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I heard Shay before I ever saw her. Or, perhaps a better way to state that is, I heard her scream and have the most intense orgasms long before I was formally introduced to her.

I suppose we all have our roommate stories from the deep dark past. I had several roomies over the years — during college and beyond — but this story is about my last college roommate, Ryan. Actually, this story is not about him; it’s about Shay. But, it’s not a story I can relate without bringing him into the fold.

Ryan and I met during sophomore year at Wisconsin and we became roommates during our senior year. We lived off campus in a two bedroom apartment in a three family house in an ideal location near campus, We liked it so much, in fact, that we decided to stay in Madison after graduating and retain our apartment. Ryan was doing a post graduate year and I had found a job at a local engineering firm.

I suppose in some ways we were postponing the inevitable — leaving the cradle of our college years and a university town and moving into the real world. But we got along great and neither of us was in any rush to leave Madison and move on. We would, eventually. Just not yet.

We had met, in fact, running cross country. We were both members of the team and had found kindred spirits in one another. We were both tall, lean and muscular, though I had a slightly stockier build than Ryan. He was blond and I had brown hair, but we were like brothers in many ways.

Neither of us had ever had any trouble with ladies, but I had stayed attached to my college girlfriend, Lisa, even after she moved back to Chicago following graduation. We maintained a long distance relationship, but the two and a half hour drive didn’t make it seem like we were that far apart.

While I maintained a steady relationship, Ryan was all over the place. During the time we lived together, up until the time of this story, he had had numerous girlfriends. Some lasted a few months; others a few weeks. He was funny, suave and out-going enough to attract plenty of female talent. He’d dated some cuties over the years; that was for sure.

Then he met Shay.

As I stated at the outset, I didn’t meet Shay right away. It was the summer after graduation and we were both seguing into post graduate life. Ryan had spoken about a new girl he had met at a coffee shop, but I had started losing track of his female companions at that point. I knew he was quite enamored of her, but I still hadn’t met her face to face.

Then, late one night when I was already asleep, I was awoken by a steady pounding. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but I quickly realized that I was hearing the pumping rhythm of a deep hard fuck. I squinted at my digital clock and saw that it was one something in the morning.

Now, it wasn’t the first time I had heard Ryan. Our two bedrooms shared a wall as well as the single bathroom across the interior hall. More than once I had heard Ryan and his paramours going at it at all hours of the night — and day. Ryan was quite proud of his love-making skills and Lisa and I had laughed about it in the past. I will say it had always made Lisa a little reticent to let loose; knowing that Ryan might be able to hear us as well. I didn’t care, but she did.

But this night was different. For one thing the steady pounding tempo went on for a very long time. In fact, it seemed to increase in volume and intensity as the minutes wore on. For another, the female companion in Ryan’s bed, whom I assumed to be Shay, was more vocal than any lovers he had entertained in the past. It wasn’t that she was saying anything in particular, though I occasionally discerned a few words that were intelligible. It was more that her vocal remonstrations in the heat of the moment were loud, long and very intense. And as the deep pounding intensified, so did the volume and clarity of her vocal appreciation.

Now, I can’t say I had found the noise that emanated from Ryan’s room all that arousing in the past. It seemed like he and his partners would do their thing and that was it. But this was different. I found myself listening, trying to figure out what they were doing. What did this young lady look like? What position were they in? Who was she?

For the first time that I can remember in this situation, I became aroused. Perhaps it was because I hadn’t gotten any in a while or I was just in a horny mood. But the steady pumping tempo and animal like cries and growls coming from the adjacent room were, well, making me hard. The intensity was palpable through the old walls of our apartment and before long, I came in a steady stream of pulsing jets all over the place. That relaxed me enough to fade into a deep slumber, even though the party next door raged on for some time.

Ryan had told me Shay was a rising senior at a college near Milwaukee and working in a coffee shop as a barista that summer in Madison. She worked odd shifts so her comings and goings were not predictable. I kept thinking cevizli escort I would run into her in the apartment, or coming out of the bathroom late some night. But we didn’t actually meet until about a week later.

It was a Friday night and I was at our favorite bar just getting ready to leave when Ryan walked in with this stunning young woman on his arm. Unless he had switched horses unbeknownst to me, this had to be Shay.

She was petite and stunning. But, what struck me immediately was how innocent she looked. Could this be the same woman that had emoted such sexual heat a week before? Impossible, I thought. She stood about 5-5 and had one of those curvy tight figures that seems to be swerving in all the right directions, especially when in motion. Her hair was long, light brown and wavy and was surely one of her best features, which was saying something. Her eyes were a stunning brown; large and expressive.

She was wearing tight black leggings that were like a second skin and a short white top that didn’t quite come to the waist of her leggings, leaving a bit of her taut sleek tummy exposed. It didn’t appear that she was wearing a bra, as her nipples poked subtly through the satiny material that hung on slender spaghetti straps. Her breasts didn’t appear large, but they were very much in keeping with her slender form and shape. Her height was accentuated by a pair of open toed heeled sandals that added a few inches to her form.

All in all, she was one stunning woman. But it was her face that struck me most. She was pretty; beautiful, actually. She had one of those expressive faces that changed with her mood or the moment. But, what I kept wondering was, “Could this possibly be the girl that I had heard just a week ago – the one I came so hard listening to?” It just didn’t seem possible. For while she was lovely and dressed in a sexy manner, she had the face of a choir girl or a cheerleader. There was a sense of innocence to her face that was in complete contrast to the vocal lover Ryan had been fucking in the next room. I found the contrast fascinating…and sexy as hell.

“Ahhhh, you guys finally get to meet. Zach. This is Shay. Shay, Zach,” Ryan boomed with a huge smile. “About time you two crossed paths.”

I practically melted when she smiled and held out her hand. She had the face of an angel, but I sensed a bit of a devil in her gorgeous eyes. Her hand was slender in my mine, but her grip was firm.

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Zach. Nice to finally meet you,” she crooned.

“Likewise, Shay. This guy can’t stop talking about you,” I replied.

I tried to avoid the urge to look her up and down, as tempting as that was. I figured we’d be seeing more of one another, so I kept my gaze above her shoulders and kept the conversation light and informal. Two seats opened up at the bar and Ryan lunged for them before someone else snarfed them up. I said a quick goodbye and headed for the door.

I now knew why Ryan was so enamored. He’d hooked up with some very attractive women in the time we’d been friends. But he had struck a literal gold mine this time around. What a lucky guy.

I was drifting off solo a little later that night when I heard them come in to the apartment. Now that I had a face, and a body, to go with the intimate sounds of a week ago, my curiosity was piqued. I felt like an aural voyeur that night, but heard the TV turn on and figured they weren’t coming to bed for a while. I fell asleep.

Later that night, however, I awoke again to a thumping rhythm emanating from the adjacent bedroom. It took me a moment to regain my senses, but the intensity of the tempo made me turn over and glance at the clock.

It was 1:30 in the morning and they were fucking up a storm. Now, having seen the young lady making so much noise, I awoke and listened intently in the darkness. Was she face down and was he driving her straight down into the mattress? Or was she riding him and bouncing on him like a pogo stick? Was he ramming into her non-stop with her legs over her shoulders? Based on the sounds it could easily have been any of those positions. I couldn’t tell for sure and, in fact, it didn’t matter. What I could tell, however, was they were going at it like animals.

I kept hearing words, but couldn’t quite discern their meaning. Some of them weren’t words; they were just exhalations of pounding pleasure.

“Unf, unf, unf, unf…” a female voice exhorted. “Oh yeah, fuck yeah,” I heard. My thoughts drifted to the sexy thing on Ryan’s arm in the bar and I realized my cock was hard — again — and my hand had slid down to touch myself. She had an innocence as pure as the driven snow, but was clearly a slut of the first order in the bedroom…late at night.

“Fuck! Harder! Fuck me harder!!” she screamed. “God damn! Uummppfff.” The banging was intense and electric.

I’m embarrassed to say, I came again that night. I freaking exploded erenköy escort listening to my roommate pound his new girlfriend, or vice versa. I realized I needed to get Lisa back to town soon, or go to see her in the very near future. This was sheer torture.

So this pattern became the new norm. While Shay’s schedule was such that her time in our apartment was all over the map, she was around more and more. I began to see her in the kitchen in a tiny pair of short shorts or coming out of the bathroom in a tee shirt and a tiny pair of panties. Modesty was not her strong suit and it was clear she felt comfortable wearing as little as possible; maybe enjoying the fact that she was giving me a little show. I tried to sluff it off like it was par for the course around our crib. But that wasn’t the case. I just did my best to not stare and ogle this slender beauty, hard as that was.

I also came to find out that Shay was quite the flirt. I think she knew she had an innocence that men found beguiling and irresistible. I was no exception. She knew how to flaunt her body in a very subtle way and her smile would make any man melt. She could have this angelic smile and demeanor one minute and a devilish glint in her eye the next. She was something.

We got to know one another a little better over time and I found her to be quite intelligent on top of being beautiful. She had a wicked little sense of humor to boot. Ryan had scored a trifecta and I was, to be blunt and honest, jealous as hell. Now, I love my girlfriend and we’re as serious as someone our age can be. But we’d been going out for a couple years now and the flame and intensity of our early courtship had definitely faded by this point.

Lisa did come to visit one weekend and was witness to the mind-blowing sex going on next door.

“My God,” she whispered one night after they had been going at it like dogs in heat for ten minutes. “Is it always like this?”

“Mmhmm,” I replied, touching Lisa gently.

But she didn’t respond to the noisy sex the same way I did. She recoiled from the sound and fury and only thought of what it might sound like in the opposite direction. Instead of fighting fire with fire, we maintained a silence and made love carefully and quietly so as not to call attention to ourselves. That underscored the problem: we made love while Ryan and Shay fucked..

The next day we were at the apartment alone and she commented on the situation.

“Shay seems so innocent and reserved, or at least looks that way. It’s hard to believe that is her next door,” she opined.

“Tell me about it,” I replied.

And while my sex life seemed to dim under the bright lights of the sexual carnage unfolding only a few feet away, Ryan’s time in his bedroom with Shay only seemed to extend and intensify. Still, to see her walk through our apartment or run into the two of them out on the street, you would never guess what she was like behind closed doors. The truth is, I would have been attracted to her regardless of this important bit of information. But knowing that she was a sexual dynamo in the bedroom was certainly an aspect to her that I found both attractive and arousing.

It was a week or so later that I found myself hanging out at the apartment with Ryan alone. I broached the subject of Shay, hoping to find out a little more.

“Dude, you and Shay seem to be pretty serious. I haven’t seen you like this with a girl before.” My remark left the door open for him to walk through.

“Yeah, man. She is really something. I’ll tell ya.” He paused for a minute and I knew he was going to say something else. “Do you remember reading awhile back what John Mayer said about Jessica Simpson?”

I had vague recollections of reading something scathing about the musician.

“He said she was like crack cocaine or sexual napalm or something to that effect. I forget the quote, actually. But that is what Shay is like. She is fucking insatiable, man. She can’t get enough sex. And I’m doing my best to keep up with her, but, man…she is like nothing I have ever experienced before.”

Given the late nights and early mornings I had spent listening to them, I couldn’t disagree.

“Yeah, well, it sure sounds like that from my side of the wall,” I added.

“Damn. Can you hear us? Sorry about that. I never hear you so I figured… Shit. Sorry man. I’d say we’ll keep it down, but…I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

“No. Doesn’t seem like it. No problem and no apologies necessary. She’s a hottie. It sounds like you’re having the time of your life,” I said, still leaving the door open if he wanted to talk more.

Ryan had a look in his eye as he stared at the TV and I had a feeling he was going to say something else.

“Remember, like, two weekends ago? You weren’t here and we had the place to ourselves.”

I recalled a weekend I had been down to visit with Lisa. I stayed silent to let esenyurt escort him continue.

“Dude, we spent the entire weekend fucking here in the apartment. I mean we fucked in every room and on every surface and…”

“Wait. Hold on. Every room? Like…”

He looked at me sheepishly.

“Yeah. We did your room too, dude. I’m sorry.”

“Wait. Hold on. You fucked Shay in my bed.”

He had this look of guilt that was pretty transparent. “Yeah. And then…”

“What? Wait? Where?”

“Well, your bed, your chair…and the floor.” He had an embarrassed, but happy, smile on his face and I found I was surprisingly aroused by this information.

“Fuck, bro. That’s not cool.” Though, in honesty, I thought it was hot as hell.

“Yeah, it was just that one time. Her idea. Like I said, she’s sexual napalm, man. It was pretty fun, though.”

“I bet it was,” I said, through gritted teeth.

I looked around the apartment and thought of her naked with Ryan and fucking. I thought of them on the floor, on the counters, all over the furniture. It should have surprised or bothered me, but it didn’t. To be quite honest, it made me want her. I had never experienced that type of unbridled sexual intensity. I wasn’t sure I ever would.

That conversation stayed with me and I looked at my bed — my whole room, for that matter — in a very different light from that point forward. I imagined her riding Ryan on my bed and groaned inwardly at the thought. Oh, what I would give to experience that kind of intense sex.


It was two weeks later when an event happened that changed the course of things. It was a hot weekend and the air conditioning was not running properly. Ryan had headed down to see his family in Indy and I had the place to myself. I had been out late with friends on that Saturday night and had slept in. I got up late morning and had plopped down on the couch in my underwear to chill and catch up on sports. My phone rang. It was Ryan.

“Zach. Glad I caught you. Listen, a favor to ask.” I was laying back on the couch, feet on the coffee table, phone in one hand and remote in the other. “Shay’s roommate had her boyfriend coming to visit last night and Shay would rather not be there. I told her she could stay in my room last night and forgot to tell you. Are you cool with that? I gave her the extra key? Is she there? She worked the late shift last night and probably got home late.”

Holy shit! She was in the apartment and I didn’t even know it. At that very moment I heard the toilet flush and Shay came walking down the hallway and into the main living area of the apartment. I glanced at her attire and realized she had probably been sleeping in the tiny top and pair of panties she was wearing and had put on one of Ryan’s rumpled old dress shirts for modesty reasons as she ventured to the bathroom.

I felt a bit awkward — talking to her boyfriend on the phone in my underwear as his girlfriend walked into the living room — but I figured I could be cool and roll with the punches. It was Shay after all and this was my apartment.

“No problem. I actually didn’t know she was here, but she just walked into the room when you called. Want to talk to her?”

I held up the phone to her as she sauntered over with a curious smile on her face. I felt a bit weird laying there in tight boxer briefs, but I figured it was my home turf and it was my day that had just been twisted around. I would have been wearing a little more myself if I’d known she had spent the night. But, truth be told, I kind of liked the way this was playing out.

“Hi, baby,” she cooed into the phone. God, her sweet voice was like corn silk. I could feel her eyes on me as she talked with Ryan and I lowered the volume on the tube. I tried not to pay attention to her at that moment. I’d take a longer ogle once she was off the phone with her boyfriend. And, truthfully, I really liked the sensation of feeling her eyes on me.

“Yeah, it’s cool. I don’t think he knew I was coming — or was even here. I snuck in pretty quiet last night,” she said with a knowing smile, “but I’ll be nice to him.” I glanced up at her and caught that devilish smile of hers. This girl was trouble…in a good way. “Yeah, I’m working the afternoon shift and probably have to head out in an hour or so.” She paused as Ryan spoke and I could feel her eyes sizing me up as I stared at the tube. “Yeah, I miss you too, baby. Say hello to your family. Drive safe. Kisses.”

She handed me the phone and I finally gave her the once over. It was my place and Zach was not here. I was going to look at her, at least for a minute, with impunity. She was dressed as she might have slept — in a tight strapped white top that clung to her small perky breasts and pink panties that were tied in a little bow at each hip. Ryan’s shirt had given her a modicum of modesty on her way to the bathroom, but hung loose and open. Her hair was up and tendrils were hanging loosely around her face. My gaze wandered down her body and back up to her smiling face. Fuck, she looked good enough to eat. I felt like I was in a hot sexy tumblr blog.

“I guess you didn’t know I was here, huh? Sorry. Ryan was supposed to tell you.”

“It’s not a problem,” I said as casually as I could muster. “Welcome to our humble abode,” I said, jokingly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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