Shades of Red: The Seduction

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Big Tits

Karen sat naked on her vanity stool and brushed her long red hair. Her bronze tanned skin was still warm from the long shower she had just enjoyed. She brushed her hair back, gathering it in her free hand. Two twists and a flip later, the hair tie that had been around her wrist held her hair in a high pony tail. She completed the maneuver by wrapping the hair around itself and twisting it into a tight bun with a second tie.

Karen carefully applied her make-up. The effect she was seeking for this evening was more dramatic than usual. Unlike the natural look she generally preferred, Karen applied her make-up more heavily this evening. She planned to play the seductress this evening, and she winked and smiled at herself in the mirror as she transformed herself into just that.

Karen walked naked from the bathroom to their bed. Her clothes were carefully chosen for this evening. She sat and slipped the light yellow, lacy thong over her feet and up her long slim legs. The lace tickled her freshly shaved legs. The soft caress ended as the cup of the thong pressed against her smooth, already moist, mound. She adjusted the thong so it lay nicely across her tight lower belly. She reached for the matching bra. She had chosen the push up for effect, an effect she really didn’t need but enjoyed none the less. Her breasts were beautiful and had left the test of time far behind in a race that was never really a question. As she clasped the bra, its snugness cradled her breasts and made her nipples stiff.

Karen sat again and rolled a pair of sheer thigh high stocking up her legs. She smoothed the stockings, enjoying the feeling of the nylon as it caressed her legs intimately. She liked the way they accentuated the nakedness of her upper thighs, it was a nice complement to the cheeky exposure created by her thong. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She looked as sexy as she felt, and that was damn sexy indeed.

Karen walked into the closet and slipped the tight yellow dress across over her head. The scoop neckline and tight bodice would work well together to highlight her breasts. The dress hung to just above the knee and hugged her ass as if it knew the beauty of that which it held. A slit on each side would compete for the many glances she would attract. She stepped into the pair of 4″ yellow pumps she bought to complete the ensemble.

As Karen walked into the bathroom, her heart raced. She was excited to add the final touch. She lifted the heavy raven mane that she had selected to transform herself. She placed and adjusted the wig over the tight bun that contained the red tresses that John so adored. John often first noticed her hair when meeting with her. Long… red… always beautiful… it was an essential aspect of her beauty. A quick brushing to fine tune her new look and she was ready. She took a final look in the mirror and her smile erupted into a gentle laugh as turned and left for the evening.

The day seemed to drag on forever. John had been looking forward to a relaxing dinner out with Karen that evening, and was disappointed to see her e-mail mid-day that she had been called into the hospital that evening because of a shortage of nurses. He had been anxious to see her, to spend time with her, but, then again, she had told him there was a virus spreading through the ranks and that there was a chance of her being called in. Even knowing that, he was disappointed.

John’s spirits brightened when he received another e-mail just before leaving, this one from his friend Jim. Jim happened to be in town for the day on business and had some time to meet for drinks after work. Jim had suggested meeting downtown for happy hour and John quickly responded that it sounded like a great idea.

John walked into the bar. It was already in full swing for happy hour, but Jim hadn’t arrived yet. Taking up a stool at the bar, he ordered an Absolute Vanilla and Coke. He was on his second when he started to wonder just when Jim would be getting there. The time had actually passed fairly quickly as there were lots of attractive women and couples soothing their days with the seemingly free flowing libations. In particular, John had been captivated by a raven haired beauty sitting in a booth across the bar. She had long, beautiful black hair, with its only noticeable downfall being that it had thus far hidden her face from him. From the profile he was able to see she was enchanting. The slits in her short, sexy yellow dress gave him a great view of her shapely legs. The tight bodice highlighted her trim waist, and even more alluring, the swell of her high, firm breasts.

John was oddly drawn to this beautiful vision. He often noticed, and as quickly forgot, the many attractive women that passed though his sights. But this was different. He was actually attracted, more accurately drawn, to this woman. John turned back to his drink. He drank it down and ordered almanbahis another. He looked at his watch and, as he kiddingly cursed him, hoped Jim would arrive soon, now more to distract him from this vision than for any other reason.

A few glances toward this beauty and several gulps later, he was ready for another drink. Jus as he was about to order, the bartender set a fresh drink before him. John looked at him curiously and he pointed to the booth across the way. “It’s from the lady… ” he said. John thanked him, the bartender nodded, and John took a sip of the drink. He was hesitant to take the initiative to thank her, but decided it was the polite thing to do. As he walked to the booth, he worried that she had seen him glancing at her and may have gotten the wrong idea. After all, he was married and more importantly very much in love.

Just as she came into view, an instinctive smile took control of his lips. He tried to maintain his composure. In an instant he understood why he had been so drawn to this beautiful vision. She was after all the vision that he had fallen in love with so many years before, the vision he had fallen in love with again so many times, the vision he fell in love with again tonight. Just as quickly as he realized Karen was his seductress, he realized the game she had started.

The game started with his saying “Hi, I’m John. Thanks for the drink!”. John looked deep into the seductress eyes. There sparkle sharing the sense of excitement she felt. “You’re welcome… I saw you glance my way more than a few times… I was enjoying the attention and wanted some more…Do you want to give me more attention, John?” As she spoke she leaned forward, onto her elbows, and used her upper arms to squeeze her breasts giving John a great view. “ummmm… ahhhh… .ummmm”, John stammered. He was lost in her words, captivated by the way she was teasing him with her body and caught up in the fantasy she had created. She laughed at his mumbling, as he recovered with “Yes… I’d like to give you lots of attention… all kinds of attention… over and over again… “. “And attentive you will be… ” she replied, winking and smiling. She reached for his hand, squeezed it and said “Let’s go to my place”.

They rode home together. They teased and caressed one another. Karen snuggled up next to John and nibbled on his ear, trailing kisses down the side of his neck. He in turn let his hand explore her knee, eventually caressing his way up her thigh. She instinctively parted her legs and his hand came to rest on the thin veil of her thong. He loved the fact that he could already feel the build up of moisture. His cock was itself wrestling with his pants for freedom and knowing she was always just as ready as he turned him on so much. He slipped a single finger under the side of her thong and, using her wetness, slid his finger deep inside of her. Karen moaned as she slid her hand down to squeeze his cock. It was as hard as she expected it to be. Keeping the game in mind, Karen whispered into his ear, “I can’t wait to see your cock… to taste it… to feel it inside me”. John moaned softly and struggled to remember that he was still driving.

They pulled into the driveway and parked in the garage. She led him into the house, even taking the time to show him around a bit. They stopped at the bar and she poured them each a glass of champagne. They sipped champagne as she led him into the living room. She stopped in the middle of the room and kissed him. As they embraced she took the glass from his hand and set them both on the table. She pushed him back in the recliner and turned to the entertainment center. He was captivated by the sway of her beautiful ass as she opened the door and turned on the CD player.

With her back to him, Karen started to dance. A subtle swaying of the hips grew into a hypnotic grind that had John’s full attention. Her hands moved to her hips and as Karen slowly lifted her dress, she turned and writhed… writhed and turned. Moving and dancing before him he had an enviable view of her beautiful body. His cock came to attention and he considered freeing it and playing openly in front of her. Before he had the chance she started to strip the dress from her body. All thoughts in his mind were lost as the sexy yellow bra and thong came into view. As quickly as her hot body came into view, she leaned over and said, “Get naked, and I’ll be right back”. Karen turned and left the room.

John quickly removed his clothes. He sank into the recliner and took his hard cock into his hand. He gently stroked his cock and used his thumb to spread the pre-cum around the head of his cock. Karen had excited him with her erotic dance. She was so sexy and he loved to watch her. As he stroked his cock he fantasized about the many times he had watched her masturbate. She had let him watch her finger herself to an orgasm several times. almanbahis adres He loved the sight of her wet fingers plunging in and out of her pussy, sticking to the folds of her lips. His cock dripped a dollop of pre-cum when he thought of the way she would spread her pussy wide with one hand and furiously rub her clit with the other hand until she came hard, writhing and twisting on the bed. The ensuing wetness that would seep out of her wet cunt always made him drool, and always lead to a prolonged tonguing of her pussy.

Karen passed the corner into the room and paused as she saw John stroking. His cock was all wet and his hand easily slid up and down the hard, fleshy shaft. She licked her lips as she quietly maneuvered to just in front of him. He sensed her presence and smiled as he opened his eyes and took in her beauty. She had changed into a black leather bustier and she looked fabulous. He ran his hands along the outside of her legs, from mid-calf up to, and over. her ass to the top of her hip where the bustier met her flesh. Karen’s freshly shaved pussy glistened with her juices. Her pussy lips were directly at eye level and, with her legs slightly parted as they were, he could see they were puffy and engorged. His mouth watered. He raised his sights and admired her full, round breasts. The bustier pushed them up high, and the strawberry tipped nipples were swollen hard. He could see, and worship, each short breath that she took.

He stood to kiss her, but she pushed him back down into the seat.

Karen stood before him and removed his hands from her hips. She spread her legs a bit more and pushed her hips forward. With her pussy even more exposed she ran a single finger from the base of her pussy, up over the wet center and oh so slowly worked her way to her clit. She circled it several times in slow lazy circles and he was mesmerized by her ministrations. She enjoyed teasing her already hard clit, especially knowing it was teasing him even more in the process. Karen spread her pussy and looked down at John. “Are you hungry?” she asked. An un-thought “yes” slid from his lips. “You want to lick me, John? Are you hungry for my wet pussy?” she more demanded than asked. “Yes… Yes, Karen… I want to lick you, I want to suck that sweet pussy”. She reached her hands forwarded and guided his head to her pussy.

John kissed and then suckled the folds of her pussy. They were covered with her sweet honey and his tongue searched out every precious drop. He enjoyed the way she held his head in her hands as he licked her. His cock throbbed and oozed pre-cum when she ground her pussy into his face. She rubbed the wetness all over his face. John loved serving Karen’s pussy and lapped hungrily at her pussy. Karen stepped her left leg back and swiveled her hips drawing John out of the chair. She quickly swung around and as he lifted out of the chair she sank into it.

Karen swung her right leg over the arm of the chair, fully exposing her pussy to John’s hungry mouth. He stuck his tongue deep into her, swirling it round and round to collect her honey. As his tongue slid out, his finger slipped in. He suckled her clit, flicking his tongue back and forth across it as he slowly fingered her. Karen’s moans became even throatier when he added a second finger. His fingers, now well lubed, fucked deeply in and out of her warm folds. He slowed the pace of his fingering as he gently teased the tip of her hardened clit with his tongue. His fingers pressed against the top of her pussy, and slowly circled her g-spot. Karen lifted her hip slightly and pressed harder against his mouth. He sensed her eminent orgasm and eased up on her clit, now only gently kissing it.

John pulled his wet, glistening fingers from her pussy. He kissed his way up her thigh as he pressed the palm of his hand against her wet vulva. He pressed against her as she pushed up into him. He slowly, teasingly massaged her pussy with his now moistened palm. As he rocked his palm over her pussy he increased and lessened the pressure on her. He finished her massage by pressing hard against her entire labia, his finger clenching the small patch of red hair that crowned her beautiful pussy. The pressure drove the blood from her engorged pussy.

As John pulled his hand from her, he slowly licked the full length of her pussy. He slid three fingers into her pussy and fucked her with them. Slowly at first, but picking up speed and force to match the ministrations on her clit. His tongue teased her clit, swirling it and then sucking the small nub between his lips. As he sucked it and flicked at it quickly with his tongue, he felt the wetness seep from her. She was close and the teasing was done for now. His fingers plunged into her, his tongue driving her to the edge. Karen screamed out as she pressed her pussy into his face. She came hard, writhing against his mouth. John’s mouth, glued to her clit, almanbahis giriş drove her wild. He held his fingers deep inside her, her pussy contracting around them. As he pulled his fingers from her, copious amounts of her honey followed. Only then did his mouth leave her clit, as he yearned to drink the sweet nectar that flowed from her.

John laid his head softly upon her belly as she cradled his head with her hands. Her lost breath returning as they cuddled. After cuddling for a few minutes, John stood and took Karen’s hand into his. He helped her out of the chair and scooped her up in her arms. As he carried her upstairs, she nuzzled into his neck hugging him tightly.

John had enjoyed serving Karen, but as he carried her he decided it was his turn to play.

John laid Karen onto their bed. Sprawled out before him, his hands reached for leather strings that had cinched the bustier around her tight frame. As he untied the bustier he easily lifted her and slid the bustier from underneath her. Karen looked gorgeous lying before him. Her body was toned from years of dancing and working out and it still captivated him. He watched her breasts heave as she breathed excitedly. He crawled up between her legs and leaned to kiss her. They kissed passionately, soft lippy kisses to start, but quickly moving to the kind of deep probing kisses that help you tell someone you love them.

Karen reached between them and took John’s cock into her hand. She rubbed his self-lubed cock head around the opening to her pussy. She was soaked from her recent orgasm and wanted him inside her. She pulled his cock toward her and the head pushed into her. John moaned. Karen moaned. She took her hand from his cock and moved it around to his ass. She urged him inside her and he filled her, slowly sliding his cock deeper and deeper until it was buried inside her. She held his ass, pulling him into her. He pressed into her until the base of his pelvis was pressed to her vulva. They kissed and felt as one as he started to slowly pump in and out of her slick pussy.

John reached under Karen with his right arm and used his hand to hold her pussy open. His fingers spread her pussy, the tips pressing in between her lips and his cock. He plunged into her deep and hard until she moaned for him to fuck her harder. Karen was getting lost in the frenzy of the fuck, enjoying the sensation of being filled. She loved it when John spread her open and fucked her hard. She bit at John’s shoulder and pinched his nipples, urging him with whispers to fuck her harder and to give her the cum she needed.

Sensing her level of need, John slowed his fucking, eventually teasing Karen with just the head of his cock. “Baby, please… please fuck me. Give me that cock… ” she begged. “You want more, baby? You want more cock?” he teased. “Yes, Johnny. Fuck me. Give me your cock and give me your cum.” She replied. “I’ll do anything.” She added.

John rolled off of her, pulling her over with him. “Suck me. Let me feel that mouth.” Karen kissed him and slid down his body. Her hand grabbing at his cock as she moved down his body. She slid her hand down the shaft to his clean shaven balls. Her hand moved easily over his wet cock. She worked back to his shaft, pumping him hard with her tight fist. She pumped him slowly, squeezing his cock until a dollop of pre-cum coated the smooth head. She slid her lips over the head of his cock while her tongue swirled around and around. Karen took him deep into her mouth. He moaned, lifting his hips to meet her. She held his hips and slowly took him into her throat. She could feel his warm cock throbbing. With his cock buried in her mouth, she massaged the base with her tongue and used her hands to pull and stretch his balls.

John loved the way Karen used her mouth on him. She was the best. She had sucked him hundreds of times over the years and it never failed to amaze him how great she was. He caressed her hair as she sucked him, running his hand down past the soft skin of her back until it rested on her sweet ass. He spanked her gently as she sucked him, reaching his fingers down to tease her wet pussy in between spanks.

Karen was driving him crazy. His cock was freely leaking pre-cum into her hungry mouth. John pulled her mouth from his cock and laid her back on the bed. His lips met hers at the instant that his dripping cock pushed into her. He filled her on the first thrust and then over and over again. They kissed and held each other tightly. Karen fucked up against John and he returned her urgency with deep, rapid thrusts. She had driven him to the edge too many times tonight and they both knew this last round would be fast and hard.

As John began to cum, Karen gyrated under him. His cock exploded, shooting stream after stream of hot cum inside her wet pussy. She used her cunt muscles to milk his cock and drain the cum from him. He fell upon her, kissing her. The kisses were soft and slow now, their needs temporarily satisfied. He rolled to his side, still holding her. They caressed one another quietly, leaving their words of love unsaid, but somehow shared. They fell asleep easily… they dreamt good dreams…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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