Sexting Pt. 06

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It has been four weeks since the Majors went to Jennifer’s unit formal. The relationship settled into a predictable routine of Jennifer and the Major getting together on the weekends and when ever they can find time in the schedule.

Jennifer signed up for the last semester of classes including a defense clinic with the local public defender’s office. The Major was backed into a corner about the holidays but they are about to take off for some skiing as soon as Jennifer can get away from class.

The Major was waiting at the bag check stand when the taxi pulled up and Jennifer got out. They kissed and Johnson paid the cab driver, and pulled her bag to where the skycap could check it in.

“Sorry darling but the prof went on and on I did not know when I was going to get away,” said Jennifer.

“I could have waited we have a late flight. I thought that you were having second thoughts,” said Johnson.

“No Major we are not getting rid of each other that easily,” said Jennifer.

The skycap handed the Major their tickets and they both dug their military IDs out to show the TSA. They walked to the screening area and got through that ordeal quickly. Jennifer felt a little naked as she only had her phone with her she, under orders, left the computer in her residence, along with her books. The Major put his arm around her as they walked to the gate area.

An hour later they were settling in their seats in the smallish aircraft. The flight was scheduled for about two hours. Shortly after take off Jennifer crashed and fell asleep, the Major read the inflight magazine.

There were several bongs and the flight attendant announced that they were making their final approach into Rocky Springs. The Major shook Jennifer awake and the flight attendant walked up and down the aisle checking for seatbelts and tray tables.

Out the window they could see the ground rushing up to meet them and there was a hard bump screech and the nose wheel settled on the runway. The pilot applied the brakes and reverse thrust to slow the plane down. The taxi to the gate did not take a lot of time and soon the passengers were spilling out into the jet-way.

“God it’ cold,” said Jennifer.

“You did pack some cold weather gear didn’t you?” said Johnson.

“I was going to depend on you to keep me warm…Yes I have a coat but it is in the luggage,” said Jennifer.

The made their way to baggage claim and Jennifer pulled the ski jacket out of her suitcase and put it on.

“I am going to need gloves and a hat, Darling,” said Jennifer.

The Major reached in to a side pocket of his luggage and pulled out a scarf, hat and gloves, all army green but it would do. He handed the stack to her and waited as she put them on.

“I will give these back to you after we go shopping,” said Jennifer with a smile.

“I think that I have been taken,” said the Major as he kissed her again.

They waited in line at the car rental counter and finally got checked out and went to find the car. The car was an all wheel drive model and the Major got the car out of the airport and on to the highway.

“You have been very secretive about where we are staying?”

“You’ll see soon enough,” he responded.

The major turned off the highway onto a secondary road. They were lucky that there hadn’t been a recent snowfall and the road was dry with patches of ice. There was a sign for Old Oak village and the Major turned down that road and soon came upon a development. There were about fifty townhouse and condo units in the development and the Major pulled in front of number 25 and shut the car down. They retrieved their bags from the trunk and the major keyed the code into the door and they walked in.

The place was of the usual Colorado mountain design. It was not a log home but a modern place with white walls. There were stairs leading to a lower level with a bedroom and a closet that contained a collection of wine. The main level had the “great room with vaulted ceilings the galley kitchen and in back was the master bedroom.

The major found a remote and ignited the fireplace the flames put out some heat but it would take a while to heat the whole place. Jennifer sat down on the large sofa while the Major got some of the systems going.

“Ok what do you want to eat?” asked the Major.

“Is there a restaurant in this development?” asked Jennifer

“No we have some rations in the fridge,” said Johnson.

“I am not eating an MRE Major!” said Jennifer.

“Let me restate we have some chef prepared par-cooked meals in the fridge,” said the Major.

Jennifer got up and walked into the kitchen where the Major was looking in the fridge. “Let’s try the Steak,” said Jennifer.

The Major got the aluminum container out and set the oven to 350 and slid the container in and closed the door. He found two containers of dehydrated mash potatoes and followed the directions to heat them in the Microwave.

“Go downstairs and find 1080 porno us a wine,” said the Major.

Jennifer returned with a Pinot Noir from Washington State and searched for a wine opener. She found the right tool and pulled the cork out with little problem as the Major pulled two glassed from a cabinet and Jennifer poured a test and handed it to him. The Major nodded his approval and she filled both glasses.

“You know that this is the first alcohol I’ve had in two weeks,”

“I was wondering if you were going to dry out after that disaster at the firing range the other week,” said the Major.

There was a quick poke in the arm at that crack. “Dude you were not much better.”

“That hurt,” said the Major.

“Good it was suppose to,” replied Jennifer.

The Major handed her some napkins and silverware and pointed at the table. Jennifer went over and started to set two places. She looked through the window into the dark street and saw a fluttering of snow in the breeze. Major what was the weather forecast?” asked Jennifer.

“Clear little chance of snow, why”

Because that is what I am seeing now,” she replied.

“More snow means better conditions tomorrow,” he replied as he pulled dinner out of the over. The Major pulled the two steaks out of the pan and onto plates and then divided the sauce between the plates and served the mashed potatoes and took the plates out to the dinning room.

“Do you know what would make this perfect candles,” said Jennifer.

“It will have to be imperfect darling,” said the Major.

They ate and drank the wine to the bottom of the bottle. Jennifer was able to get her shoe off and planted her foot in the Major’s crotch. She felt his organ grow against the sole of her foot. The Major got up and went to the fridge and pulled two conical pastries out of the fridge. “Have a cannoli,” said the Major.

They both took bites out of the Italian pastry. Jennifer got up and went down stairs to the wine cellar and returned with a half bottle of Champagne. The major opened the bottle and using the same glassed poured the wine for both of them. The wine went well with the dessert and they finished the bottle. Jennifer announced that she was going to take a shower and got up and pulled her bag to the bedroom.

She pulled her clothes off and stepped in to the shower. She felt the cares of the world float off of her back. She could feel the tension leave her body. She soaped down her pussy and used the hand shower to rinse. She concentrated the spray on her cunt and felt like she was about to cum. She exited the shower and grabbed a bath sheet and wrapped herself in the large towel. The major was sitting on the bed unbuttoning his shirt. She stopped him and took over. She freed him from the shirt and started on his pants. They were quickly on the floor at his ankles followed by his briefs.

Jennifer got down and kissed his cock. In addition to his personality she loved the feel of his erect organ. The Major tried to pull the towel off but she pushed him away. “Get under the covers it is to cold to make love on top of the bed. The Major stood and pulled the comforter down and slipped in to the bed. Jennifer stood beside him and dropped the towel and ordered him to move. She slid into the area he vacated. “Oh so your making me warm up the bed,” said the Major as he kissed her.

“You have to fight fair, darling,” said Jennifer as she climbed on top and held his cock to her cunt. His cock slid easily into her and she settled down and rested her head on his chest. “I have been waiting for this since I met you at the airport entrance,” said Jennifer.

She kissed him and he played with her breasts. She moved forward to allow him to suck on her nipples. The feeling of his tongue on her breast stimulated her to fuck him. His arms wrapped around her waist and held her close. “Relax we have all weekend,” said the Major.

“We are not in sync Major I slept on the plane and I am raring to go you look like you are ready to sleep,” said Jennifer.

The Major tossed the covers off and maneuvered to get on top and began to fuck her slowly. “I am ready for anything Ms. Connolly including bringing you off several times tonight,” said the Major.

The Major continued to fuck her each stroke bringing a yelp from his partner. “Fuck me baby fuck me,” screamed Jennifer.

Jennifer inhaled and cooed at each stroke of his cock. Her hands worked over the area near her clit. “Cum for me baby shoot me full of your cum,” she said.

The Major withdrew his cock and moved toward her head and held his tool near her mouth. “Give me your cock baby I want to suck you dry,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer took his entire length in her mouth and began to move her head back and forth in a fucking motion. She felt the Major start to erupt and she held his cock and waited for him to spurt on her tongue. She moved to the Major’s head an kissed him and allowed him to taste 2 k porno his cum. The Major moved down and began to suck on Jennifer’s cunt. With only the slightest touch Jennifer’s pussy was flooded with her cum.

“Jennifer you are so beautiful, I could kiss you forever.”

“What’s keeping you Major,” said Jennifer as the Major covered her mouth.

They were locked into embrace their mouths locked on to each other. The Major’s cock showed signs of getting ready for more action and the tip found the entrance to the Jennifer’s cunt. The Major moved to fill his lover’s vagina with his cock. Jennifer closed her legs around his locking him in place. “Major suck my tits please.”

The Major filled his mouth with one of her breasts and roughly massaged the nipple with his tongue.

“Major you feel so good filling my cunt fuck me please,” sighed Jennifer.

The Major got up and maneuvered Jennifer on her hands a knees and fingered her cunt and then inserted his cock and began to move in and out. He reached up and started to pinch her nipples and kissed the back of her neck. He picked up his rhythm and shot his load of cum in her pussy. He replaced his cock with his tongue. He breathed in her scent as his tongue traced her vulva. Jennifer shuttered every time his tongue brushed her clit.

“Major, let me suck your cock.”

The Major moved away to let Jennifer move to put his cock in her mouth.

“There you are I was wondering where you went,” said Jennifer as she looked at his cock.

“Why do women talk to men’s penises?” asked the Major.

“Because we endow your cocks with a separate personality,” said Jennifer.

“That is something I will never understand, but I love the attention,” responded the Major.

Jennifer grasped his cock in one hand and massaged his balls in the other. She brought her mouth to the tip and painted it with her tongue. Jennifer felt that the Major was hard enough to fuck her again. She positioned herself to insert his cock in her pussy and gently allowed it to invade her vagina. When it was fully lodged in her cunt she leaned down, circled her arms around the Major’s neck and she kissed him.

“I find this position very satisfying Major,” said Jennifer.

“So do I ma’am,” replied the Major.

The pair made love and finally surrendered to sleep.

The Major was up before Jennifer and he went down to the bathroom downstairs. He was glad that the water was hot. I tallied up his situation.

One Descent Job, he liked working with the cadets. Two a woman he loves and he hoped that she loves him. Three an excellent staff to help him with number one. Because the shower was making noise he did not notice that someone came in and was waiting for him to finish. Jennifer leaned against the counter with towel in hand ready to pounce when he got out of the shower. The Major shut the water off and pulled the curtain away and suddenly a towel advanced and arms wrapped him in the towel. Jennifer reached up and kissed him.

“Major get out here right now,” said Jennifer with a commanding tone. “Looks like I will have to shave you again,” Jennifer walked the major to the toilet and sat him down. “Sit.”

Jennifer rifled through the Major’s toiletry kit and found cream and a razor. She did a perfect parade ground pivot and again sat on the Major’s legs. She handed the razor to the Major and applied a quantity of the cream to her hands and then to his face. She took the razor from the Major and started to run it across his face. Jennifer could feel the razor tug at his beard. She periodically rinsed the razor on the sink and went back to work. “Stay” she commanded and found a face towel and ran it under hot water and rang it out. She repeated the process making the towel as hot as she could. She wrapped the towel around his head, and held it there for about three minutes. She unwrapped the towel and kissed him. Now he was very smooth.

Jennifer got up to let the Major dress in private when she heard; “Major halt. About face.”

Jennifer through force of habit she performed the parade maneuvers and saw the Major standing and moving away from the toilet. “Sit Major, I have noticed that your face is getting a little furry, now I like that in certain areas but your face needs to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Sit Major.”

Taken aback Jennifer did as she was told and Johnson wrapped the towel around his privates and sat on Jennifer’s legs.

“I liked it better with the towel off, Major,” said Jennifer.

Johnson grabbed the shaving cream can and applied an amount to his hands and then painted Jennifer’s face. He grabbed the razor and ran it under a stream of water. Starting on her left cheek he followed her face paying special attention to the area around her throat. He also felt the blade drag as it cut the hair on the face. The Major finished and followed with the hot towel treatment. He left the towel on her face for about two minutes and then unwrapped 3 k porno the towel. Johnson inspected his work and was pleased.

“Major Connolly scat I want to dress in private, by the way thanks again for the shave my face feels great, How about yours.”

Jennifer moved her hand around her face, “Feels great and no cuts Major.”

“No cuts, don’t you trust me? Now git out of here, before I pop you with the towel.”

“Yea I love you too,” said Jennifer as she walked out of the bathroom, and closed the door.

“Wait what did you say Connolly?” said the Major though the door.




“Too, Major,” said Jennifer with a pause between the words for emphasis.

Fifteen minutes later the Major climbed the stairs and found Jennifer sitting at the dinning table. “Feed me you fool. I live in a residence hall and don’t cook,” said Jennifer.

The Major walked over and kissed her. “Is learned helplessness one of your traits, Darling,” replied the Major as he kissed her again.

Major you feel great, kiss me one more time,” said Jennifer.

“Get some warm clothes on Major Connolly we will go and eat and then hit the sky shop,” said the Major.

Jennifer disappeared and returned fifteen minutes later in a pair of jeans and her army fatigue jacket, the hat and gloves that the Major gave her. They walked out of the condo and walked across the square to the restaurant. They were shown a table and looked over the menus. There was a sign announcing a Thanksgiving buffet the next day.

“Are we doing Turkey day here tomorrow or something else?” asked Jennifer.

“Is food the only thing you think about?” asked the Major.

“I think about your cock a lot also,” replied Jennifer.

The place had a buffet and Jennifer and the Major grabbed plates and sampled some of the dishes that were on offer. They went back to their table sat down and the Major gave her the plan of the day. “After we finish here we are going to the ski shop and rent some gear and make a few runs. Are you up for that?”

Jennifer kept eating but nodded her head in agreement. She got up and went through the line again and began to put the food away. “This is high-class dinning hall food dear, I want to get my money’s worth,” said Jennifer. She was about to get up again when the Major put his hand or her arm and said sit.

“I was going to get some of the Champagne that they were offering Major,” said Jennifer.

“No booze until après ski,” said the Major.

The Major and Jennifer finished and the got up and walked over to the ski rental shop and got kitted out. The Major paid for the rentals through Saturday night. They walked outside in their boots with their skis over their shoulder and headed for the lift house. Despite the cold it was a clear day and they both were glad to have the tinted goggles. “In case we get separated I will meet you at the lodge at 4:00,” said the Major.

Jennifer looked at him but said OK. Jennifer bought two daily lift tickets and walked out to the chair lift. They put on their skis and got in line. Jennifer and the Major positioned themselves to mount the chair as it came around and they were suddenly rising above the mountain. Jennifer leaned over and kissed the Major. Someone yelled, “Get a hotel room,” from below.

“Someone has a good idea,” said Jennifer.

“Ski first then we can jump on each other and don’t think that I will be to tired Major Connolly.”

They reached the end of the lift and were able to somewhat gracefully get out of the chair and skied to the starting point. “First one down gets on top,” said the Major as he took off to the bottom.

“Maybe I like being on the bottom,” Jennifer yelled at him. She took off after the Major and the ten years of family skiing trips came back to her as she gently turned to control her speed. She could see the Major in the distance as she made the final turn and headed for the end of the trail. She pulled up beside the Major and he kissed her.

“Your not to bad,” said the Major as he pushed off toward the ski lift line. Jennifer followed him and they took their second ride up the mountain. They took three runs and then stopped for lunch. When they finished they headed toward the lift again.

“Jennifer, I would like to try the double diamond run, you up for it?” asked the Major.

“I will stay on the intermediate run,” said Jennifer.

“Ok meet you in the Lodge at 16:00,” said the Major.

Jennifer made three more runs before her legs gave out. She thought that she saw the Major a few times on the other run, but could not be sure. She sun was beginning to go behind the mountain as she stacked her skis and poles on the rack outside of the lodge. She found a table near the fireplace and loved the heat radiating from the rocks.

“Gin Martini two olives,” said Jennifer as the waiter walked up. The first round of drinks was quickly replaced by the second and third round. Jennifer looked out at the clock in the center of town and it was 17:00, an hour after the meet up time given by the Major. Jennifer counted the cocktail glasses in front of her and the waiter approached and dropped off another. “Don’t worry I am not driving,” said Jennifer.

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