Sexy Nurse

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Like most guys in their twenties, I date and different things happen with different girls. I date this blonde nurse and she seems nice enough that I date her a couple more times. She was from Minnesota originally and is of Scandinavian origin. Truly blond. Well built. Good breasts, meaning they were noticeable, larger than average. Trim shape. I had never seen her nude or in a bathing suit but it was obvious that she was well built. We had been to some group thing with a lot of other people we knew and were on the way back. I suggested we stop by my place. She had never seen where I live. I had picked her up for our dates at her apartment that she shared with two other nurses several times. I think she was interested in seeing my place. It sure wasn’t much, what I guess is called an ‘efficiency’. One room. One wall was about half taken up by a sink, small refrigerator, range and cupboards. The other half of the wall hid the bathroom, Other than that, just one room. I had a single bed that also served as a couch, one chair, an unpainted chest of drawers that I had painted white, and that was it. I doubt she was impressed but we end up lying on the bed, making out some. Then she surprises me. She told me she wasn’t a virgin.

“You didn’t have to tell me that,” I say. “I would never ask, it’s just none of my business.” And I meant it. Even if we dated a lot and got serious, I probably would never ask. I mean, at our ages she probably wasn’t. I wasn’t. What difference does it make.

“I know I didn’t have to,” she says. “But I think you should know.”

Now why the heck did she tell me? In case we get serious, I should know? I wondered why? So I pursued it a little. “Well,” I say to her, “Did you like it? Enjoy it? Or was it bad?”

“Oh, I like it.” she answers.

“Enough to do it often?”

“Well, I don’t know what often is but, yeah, I guess so.”

“Good,” I say. “Because I’d much prefer that right now we were both naked and that I could feel and touch and suck on those beautiful breasts of yours and then taste you down below and suck on you to orgasm and taste that, too. I’d love to satisfy you and make you enjoy being with me, too, before I finally enter you for even more enjoyment.”

She Ordu Escort just stares at me. I don’t know whether she thinks I’m nuts or what. I massage her butt a little more and move my head down to almost bite her breast through her clothes. She doesn’t stop me. I sit back slightly and start unbuttoning my shirt. “Let’s get undressed,” I say. “I really want to taste you.”

She still just looks at me. I stop for a moment.

“Taste me?” she asks. “You meant that?”

“Yes, I think you’re probably delicious.”

“I’ve never done that,” she says.

“I have,” I say, “and I’ve never known a girl that didn’t love it.”

“What do I have to do?”

“Once you’re naked, nothing that you don’t want to. I’m not going to force anything. I only can enjoy it if you enjoy it.”

She looks at me a little more then sits up and starts unbuttoning her blouse. So I get off the bed, get my shirt off, kick off my shoes, bend down to get at my socks. She gets off the bed and starts doing the same. She has on only her bra and panties and turns away from me as she reaches around behind her to unfasten the bra, then bends and steps out of her panties as she pulls them down. Then she climbs back on the bed, sort of kneeling, using her hands to try and cover her breasts and her cunt. I’ve seen that before and I think it’s funny. We’re both naked, we’re going to have sex and we both know it, and she’s trying to be proper or shy or something. I get on the bed and lean her back, getting about half onto her to kiss her.

I then kiss onto her shoulders, moving my hands to her breasts. I kiss down onto her left breast, lick the nipple as I tweak her other nipple with my other hand. She really does have great breasts, really full, almost spherical rather than pointy. Difficult to get my mouth around it. I suck on the nipple a little and move to the other breast, duplicating my actions. She likes it, I can hear her sort of moaning and her hands are caressing my back. Then I kiss down her stomach, running a hand ahead to push through her hair and get to her cunt lips. They’re pretty dry, hard to force my finger in, so I don’t. I just rub lightly and keep kissing closer.

I move around and Ordu Escort Bayan get between her legs, use my hands to help spread them and get her to bend her knees and get them up. I kiss her thigh, softly touching her other one, then kiss over to it. Then I get my mouth to her cunt and kiss it. Lovely pink lips, no hair in the way, Dark blond hair above, a little coarse as all pubic hair seems to be. I use my hands to spread her open slightly and get my tongue into her and lick up and down. She’s not as dry as she was but her shape inside is still very firm. I push my tongue in further and keep licking, keep my tongue in motion. Then I lick up higher until I feel the bump of her clit and lick back and forth on it. Her sounds change, not just soft moans now but sort of gasps. Then I lick back down into her and push in again. She’s softer now, wetter now. I get back up to her clit and flick my tongue on it, then grip it with my lips and hum a little. Her gasps turn into oohs. Keeping my tongue and lips active on her clit, I slide a finger up into her, then slide it out and slide in two.

Her hips are starting to jump or jerk. Her oohs are louder. I feel a hand on the back of my head. My fingers can feel she’s getting softer inside, juicier. I pull my fingers out, move my mouth down and lick her again, suck on her. Her hand on my head is trying to push me back up to her clit, I can feel it. Her other hand is there now. So I get back to sucking on her clit and her hips are truly jumping. Her sounds change to something guttural, animalistic. I can feel a gush of fluid and I lower my mouth again to try and slurp up as much of it as I can. Not sweet. I’ve tasted some that are almost sweet. But not acid, either. It might make a good soup base, it sort of resembles a consommé. Then back on her clit again, sucking and pulling on it with my lips. It’s much larger now, not the little bump it first was. Her hands are pulling on my hair so I pull back and sit up on my knees.

I stroke my cock with one hand. It’s up and ready so I lean down over her and slide my hips to get it to her. One of her hands actually grabs it and aims it into her and I push forward enough to feel me enter her. She’s Escort Ordu got her eyes closed, now has her hands at her breasts, pulling on her nipples. I push further in, feeling every bit of movement. She’s not so tight as to hurt to force myself into but tight enough that I’m fully grasped and enveloped by her insides. Soon I’m just plain fucking, sliding in and out, pounding into her as forceful as I can. She moves her hands to the bed and starts pushing back, moving her hips. We go on for a fair while and from her actions, I can tell she’s orgasmed again just before I do.

We cuddle and kiss and hug and eventually get dressed and I take her back to her apartment. A couple days later I call her about going out again. She isn’t in so I leave a message with one of her room mates. She never returns my call. I try several more times, never talking direct to her and she never calls me back. I know her work schedule so after a weak or so I hang around outside the hospital to intercept her on her way to her car. When she sees me she turns as if she’s going back, then stops, turns and walks to me.

“I’ve been calling and haven’t been able to talk to you,” I say. “Is there something wrong?”

“I don’t want to date you any more,” she replies, looking right at me.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No. I can’t explain. It’s just over, that’s all.”

“It was the sex, wasn’t it? You feel ashamed that you had sex with me.”

“No. I’m not ashamed at all. You’re not the only guy I’ve had sex with. I told you that.”

“Well, what did I do? Was it tasting you? What?”

“Look,” she says, “I don’t want to hurt you, you’re a nice guy. But I guess I can’t end this without being honest. I’m more experienced than you probably think. I wanted to move our relationship on to sex, I needed some sex. And you weren’t the first guy to eat me. What I said at your place was just a way to let you think you were seducing me. Incidentally, you were very good at it. You find the right girl, some innocent virgin maybe, and she’ll think you’re the greatest lover in the world. Any problem is with me. It’s just the way I’m built or something but I need a larger dick. There’s just no use wasting my time with you. You’ll never satisfy me. To satisfy me, I need a larger dick in me. That’s all.”

Then she looks at me for a moment, turns and heads for the garage. I just stand there and watch that lovely body disappear into the garage, hips moving sexily. I feel like throwing up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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