Sharing Ruth – Chapter 6

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Ruth wanted thanks for her services with my boss. I wasn’t prepared for what transpired but what she subsequently suggested really had me nervous.

I must admit that after saying she was buying a strap-on to fuck me with I didn’t take much notice of what she was buying. I wandered off in the sex shop and only came back when it was time to pay. I was really surprised at how much the bill was but she was smiling and happy so I didn’t object. We got home and she disappeared into the bedroom with her bag of goodies. Five minutes later she called out “come and see what I bought”. I walked into the bedroom and I swear my jaw hit the floor. There laid out on the bed was an array of sex toys.

I had expected to see a dildo and the strap-on she had expressed interest in. The dildo was shaped like what was described as a horse cock. It was huge both in length and girth. About 12” long complete with a flare on the tip. The strap-on package said it measured 9”. She laughed and said she wanted to show me how it felt to have MY cock in her bum. Fair comment I guess but it still made me massively nervous. Looking further there were two butt plugs, one small and one large. The toys were rounded out by anal beads. Five beads in a string, each bead slightly larger than the one before it. It was obvious her fascination with anal sex had led to her “extras”.

“What do you think?” she asked. I scanned the toys on the bed. “I think….umm….interesting” I spluttered. I couldn’t really think of anything else to say. She began to laugh. “Oh my God the look on your face” she said “it was priceless. I can’t wait to try some of these honey. We are Kağıthane Escort going to have so much fun”. Although my cock was stiffening I was less than enthusiastic about the fact that the anal toys were meant for me. I had never considered receiving anal penetration and now my loving wife was determined to ensure I accepted it as part of our sex games.

The moment was broken when she suggested we have coffee and talk. I was all for coffee, not that excited about the talk part. We sat in the lounge and I sipped my coffee while she explained that she had heard that men enjoyed anal sex as it stimulated something called their “P” spot. I knew about a women’s “G” spot but this? It was all news to me. I could see I couldn’t win this as she was so excited. I started to realise that any argument I could come up with would be shot down by her arguing that she had let me peg her so it was only fair for her to peg me. My God what had I done?

It was lunchtime and I offered to make the meal. “Oh no you don’t” she said “I will make lunch while you go and douche”. I could see there was no way out so I reluctantly went and did what she asked. Now shooting water up your bum is not the most unpleasant feeling. The water was luke-warm and was rather nice. I had stripped naked and Ruth appeared at the doorway. She noticed that my cock was standing proud. “We are only having salad” she said “it can wait”. I stood up and dried myself and walked back into the bedroom. She had already undressed and pushed the toys to one side of the bed. “Come here darling” she said as she sat on the bed. She wrapped her hand around my now rock Escort Bayan hard cock. She bent over and kissed it and then we tumbled onto the bed.

She started to play with my cock and then sucked it. At the same time she began to probe my backdoor with a finger. I made the mistake of moaning. She looked up and grinned. “You like that do you honey” her voice barely a whisper. Bugger, she was right. Yes, it did feel nice. Strange certainly but nice. She pushed a little deeper. More moans. “Please let me try my toys” she said “I want to please you darling”. How could I resist this evil sweetheart? “Yes baby. Do it” I said, my voice a mixture of excitement and dread. She had manipulated me perfectly and I was hooked.

She reached over to the bedside table and took out the KY Gel. Then she picked up the anal beads and greased them up. “Put a pillow under you” she was giving orders now “tell me what you want” and she waved the beads around. I swallowed and then said “use those beads honey”. She frowned. “Is that all you can say?” I looked at the lust in her eyes. “Oh God Ruth ram those beads up my arse. I want it. Make me scream with pleasure”. She gave me an evil grin. “Spread your legs you naughty boy. Mummy is going to fuck you”. I would have laughed if it was for the fact that my whole body was trembling in fear.

Ruth aimed the beads at my anal opening and thrust forward. I yelped as I felt the strange sensation of violation. The slight pain was soon replaced by a feeling of fullness and, dare I say it, pleasure as I took the first two beads. Obviously emboldened by my response I got the third. That was istanbul Escort larger. Then the even larger fourth bead. “I think you should stop” I said, groaning as I felt stretched. She didn’t say a word just pushed hard. I squealed as I took that fifth bead. “Oh fuck” was all I could muster as my body now shook. After the initial pain I started to feel more relaxed. Well as relaxed as one could be with what felt like a log had been shoved up my arse. I looked at Ruth and her eyes were blazing. “This is so hot” she cried “I so want to fuck you right now”.

She slowly withdrew the beads with a chorus of moans and groans from me. “Maybe we should wait” I said in an attempt to delay what I knew was inevitable. Ruth took no notice. She stood up and quickly put on the strap-on, adjusting the straps. She greased it up and smiled down at me. “Oh baby I am so going to love this. Now get on your hands and knees like I do”. With no way of talking her out of it I did as she ordered. Moving in behind me she lined up the strap-on with my already enlarged opening. Tentatively at first she pushed forward. Inch by inch she buried at 9” fake cock in my arse. My moans and groans only seemed to excite her even more. Soon was pounding me and grunting as she duplicated what I had done to her. Was I enjoying it? Oh yes, big time.

She must have continued for at first 15 minutes. She was puffing and out of breath. I was yelling loudly as I warmed to the feeling of having my arse filled with cock. I couldn’t help wondering if this is what being rogered by a guy felt like. Not that I was suddenly turning gay. The excitement was that it was Ruth who was fucking me. It was weird. It was kinky. It was so out there. I also knew, from her actions, that this wouldn’t be the last time I would experience the feeling of my arse being used to please my darling wife.

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