Shaving Away Straightness

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“Ass first, or dick?”

Brit shut off the water and regarded her naked roommate, Dave, as he stood up in the tub. Water dripped down his pecs and drew contours in his pubic hairs.

“Maybe I’ll try this on my own,” he said, pulling his left hand in front of his tiny member to hide it.

Brit smacked his hand away, and her brown breasts jiggled beneath her taut cami. “No, that’s a girlfriend’s job.”

Dave gave a reluctant chuckle. “Girlfriend” was how he explained their living situation to his parents. Brit told her family that Dave was her gay best friend, the gay part still untrue only for the next couple of hours.

“On your knees,” she instructed. Dave knelt in the water and put his hands on the back of the tub, ass towards his roommate.

“No, no,” she said. “You look like a sad horse.” She pushed down on the small of his back. “Point your hole up to the ceiling.”

Dave kinked his hairy rear upward, ran his hand through his wet hair, and stared back over his shoulder.

“Good,” she said. Dave watched her squirt shave gel into her hand. It was in a white bottle whose logo featured the outline of a bikini and legs. As Brit began to smear the gel on his ass, Dave turned away and closed his eyes.

“You ever play with your ass?” she asked.

“Just with a finger.”

“Well şişli escort your guy tonight, he said he’s a top.” She ran a finger up his slit, starting from the taint. Dave moaned.

“Good,” she cooed. She broke out her pink razor, shook it in the hot water, and began shaving. Dave loved the feeling. It wasn’t the first time Brit had seen him naked. While they had pinky-sworn that they would never fuck, they kept a liberal clothing policy while in the apartment. But they had never had this kind of physical contact.

Dave heard the apartment door open, heard a “hello”,and flinched.

Brit smacked his ass hard. “Stop it, do you want me to slip and cut you?” she hissed. Then she yelled over her shoulder, “in here!”

It was Brit’s girlfriend Jan. “Ooh, preparing for the big date,” she giggled.

“It’s his first time,” said Brit. Dave wished Brit hadn’t said that. Jan had never seen Dave naked, but Jan and Brit fucked with the door open all the time.

Brit spread Dave’s right cheek and ran the razor along his crack.

“I remember my first time,” said Jan. “Right after I began transitioning.”

Brit spread the other cheek and shaved there, then ran her finger up the crack again to clear away the hair. She rinsed her finger in the hot water, dabbed a little shaving cream, and began massaging his hole.

“The guy,” Jan continued “had a small dick like yours. But he knew how to use it.” Dave moaned, and his dick began to grow. “Do you know what to do when a man enters you?”

Brit started to push on his hole, running her finger tip in and out, a little deeper each time.

“You gotta loosen your muscles, and push out,” she said.

“Push out? But what if…”

“It happens sometimes, but don’t worry about it.”

Brit was now in to the full length of her finger, rubbing Dave’s aching prostate. Then she pushed in a second finger, and Dave seethed.

Jan smacked his ass. “You have to push out!”

Dave bit his lip, turned back and looked at his roommate and her girlfriend. He could see that Jan wasn’t wearing any panties beneath her skirt, and could make out the outline of her cock cage. He sighed, and pushed out. Pleasure rushed from his hole to his head. He groaned loudly.

“That’s a good boy,” said Brit. She promptly removed both fingers. “Stand up.”

Dave snapped out of his fantasy and stood up too quick, soaking both Brit and Jan.

“Goddammit.” They both started wiping their shirts.

“Sorry,” Dave said. He was no longer hard, and quite cold.

“I can’t shave that little thing,” said Brit. Jan instructed Dave to shake it a few times. He did, to no avail.

Brit sighed and removed her shirt. Jan did the sam, her bare breasts looking creamy next to Brit’s. Dave looked up to avoid eye contact. He heard the shaving cream squirt and felt a hand grasp his dick. It was Jan’s.

“You gotta get hard,” she said.

He reached back and started running his own finger over his hole. It worked.

Jan stopped stroking and Brit ran her razor over his pubes. She tugged at his dick, pulling it this way and that to get around it. As the tub began to fill with hair, Dave felt more and more himself. He liked being smooth.


Tom liked Dave’s smooth body as well. By the lamplight of their hotel room, Tom drank in the sight of Dave’s glistening skin, and planned all he would do to take the man’s virginity. When Dave assumed the position at the edge of the bed, Tom spat on Dave’s hole, tongued it until Dave’s “oh’s” became “ah’s”, and fingered his prostate.

Then he turned Dave over on his side and joined him on the bed. He spooned Dave for a minute, nibbling on his ear and pumping his own cock through Dave’s slit. He squirted some lube into his hand. Dave bit his own lip and breathed out a chuckle, thinking about Brit’s shaving gel. Tom lubed Dave’s hole, then his own cock, and slowly began pushing himself in. Dave tensed, then relaxed and took Tom inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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