She Had No Control

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Kissing Penis

She had no control when he was around. He seemed to have some power over her and she had no willpower. She wasn’t sure if it was just the excitement or because she wanted to impress him, but when they were together, his wish was her command. All he had to do was coax her just a bit and she did whatever he asked. Whether it was slowly undressing, touching herself, or touching him, whatever he wished. She couldn’t say no……

It was a hot summer evening and she decided to get away and take a walk on the beach. The warm breeze blew her long blonde hair across her face as she leaned over to take off her sandals. She wore a comfortable, green cotton sundress that clung to her curves as the ocean breeze kissed her skin. She was enjoying her time alone, away from the hustle and bustle of her daily work and life.

“Hey!” She heard a familiar voice. She turned around and there he was, walking up behind her. She gasped and instantly felt her stomach becoming anxious. What was he doing there? She had tried to keep her distance but to no avail. It wasn’t easy when he was so desirable… but she was glad to see him.

“Hey yourself,” she said, smiling.

They started talking about how beautiful the evening was and as he spoke to her, he couldn’t help thinking about how incredibly sexy she looked. The air had cooled off and he could see her erect nipples peeking through the thin cotton dress. He felt a tingle in his groin, not unlike previous times when they had been together.

They laughed and teased each other, and at one point she reached down to pick up a shell. He gently pushed her shoulder, to be funny, but it threw off her balance, just enough to cause her to fall over in the shallow water. Half of her dress was soaked, making it more transparent liseli porno as it stuck to her skin.

“You’re going to get it now!” she threatened, as she lifted herself to her feet. He started running away, looking back with a big grin, and she tried to catch him. He ran into a little secluded corner, sectioned off by large rocks. She lost sight of him for a moment, but then found him leaning up against the rock wall.

“You think you’re so smart,” she said sarcastically, as she reached down to pick up a piece of wet seaweed. Lifting it over her head, she attempted to throw it at him. He caught her arm in mid-throw and told her that she better not try that or else she was going to wish that she hadn’t. Ignoring his threat, she threw the wet kelp at him and it landed on his shoulder.

“That’s it,” he said, jokingly. “I think a lesson is in order!”

“Oh really?” she snared. “Make me.”

He grabbed her by the shoulders and gently, yet forcibly, pinned her against the rock wall. They looked at each other with intense sexual passion and she could only anticipate what was about to happen. Pushing his body against her, he maneuvered his thigh between her legs and pushed it against her mound.

“Ride it,” he ordered.

At first she laughed, but then without further hesitation, she started to grind herself on his thigh. She closed her eyes and rested her head on the rocks behind her. He could tell by her deep breathing and soft moans that she enjoyed the feeling. He could feel her pussy’s wetness on his skin. She continued to move her hips and rub herself on his thigh until the feeling intensified. Just then he pulled his leg away. He noticed the panicked look on her face. She was so close to climaxing mobil porno yet he had pulled away. Why? she thought.

Just as she was about to get a little angry, he kneeled in front of her. Lifting one of her legs onto his shoulder, he then lifted her dress and reached underneath. Was he really going to do this? she thought. She had only dreamed of it, but never thought she would get the opportunity to have him taste her.

“Pull your panties aside for me!” he instructed.

She reached down and did as he told. She soon felt a warm, wet sensation filling her tender, moist slit. She could barely stand up. Letting out a deep sigh, she enjoyed every stroke of his tongue as he tasted her wetness and circled around her swollen clit. She bent the leg that she was standing on and lowered herself to the sand. He moved with her until she was horizontal, propped up against the rocks, watching him devour her. He wanted her so badly… he wanted to be inside of her. Just then he inserted a finger into her hot pussy and she went wild. He instantly felt her juices flow and she erupted with a great orgasm. It got so intense that she had to push his face away so she could recover. She collapsed as she caught her breath.

“That must have been good,” he commented.

“Oh …. yeah,” she breathed. She looked at his shorts and noticed he was very aroused.

“Should we take care of that?” she said, referring to his bulge. “or I should watch.”

Laying next to her on the sand, he reached down and started rubbing himself over his shorts. She wanted to help, so she reached over and put her hand on his as he stroked himself.

“Can you take it out for me?” she asked innocently.

He looked into her eyes as if to say öğrenci porno ‘You do it.’ She reached for his zipper and pulled it down. He unbuttoned his shorts to make access easier. Reaching into his shorts she felt his stiffness. Grabbing it eagerly, she released him. She felt how hard he was and how smooth his skin was.

“Just watch,” he instructed, as he pushed her hand away and wrapped his hand around his hard cock. She was disappointed because she wanted to touch him and rub her face on his smooth, warm head, but this was her punishment. She couldn’t touch him.

He slowly, and then more rapidly, tugged and pulled on his cock. He watched her watch him. As he rubbed himself to extreme hardness, she could feel herself getting wet again.

“Pull off your panties and touch yourself for me,” he said. “I want to watch you too.”

She was a bit embarrassed but wanted to comply. Spreading her legs, she reached between and slid her fingers into her slippery warmth. He told her to position herself so he could get a full view of everything she was doing. “Spread them wider,” he demanded. She could only do as he said. He could see the sunlight shimming off her juices. He wanted to touch her badly, so he extended his free hand to her and fingered her while she played with herself. As he brought her to ecstasy again, he could feel himself building up to the point of no return. She heard his breathing become more rapid and knew that this was it.

“I want to taste you,” she said. “Can I?”

He smiled, nodded, and she leaned over and covered the head of his cock with her mouth. Her tongue and warm, wet mouth felt incredible to him and he held out as long as he could. Releasing his cum into her mouth, he enjoyed one of the most intense orgasms he had had in a very long time. She swallowed him, all of him, and then rested her head on his stomach.

The sun was setting and the now calm ocean breeze brushed against their skin as they lay together on the sand, wishing that reality wouldn’t come knocking too quickly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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