Share My Story Ch. 02

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Readers, take a look at Ch. 01 for continuity and background. Give me feedback. It is appreciated!

* * * * *

Kim sucked my flaccid cock softly, her fingers wrapped around the base. Each time she sucked the top half into her mouth, her hand would twist around the base, her fingers squeezing and pulling to her lips. My cock grew slowly, deliberately. With each inch of growth, Kim growled in her core, her mouth vibrating around my cock. Moving, she rose to her knees, forearms against my hip, her hands wrapped around my shaft. My cock stood tall, it’s saliva covered head inches from her mouth.

“Yes baby,” she cooed, “get hard for me,” she continued. “I want you,” she told my cock. “I want you hard, so fucking hard,” she growled, diving down my shaft to swallow my entire cock to the root. My hips arched to her, shoving my cock into her mouth and throat. I pushed her head down, feeling my cock swell as her teeth raked along the sides. My body shuddered, muscles caught in a slight spasm as she jammed my cock completely down her throat.

“Oh God,” I grunted. Flexing, relaxing, flexing, relaxing, I humped my cock into her mouth. I quickly reached under her belly, sliding my hand down between her legs. Soaked, her clit stood hard, begging for my touch. I shoved my middle finger between her lips, mashing her clit in one swift move. Her hips tilted downwards, her legs moved wider, giving me access to her cunt. She groaned deeply as I mashed her clit back and forth. She sucked my cock harder, her cheeks hallowed as she pulled up, her lips sealing the head, tongue probing the eye.

“Make me cum,” she asked, looking to me.

“Yes baby, I will several times,” I told her. I flicked my finger back and forth over her clit quickly as her groan vibrated my cock as she took me deep. Her wetness sloshed around my finger as I moved back and forth, shoving deeper between her legs to find her hole. I shoved two fingers in her, jamming them hard to her body. Her hips humped down, absorbing my probe. Coated, I pulled back, mashing her clit hard, fast against her body. Faster, harder I mashed her, flicking back and forth. Pulling up, she breathed deeply, bit down the underside of my cock. Grabbing a ball, she licked it, circled it as she breathing came in gasps. She inhaled my ball, her lips closing softly around the hairy flesh. Almost tugging, pulling my nut up, her tongue ran quick, ragged circles around my captured ball as her fingers massaged the free nut, pulling it against her lips. I humped her face hard as she spit my nut out, then sucked the other into her mouth, again probing the flesh with her tongue. She bit down sharply, almost hurting me as I flexed in terror. Her bite instantly stopped, my nut slid gently from her mouth. Her face lay against my scrotum, mouth agape, her hot breath covering my cock.

“Oh fuck,” her guttural groan erupted from her, drawn out low and long. A savage grunt followed as her orgasm ripped her body, her cunt flooding, her clit sensitive to my touch. I moved quickly, stuffing my fingers into her hot juices, shoving them deep into her hole. She kissed her way along my cock, lifting the shaft upwards, her tongue licking the head. Her body vibrated, shaking as she slowly penetrated her face again, shoving my cock deep into her throat. A deep sigh shared space with my cock as she slid down the long pole of rigid flesh. She pulled up quickly.

“Oh God yes,” she screamed. “Again,” she screamed at me. “Make me cum again,” she growled. I moved my fingers back to her clit, furiously thrashing the slick flesh back and forth. I pounded the hard button, mashing it hard to her body, back and forth as hard as I could, stretching the flesh to each side, hesitating, then back quickly to the other side, mashing with each pass. Her panting grew loud, her voice whining pitched filled my senses. “Fuck me fuck me fuck me,” she screeched over and over, her hips quivering, shaking uncontrollably. “Rich,” she growled out long and low. “Yes,” echoed off the walls as her hips tilted to my fingers hard, dropping to capture them. “Take me now,” she offered effectively.

“On your knees,” I commanded moving off the bed. She moved quickly, her ass up, her knees wide, resting on her elbows and forearms. I pulled her back, saddling up to her ass, fisting my cock, I found her wet inviting hole. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her back, sliding my cock into her quickly. I pounded her, hammering my strokes hard, fast into her body. Without thinking, my thumb slide down her ass, flattening over her tight ring. I could feel her, her body jumped with sparks as I rotated my thumb over her ass.

“Oh please,” she groaned. I hesitated, my thumb over her. In that instant, I bent the knuckle, shoved and popped my thumb into her ass. She grabbed the blankets, pushing back to me.

“Yes,” she hissed, her teeth clamped together. “Oh God yes,” she groaned. I popped my thumb in, out with each stroke of my gaziantep kızıl escort bayan cock into her body. As I pulled back, I grabbed my glistening shaft, covering my fingers with her juices. I smeared them over her tight hole. “Yes, yes,” she almost screamed. “Do my ass baby,” she growled.

I pulled back, one hand remaining on her hip bone. Taking my glistening cock, I placed the head at her rectum, positioning for my penetration. Her breathing stopped, she held her breath. I reached to grab her hip, both hands pulling firmly on her body. She shoved backwards, grunting deeply as I pulled my hips to her. Her asshole clenched, refusing to allow my cock to slide into the tight ring. I hesitated, a very slight retreat, then pulled her back again as I pushed my hips forward. The head popped into her ass, her ring closing around the crown.

“Oh fuck,” she screamed. “God yes,” she grunted. “Fuck me baby, fuck my ass,” she continued. I pulled forward again, her hips lifting, dropping slightly to take me. A couple of more inches slid into her body. I slowed my thrust, letting her ass absorb me, take me without hurting her. Her breathing was ragged, her hands grabbing the blankets hard, pushing her body back. Exhaling, her urgent cry filled my senses. I pulled back, her ring clamped over the crown again. “Fuck me,” she ordered. “Shove your cock in my ass,” she commanded. I thrust forward hard, pulling savagely on her hips. My cock slid deep into her body. I watched her ring clench my cock, tight, squeezing me hard.

“Oh Jesus,” I muttered, my cock growing even harder. “Ok baby, I am going to pound your ass, fuck you so fucking hard,” I grunted, pulling her hips as I thrust forward. My hips hit her ass cheeks softly. A shudder ran up my spine. I pulled back, thrusting forward, driving my cock completely in her ass, my hips slapping off her butt. The flesh popped, the sound filling the room. I started pounding her, my hips slamming against her flesh, the noise filing our senses. I ground her hard, deep with each stroke, rising up, lowering my body with each thrust. Kim was screaming a stream of utterances that filled my brain with lust.

“Cum for me, cum on my cock,” I commanded her. “Mash your clit, grab my balls,” I continued. Her hand slid quickly under us. I could feel her fingertips mashing over her clit, thrashing the nub back and forth. As her orgasm approached, her breathing changed, coming in gasps. “Cum for me,” I instructed again.

“Yes, yes,” she muttered over and over. I increased the speed at which I pulled back and slammed forward again. Slowing, I stood tall, her ass tilting to match my height change.

Rising on my toes, saddling even tighter to her ass, I drove my cock downwards, trying to shove it out her belly. As I dropped down flat footed, my cock slid balls deep in her ass. I ground my cock to her hard, my root pushing to her ring. I lifted again to my toes, then dropped hard, shoving my cock deep into her body.

“Fuck,” she screamed, her orgasm ripping through her again. Standing flat footed, I slammed into her ass, my cock expanding, my balls squeezing, churning. My orgasm exploded through my senses, my balls emptying my cream into my shaft, muscles squeezing hard, jettisoning my cum up my long shaft, spitting into the depths of her ass. I ground my body against hers, holding her tight to me as each spurt of cum filled her ass. I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back, pulling my body tighter against her. I emptied my ball sac, squirting every drop of fluid into her waiting ass. As my orgasm subsided, my legs buckled, falling forward, I pinned her to the bed. I bit the nape of her neck, growling into her flesh. Our breathing started returning to normal.

I humped her ass softly, trying to keep my deflating cock in her ass. Slowly, deliberately, it slipped from her body. “Oh my god,” she breathed softly. She groaned deeply, softly.

“Hey, did I introduce myself,” I asked playfully. “My names god,” I laughed softly.

“Hey,” she said. Rolling, she tipped me from her backside. As she rolled, she cuddled into my body, pressing our bodies together. As she snuggled in, she kissed my neck. “I thought your name was Rich,” she whispered in my ear.

“Ok, so I lied a minute ago,” I said softly. “Yeah, it’s Rich,” I followed. We lay quietly for about 15-minutes.

“Are you chomping at the bit to go,” she asked as I fidgeted next to her.

“Ah, is it a good time,” I asked, awkwardly.

“I suppose if you must,” she responded. “Need a quick shower,” she continued. “Come on,” she instructed.

We moved quickly to the shower. It was a longer shower than I had anticipated; we took turns washing each other, cleansing our bodies. Life was returning to my old cock. It chubbed about the time we stepped from the shower. I sat on the end of the bed, grabbed my clothes with the intent of gaziantep köle escort bayan dressing. I noted the pictures on the dresser. “This the family,” I asked. “Good looking kids,” I offered.

“Thanks,” Kim responded. “My girls CJ and Jesse,” she said as she handed me a picture. “And my son still in high school,” she said as she handed me a second picture.

“The twin girls are 20-years old,” I said, glancing to her.

“Yep, my boy is 17,” she responded.

“My baby girl will turn 20 on the 1st,” I told her.

“The one you write stories about,” she asked.

“Yep,” I responded, “And all her friends,” I laughed. “Good sex life,” I finished.

“I bet,” she said. “Hey, I’m nice and clean,” her voice trailed off, dropping the towel to show me her naked body.

“So you are,” I responded, dropping my clothes, turning to her. Standing, stepping to her, I wrapped her in my arms, kissing her passionately. Grabbing a hand full of hair, I gently pulled her back to the bed, making her fall down. I quickly kneeled, pushed her knees apart, and dived mouth first into her cunt. My tongue flicked her clit back and forth quickly as she gasped for breath. I lifted her legs over my shoulders, sliding my tongue down to her hole. Her hips jumped up and down under my mouth. My mind raced in all directions. Her body responded quickly, her breathing become ragged, labored as another orgasm approached.

“Would you like one of your daughters to share your clit with me,” I asked, running my finger deep into her cunt. “She could suck your clit into her mouth, tongue mashing it against her teeth softly as I finger fuck you,” I continued.

“Oh fuck yes,” she growled almost instantly.

“Tell her what you want,” I whispered.

“Oh fuck CJ, eat Momma’s pussy. Suck my clit baby,” she whispered hoarsely as I thrust my fingers in and out of her cunt. I leaned forward, capturing her clit again, thrashing it hard. Her hands pulled my face tighter, smearing my cheeks with her juices. “Yes baby, suck Mommy. Make Mommy cum CJ,” she continued. Her groans became urgent, her hips lifted hard, her fingers tugged and twisted her nipples, pulling at the flesh hard. “Oh fuck baby,” she grunted as her orgasm roared through her cunt. Her legs clamped over my ears, holding me firmly. I slowed my tongue, playfully licking along her slit, jabbing at her hole.

“Would you share your daughter with me,” I asked. “Let me fuck her while she ate your pussy,” I continued. “Hear her scream into your cunt, feel her biting your clit hard, see my cock slide from her cunt, her lips stretching around my shaft, pulling me back in,” I whispered.

“Oh God yes I would,” she groaned deeply, her body twitching as a small orgasm passed quickly through her crotch. “I would suck her clit,” her voice trailed off, her fingers lightly touching her lips. Her body shook slowly, her mind picturing her desires.

“Well, I have to return to my office,” I groaned. “Think about ways you can get your daughter available to me,” I offered. “Share her with me,” I said, grinning ear to ear. Her blind stare assured me her mind was racing hundreds of miles per hour, mapping a way to make this happen.

Over the next couple of weeks, Kim and I shared sex several times, twice by phone, and three times in person. We fucked like demons, going after each other, making our bodies scream, but always, ending with sharing CJ. It became an obsession for her, as well as me. Many verbal discussions took place of how and what would occur, detailed discussions of her participation. Never did we discuss how it would start.

And I never really expected it, but kept my hopes alive. Then, the simplest of circumstances started our relationship in motion. I called Kim Thursday morning, two weeks ago. Groggy, a voice answered, “Hello”.

“Kim,” I questioned.

“No,” the voice responded, barely audible. “Her daughter,” she continued.

“Is Kim available,” I asked?

“Hold on,” she replied. I could hear rustling, a knock on a door. “Momma,” the voice beckoned. “Momma,” she repeated.

“Hello,” Kim whispered into the phone.

“Hey baby,” I whispered softly. “CJ? Jesse?,” I questioned.

“CJ,” Kim responded.

“Damn, will she say anything,” I asked.

“No, she’s sleepwalking,” Kim said. “She just crawled in bed with me,” she continued.

“Really,” I whispered slowly. “Want to share her with me,” I asked.

“God yes I would,” Kim responded softly.

“Look at her, see how sweet she is, how sexy she is,” I whispered. “Will you watch me fuck her,” I asked.

“MMMmmm yes,” she groaned so quietly.

“Help me, pull her nightshirt up,” I whispered. “See her body, use a finger nail to trace circles around her nipple,” I continued. “Watch it stand erect,” I said. “Let me pull her panties off,” I ordered. “What a beautiful pussy she has,” gaziantep kumral escort bayan I offered. “A light muff of hair, just above her clit,” I observed. “I am leaning forward, licking her other nipple. Hear her moan softly,” I whispered into the phone.

“I can’t do anything or say anything,” Kim interrupted. “She will hear me,” she finished.

“See my tongue lick her nipple,” I continued. “Slide your hand down her body, snake your middle finger between her lips. See if she is wet,” I told her softly. “Feel my cock laying on her belly,” I hesitated. Kim groaned softly, quietly. “As I pull up, put the head on her clit, mash her clit with my cock, slide the head up and down her slit slowly. Listen to her breathing,” I instructed. “She is stirring, her mind coming to grips with her body’s pleasures, I whispered. Kim groaned softly. “Flick her clit back and forth,” I said.

“Momma,” she whispered unknown to me, her voice sleep laden. “Who is it,” she asked softly. Kim silenced her, offered her earpiece to share.

“God Kim, put my cock to her wet hole,” I instructed. “Let me push my cock in her body,” my voice trailed as I stroked my growing monster. “Picture my cock sliding into CJ’s body, pulling back as her lips stretch to pull me deep. See her body arch, her hips lift to take my thrust. Put her hand on your thigh near your cunt. Let her fingers dip into your slit. Are you wet.” I asked? “Look to her face, her head arched back, her mouth wide,” I whispered, picturing her daughter serving as our new sex toy. “Oh fuck baby, feel me shove my big cock deep into her body,” I continued. My mind vividly drew the picture, her naked, young, nimble daughter taking me deep, her mom’s hand flicking her clit back and forth, mashing the sensitive bud, raising her body’s need to climax.

“Feel her hand cupped over your mound, her fingers sneaking into your slit, finding your clit, needing to return the pleasure you are giving her. Feel her mash your clit back and forth,” I muttered, my cock growing harder, expanding. “Feel me pounding her body, pushing hard into her depths,” I grunted. “Fuck baby, I am going to cum sweetie,” I whispered into the phone. I pounded my hard cock, choking the crap out of him, banging down, slamming up against the crown, wrapping over the head, smearing globs of precum up and down my shaft. And then pounding it again. “Of fuck baby, hear my body slam her cunt, my hips slapping off her flesh. See her eyes, wide open, mouth gaping, ready to scream her orgasm. Feel her hips arch, humping up and down my cock as I thrust in and out of her body.

Feel me, hear me pound her flesh,” my voice trailed off. My focus was consumed with the need to cum. I could see her body in front of me. I flexed, my body rigid as my orgasm raced up my shaft, squirting juices everywhere. I reached to grab my wad of toilet paper just as the second spurt launched a glob to the floor. My body shuddered as I wrapped the one eyed monster in paper, spurting several more shots into the soft paper. Even my eye lids fluttered.

“I want to chew on your clit baby,” I offered. She growled into the phone. “Let me straddle CJ’s face, I need her to suck me deep while I chew on your wet clit,” I instructed. I pictured my cock, draped over CJ’s lips, resting on the bridge of her nose, balls hanging over her eyes.

As her mouth opened to take me, I leaned to Kim, diving for her mound. My tongue snaked between her lips. “I am leaning over you, my tongue extended to lick your clit, thrashing it back and forth, hard, soft, and sucking it deep into my mouth,” I told her. “Feel me baby, you know how I do you, mash her back and forth inside my mouth, mashing her against my teeth, tugging her away from your body, stretching her hard,” I growled.

“Of fuck,” Kim breathed into the phone. “Oh fuck that was,” her voice halted mid sentence. I heard a deep growl. “Rich, she is biting my nipple,” she groaned deeply. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” she repeated over and over.

“OK Kim, but I have to go, I have a meeting,” I told her. “Move up, shove your cunt to her lips, let her lick you to an orgasm baby,” I instructed.

“Did you hear that baby, Rich wants you to lick Momma’s cunt, make me cum sweetie,” she cooed softly. I could hear her breathing change instantly, a knowing breathing pattern that indicted her orgasm was near. I pictured CJ’s mouth locked firmly to her mound, her clit between her teeth, her tongue dancing over her Mom’s flesh. My cock chubbed.

“Kim, move over her, bite her clit for me, make her cum too sweetie,” I offered. “Oh fuck I wish I was there,” I moaned hard into the phone. “You have to tell me,” I said. I hug up the phone. My mind pictured mom and daughter locked in a hard sixty-nine for the next couple of hours. My cock remained blood filled for hours.

By afternoon, I needed Alicia to assist me with a massive orgasm problem. We fucked for nearly two hours in the late afternoon. God I fucked her hard. I was insatiable.

I called Kim afterwards, catching her at work. “Baby, god I want the two of you,” I whispered into the phone. I could almost hear her grin.

“Yes, we want you too,” she whispered back to me. “Tomorrow morning, be at my house at 7:30am baby,” she continued. “You will get the fuck of your life,” she offered.

14½ hours and counting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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