Serving My Pleasure

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We are sitting on the couch in your apartment watching a movie. Your head is on my chest. The room is warm and shaded in the half light of late afternoon. The movie looked interesting in the store but has turned out to be less than expected but neither of us wants to move. Your breath is shallow and I can feel it though a gap in my button down shirt. Not sure if you are sleeping I shift positions slightly and you also adjust yourself. Your hand resting on my thigh.

A few minutes pass when I feel the nail of your forefinger scratching lightly on my thigh. A soft gasp is the only indication of my surprise. Slowly your hand moves, your fingernail tracing circles on the sensitive skin of my inner thigh. I can feel butterflies stretching their wings in my stomach. Another soft gasp escapes my lips as I feel your nails caress the head of my cock though my pants causing it to twitch and jump. Quickly my penis fills with blood as you run your nails up and down its length. After only a few minutes I am hard and the head is peaking out of the top of my pants. A glistening drop of fluid at the tip.

Your hand slowly closes over my cock and squeezes it hard, I groan in pleasure, I cannot see your face but I feel your cheek on my stomach and know you are smiling. Your tongue snakes out and touches the tip of my aching manhood, tasting the clear drop of fluid.

“Mmmmm, have you been eating celery?” you whisper softly yet seductively, a note of hunger (or is it lust?) in you tone.

I notice your breathing has become deeper as your head moves lower. You kiss the tip of my cock gently, and then again. For a minute cevizli escort that lasts an eternity that’s all you do, Then you unzip my fly and slide your hand in. The soft silk of my boxers makes my penis feel like its covered in oil as you stoke me. You undo my belt and motion me to raise my ass in the air a bit with your other hand.

Slipping my pants down to my knees you move to the floor and kneel between my legs. Your hands caress my thighs as you look up into my eyes and you let me see the lust in your eyes. My heart skips a beat and my entire body flushes. You lean forward and kiss my cock though the tent in my boxers which of course makes it twitch again. I can hear you breathing in the musk of my sweat in deep breaths.

All of a sudden you surprise me be turning your head and clasping you teeth onto my manhood, Your hands still stroking my legs move up and you start to caress the underside of my balls. You nibble and bite my cock from top to bottom, teasing me, listening to my moans and gasps, reveling in your lust and power over me.

Somehow, through skill or magic you manipulate my penis out of the fly in my boxers. I watch your face and I see you smile again at the sight. The head and just a few inches of my cock are poking out now and you like your lips at the sight. You hand reaches out and grasps my member firmly shoving the boxers down. You stare at my cock with that half-smile on your lips for a few moments and then look up at me. You look into my eyes for a second and say, “I love you Tom.”

Immediately, giving me no erenköy escort time for any response you slide your mouth over my engorged penis. Moans of pleasure come from both of our throats. Your head moves slowly up and down on me, and I can feel you pressing your tongue against me, sliding it back and forth, up and down in time with your heads movements.

The afternoon sun is fading as twilight deepens the shadows of the room. Your mouth stays on me and continues its slow steady rhythm of licking and sucking, I am squirming and moaning, lifting my hips to meet your mouth. Your hands are not idle either, your fingers stroke and fondle my balls, your nails tickle the underside. You look up at me with a mischievous smile as I feel your finger dip lower, the tip grazing my anus for a heartbeat, then another. As soon as you hear my breath catch you stop, and return to caressing my balls. My moans only feed your lust.

I look at you and your eyes are smiling again and I smile back, I know how you love to tease. You take me out of your mouth and wrap your hand around me. Pulling up and down you start to masturbate me. You rise from your knees in a half crouch and lean into me for a kiss. You mouth is rimmed with saliva as your mouth meets mine, this is no sweet lovers kiss but one of lust and animal passion, I am lost in it. You however have other things in mind.

“Are you close to cumming?”, You voice a sulky whisper in my ear and you bite on it.

“Yeah,” I stammer “especially if you keep pumping my like that.”

A lascivious smile crosses esenyurt escort your lips and you say, “Good, I want to taste your Cum.”

our plan is a good one, I can’t resist the look in your eye of the nasty tone of your voice. I feel the first stirring of orgasm in me. You notice the look in my eyes and drop back down between my legs. Using your hand you keep pumping up and down on my now screaming cock, Your mouth closes over the top 3 inches and your tongue works its magic on me. My loud groaning tells you I am close.

As soon as you feel the first throb of my orgasm you pull my cock out of your mouth and hold it an inch from you, your tongue stretched out before you. You continue to caress my balls with one hand and jerk me off with the other. The first spurt lands on your tongue and the second your chin as you try to swallow. The third hits your chin and your mouth closes back on me. The last waves of the orgasm are intensified by you warm mouth on me and I nearly swoon when you swallow me deep into your throat at the end.

You suck on me until I am fully soft and then raise your head, you place your hand on my thighs and raise your self to again kiss me. I reach out and place my hands on you face stopping you. I then lean forward and lick the last drop of my cum off your chin and then we embrace in a deep passionate kiss.

You Hold me to you for a moment and your breathing slows a little. I reach out and light us each a cigarette. I hand one to you as you rise to your feet and walk to the bathroom. Leaning back again I close my eyes and revel in the afterglow of a fantastic orgasm. My eyes open when I hear you reenter the room. You have changed out of your sweats and T-shirt to a sexy new piece of lingerie. You smile in response to my smile but that dangerous look I love so much is still in your eyes.

You walk over to the bed and lean back spreading your legs wide.

“Any Ideas on what we should do now?” you ask still smiling…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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