Serendipity Ch. 14

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – A simple day with my little chocolate pixie

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

14 – A simple day with my little chocolate pixie

I woke Saturday with my little chocolate pixie snuggled up against my side. Those hard nipples were poking into me so nicely. I reached over to stroke the side I could reach.

Her eyes didn’t open. “I didn’t get my desert last night.”

“Complaining?” as I continued stroking the side of her tit making my way to the edge of her areola making it start to pucker.

“Mmmmmmm…… Never.”

“I wish you could go around naked all the time. I love looking at you.”

“You love making me cum just from looking at me!”

“Guilty!…. Let’s do something different today.”

“Like what?” her eyes finally opening and looking at me.

“Change it up. Just you and me out having fun. We could go to the zoo and see everything there is. Just a nice slow lazy day.”

“Wow, I haven’t done that since I was a kid. It would be fun!”

“Want to change it up even more?”

“Like what?……”

“Wear something I can look down and see you instead of skin hugging?”

“My dirty old man wants to look down my dress and ogle my titties does he?” she grinned and put her hand over mine as I was playing with her.

“Babe, I’d like to look down your dress and see your tits, your belly button, your delicious pussy, your knees, and anything else I can!”

She started to squirm against my side. “Well when you put it like that how could I refuse? But I’m not sure if I have anything like that. I have my work stuff and then mostly tube dresses.”

“What about Tiffany’s stuff?”

“I’d swim in her stuff!”

“That’s the whole idea, bet one of her tank tops would make a nice loose short dress for you.”

“Hmmmmm……. she does have a bright yellow spaghetti strap number that almost comes down to her hips.”

“Ouuuu. Bright yellow on your skin and spaghetti straps stopping just above your nipples would be absolutely delicious!”

“I’ll be right back!” I gave her ass a little swat as she crawled over me to get out.

She came back to the bedroom with the top in her hand tying the straps up short. Then she tossed it up and slid it down. “Ta Da!” She leaned back and I could see a lump of nipple, not the pronounced point of her tube dresses. She turned sideways and leaned forward and the top fell away making her chest completely visible, and then leaned further forward facing me. I could see all the way to her pussy!

“Oh that is PERFECT!”

“Almost.” And she lifted the front of the top. It was barely two inches below her pussy.

“Oh that is too hot. I could just reach under and play with you!”

“Danny, we’re going to the zoo. There’s going to be lots of kids around. From their level they’ll have a nice view of my pussy regardless. I’ll have to wear some kind of panty or g-string with this.”

“Well if I had my choice I’d vote for the bright green ones that look like they’re painted on when you’re wet, but then I can’t slide my finger in your wet pussy.” Her eyes flashed open and she got a very wicked look. “What?”

She pulled her top off, did the shoulder shake to jiggle her tits at me, and then hopped off the bed. “This will take a few minutes if it works. Go ahead and get your breakfast!” and dashed off. I heard Tiffany’s door close. If it was in Tiffany’s room it would be interesting to say the least.

I got my cereal and was about half way through the bowl when Nicole came back out in a green g-string walking a little funny. “What do you think?”

“Nice g-string!”

“You think?” as she put her foot up on the stool….. and it split open to show her pretty pink pussy!

I started to choke and sputter on a mouthful of cereal.

“I take it you approve?” I reached out to touch her and she batted my hand away. “No touching, it’s not dry yet.”

I managed to swallow what I hadn’t inhaled. “Dry?” as she put her foot back but kept her legs spread a little.

She grinned. “Yea, Tiffany had some green body paint she wore to a club a while back. When you talked about my g-string looking like it was painted on, it made me think of this! You think you could pop an English muffin in while I sit here and dry?” Swinging her knee in and out causing her pussy to open a little every time.

“Your wish is my command my queen,” and I gave a little bow before getting her the muffin. I just stared at her painted pussy, watching it start to get wet. “Too bad it wasn’t waterproof, it would make a REAL interesting bikini!”

“Leave it to you to try and figure out a way to get past a bikini!” I just grinned and buttered her muffin for her. She reached down and sarışın porno lightly touched the paint, and then rubbed it slightly. “Dry enough to touch, but not too hard, it’s not set completely.”

I reached down and lightly stroked her painted pussy. It was a weird feeling, the slick paint surface and the heat of her pussy.

“OH THAT’S DIFFERENT!” and her nipples puckered HARD!

“So this is something we might have to try again sometime?”


“Let’s see how it looks with the top?” and handed her the top. I sat down on the floor like a little kid as she slipped it on. “Oh this is HOT! It looks like panties unless you know what to look for.” I reached out to slip my finger into her pussy lips. ‘Eeeek’

“And it still gives me access to my little chocolate pixie.” She hopped back away, wagging her finger at me.

“You need to get dressed mister or we’re going to find out how little moisture it takes to get this stuff off!”

I grabbed my long shorts and threw a t-shirt on, and we headed out for the zoo.

“OH SHIT!” and Nicole stutter stepped as she was lifting her leg to get in the car, just catching herself on the door.

I turned quick to see her grinning. “What’s wrong?”

“I got a breeze in my pussy when I lifted my leg, but not ON it because of the paint. This is going to be an interesting day!” She grinned, putting a foot up on the back of my seat letting her painted pussy open a bit for me to look at. I didn’t get to taste, getting my hand swatted when I tried.

We managed to get to the zoo without any more surprises. Of course Nicole got several looks throughout the day. Many from appreciative men, and I got a few thumbs up. Some of them were even treated to an ‘accidental’ nipple flash for their effort. Of course there were a few glares from some women. One bimbo with aftermarket tits actually bitch slapped her boyfriend for ignoring her while looking at Nicole, MUCH to Nicole’s delight. The only other surprise was going through one of the nocturnal exhibits.

“Nicole, was part of the club Tiffany went to heavy on the black light?”

“I think so, why?”

“Check your reflection in the glass. Seems many of the guys are enjoying your day glow g-string!” I whispered in her ear.

Nicole looked to see if there were any kids around, and then said in a bimbo voice just a little loud. “Look at that! I look so good even I’d eat me!” and then turned back and forth to look at her reflection in the glass as if no one else was there.

Two can play that game. “Be careful honey, you keep looking at your reflection in the glass like that and you’ll squirt all over everything again.” I think I heard some groans behind us.

“But you said that was a good thing! Let’s go over to the tiger cages. I want to see some wild pussy… cats!” and grabbed my hand to pull me outside.

We had a few followers over to the cat house. I put my arm around Nicole’s waist. She glanced around real quick and then moved it down under her cheek and used my hand to squeeze her own ass as we went up the stairs. “I like it when you hold my ass Daddy!”

DADDY! She was really getting into teasing these guys. ‘I know honey.” And gave it another long slow squeeze after she removed her hand.

“Daddy…, how much longer do I have to wear clothes?”

“Now honey we talked about this.”

“I know Daddy, but it feels so good to have the sunshine on my titties, and it keeps my pussy from getting too wet.”

“I know honey, I know.”

“Daddy, can we go home early today?”

OK, where is this leading? “Why do you want to go home early honey?”

“Suzie and I have been practicing our squirting, I can squirt almost three feet now.” Some body behind us lost it. “And then….”

“And then what honey?”

“And then maybe we can practice making Daddy squirt?” Hell I was ready to bend her over the rail right now!

“You girls like that do you?”

“Oh yes Daddy, especially the end where we clean your squirt off each other, I almost squirted again when Susie cleaned my titties the last couple of times!”

“Well I guess, I wouldn’t want to deprive my little girl and her best friend now would I?”

“Oh thank you Daddy!” and ran around front of me leaning back like she was pulling on my arm. Instead she was barely pulling but spreading her legs giving everyone behind us a GOOD look at her painted g-string covered pussy. “Come on Daddy, come on….”

“OK Little one.” and off we went.

As soon as we got clear of the tiger exhibit she slowed down and started a giggling fit. “Oh that was soooo much fun, but now I have to go wipe this stuff off so you can bend me over in the parking lot. I’m surprised I have any left the way I’m running down my thighs!” and she scooted to the restrooms. It seems to be taking her a while. I was getting concerned when she came out with a bit of an ashamed grin on her face. “Um….Danny….”


“Um… I have some good news and some bad news.”


“Well I kinda got off getting the paint off, and it seems sex hikayeleri I don’t get along well with that body paint. I’m getting a bit of a rash.”

“I hope that’s the good news.”

“Me too! I’m going to get you to shoot down my throat before we leave the parking lot here. Then I want to work on getting you hard and giving me another load in the parking lot when we get back to the apartment!”

“Works for me!”

True to her word I had barely started her car and pulled toward the back when she dived on me. After several strokes down her throat, she looked up at me from my crotch, “Give me your load Daddy!” That was all it took for me to remember the tease in the zoo and I unloaded everything I had built up. After she sat up, she threw a towel over my lap so she could play while she turned enough to show her pussy. Then she pulled her top sideways enough that it was only the seam catching on the tip of her nipple keeping it from popping out completely. We got back to the apartment and she started to crawl down on the console to give me another blow job, but was obviously having difficulties with the breakout.

“Babe, let’s get you inside.” She managed to get out but had trouble walking. I picked her up and headed for the apartment.

Tiffany and Cathy were on the couch playing naked pong when I carried her in. “If you two eloped and didn’t tell me I’m gonna kill someone!”


Tiffany started to giggle and Nicole got fidgety in my arms. “Girl did you look at the expiration date on that? I got that back when we moved in.” Nicole let out a low groan. “Let’s get some antibiotic on you pronto and see how bad it is. I carried her to the bedroom and was shooed out. Seems it’s a little undignified to have to treat pussy rash.

I sat back down next to Cathy and watched her play. She kept looking at the tent in my shorts. “You know you can take those off? Just because I prefer girls doesn’t mean I don’t like to look.”

“Fair enough! I definitely enjoy looking at you!” and pulled my shirt off and lifted my hips to pull my shorts down making my cock stand strait up. About that time we heard a bunch of VERY un-lady like language from the bedroom.

“Sounds like Nicole is getting her first dose of antibiotic! Oh now that is a nice one!” And started to reach for me. “So you really like looking at me even though you know you can’t have me?”

“I can’t afford a Ferrari right now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t look at them either does it?”

“Ooooo…..Nicole was right, you do know what to say. “

“I just say what I feel.”

“Speaking of which, would you mind if I touched it? It’s been a long time.”

“Not as long as you don’t mind me staring at your tits and pussy, but I have to warn you…”


“It’s been known to go off in the presence of hot babes!” That made her nipples pucker.

“Oh you’re terrible!” and reached out to lightly touch me. “It’s softer than I remember, and harder too!” She giggled as she got a nice firm grip on me, then laid her hand on my thigh while glancing back down at my cock between words.

“So you haven’t always been with girls?”

“Na, I did the guy thing in high school. It was OK, but I had more fun teasing than playing. The only time my nipples would tingle was in the locker room after gym. But back then I didn’t have a clue what it was. I just thought ‘what’s the big deal about sex.'” She had started to wrap her hand around my cock again and slowly stroke me while talking, not even paying attention to what she was doing.

“So what changed?”

Her hand slowed and she got a bit of a dreamy look. “It was toward the end of my junior year in high school. We were having a slumber party. I think it was seven or eight of us, and we had raided the frig for beer. So we were feeling no pain.”

“Oh now that’s quite a picture! A bunch of drunk girls running around without much on!”

“OH YEAH!” she grinned, her nipples starting to harden up with the memory, “A couple of the girls that hadn’t gotten tits yet in t-shirts. A couple in their training bras, and me and Jasmine in our nice lacy ones. They were lined of course because our MOM’s picked them out, but damn we looked good.” Her hand had stopped while she remembered. “So as the night went on and the beer flowed, we got more daring telling about what we had done with guys. Then Jasmine had the bright idea to play ‘Truth or Dare’ and that’s when things happened.” The girls with no tits lost their panties first. I was down to my panties and Jasmine was naked. She lost the next round and had to dare. This little flat chested pipsqueak, I think her name was Rebecca, dared Jasmine to kiss me. She leaned over hanging those nice tits out and gave me a quick peck on the lips.” She closed her eyes remembering it, squeezing my cock a bit as she did.

“And that was it?”

“Oh no, then the girls razzed her that wasn’t a real kiss, I mean really razzing her. She got that look. ‘So you want şişman porno to see a real kiss do you?’ and came over, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a tonsil inspecting lip lock. I just started quivering. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was my first orgasm.” And she was back to stroking me again. “She finally let go of me. ‘Now that’s what a real kiss is!’ and sat back with her legs crossed looking at my hard nipples with her wet pussy on display to me. We didn’t say any more that night, but we curled up together to sleep that night.”

“WOW! You keep telling stories like that and stroking me and I’m going to pop!” I was starting to ooze already. She pulled her hand away getting some pre-cum on her fingers. “Don’t be sorry, just be warned!” She grinned and looked me in the eye as she licked my juices off her fingers.

“Hmmm better than I remember.” And put her hand back around my cock. “We got together once in a while after that, but her regular girlfriend was the jealous type. I did learn to eat pussy from her though.” And she got that dreamy look again, and sat back letting go of my cock.

I thought I got a glimpse of jewelry in her pussy, same as I saw the other day when the girls were on me and she was bent over eating Tiffany. “Um Cathy?”


“Is your pussy pierced?”

“Huh?, Oh yeah. I got them during collage.” And rolled her hips back and spread her legs putting her pussy on display, the rings were just large enough for her to slip her little fingers into them and spread her pussy wide open.

“Oh WOW! That makes me want to dive in!”

She giggled. “It has the same effect on Tiffany too. About the only good thing I got out of the bitch relationship. I was seeing a real butch type and she convinced me to get them pierced. One side went fine, but the other side hurt like hell when she did it. And no sex for almost two weeks really sucked.”

“They look hot, do you mind if I…?”

“No, not at all.”

I got down on the floor between her legs and touched the edges of her pussy by the rings. “Nice and smooth, no scar tissue. So why was it the bitch relationship?” and started slowly stroking the inside of her pussy lips. As she held herself open with her fingers in the rings.

“After getting me to get my pussy pierced I found out she was recruiting me for her Master. He would tie her up and spank her. Bind her tits up or flat to her chest. Stuff these huge dildos in her and then make her walk around with a girdle to keep them forced into place while she serviced him and his buddies. Hang all sorts of things from her nipple and pussy piercings. Even put a dog leash on her nose ring!”

She was really starting to tense up. “So that explains your reaction to Nicole calling me Master last night.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I guess my outlook on that kind of thing was more than a little tainted.”

I saw Tiffany come out of the bedroom, and then put a finger to her lips so I wouldn’t say anything. She leaned back on one of the stools and spread her pussy to play with herself. “So did what Nicole say last night make sense?”, while I kept lightly stroking her pussy making her nipples pucker again.

“Once I really started listening to her it did, even if I was still pissed off!” She grinned, “But what you did to her was out of this world! Making her cum without even touching her. Oh that’s nice.” I had started stroking her pussy from top to bottom, at times taking a little dip into her wetness.

“That’s easy!”

“Nobody has ever made me cum like you did her!”

“It takes time. It’s not what I tell her to do, it’s that I remind her of what we’ve done before.”


“Close your eyes, now think of the most sensuous time Tiffany has ever sucked your tits and played with your nipples.” Her eyes flashed back open. “No, close your eyes. Now I’m going to keep going, but I want something in return.”

She hadn’t closed her eyes yet. “Like what?” with ‘the look’.

“The most I’m going to do is play like this unless you tell me otherwise. If I get you to cum, I get to lick you clean and see if I can get you to squirt.”

“You’re on! This pussy cums for no man!” she bragged confidently, before she leaned back, pulled her fingers from her rings, waived for me to continue, and then closed her eyes.

“Now remember when Tiffany was really getting into you. Her light kiss on your lips, your nose.” Tiffany motioned to her ear lobes. And then put her fingers back in her pussy. “Think about her working her way around your neck to nibble on your ears.” Her pussy was getting wetter and she was starting to reach for her tits and groan. “Sucking, nibbling, and the occasional little bite and tug.” She arched her back and inhaled. “Working her way down your chest toward those luscious tits and nipples, but teasing by going around the outside. Out and under on the sensitive areas that are caressed only by your satin bras or her fingers when she cups you from behind.”

She was getting really wet now and her pussy lips were turning dark. “She’s going back and forth, up and down getting so close to your nipple but not quite getting there. And just when you’re not expecting it, she latches onto your nipple like a starving kid trying to suck your very being from you.” There was a little shudder, but not an orgasm. “And just as suddenly as she started she pulls away.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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