Sex with Wife’s Sister Mary

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Author’s Note:

1. All characters mentioned in the story are over the age of 18.

2. Some content contains severe pornographic descriptions and some violent descriptions, please pay attention before reading


John and Alice have been married for three years. They lived in the same neighborhood with Alice’s sister Mary. The two sisters usually chatted a lot. The two families were very close.

One day, Alice said to John, “Dear, my sister told me that she hasn’t had sex with her husband for a long time. It seems that they are now living a sexless life. Will we be like that in the future?”

John laughed and said, “No, I will always be fascinated by you for the rest of my life. I like every inch of your body. I like the feeling of making love to you, especially your big butt. I’m not like your brother-in-law.”

Although John answered Alice like this in his heart, he secretly paid attention to Mary. Several times when Mary accidentally exposed herself, John feasted his eyes. In John’s mind, although Mary was a married woman who had given birth to children, and her figure was not very good (women who have given birth usually have bigger butts), Mary had a pair of breasts larger and softer than Alice’s, and a butt that was more exciting to have sex with. Just thinking about having sex with his sister-in-law one day made John extremely excited. It also awakened the evil side in John’s heart.

However, this could only remain in his heart. He really wanted to tell Alice that he had sexual urges and fantasies about her sister. He imagined that Alice would help him and persuade her sister. But that was just wishful thinking. He dared not act on it because he was afraid of being scolded and misunderstood by his wife, which would affect their married life. However, as the days went by, John’s incestuous desire became stronger and stronger. He was just unsure whether Mary would accept such a relationship; whether Mary had such an urgent need for sex. If so, his hope would be even greater.

Finally, one day, by chance, Mary told John that she wanted to watch the animated movie “Howl’s Moving Castle”. John wondered if he had it. At that moment, John made a decision. He decided to take a chance and follow his desire.

John found a day when only Mary was at home and went to see her. He said, “Sis, I borrowed the cartoon you wanted to watch from my colleague. Do you want to watch it?”

“But we have to watch it on the computer. I haven’t transferred and burned the files yet. Can I borrow your computer?” Mary said without doubting him.

“Sure,” John said. He then led Mary to the study. In the study, John turned on the computer and installed the portable hard drive. He then said, “Sis, do you want to see it first?”

Mary said, “Okay! Anyway, I have nothing to do now. I don’t have to open the store until 12 o’clock.”

Little did Mary know that this was a trap set by John. He deliberately put a few adult videos in the portable hard drive to arouse Mary’s hidden desire. After installing the portable hard drive, John opened the directory and said, “Oh, what’s this? How come there are other files? I don’t know what this is. Sis, do you want to see it together?”

Mary said, “Well, whatever.”

John sneered secretly in his heart. He opened the file. The computer screen showed a scene of a man and woman having sex. The woman was sucking and licking the man’s genitals. This scene had a great impact on Mary, who hadn’t had sex for a long time. What’s more, the person sitting next to her was her sister’s husband. It felt so strange. John also secretly glanced at Mary a few times and found that Mary was staring straight at the computer screen without any intention of turning it off. He knew that his plan was gradually taking effect.

After a few minutes, John said to Mary, “Sis, do you want to continue watching? I want to go to the bathroom.”

Mary also felt embarrassed about her loss of composure. She hurriedly said, “No, John. How could your colleague also put adult videos in it? Turn it off.”

John said, “Wait a minute, Sis. I really need to go to the bathroom. I haven’t gone for a long time.”

So John said as he stood up and walked to the bathroom. As he passed by Mary, Mary glanced at John secretly and saw a big bulge in John’s crotch. Her lower body twitched unconsciously.

John went into the bathroom and began his next plan. He pulled down his pants to his knees and made loud noises, pretending to fall.

“Ouch, it hurts so much,” John shouted in the bathroom.

Mary heard John’s cry of pain outside and knocked on the door anxiously, asking, “What’s wrong, John?”

“Sis, I fell down. I can’t stand up. It hurts so much,” John said.

“What should we do then?” Mary said.

“Sis, can you come in and help me up?” John said.

“Me? It’s not appropriate.” Mary said.

“But Sis, I really can’t stand up. Come in and help me up! It hurts so much.”


Mary pushed open the door and found John sitting on the floor Diyarbakır Escort in a mess. But she also saw John’s erection.

Mary thought, “Wow, so John’s little brother is so magnificent. It must be at least 15 to 16 centimeters long. The glans is big and red. I wonder what it would feel like if it entered my little hole.” But because of her restraint, she still said to John, “John, put on your pants first.”

John said, “Sis, I can’t stand up. How can I put on my pants? Help me up first.”

So Mary helped John up. John then took the opportunity to pretend to accidentally touch Mary’s breasts, further stimulating Mary. The two staggered to the sofa and sat down. As soon as they sat down, Mary asked John, “Are you okay? Do you need to see a doctor?”

John said, “It’s okay. I’ll rest for a while and see. If it doesn’t get better, I’ll go see a doctor myself later. But Sis, I’m sorry I accidentally touched your breasts just now.”

Mary blushed suddenly at John’s words. She hurriedly said, “It’s okay. You didn’t do it on purpose.”

John thought the time was ripe, so he quickly moved his body and sat next to Mary. He said to Mary again, “Sister, your breasts are really soft. If I tell you that I deliberately did it just now, will you be angry?”

Mary didn’t expect John to be so bold and dare to say these words to him. For a while, she couldn’t react. John continued, “In fact, sister, I have always had fantasies about you and have always secretly paid attention to you. I also know that brother-in-law rarely makes love to you, sister, don’t you have any needs?” As John spoke, he stroked Mary’s thighs.

John’s words for a while made Mary not know how to answer, and John stroking her thighs made Mary’s desire gradually overcome her reason. “Sigh, John, I’m a woman too, it’s just that your brother-in-law doesn’t want to, so… In fact, how could I not want to!”

“Then sister, I think I should be able to replace my brother-in-law to satisfy you sufficiently. If you are willing.” John said.

“John, you are my sister’s husband,” Mary said in her mouth, but she did not intend to stop John. Because John’s stroking felt so comfortable that it sent tingling sensations to her lower body.

And John saw that although Mary said no with her mouth, she did not intend to stop him, so John was even more convinced that he should be able to do Mary and fulfill his dream. So he became bolder, and his hands wandered to the inside of Mary’s thighs.

“Sister, you have needs, and I have always had fantasies about you. Please, can you?”

“You have fantasies about me? How can that be, my figure is not good, my butt is big, how can…”

“Sister, if you don’t say it, you won’t know,” John said. “Although your butt is big, I am especially fascinated by your big butt. I often fantasize about you, and I have sniffed your panties and bras in your bathroom several times, masturbating and masturbating. I thought that if I could have sex with you one day, it would be extremely comfortable.”

Mary was even more surprised in her heart, never expecting that her sister’s husband was so fascinated by her, and never expecting that she could be so seductive. Coupled with the fact that John’s little brother was indeed bigger than her husband’s, and she did have needs, Mary’s defenses gradually collapsed with John’s movements, and her body gradually became uncontrollable. But reason and modesty still told her not to, “What are you talking about! You’re crazy! Stop it, don’t touch me, I’m your wife’s sister, we can’t!….. Ah….. “Mary groaned and said.

“Sister, in fact, you can’t help it, you really want to make love, I let go of the worldly shackles, we are happy, and we don’t hurt others, it’s just between us, who knows if we don’t say it?”

“Don’t be silly, we are in-laws, this is incest, we can’t……”

“Let me tell you, I haven’t had sex with Alice for a while, I can’t even get aroused to do her, but every time I see you, I have the urge to make love to you, I have to masturbate immediately. I know this is very abnormal, but I really like you, just treat me as your husband.”

John began to take off Mary’s clothes and first licked her toes, ankles, calves, abdomen, and then sucked her breasts. Both nipples became erect. Mary kept shouting no, but she was powerless to struggle. John ignored her and slowly licked Mary’s most important place. He spread Mary’s legs apart, and her whole hairless beautiful pussy appeared. There was moisture oozing from the slit, and the two large labia began to wet and shine. John stroked the slit with his fingers.

“Oh… no… don’t……” Mary began to get excited, but she continued to shout no! Her mouth said no, but her pussy was so lustful that it oozed moisture.

John spread her two large labia apart with his fingers and stuck out his tongue to lick her pussy and small labia, finally sucking on her clitoris.

“Ah… ah……” Mary shuddered: “Um… don’t… ah… no… can’t… ah…” She pushed John’s head away with Diyarbakır Escort Bayan her hands.

Mary moaned softly, “Ah… no… don’t… I can’t… please… ah… no…” She tried to push John’s head away or pull his hair. John found her so aroused and sexy. Goosebumps covered his whole body as her juices flowed from her pussy down to her asshole and then to the bedsheet. Mary said breathlessly later, “John… don’t… lick… anymore… I… beg… you… don’t… suck… anymore… oh…”

John thought: How silly! How could he listen to Mary? Her actions and words only aroused John to the extreme. Physiologically Mary was already ready.

John continued to lick Mary’s pussy and suck her clit. He also thrust his tongue in and out of her vagina, using his killer move of licking and thrusting his tongue in and out of her asshole! Gradually John felt Mary having an orgasm.

When Mary climaxed, her whole body stiffened. John saw her vagina contracting again and again. “Oh… no… I can’t… anymore… oh… ah…” Mary couldn’t hide it at all. John knew now was the best time to fuck Mary’s pussy!

He put a pillow under Mary’s butt to raise her hips, spread her legs open, held his cock and placed it on her pussy, and with one thrust, pushed in.

Mary suddenly became sober and said, “John, don’t… I beg you not to put it in. I’m your wife’s sister. This is incest. We can’t do this.”

John said, “Don’t worry. We’re all adults. No one will know if we don’t tell. And we all need it. Just think of me as your husband. And we’re not blood related. How can it be incest? And sister, I really like you.”

“No! John, once we cross the line we can never turn back. We’ll never be able to lift our heads for the rest of our lives.”

“Why turn back?! I can’t control myself anymore. Don’t you control yourself either.”

“John, no. You have to wear a condom.” Mary said.

“Sister, don’t worry. It feels better without a condom. And now there’s morning after pill. No need to worry.”

“Um… oh… ah…” Seeing Mary close her eyes and moan, John didn’t care anymore. He slowly pushed the head of his cock into her vagina.

“Oh… it feels so good!” After pushing his whole cock in, John didn’t pull out immediately. He wanted to fully feel the pleasure of fucking Mary’s pussy.

“Ah…” John slowly started thrusting in and out. Because Mary’s pussy was very wet, it felt slippery and warm. John could hear the “squish squish” sound as he thrusted. John saw Mary biting her lower lip, “Mm… mm… mm… mm…” With each of his thrusts, she grunted “Mm”.

John thought: “Good, I’ll use all my strength to fuck her. When she’s about to climax, I’ll raise her legs onto my shoulders. Her big butt will be raised high, allowing my whole cock to enter. I’ll thrust hard, thrusting in all the way.

“Mm… mm… mm… ah… ah…” John knew Mary was very aroused. Her juices flowed onto the bed.

Slowly John felt Mary’s pussy contracting again and again. Goosebumps covered his whole body. Her orgasm was coming.

“Ah… mm… so good… mm… ah ah… oh…” Mary moaned loudly, thoroughly enjoying her orgasm. She no longer resisted and began to accept John fucking her.

“Oh sister, you’re so beautiful, so wet and juicy. Fucking you feels different from others. I’m willing to fuck you for life!”

“Mm… don’t… say that… ah… ah…” To John’s surprise, he could see his sister moaning and screaming in pleasure as he fucked her. He became even more aroused, thrusting fifty or sixty times. Suddenly he felt an itching pleasure and “Ah… ah…” he was about to come!

“Ah…” After a long moan, the whole world froze.

After ejaculating, John didn’t pull out immediately. He lay on Mary panting. Mary was also panting heavily. “Ah! Nothing can compare. This orgasm was especially pleasurable. I wonder if it’s because the person I fucked was my own sister-in-law. Right, Mary?”

“John, why did you ejaculate inside! What should we do if I get pregnant? Hurry up and wipe the semen clean for me.” John immediately took tissues to help Mary wipe, while wiping, semen kept flowing out, so ecstatic.

“Sister, wasn’t it so comfortable? I will give you more happiness in the future.”

“Sigh!… It shouldn’t be, how can I face Alice?”

“Sister, it’s already done, what’s the point of thinking so much? Open your mind and accept reality! And if you don’t say it, I won’t say it, no one will know.” At this time, one of John’s hands was on the inside of Mary’s thigh, and the other hand touched Mary’s chest.

“John, ah…, what you said is right, but… um… um…”

John did not give Mary a chance to speak again. His lips were attached to Mary’s lips, sucking hard. Under John’s wave after wave of offensive, Mary’s defenses slowly crumbled, cooperating with John’s hands, her body twisted involuntarily again.

At this time, John cheekily said in Mary’s ear: “Sister, I want to do it with you again! You have to be mentally prepared!” While Escort Diyarbakır speaking, John moved his hands to Mary’s buttocks, and Mary also involuntarily brought her plump buttocks closer.

John smiled slightly and further moved his fingers to rub Mary’s vulva.

Mary felt John’s fingers on her pussy, then John grabbed Mary’s plump buttocks with one hand and spread Mary’s legs with the other, seeing the lush grass of the vulva and spreading Mary’s slightly wet labia with his fingers. “Oh… oh… um… um…”

“John, um… heaven, it feels so good… um…” Her voice was soft and weak, lying there with her buttocks involuntarily raised. John clearly knew what to do at this time. He concentrated his attack on Mary’s clitoris, constantly teasing the little bud of pleasure.

“Oh… oh… that’s it… baby… harder… ah… ah…” Her body writhed, her pussy involuntarily tightened around John’s fingers. John looked at Mary’s buttocks, like a delicious peach, and brought his mouth to Mary’s left buttock, biting gently. The pain on the flesh combined with the obscene feeling in her heart made her a little crazy.

“Ah… John… don’t bite… sister…”

“Ah… faster… ah… harder… that’s it… grind harder…”

John rubbed Mary’s clitoris with two fingers according to Mary’s request. Mary writhed more fiercely.

“More… ah… ah… ah…” John felt that Mary was approaching orgasm again, sweating buttocks, he could smell the stench emanating from between Mary’s legs.

“Sister, can you also lick my little brother?” John said, turning into a 69 position, bringing his big cock to Mary’s face.

“Wow… John, your cock is really big, thick, and strong! I really love you…”

Mary kept stroking John’s penis with her hands, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, teasing John almost uncontrollably wanting to hold her up for a big fight.

John looked back and saw that Mary had actually closed her eyes, with an intoxicated look. Then she rubbed her face on the penis, and finally slowly stretched out her tongue and started licking the glans, then opened her mouth to take the whole penis in.

Wow, such a comfortable feeling, Mary’s mouth was like a suction cup, sucking up and down.

“Slurp… slurp…” Sucking sounds came from Mary’s mouth.

After 5 minutes, Mary could no longer bear it. She turned over and gasped to John, “John… hug me, kiss me…”

John hugged Mary and slowly moved his lips to Mary’s face. When the four lips were tightly attached, Mary involuntarily stretched her tongue into John’s mouth and stirred frantically and madly. John also gently sucked Mary’s tongue, and the two sides took turns sucking each other’s tongues. This kiss lasted for more than 10 minutes.

Then Mary told John to lie down on the sofa bed and look at his big cock, obscenely saying to me, “John… let your sister take good care of you! My dear brother!”

John was lying on the bed again with Mary kneeled between his legs, stroking his big cock up and down with her skillful hands, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, occasionally gently caressing his balls and anus. Her movements were so light and smooth, as if she was afraid of hurting John.

John gradually realized that Mary had already regarded his big cock as her most beloved. At that moment, John felt deeply that he was the happiest man in the world. Mary then buried her head between his legs and began to taste his thick, red-hot big cock.

Mary’s agile tongue kept licking the glans and urethra of John’s cock back and forth. Then Mary took John’s big cock into her mouth and started stroking up and down. What John felt was an indescribable comfort and pleasure.

John then sat up quietly enjoying Mary’s blowjob show. Watching his big cock go in and out of Mary’s cherry mouth rhythmically like a piston.

Mary lustfully asked, “John… Does sister make you feel good…?”

John panted and said to Mary, “Sis… It feels so good… So great… I didn’t expect your blowjob skills to be so good… It’s so comfortable… Like floating in the air.”

Mary smiled and said, “Wait until I insert it in, you will feel even more comfortable and like floating in the air.”

Mary took John’s big cock into her mouth again and started stroking up and down.

John panted and told Mary, “Sis… Let me taste your pussy too… Okay?”

Then John and Mary turned into a 69 position. John also inserted his fingers into Mary’s flooded pussy and stroked in and out quickly while licking Mary’s clitoris. Mary’s lustful moans rang out again.

“Oh… Ah… So comfortable… Ah… Ah…”

Mary’s love juice flowed more and more. She turned her head and panted to John, “Ah… Ah… John… I… Can’t stand it anymore… I want… Want… To fuck you…” Then she turned over, held my big cock and sat down.

“Ah… Oh… Big cock is just different… Mmm… Mmm… Comfortable…”

John felt that her big cock had filled Mary’s pussy full, without the slightest gap. Mary’s pussy was so tight and had such strong suction, as if to suck John’s big cock into a bottomless abyss. Mary began to frantically stroke John’s big cock up and down with her pussy. Mary’s 34C full breasts also bounced up and down violently with her intense movements. John’s hands also began to knead her breasts and nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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