Sex Pet Recovery Ch. 03 – PUPPY LOVE

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Betty’s recovery was faster than Beth’s. Betty was conscious and able to understand commands. But she would not break her training. She still believed she would be punished if she stood up or acted like a woman. They would put her in the bed and when they came back, she would be on the floor, sleeping. She would eat out of her bowl but wouldn’t use her hands. Anna and Robert were beginning to think they would need drastic measures to break the spell. They just didn’t know what it was. They decided it did her no good to have her in a bedroom if she insisted on being a dog. They took her downstairs and let her sleep on the floor of the living room. It was Mary who finally figured out a way to begin to break the spell. Betty knew Mary and trusted her. She would follow Mary around the kitchen and lower level as she worked. Mary kept talking to her as Betty, telling her the bad man was gone, but it had no effect on Betty. It wasn’t until Mary got frustrated and pulled her up by her arms until she was standing up and yelled at her, “The bad man is dead. He is NEVER coming back to get you. He abandoned you. You don’t have to be a dog if you don’t want to, so snap out of it.” And she slapped her. Anna was nearby and couldn’t believe the exchange. She came running to stop Mary but froze when Betty stayed standing. She had a strange look in her eye. She just stood there, not moving. Anna started to get her, but Mary stopped her.

When Betty finally moved, it was to sit down on a kitchen chair. She sat still for a long time. Everyone came into the kitchen and watched her. Mary stood behind her waiting. She turned to Mary and said, “Bad man gone. Dog free?”

Mary hugged her and started crying. All of them started crying. The spell was broken. They had gotten through her fear. She was going to be okay.

When Robert came home, they told him about the episode. By then, Betty was talking and smiling. She had finally put some clothes on. She was going to be okay.

Robert came to see her. “Betty, it makes me so happy to see you smiling and talking. You are going to be okay. If you can tell me where your parents live, I will contact them for you. I know they are worried sick.” Betty told him everything about her parents.

Robert called them the next day to inform them their daughter had been rescued and was ok. They promised to fly out the next day and get her. By the time they arrived, Betty was a vivacious young woman again. There were no visible scars. Robert took the parents aside to tell them the story.

When he had finished, her mother was crying, and her father was angry. “How can they let this sort of thing happen? Why did someone stop it?””

Robert understood his anger. He was helpless to help her, and he hurts to see her hurt. “I understand your frustration, but she can go home with you today because someone did stop it. The club she liked, where she was convinced to leave with the couple, the manager of the club watched them leave. He waited for them to return over the next several days. When they did not, he called me. She had been kidnapped by an evil man who wanted to make her a dog. She was put in a kennel for days and her mind was warped. My young ladies and I interceded and rescued both her and the wife of this man.”

“Where is this man? I want to look him in the eye and tell him what I think of him.” The father was very angry.

Robert took him aside and quietly told him. “The man has been dealt with. He will never bother another person, ever again.” Robert looked the man in the eye until the father understood. He calmed down and hugged his wife. Anna brought Betty down from the upstairs. They had gotten her a new outfit and she looked so cute. Her mother ran to her and hugged and cried. The father waved Robert over.

“Who do I make the check out to?” He had his checkbook out.

“What check?”

“You didn’t know? I have had a $25,000 reward out for over six months. You have certainly delivered, and I need to give your people the reward. So, how do I make it out to?”

“Can you leave it blank for now. We are in the process of setting up our non-profit, but it is not ready yet.”

That is what the father did. He handed Robert the check, put his arm around his daughter, and the family walked out of their lives.

Everyone felt wonderful for a happy ending. Robert decided it was the perfect time to talk to them. He gathered everyone around the kitchen table. “I have decided we should start a non-profit to handle our expenses. I have sent the paperwork on a “PET RECOVERY LLC” in. We will just not tell the government that the “pets” we are rescuing are people, not dogs and cats.”

“This check will be the seed money for our business.” Everyone was hugging and kissing. Anna watched Mary go off alone. She was worried about Mary. She seemed so sad. Mary refused to say what it was. She kept saying she was fine, but Anna had seen that before, and she knew she was keeping something inside. Anna decided to tell Robert.

When they were alone in his office, Anna spoke up, “Robert, you must find out what is bothering Mary. She is so sad, and she won’t tell anyone about it. She will tell you. We need to help her.” Robert nodded and realized he had been so busy he hadn’t even noticed. Between work during the day and fucking one Pendik Escort of the nymphos at night he was wore out. He found Mary in the kitchen cleaning while everyone else was celebrating in the living room.

“Mary, I need to talk to you. I can see you are sad. I need to help you to relieve your sadness. Please tell me what it is.”

She stopped cleaning and looked down. “I cannot, Mr. Wilson. It will pass. Please don’t make me tell you.”

“Ok.” He left her alone in the kitchen.

He went to Anna and told her about their conversation. “Anna, you must try to find out what it is. I will do anything she needs if she would only tell you. Please try and thank you for bringing this to my attention.”

Later that night, Anna came to Robert’s room. It was her turn, but he was exhausted. He was surprised to see her still dressed.

“Robert, I had a long talk with Mary. I know her problem. You are not going to like it, but you can do something about it.” She waited until he asked her what.

“She has no self-esteem. Her husband chained her in the basement because he had a pretty, young thing to fuck instead of her. He told her over and over she was an ugly old sow, good only for the slaughterhouse. Then she comes here. Every woman around her is younger and prettier and you are fucking them regularly. But you never even look at her. It just reinforces what he was telling her. She is too old and too ugly for you to want to fuck her. She is just the kitchen sow.”

Robert was stunned, but he knew Anna was correct. He could tell her that he didn’t fuck the rescues that were damaged emotionally, but that wouldn’t help. In her mind, Robert was reinforcing everything Winton had told her. Now that she has told Anna, she knows he will try to fuck her, but that will only reinforce in her mind the entire picture. Robert didn’t know how to fix this. “Thanks for telling me. You are right. I fucked this up. If I approach her now after she has told you, it will only be worse. I must find a way out of this. Maybe you should go to your room tonight.” Anna nodded and left.

The next morning, Anna caught Robert as he was coming down the stairs. “I ran into Mary as I was going to my room. She was surprised I was not with you. I told her you didn’t want to sleep with me last night. I thought I saw a small smile in the corner of her mouth. I think that might be it. You may have to declare a moratorium on all of us until we get even again.”

Robert knew she was right, again. He called a meeting at breakfast. “Ladies, I need a break. Until further notice, I will have none of you in my bed. I need to recharge my batteries. I don’t know how long it will be, but we will see.” He left the table to the sound of three women talking loudly and one older woman clearing the table while smiling.

He got another call from Pedro. Pedro was very happy about how the Winton affair turned out. Even Tony’s man came by while collecting the insurance and told Pedro they appreciated how he conducted himself.

“Robert, I have two problems. First, Dave was in here last night. I told him to leave, but it took a while. He is a problem. And, I have another problem. This is the opposite of Winton. Will you go see this man, please? He will need to explain it because I can’t.” Pedro gave him the address, but all Robert could think about was Dave. He was too young and too arrogant to understand the subtleties of business, and he was going to get himself into trouble.

When Robert got to the address, he knocked on the door. A thirty-five looking man opened the door and invited him in.

“You are Robert Wilson? Thanks for coming. I have a problem and I have no idea what to do about it.” He led Robert into the living room. On the floor of the living room was a thirty something woman, naked except for a dog collar. She was curled up in a ball. He had seen that before. What he had not seen before was the large Mastiff lying beside her. “That’s my problem. When we first married, I knew she liked role-playing as a dog. As time went by, she was more and more into it, and less as my wife. A year ago, she told me she was a dog, and that she liked being around my mastiff more than me. She will no longer talk to me. She is a dog now. I am divorcing her, but I don’t think she was listening. I don’t think she cares as long as she is around the dog. I haven’t seen her trying to actually fuck the dog, but she is around him all the time. We will probably have to shoot the dog to ger her out of here.”

“She seems to be deeply entranced in her fantasy. Does she have any family?”

“Her parents are dead. She has one older brother. I called him and asked him to come here. When he saw that, he told me she wasn’t his sister any longer. She was a bitch dog. He wants nothing to do with her.”

Robert felt for the young man. There was not a solution for this. Whoever took her would have to take the dog too. And they would have to take care of them both. If you killed the dog, she would go into mourning. People that get that deep into this fantasy will stay a dog. This is no longer a role play. She is a dog. Her mind is gone.

“Please sir, help me. I need her out of my house. I want to find a real wife that wants kids. I can’t have this in my house any longer. The divorce is final next week, and I have met a nice lady. She knows Kurtköy Escort nothing of this. I am selling this house and starting over. I need to get them out of here before I can finish the sale.”

Robert had to admire the man. He was moving forward with his life. If he must, he will kill the dog, and have Robert take her. If she goes into mourning and wastes away, so be it.

“I need to consult with my colleagues. Let me call them.” He called the three women to meet him here. They arrived in 30 minutes. He met them at the door. “Ladies, I am about to show you one of the rarest conditions. There is no cure for this one. Follow me.” He led them into the living room. They saw the girl lying beside the big dog.

“She is now convinced she is a dog. Her mind may be gone. She hasn’t talked to anyone in months. She probably won’t talk to anyone ever again. The dog will attack anyone who gets close to her. We would have to kill the dog or sedate him to get her away from him. If we did that, and took her away, she would mourn for him and drift away. The husband needs his life back. He has divorced her and is selling this house to live a life as a man with a woman.”

The women went into the kitchen and talked among themselves. They had nothing for this. They didn’t really believe she thinks she’s a dog. They didn’t want to kill the dog. He is huge and he will get vicious if they try to take her away from him.

Robert got everyone together. “I can’t believe I am saying this, but I think we should take both with us. I don’t know what we are going to do, but we are more equipped than him to handle this.” The ladies were surprised, but it was his house, and they were his too. Whatever he wanted, they would do.

Robert told the man to leave them alone until he came back with a crew to handle this. It might take a week. Could he last that long? He agreed and they left.

During the week he had, he had a dog run put in the back yard. He took the large mud room in the back of the house and converted it to a dog pen. He put a drain into the floor and put dog beds in one side. He set up feeding stations. The two of them would be able to go outside and run in the dog run. He could let them out into a portion of the backyard. It had a strong, high fence that the dog could not get through. He came back to the house a week later. He brought a couple of other men with him. They had a tranquilizer gun and muzzles. They walked into the room. The big dog stood up and watched them. The girl watched from behind him. They decided to shoot him from the other room and close the door. As soon as they shot him, they closed the door. He almost broke it when he charged into it. They waited until it was quiet on the other side of the door. They went into the living room to see the dog down and the girl whimpering beside him. She was pushing his face, trying to get him up. One of the men came up behind her and dropped a loop over her head. He pulled it back and he had her by the throat. She tried to attack him, but the rod the loop was attached to wouldn’t let her get within striking distance.

She was too much trouble. Robert shot her in the ass. She could just go to sleep like her boyfriend. When they were both down, they tied the dog’s paws together and put a muzzle on him. They tied her hands and legs together and put a muzzle on her. She was a dog, and she was going to be treated like a dog. They lifted them onto dollies and rolled them out of the house.

“Thank you so much. How much do I owe you? I guess you could call it pest removal.” Robert had to admire his sense of humor.

Robert shook his head. “No, you’ve had enough trouble already.”

“No, I insist. I can give you a thousand dollars. I know you have spent far more than that, but that is all I have.”

“No, you will need that for another wedding. Take some advice from someone who has seen almost everything in fetish. Question the new girl carefully. If she has any fetishes, run.” They shook hands and left.

The girls were waiting when they got home. The men put the two of them on the dollies and pushed them into the pen. They then unbound them and left them to wake up on their own. The entire household came to see a small girl with a big dog. They wouldn’t believe if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes.

By that evening, both were wandering around the pen, checking their new territory. They were told the name of the dog was Roy. Roy went around marking the corners of his new home. He then headed for his bed, and she waddled toward hers.

The girls watched in a combination of fascination and horror. It was what they had been told, but they couldn’t believe it was real. That cured their idea of playing with a dog.

Robert knew he would have to make friends with Roy. After they had been there for a week and had settled in, Robert went into the pen. He was carrying steak, raw for Roy and cooked for Puppy. He walked up close to Roy, ignoring Puppy, and threw some steak in front of him. He was suspicious, but the smell of raw meat overcame his reluctance. While Roy was busy with the steak, Robert would put the cooked steak in front of Puppy. She would smell it, look at Roy for assurance, and finally begin eating it. Robert repeated this for several days until they were excited to see him. Roy finally let Robert pet him Ümraniye Escort and scratch his ears. After a week of this, Roy didn’t pay any attention to Robert when he petted Puppy. Robert was able to get a good look at her. She needed some physical attention. He brought Mary with him to care for Puppy. They took the two of them out into the yard and let them play. While Roy was eating his steak, Robert turned the water hose on Puppy, and Mary gave her a bath. Roy just watched and seemed to be okay with it if they didn’t point the hose at him. While Robert was drying her off, Mary cut her hair short. It was ratty and tangled. Mary just cut it off into a bob. They then attacked her nails. They were long. Robert would hold her hands or feet while Mary trimmed them. They lastly brushed her teeth. She seemed to remember because she didn’t fight them much about that. She was now at least clean. They were now friendly with the two of them. Whenever Robert or Mary went into the pen, they would run to meet them and look for a scratch. They had pets, after all.

Robert had not been with any of the girls for two weeks. He now had an idea how to fix his problem with Mary. After everyone had gone to bed, he knocked on Mary’s door. She was shocked to see him there.

“Mary, may I come in?”

“Of course.” She stepped back and let him in. He went to the chair and sat down.

“Mary, I have a problem and I think you are the only one who can help me. Are you willing to try?”

“You know I owe you my life. I will do whatever I can.”

“This problem is not that. This is something you must do because you want to. You are under no obligation to do this for me. I will never bring this up again, and none of the others will ever know we had this conversation. Okay?”

She was really intrigued now. What could she give this man who had everything?

“You are aware of my sex life with these three young women. My problem is just that, they are young women. They are beautiful and willing, but sometimes they are too young. I can’t talk to them because they have limited life experience. I need someone who has life experiences that I can relate to. Do you understand that?” She could. She has trouble talking to these girls sometimes. They spend their time talking about things Mary doesn’t really care about.

“Here is what I am asking. I am asking you to come to my bed. I need to hold you and have you comfort me. I need someone closer to my age. I know you talked to Anna about this. The reason I didn’t approach you was you were a client. The other women came to me. I never asked them to come to me. I am asking you to come to my bed of your own free will. You must not believe anything your late husband said about you. You may be older, but you are still beautiful and desirable. It is the complete package I am looking for. Will you consider what I am asking of you?”

He sat and waited for her to decide. Mary was conflicted. On one hand, she felt he was probably trying to make up for ignoring her for so long. On the other hand, she would get to fuck this man who had saved her life. And she needed a good fucking in the worst way. In the end, it was the need that outweighed the reality. “I would be honored to come to your bed. When would you like to do this?”

He stood up and put his hand out for her hand. She stood up and took his hand. He led her down to his bedroom and went in. He took her into the bathroom and began running a hot bath. As it was running, he began undressing her slowly. Even though they both knew he had already seen her naked in the most compromising way, this was different. When she was naked, he kissed her softly and gently. She hadn’t been kissed like that in years. It made her knees weak. He steadied her and picked her up and put her into the warm water. He then began to wash her and massage her. He put a hair cover on her hair so it wouldn’t get wet. She closed her eyes and let the feelings of being a woman loved sink in. She hadn’t felt like this for a very long time. She felt so good, she fell asleep. She woke up when he lifted her out of the water. He wrapped her in a towel and took her to the bed. He laid her on the bed. She moved to the center of the bed. He came up from the foot of the bed and pushed her legs apart. When he was at the top of her legs, he bent down and began kissing and licking her womanhood. She was very wet. She hadn’t had anyone but herself do this for a very long time. She closed her eyes and let the emotions flow over her in waves. She came before he had even begun working hard. He didn’t stop but continued to fuck her with his tongue. She came again and he smiled. When she stopped shaking, he moved on top of her and entered her. She caught her breath when he entered her. He was bigger that she realized. She had never seen him naked. He was all man and she needed to relax to take everything he had. She desperately needed to take all of him into her. Robert could tell she was struggling. She probably hasn’t had a dick in her for a very long time. He made sure he didn’t go too deep as he fucked her. She was relaxing and her body took over. Her body grabbed his dick and opened for it. He was able to go all the way into her. They were mated. Two bodies entangled as one. She threw her arms around him and let every emotion pent up by years of abuse out of her body through her pussy. She screamed when she came. She came and came and flushed every bit of pain and anger out of her body as if his magnificent dick was shooting cleansing sperm. She finally collapsed in a heap of fluids. When he pulled out his juices came flowing out of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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