Sex on the Beach

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The silvery moon hung low in the night sky sending a long shimmering reflection across the open water ending at the shore with the waves gently breaking against the sand. Mini lay behind me up on the beach watching me as I played in the low surf. I could feel her eyes touching the tan skin of my back. I turned and looked at her. I could see her clearly up on the beach lying on a blanket stretched out on the sand just below a palm tree. Her form framed by the surrounding foliage.

Even in the darkness I could see that she had removed the bathing suit she had been wearing at some time. Her white exposed skin showed clearly in the moonlight. I watched her as she slowly stroked her dark nipples as she watched me. Then, spreading her legs she began slowly stroking the soft mound between her thighs. I could tell she knew I was watching and the knowing gave her a thrill.

Quietly, I walked up the beach toward her. My cock was already growing beneath the fabric of my bathing trunks. I saw her smiling at me.

She beckoned me to join her saying, “Come closer and sit here.” I knelt beside her taking her left nipple between my thumb and fore finger, rolling it gently as she continued stroking the other nipple and the growing moistness between her legs. Her middle finger caressing her sweet clit then plunging inside for a moment then back to continue stroking her clit. Her mouth opens slightly.

“I like you watching me, Jack.”

Kneeling there beside her, I could feel her hot breath against my chest and shoulders coming in short gasps as Niğde Escort she stroked harder. Small sounds came from her throat. Not moans exactly but the sounds of labored breathing. The sounds of pleasure. The nipple between my fingers growing harder and more erect with her arousal.

She reached over to me with one hand and taking the waistband, pulled my trunks down. Taking my cock in her hand she began stroking it slowly. Her thumb just kissing the head of my cock as her fingers wrapped around the shaft moved up and down slowly. There was no hurry in the way she stroked me. She knew the longer she stroked the harder my cock would become.

The hand between her thighs was moving faster. Her fingers penetrating deeper into her dripping tunnel, stroking herself from the inside for several moments then stopping to suck the juices from her fingers then moving back to her throbbing clit. With a glance at my face she pulled me over her wanting to take my cock deep in her throat. I moved to straddle her chest and buried my cock deep in her throat my hands cupped her breasts, toying with her hard nipples.

The moans began coming from deep in her throat. Mini’s eyes closed as her mouth worked on my cock sucking hard, tongue working furiously. Her head moving faster and faster as she sucked me. Her heels off the blanket digging hard into the sand. Then her entire body began to arch. Her mouth released my cock as she screamed with the force of her orgasm. Wave after wave pulsed through her body beginning in her upper abdomen and working Niğde Escort Bayan down to her pussy in great contractions. With each wave she screamed again and again. Until, finally spent, she fell back on the blanket and relaxed. Again she took my cock in her mouth. Only this time without the sense of urgency she had before. Playing with it, teasing. As she did so I shed my trunks entirely.

“Oh, fuck me, Jack. Fuck me hard. Make me cum again and again. Please baby,” she pleaded. Then pushing me back down towards her feet she raised her legs and placed them on my shoulders. Taking my cock in her hand she guided it into her swollen, wet pussy letting the head slide just inside. She began moving her hips against it pushing it deeper. Her hands moved to my arms. My cock moving in and out of her. Slowly at first but ever building, faster, deeper, harder. She moved her hips in perfect time to meet and enhance every stroke. Again the moans of lust began. Her breath hot against my face. She screamed, “Don’t stop, Jack. Fuck me hard. Make me cum.” I could feel her orgasm raising again as she tightened around my cock. Pressing her ankles against my shoulders she arched to take every inch deep inside her. It seemed to be hours buried, not in Mini’s pussy but inside her very being. The two of us melded as one in the act, our souls as one.

With a final plunge, Mini came hard, her fingernails digging into my shoulders. Her hips raised against me, her heels digging into my back for leverage. Throaty sounds came from her mouth. A long Escort Niğde sigh followed by several short breaths almost as if she couldn’t breath. Then she let out a long, deep moan, almost a growl as she lay back smiling.

I rolled off onto the soft sand, pulling Mini on top of me. Pushing her into a sitting position haunched over me. Her feet and knees planted in the sand, Mini took my wet cock and guided it to her asshole. She began rocking back and forth on my cock to stroke the outside of her ass. Then with a quick thrust it slid inside. Mini let out a groan of mixed pain and pleasure. “Fuck me, Jack. Hurt me. Oh God fuck me hard.” Then she began moving up and down on the cock buried in her ass. My mouth found her right nipple and begin sucking. Then we came together. Her asshole squeezing my cock so hard it hurt. I shot wads of cum into her with one final thrust. Then both of us lay side by side panting. Looking into each other’s eyes, saying nothing for a short while.

I kissed her lips, then rose and trudged down to the water. I dived into the small surf then lazily laid in the sand as the water rushed over me. The water washed my body with tiny bubbles made by the surf. Refreshing. It even washed away the kinks and weariness from the exurtion of making love.

I looked up at the horizon and could see the moon was now gone and about to be replaced by the raising sun. Nearly morning. I sat up to watch the sunrise.

Shortly I was aware of Mini. Touching me. Her hands on my shoulders her breasts pressed against my back. Whispering to me. Words of love. Words of passion. She raised up to run her hands over my shoulders and down my chest. Her breasts now draped on either side of my neck. And I could feel the passion raising again in my groin as the sun began to peek above the horizon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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