Sex in the Cop Shop

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Being a cop is a great job for a young, single guy. It is different every day and, while the pay isn’t the greatest, the benefits are first rate. One of those benefits, for me, was not one found in our labor contract. It was the availability of females to go out with.

My police department was located in central New Jersey in a suburban town that had a business district including some of the major stores and attractions in the area. I met a lot of shoppers, crime victims and witnesses, accident participants and movie goers catching a matinee. In my prime, I was nearly six feet tall, about 195 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. One of our police secretaries once surprised me by telling me that a number of the women in town considered me a “catch,” for what that’s worth. I would spend hours patrolling the shopping district in the hopes of finding crime in progress or a potential date for my day off. I wouldn’t ignore the residential area, either and I would occasionally come across a girl mowing the lawn or sunbathing in her yard. A willing smile, a wave and a pleasant opening line often yielded results.

One of my very favorites was the daughter of one of the local firemen. We raised a few eyebrows initially because she was quite a bit younger than me. I was 26, she was just 17 when we met, though about a week before our first date she turned 18. Bobbie was as cute as a button with an angelic face framed by long, straight brown hair. Her figure was not spectacular, but it was just about perfect in every way. She was about 5’4” tall, perhaps 110 pounds with great legs, a beautiful ass and what I estimated to be 34B tits. She was one of six kids born to Frank and Edna Farnsworth. Frank was a volunteer fireman in town and owned a stationery store a few miles away. I knew I was in a tenuous situation, with her age and her dad being so closely affiliated with the town, but she was just such a pleasure to be with that I had to go for it and see where our relationship would take us.

Bobbie’s parents were deeply religious belonging to a local Southern Baptist Church, which I attended with them on several occasions. They were not phony Christians, who show up in church to look respectable, while living a decidedly un-Christian life. No. These were sincere and devout people who tried to live their lives according to the tenets of the church. Bobbie was their daughter and pretty much believed what they believed. Now, that never stopped her from enjoying the pleasures of the flesh as she was very willing and happy to fuck and suck with the best of them. She was as hot as any woman I’ve ever known.

Bobbie and I would often speak of plans to see a movie or go to dinner, when our real intention was to go to my place for an evening of “hide the salami.” She would get a newspaper and read the review of the movie we said we were going to see, in case her mom asked her about it. Her parents remained strict with her even though she was now an adult. We knew there was nothing we could do about it, so we worked around it the best we could. Bobbie’s parents required her to dress modestly, so she would often bring an alternative outfit with her-like a halter top-and take off her original outfit in the car, replacing it with the halter.

When we got to my place, we simply headed for the bedroom, where, in thirty seconds, we were both naked and ready to go. Bobbie had a tiny, washboard type stomach and her tits sported perfect pink nipples. We would make out for a while and pet a bit. My masaj porno cock was at attention from the time she got naked. She loved having her pussy eaten and I was always happy to oblige. I would kneel on the floor and bring her legs off the bed to rest on my shoulders. Her tight pussy was staring me in the face and I would caress it with my tongue while seeking out her clit. I flicked her little nub, then licked and sucked it. She would arch her back and grab my head as she began to cum. Then I would stand and re-position her back on the bed so as to fuck her hard as she was cumming. She was quite able to cum a second time as I fucked her. When she did, she would wrap both legs around my waist, while whimpering softly. Every now and then, she would want my cock very deep inside her and, when she did, I would fuck her with her legs thrown over my shoulders until she begged me to stop. After she was through with her orgasms, I would lie next to her, holding her while she massaged my cock.

Bobbie and I never practiced birth control. We were lucky and I never came inside her. I have always had pretty good control and we worked it so both of us were satisfied without the prospect of an unwanted pregnancy. I always made sure she came first and as often as she wanted or was able to. Then, it was my turn. As she stroked my hard cock, she sucked it expertly until I was at the very moment of no return. She never mastered the art of swallowing, so she just stopped sucking and continued stroking until I came. But, she had a technique in this that I have never known since. It is difficult to describe except to say that, when she knew I was about to shoot, she would both slow down the stroking and increase the pressure of her grip, making the moments just prior to orgasm almost exquisitely and agonizingly pleasurable. When I finally did cum, it was a true geyser. She enjoyed watching the cum fly and tried her best to make it travel a record setting distance. Often, it would shoot three feet in the air, landing on my chest or in her hair.

Bobbie was one of the most memorable women I have ever known. In a way, I love her to this day and, years ago, we contemplated marriage. But, we never did marry due to our substantial religious differences. I am an agnostic and I was never able to come to terms with her religion and what actually drove us apart was the specter of raising children as southern Baptists, a condition she required. I couldn’t do it, so, after about two wonderful years together, we went our separate ways.

Bobbie went on to marry a local football hero from a neighboring town. Coincidentally, he was the son of the pastor of her church and another southern Baptist. I didn’t know him but I remember envying him because he got to sleep with her. In my mind, I wished them well and moved on. I never saw Bobbie again until….

A few years later, I was the senior detective in a squad of three. Our headquarters was an old, private residence, next to a river, that had been renovated many years earlier for use as a police station. For a time, the detective bureau was located on the first floor of the building with its own entrance, right next to the main door of the police department.

I was working late finishing up some reports when the phone rang. It was Bobbie. Damn, it was good to hear her voice. She was back in town visiting her folks and thought she would touch base. We exchanged small talk for a few minutes but then she got down to the actual reason öğretmen porno for the call.

“Curt, I have something I need your advice on. Can I come down to see you? It’s kind of complicated and personal and I don’t want to discuss it over the phone.”

“Sure, Bobbie, come on down. I was just finishing up some paperwork before going home. Give me fifteen minutes, okay?”

“Fifteen minutes it is, I’ll be right there.”

Bobbie’s parents lived only a couple of minutes away, so she arrived promptly. It was so good to see her. She looked exactly the same as the last time I had seen her, which was three or four years earlier. She wore a dark blue, knit top and bright red slacks. It was like a trip into the recent past and I was loving it. I offered her a seat alongside my desk and a soft drink, which she accepted gratefully.

“So, what’s on your mind. How have you been?”

“Curt, now that I’m here, I don’t know quite where to begin. I’m having some trouble in my marriage and it’s of a nature I can’t really discuss with my mom. She would just flip out. So, I thought I would talk to you about it because we always were able to discuss anything when we were dating. I just figured you would understand and give me good advice.”

“Okay, shoot, let’s hear the story.”

“Well, as you know, Paul and I were married a few years back. We moved to Michigan shortly after the honeymoon to allow him to take a job he had been wanting. Everything was fine for a year or so but now, he has changed a bit and I’m not sure I like the new Paul.”

“How is he different?”

“It is sexual and that’s the reason I can’t talk to mom about it. She’s way too religious and old-fashioned.”

“Go on.”

“Well, lately, it has been more and more difficult getting Paul to respond to me in ways that I would consider normal. He’s getting kind of weird.”

“Give me an example.”

“Okay, take last weekend, for instance. Now, you know that I love sex and I’m no prude.”

Did I ever. I was sitting there discreetly picturing her naked.

“Paul asked me to dress up like a slut, wear lots of makeup and go out alone to a bar.”

“Bobbie, I’ve never known you to wear any makeup, other than a little lipstick.”

“I know; I hate the stuff. Anyway, he wanted me to go to some pick up joint and pick up a total stranger and bring him home.”

“What was he looking for, a threesome?”

“No, he wanted me to bring this guy home and have sex with him in our bed.”

“Where would Paul be while you were doing this?”

“In the closet, watching and jerking off. I have to tell you, this idea of his creeped me out and made me very uncomfortable. What do you think, Curt? I guess you can see why I never mentioned this to mom. She thinks he’s wonderful, being the pastor’s son and all.”

“Bobbie, I have to say, I’m surprised. But, my overall impression is that you should not feel compelled to do anything you are uncomfortable with. I know you well enough to say that you are a wonderful bed partner and a joy to be with. But, if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. Case closed. Having said that, I have to admit that my cock got hard during the telling of your story as I pictured you doing those things. Some things never change and I suppose you will always have that effect on me.”

“That’s nice of you to say, Curt. You were always great to be with, too.” With that, Bobbie reached over and traced the outline of my cock on top of my jeans oral porno with her index finger. I was a bit startled, I have to admit. But, it sure felt mighty good.

“Why don’t you take that thing out, Curt, and let me play with it for a minute or two. I gasped. I was in the police station! But, I couldn’t resist. I got up and closed all the drapes and locked the door.

I undid my belt and top button before I sat down and pulled my zipper down. My holster and weapon were removed and stored safely. I sat down directly opposite her and she leaned forward to take my cock the rest of the way out. It didn’t automatically cooperate with her, as her earlier touching of it turned it from flaccid to missile-like and it was pointing down my pant leg. She reached through the opening of my boxers and gently brought it to the surface. Her touch was thrilling and brought back a million memories. This young lady knew her way around a cock and was a real pleaser. Finally, it was completely out and she took matters in hand. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and in seconds a small puddle of pre-cum emerged from the head. It wasn’t there long though as she licked it off with a quick flick of her talented tongue. She alternated between staring at my cock and looking lovingly into my eyes.

“It’s been a very long time,” she said. “Yours is my all-time favorite cock. I’ve missed it and I’ve missed you.” She continued stroking as I felt the unmistakable feeling of my oncoming orgasm. She knew I was close and decided to slow things down a bit by playing with my balls a bit. She took one, then the other in her delicate mouth and tongued them. This was heaven on earth. Then, she took the head of my cock in her mouth and lashed it with her tongue. Once again, she brought me to the edge, then backed me down.

“Okay, Curt, it’s time to get you off. Are you ready?”

“Are you kidding, I’d kill to have you finish me off.” Only then did I think about what I would need to catch what must be a quart of cum about to be shot out of me. I grabbed a paper towel from my desk, closed my eyes and let Bobbie do her thing.”

“I’m gonna make this cock of yours explode in just a few seconds.”

She went back to grasping the shaft snugly and jerking me off slowly. I finally could take no more and drilled her arm with my first shot of cum. I quickly covered the cockhead with the paper towel and spasmed another five or six times. I caught most of it, but Bobbie wound up with a couple teaspoons of my love juice on her hand. She stroked me until I went soft again. When she stopped, she licked her hand clean and looked up at me beaming. I could barely move. I was still feeling the after glow.

“That was a great handjob,” I said when I finally recovered.

“Glad you liked it, Curt. It was my pleasure. If I ever run into you again, I’ll do it again, even if you are in your 70’s.”

“It’s a deal.”

We both rose. I put my cock back in my pants and zipped up and she began to leave. I grabbed her before she got to the door, put my arm around her and leaned in for a passionate kiss. This was one fine woman. I reached under her top and caressed her breasts and, incredibly, my cock started to harden again. She pulled away. She was late for dinner.

“Before you go,” I said, “can I take a Polaroid of your tits?”

“Sure, but, hurry, I’m very late.”

I took out the old SX-70 and prepared to snap one while she pulled up her top and bra to give me access. I snapped the picture and Bobbie was out the door in a flash.

I never saw her again, but I got a call some time later telling me of her divorce from Paul. “He was just too creepy.” I wished her well and said goodbye. I don’t know where Bobbie is today, but I hope she is happy. She deserves nothing less.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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