Sexual Ecstasy

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“Tell me you love it in your ass, you dirty Asian slut. Tell me you love it my big hard cock is fucking you hard in your ass. Play with yourself, there you go. That’s it, rub your cunt baby, gush for me as I fuck your slutty Asian ass deep. You love to be gangbang by David and Chad huh? You filthy slut. Take my cock deep. Open your mouth, here, suck on this dildo. You fucking filthy slut. Oh your ass feels so fucking sexy. Fuck!”

I was groaning and moaning at Frank’s attach on my ass. “Ugnh..ugnhh.. stop. Please.. my ass.. ow… oh yes baby, fuck it deep. Fuck my ass.”

“Shut up! Suck on this dildo!” Frank pulled me close to him as his hot raging cock pummelled my ass hard and deep as his other hand shoved the pink dildo in my mouth.


Following my fun with David, Chad and Ross, I began to meet up with them frequently. My fiancée Marc was informed the story of that evening and he was like an excited little puppy. I was thoroughly ravished by him. That’s the loving characteristic of my beautiful man.

That David and Chad lives in the same apartment as we do, only a couple of floors down, made it easier for all of us to get together. As a matter of fact, the boys now are great gym-buddies and dragged me out at ungodly hours to hit the treadmill. Nothing beats seeing these 3 boys egging each other to heave the largest pile of metal crap, boys will be boys.

I do get sexual and sweaty with them, Marc included. It seems like a fantasy that could never come true, but it did. I will have David on the floor with me on top of him, facing Chad as he enters me with Marc over my head, his big meat pushing into my mouth. Those days went on and on til everyone’s sated for all of 5minutes before it starts again.

The closeness and intensity between Marc and I were electrifying. It seems that the more I am used (note: Marc was never cuckolded) by David and Chad, the more in love he is with me. Bizarre but he enjoys it. David and Chad are unfazed by this revelation, I guess it takes a different kind of men to have sex with one woman when they have an increased chance of balls running on each other especially when double penetrating a woman.

I was alone at home this evening. Marc had to fly out to handle a crisis at work. David and Chad had their own personal matters to attend to. I enjoy my quiet evenings, listening to Carla Bruni as she croons over my Bang and Olufsen set up.

“BRinggg…ringggg…” I was alerted that someone was at the lobby lift door and would like to be sent up. I checked my system to find a familiar face whom I’ve met at 5ive last time. Frank, my brain jolted me.

“Hey Liz, it’s Frank (gotcha boy!, I thought). How are you? May I come in and be buzzed up?” Frank, this pretty Australian boy. All muscle and fit. Not an inch of fat to pinch. I was weirded out that Frank knew where I lived. I suspected maybe David and Chad might have told him.

“Hey Frank! Been a long time. What brings you here?” Oh dear, what does this boy want now? We hardly spoke much that night, sure, a slight flirt and touch here and there, but not as much passion as with David, Chad or Ross.

“Oh I was just in the vicinity. Wanted to come around and say hello to David and Ross but they are away handling personal matters. So can I come in?” he begged.

“Hang on” I said. Quickly grabbed my cellphone and typed “D,C — Frank’s here. Why? Come back to my place when you can. XO,L” and sent.

Whatever it is, I do not have a good feeling about it, but against all judgements, I buzzed Frank up.

He walked in and oh my, what a vision. This boy is all muscle and exudes sensuality and raw sexuality.

Embarassed, he said “Hey Liz. How are you? You’re looking good. Have you had dinner?”

“Hey Frank (hugged him there) — No, I just came back from work. It’s been a crazy week. I am just about to turn in. Marc’s away for work so I thought I’ll have an esay night tonight… (Walked into ataşehir escort the kitchen) Would you care for some red wine? My mom’s wine investment got me some bottles of good en primeur and margauex. I opened the en primeur last evening to air it. A glass?” I offered.

“Sure, sounds good.” He said.

I poured a glass for him and felt him behind me suddenly. Next think I know, my head is forcefully tilted back, his hand in my hair and his lips on my neck. “I heard you are a big slut. Tell me, does my roughness gets you excited, Liz?”

Telling my heart to calm down “Um, hey Frank, this is a little uncomfortable. What’s going on” I stammered.

“Don’t play pretend with me, you slut. I know you Asian girls. A bunch of naughty and slutty bitches. Made for fucking. Made for my cock.” He dragged me to the kitchen counter and bend me forward.

“Bend over slut. Open your legs for me.” I obeyed, my heart stammering against my rib cage. I have never been forced, ever. This is frightening. I parted my legs as Frank lifted my nightie over my ass. He whistled and palmed it. “Nice ass bitch. No wonder David and Chad have been raving about it. I got sick and tired and wanted to try it myself.”

I swallowed back some fears. What’s going on and why is this happening to me?

I felt Frank’s parting my cunt lips and swiped his finger up and down my pink hole. “Hmm, you enjoy this don’t you, slut. I am wiping my fingers up and down your wet horny slit and it’s sticky already. Look at the pink hole, pulsating and winking at me. You horny slut. I knew it. I always know an Asian bitch. Bitch you smell horny!” Frank quietly and menacingly said.

I felt his right hand fore fingers exploring my pussy, tugging at the lips and pinching my clit. I was aroused, crazily aroused. “Ugh” I moaned as Frank insert two fingers into my cunt hole and bend over to suck on my clit. His fingers delved in and out as his thumb rub my asshole. His tongue and hot breath, coating my clit, sending me to a turmoil within. His in and out momentum moved my body up and down the kitchen counter, hardening my nipples. Why oh why am I so horny? I felt my pussy pulsating, it’s contracting, my inner muscles.

I was going to cum and squirt, hard.

“Turn around, slut” Frank suddenly pulled me around and pushed me up the kitchen counter. I felt a boiling rage being denied an exquisite cum but I bite back my tongue. “You see my wet fingers? See this sticky cum on them? Suck my fingers, slut!” he grabbed a handful of my hair and forced me to lick and suck his fingers.

I almost choked as he almost forced his fist into my mouth (didn’t happen that way, but it felt like that). I sputtered as saliva mixed with my pussy juice dribbled down my chin. I was trying hard to catch my breath. Frank stood back and smiled, observing my wanton state. “Liz, you are such a sexy slut. Look at you, legs spread, wet counter kitchen, your tits are heaving sexily, enticing me to put my cocks between them and fuck it. Your cunt, its stickier. Your asshole, baby, I will fuck it tonight. This don’t have to be hard. Obey my every instruction, you hear me?” Frank’s fingers found themselves on my nipples as he pulled them.

“Oucchh.. Ye…yess..” I stammered. Truth is, this pain hurts. Hurts so good. Frank looked at me in the eyes and for a second, I was sure he had a kindred and concerned spirit within, but it all left a second later.

“Now spread those cunt lips, fuckslut. My cock needs some of the bad ass cunt.” He ordered.

With my legs spread, I parted my cunt lips in anticipation of Frank’s cock driving me over the edge. He unzipped and removed his jeans, jerking off his manhood in his hands, as his gaze is transfixed on my pussy. He took his cockhead and rubbed it up and down my wet slit, egging me. I knew he had the biggest cock amongst the rest. His cockhead will split me, it will choke my avcılar escort cunt.

With his mouth latched onto my nipples, Frank pushed his cock swiftly inside me. “AH FUCK!” I screamed as my legs shot behind his thighs and pulling him closer (the irony!) I felt his cockhead big and full inside me. There is no way this man can drive it in further.

“Liz, fucking hell, you are so tight. It is true then. Asians have the tightest cunt and you have fucked all of my friends too huh? Fuck, I will enjoy your body, cunt and ass tonight baby”, Frank grunted as he pushed his entire length in me, balls deep. He stopped when we were pelvis to pelvis. I didn’t want to move, I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. My pussy was milking him and sucking him in.

He backed away, his entire length going with him, til the tip of his cockhead was touching the entrance to my cunt. I felt hollow inside. I felt empty and looked at him in panic. “What bitch? You want some of this? Beg for this cock” he said as his thumb scrapped back and forth on my nipples. I felt my pussy spasm as I squirted onto his cockhead and groin area. “Fuck, I just took out my cock and played with your horny nipples and you are cumming already? You are a fucktoy, slut. NOW BEG!” Frank screamed and pulled on my nipples, causing me to spasm and squirt again, screaming in pain. My body loves this betrayal of my mind and heart.

“Frank please. Please put it back in. I need your big fat cock in me baby. I am your slut, your Asian fuck slut. Please, use me and my body. Please I beg of you, fuck me hard. Treat me like your fuck toy” I begged shamelessly. Frank smiled and plunged in again. In and out, he furiously went. He will remove his cock from my hole and rubbed it furiously against my clit and hole, just to get my squirting over him. He bends over to lap it all up before plunging the cock in again, calling me dirty names. His hands, they never left either one of my breasts. They mauled my breasts as if its dough, triggering more spasm and squirting.

He pulled me off the kitchen counter and push me on all fours on my kitchen floor. Grabbing my hanging breasts from behind, he entered me and growled like an animal. Man and doggy position, something primal and sexy about it. “Reach behind and play with your cunt, slut” he ordered. Ass up and faced down, I reached behind to play with my soaking cunt, rubbing and pulling my clit hard to bring me to countless orgasms again. Frank tugged gently at my earlobes and kissing my neck as he groaned from this position. Clearly this man loves his doggy.

This went off for couple of minutes before he removed himself and ordered me to suck him off. “Taste me slut. Taste you and I on my cock. Get on all fours and suck me off” I turned around and looked adoringly at his jutting cock, white and frothy from my cum and his fucking. I licked and sucked our juice as his hand pressed my head down to take him in further. “Fuck, you are talented, bitch!”.

I went back to all fours after a couple of minutes of sucking him off and gagging and dribbling all over. I love giving a sloppy blowjob, more so if there’s cum involved.

“Fuck, your asshole has been winking at me the whole time slut. Do you want me to fuck that ass?” Frank asked as his thumb circled the anal ring. His fore finger slowly rimmed the anal ring before plunging in as he spits on the hole to ready it.

“Yes.. please.. fuck my dirty Asian ass”, I begged. This is a win-win situation. I get fucked, he gets fucked. Okay… maybe minus the pain. And insults.

Frank continues to finger my ass and I moan in ecstasy. I stopped when I felt a foreign object probing my cunt. “I love my bitches fucked in all holes. Shut up and take it slut!” Frank shoved my cunt with a familiar object that feels like my dildo. What a fucker but my god, his hands shoving the dildo in me and his fingers fucking my ass, I cannot avrupa yakası escort complain. My cunt was enjoying this as well, as she creams and squirts much to Frank’s amusement.

“Hold this and keep fucking yourself, you dirty fucktoy!” Frank released the dildo and ordered me to fuck myself with it. This is it, I am going to get fucked by a dildo in my cunt and his very large cock in my ass. I may not survive this orgasm.

I felt Frank’s cockhead pushing through the anal ring. It was too big obviously as I felt resistance. I relaxed my ass and slowly, his cock went in, but not with loads of tightness. Lubed up with his saliva is definitely not enough but he pushed on, moaning and slapping my ass. “Do you like that slut? Fucking a dildo and me bottoming your ass? You are such a whore. My dirty fucking Asian whore.” Slowly my ass enveloped him. I felt him all the way in. I heard myself moaning and breathing hard and deep.

“Tell me you love it in your ass, you dirty Asian slut. Tell me you love it my big hard cock is fucking you hard in your ass. Play with yourself, there you go. That’s it, rub your cunt baby, gush for me as I fuck your slutty Asian ass deep. You love to be gangbang by David and Chad huh? You filthy slut. Take my cock deep. Open your mouth, here, suck on this dildo. You fucking filthy slut. Oh your ass feels so fucking sexy. Fuck!”??I was groaning and moaning at Frank’s attach on my ass. “Ugnh..ugnhh.. stop. Please.. my ass.. ow… oh yes baby, fuck it deep. Fuck my ass.”??”Shut up! Suck on this dildo!” Frank pulled me close to him as his hot raging cock pummelled my ass hard and deep as his other hand shoved the pink dildo in my mouth.

“ahhhhhhhh fuck yes” Frank moaned as his cock reached its limit. He stopped for a moment before pulling his cock out and slamming it again. “Put that dildo in your cunt now and don’t you dare stop fucking yourself with it slut!” he said as he rammed his cock in my ass hard and fast. My hands were trembling as I shoved and pushed the dildo in me. Creaming, cumming and utterly absolute nonsense.

“Tell me you love this cock, bitch!” Frank demanded.

“Oh fuck.. fuck me Frank. I love it. You fucking my slutty Asian whore ass and you forcing me to fuck this dildo. I feel like a slut, a fucktoy for you baby. Ah please, fuck me harder. Give it to me, fuck my ass. My body is for you”, I begged.

Frank moaned and continued to fuck me harder. Those words revived him to all time sexual peak as his bottomed me. His hands grabbed my nipples and tugged away as his cock plunge in and out of my horny cunt. I accepted his thrusts for thrusts and moaned in lust for this hot session. Frank clearly has a fucked up mind, as do I.

I felt his cock hardening and twitching. I knew he will come soon. “Fucking bitch! I am going to cum. Turn around and push your tits to me, open that slutty mouth and don’t stop fucking yourself with that dildo!!” he screamed.

He pushed me off his cock and whack it on my tits. I squatted and furiously fucked my wet cunt with the dildo, squirting all over the kitchen floor. Quickly the hot cum spurted out from the end of his slit. It was hot and it was loads. He moaned and groaned and arched his back as his cock spurted endlessly. Most of the cum got on my tits and some in my mouth. Most of my stickiness? Spreaded on the kitchen floor with my dildo tossed aside.

“Ahhhhh fuck. That’s good.” Frank weakly said.

I nodded and stood up to grab a couple of kitchen paper to wipe ourselves clean. Frank stood up, took it and quickly put on his clothes. With one last look, he said “You are one hot fucking slut. I enjoyed our fuck and I will be back to do you again. Clean yourself up. Keep this between you and I. If anyone finds out about this, you can be assured that ass will have two or even three cock and objects in them.”

I just nodded timidly. He left and closed the door behind him. I heard the private elevator pinged at our level and closing behind him as he left.

I looked down at the mess we created. The kitchen smells like sex and cum. I looked at my well-used body and thought of the number of endless orgasms I had. Even my dildo looked abused and tired.

God knows I won’t tell anyone of this night. Not because I fear for my ass but because … I enjoyed it. Wouldn’t you?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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