Sexual Renaissance – William Pt. 01

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I used to ooze sexual confidence. I used to feel sexy all the time. I used to know that all I had to do was decide that I wanted it and I could have it.

Somewhere between the bad boyfriends, the dead bedroom marriage, and the onset of a chronic pain condition sex became a luxury. At some point, I decided this was a problem. A problem that could no longer go unaddressed.

Word to the wise for any gentlemen who might be reading; the getting her groove back portion of a mature woman’s life is a lot of fun to be a part of. Ooooh, the things I want to do. But those are stories for future me to write for future you to read. Today, we’re just getting started.

In the quest to add to both the quality and quantity of orgasms in my life, I found the local hookup-friendly group on Reddit and posted the following:

37 [F4M] Looking for a casual relationship. Will share pics after contact. I’m a complicated lady looking for a casual relationship with a real connection. I’m sapiosexual and fairly private so I’m looking to establish a rapport before getting into intimate details. I have a wide range of interests and love good conversation. DM if you think you’re patient and mature enough for a grown-up casual relationship.

It wasn’t the first such message I’d posted on Reddit and I’ve developed a pretty efficient screening process. I’m sure you can imagine the volume of messages. One guy hooked me with a Pitch Perfect quote; got me to exceed all of my usual I-haven’t-met-you-in-person-yet comfort limits. That guy will be my muse, for this work of fiction based on reality. Enjoy! (And please go easy on me, I’m pretty rusty.)

I’d been texting with William for a couple of weeks. Damn that baby shower followed by kegger at the end of October! If not for that, I’d have intended to be in the city that first weekend after we started talking. William is handsome with a lovely smile and warm eyes. He’s tall (6’3″) athletic, (plays football twice a week), and English. Yep, that’s right ladies. I said the magic word. What is it about even the thought of an English accent whispering sweet nothings into your ear that makes your panties instantly wet? I’m not a particularly vain person. I’ve dated guys from all over the world, taller, shorter, whatever. But like everyone else, Ümraniye Escort I have special preferences. Suffice it to say, William ticked a lot of boxes in the “my type” category.

At 5’8″, being of mixed ethnicity and with curves for days, I was glad to hear that I was ticking some of his boxes too.

It’s hard not to smile as I make my way to the city. It’s been much too long since I was properly laid. Literal years, in fact. I’ve missed sex. I’ve missed orgasms that I didn’t have to create myself. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to take care of myself. But It’s like a good meal. I know my way around the kitchen but there’s something about a delicious meal you didn’t have to cook… you know?

It’s a couple of hours of driving before I park my car to take the train the rest of the way into the city. Throughout the trip, I keep thinking about the conversations we’d already had. The flirting. The teasing. The audio I sent him of the orgasms he inspired. I feel flushed all day long and I’m so horny I’m constantly aware of my pussy. It’s sooo sensitive with anticipation and it seems like it’s been days since she was dry. Fuck am I ready to fuck!

One of the themes of our flirtation has been the outfit I would wear if he took me on his ‘motorbike’, as he so adorably Englishly says. I’ve arrived at Union Station wearing my cute black so-me boots with the badass straps, my black leather jacket, and jeans that hug my curves in all the right ways.

I’m sitting inside having texted William to let him know where I’m waiting. While I’m setting my fantasy basketball lineup for that night I get a message.

*Look up*

I do and there he is. Cheeky smile, sexy scruff. Just kind of a tall glass of handsome. As he walks toward me I stand and my own smile widens as I notice him take in my get-up. Some days you just know you look good. This was one of those days for me. Still, it was remarkably satisfying to see it confirmed when his eyes widened slightly before a very deliberate head-to-toe scan. He gets close enough and we hug.

Fuck, he smells incredible.

William pulls me close to him as we hug hello. I feel his beard tickle my cheek as he leans in close.

“You look even better than I imagined,” he whispers in my ear.


It’s İstanbul Escort the first time I’ve heard his voice. Holy. Crap!

I wonder if he felt me shiver…

As William pulls away I think I see a slight smugness in his look. He knows exactly what he’s doing to me. And he knows I know he knows. Let the games begin.

I follow him through the station to where he’s parked his motorbike nearby. Although I’m the kind of woman who prefers to drive standard and has, ‘take a performance driving course’, high on her bucket list, I’ve never been on a bike before. I’ve got a lot of excited nerves happening. I listen as carefully as I can manage through the haze of please fuck me hormones that are currently saturating my brain as William gives me a quick do/do not rundown. Fortunately, I’ve done my own research about how to be a passenger on a bike because I keep finding myself looking at his mouth and wondering how it will feel on my neck. I’m certain I didn’t retain everything he said in those moments. Soon enough I’m nestled in behind him, hands wrapped around his abs as we move through the city. Something about the necessity of being pressed up against a man for a purpose other than sex made me want to fuck all the more. Or maybe that was the vibration of the bike…

We get back to his place and no sooner is the door closed than our lips have found each other. There’s nothing tentative in our kiss. It’s heavy with my years of being undersexed and our weeks of digital teasing and anticipation. It’s energized with a buzz that only comes with you’ve got it or you don’t chemistry.

It hadn’t occurred to me to worry that we wouldn’t click in person. If there ever were any doubts they would have dissipated with the thump that was William pressing me up against the wall in his entryway. He keeps his pelvis pressed up against me so I can feel his excitement as he starts unzipping my jacket. Once open he pushes it over my shoulders and down my arms. My mind feels heady and full as I try to process the feeling of his hands all over my body as his lips and teeth work their way from my shoulder, up my neck before he’s whispering in my ear again.

“Do you feel how hard you’ve made me, Jade,” he asks. My knees actually go weak. If I Anadolu Yakası Escort hadn’t been pressed between him and the wall, I’m not sure I would have been able to keep standing. My breath is so shallow it’s all I can do to let out an excited whimper but I make sure to press myself back into him.

I noticed.

He groans in response capturing my mouth once again with his.

Suddenly, we’re not kissing anymore. Instead, I’m being led through his place at a purposeful pace with my hand in his. We get to his bedroom and start making out again. This time I’m almost frantically pushing off his jacket and taking his shirt off. In moments we’re naked, arms wrapped around each other, kissing passionately. I’m so wrapped up in the sparks that I don’t notice he’s been repositioning us until I’m falling backward onto his bed with him following closely.

He’s laying on top of me and my heart is just pounding. I want him inside me so fucking bad I think I might explode.

“Please, William?” I whimper, looking into his eyes.

“Please what?” He responds, eyes sparkling with challenge and desire.

“Please fuck me.”

In one motion he’s buried inside my warm wet folds. I wrap my legs around him pulling him close and we hold there for a moment savouring the feelings. The lull doesn’t last long, though; it can’t.

I start by giving a little wind with my hips, moving around in circles with him deep inside of me. His eyes snap to mine as I begin to move and his breath hitches slightly. I smile knowingly. You don’t get to be a 37-year-old black woman and not know exactly what you can do to a man just with your hips. Soon we’re kissing again, slightly less urgently but with just as much fire. Things are starting to build up as our bodies find rhythm together. What started as shaky breath has become an almost constant groan from me. He picks up the pace as he feels my body approaching orgasm. What were long intimate thrusts change quickly becoming more forceful, more intentional.

“Oh my god, William.” I can’t keep from crying out. Somehow that just fuels him more and now he’s pounding me harder and faster. Without warning he takes both of my hands and pins them above my head, using the other to handle my full, soft breasts. Being restrained pushes me over the edge my orgasm crashing over my entire body; legs shaking, hands gripping his upper arms and just holding on. It seems to go on forever when suddenly William slams into me especially hard and groans. I feel him pulse inside me the rest of his body shuttering in release.

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