She Comes in Colours

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Louise and I had been friends for years, and though we went out occasionally, we weren’t really dating; she was cute, but skinny, and I preferred busty women – and so did she. But when she invited me to a sneak preview of the latest Star Trek movie organised by the local fan club, I decided it beat sitting home alone, and that’s how I met Gemma.

Louise and I had barely walked into the lobby when Gemma emerged from the costumed crowd and rushed up to give Louise a hug. I looked down, and my eyes locked onto a magnificent display of creamy cleavage; it took a huge effort to look up again. She was rather plump, but breasts that large wouldn’t have fit on a skinny frame, any more than her grin would have fit on a narrow face. “We haven’t met, have we?” she purred.

Louise introduced us, and then introduced me to Paul, Gemma’s date. I resigned myself to watching the movie, but was pleasantly surprised when Gemma sat next to me. Paul and Louise stared at the screen as though hypnotised, while Gemma concentrated on entertaining me – shifting in her seat so that her tits swayed, dropping popcorn into her cleavage and fishing it out, even pressing her boobs against my arm and brushing her hand across my hard-on as she leaned over me to whisper to Louise. She kissed both of us goodbye after the movie, and as I drove Louise home, she commented, “You and Gemma seemed to hit it off.”

I shrugged. “How long have Denizli Escort she and Paul been together?”

“They’re not. She’s just come over here for a few weeks to get over her divorce and make up for lost time, as she puts it.” She said it warmly, without a hint of disapproval. “Look, it’s the club’s Christmas party on Saturday; do you want to come? You won’t have to wear a costume.”

I’m not sure why I said yes – maybe to make up for staring at another woman’s breasts all night – but I’m glad I did. When I arrived, I saw Gemma sitting on a chair in the kitchen clad only in an old towel and green body paint, which Louise was applying to her neck and back. “I’m going as an Orion slave girl,” Gemma explained, “and Louise’s doing the parts I can’t see well enough to do myself. Do you want to help?”

I glanced at Louise, who grinned and handed me another pot of paint. “Uh… okay. Where should I start?”

In reply, Gemma dropped the towel. The tops of her breasts were painted down to within an inch of her nipples, and her belly and thighs were also green, leaving only two narrow bands of pale pink. She grabbed both of her nipples – they were already swollen – and hoisted them up to her chin, saying, “I can’t see below here.”

I didn’t need a second invitation. I scooped the paint onto my fingers, as Louise was doing, and began rubbing it onto the underside of Gemma’s sensational Denizli Escort Bayan silken-soft breasts. She let go her right nipple, and the full weight of that magnificent mountain fell into my hands. I saw Louise lean over Gemma’s shoulder and start nibbling her ear, and Helen grabbed the back of my neck and pushed my face into her cleavage, smearing my cheeks with green paint. More by good luck than good aim, one of her nipples found its way into my mouth, and I began sucking on it eagerly while she reached down and unfastened my jeans. I felt something brush against my ear, and looked over to see Louise sucking on Gemma’s other breast. A hand began stroking my cock, and when I reached between Gemma’s thighs, I found that Louise’s hand had beaten me there and was already deep in her folds, her thumb expertly rubbing Gemma’s clit.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the chair, with Gemma kneeling between my thighs while straddling Louise’s face. She wrapped her beautiful boobs around my cock, and grinned up at me before bending her neck and kissing and licking the head of my cock as it emerged from that heavenly valley. The warm smooth softness of her billowing breasts sliding along my shaft, her heartbeat close to my throbbing cock, the way she teased me with her tongue and lips, and her expression as she came, her mouth forming a perfect ‘o’, soon pushed me over the edge, Escort Denizli sending my cum fountaining into the air and splashing onto her face and tits. She giggled as she licked up as much of my jizz as her tongue could reach, and soon Louise emerged to lick up the rest. I watched, entranced, as they lay on the floor sucking on each other’s breasts, then kissed their way down each other’s bodies until they were 69ing in front of me.

After a few minutes, I suggested that we’d all be more comfortable on the bed, and they agreed. We staggered towards the bedroom with our arms around each other, then Louise collapsed onto the bed with her legs hanging over the edge. Gemma dropped to her knees between Louise’s thighs, and began rubbing her boobs over her crotch, teasing her clit with her nipples, spreading her cunt-lips with her milky flesh. Louise grabbed me and pulled me down towards her mouth, then quickly sucked me back to a full erection. Gemma watched, a greedy gleam in her eyes. Louise rolled me onto my back, grabbed a condom out of the nightstand, and barely had time to put it on me before Gemma pounced on me. She rode me frantically, coming time after time until I climaxed, while Louise sat on my face and kissed her, and we both fondled her awe-inspiring boobs. Finally, Gemma collapsed onto the bed, and the three of us lay huddled together, touching each other gently, playfully, all smeared with cum and cunt juice and green paint.

We never did make it to that party; in fact, we hardly left the apartment until we drove Gemma back to the airport a week later! She’s promised to come back soon – but whether she does or not, green is now definitely my favourite colour.

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