview of Odette so you can get an idea of the personality of who it is that relates a lot of this part of our family’s history.”

Again, without any visual or otherwise perceptual prompt, Lynette rose, picked a sheaf of papers from the desk and handed them out to us. It was a photocopied image, an old black and white photo of a woman who was a dead ringer for Ashleigh in her mid to late twenties, but with blonde hair. The picture was portrait style with about half of her upper body included, enough to show that this woman also shared my aunt’s impressive bust line. Like the picture of Rebecca, the woman who I took to be Odette was dressed ultra-conservatively with a crucifix around her neck and resting at the top of her chest. She wore no hat and her overall expression was one of godliness, yet I could see, even despite the antiquity of the black and white photography of the era, that elusive, sparkling darkness in her beautiful and captivating eyes. Perhaps the most eye catching detail was that raised brow, the family expressive trademark.

“Is this her?” Sheila asked with a note of disbelief in her tone. She looked at her eldest sister in comparison, then back at the page as Lynette took her seat and resumed her mindless study of the wall.

“Yup. She’s in her early forties in that pic. Not sure exactly how old.”

“My god…” Mum amazed. “Are you sure? I mean, I know none of us look our age, but this…”

“I know,” Ashleigh replied with a raised brow that made the spitting black and white image before me all the more uncanny. “But yeah, I’m sure.”

“Geez, I never get used to this,” I toned, more to myself than anybody else in the room as I studied the image.

“The likenesses,” Ashleigh correctly assumed. “Yeah, it’s… it never gets old, does it? You sort of come to accept it in the instances where you become familiar with it, but then, when a new example pops up, your mind gets sodomized by it all over again.”

“She looks so… motherly,” Kitten observed. “But she’s so young. I mean, young looking.”

“Of course, she’d already had Rebecca at that point,” Ashleigh imparted, “however, as I may have mentioned, she was well practiced at appearances. I’m not saying she wasn’t a good mother to Rebecca but, believe me, there was a whole other woman behind that puritanical smile.

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