She Toyed With Honey

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‘C’mon and have afternoon tea?’ Lisa slung the tea-towel prop she had chosen at the last minute, over her shoulder. She stood in her stiletto’s, legs apart with her leather gun holster strapped to her hip. He didn’t look up from his laptop.

‘Uh huh’

There was a pause

‘Wait…You cooked?’ At last his eyes left the screen and swept over her, taking in the full scene. Her coal-black hair fell in waves past her shoulders, her green eyes glittered with lust. She pressed her lush lips together, enjoying his appraisal. Liquid desire pooled between her thighs, making her grin back at him.

‘No’ Lisa was cool. She couldn’t cook, didn’t even want to. She just wanted this man to come in from the patio and make love to her.

‘You want me…’

She cut him off. Fuck this pussy-footing around. She had to be back on shift in three hours and was horny as hell.

‘Yes. Won’t you accompany me to the kitchen Officer? I’ll get you something’

Andy got up, obediently and there as no denying the bulge in his shorts.

‘I guess I can spare a few minutes away from this report. My head is going to explode’.

He padded towards her over the bricks.

‘Oh Andy, that’s not what I want exploding’

Before he could catch her up, Lisa turned on her heels, walking back into the house, her hips swaying. Andy lagged behind, drawing a deep breath and admiring the curve of her butt in her black mesh knickers as she moved, the gun holster hugging her thigh and those long, lushious legs in heels.

By the time he pulled the glass door closed she was poised in the kitchen, one cute butt cheek resting on the high counter, her legs apart. She had a jar in her hands.

‘Officer I was just hoping you would want a simple meal, I’m not so hungry myself but I’m sure I could force something down’. Her eyes were soft and her voice conveyed a smile.

Lisa undid the first few buttons of his uniform, until she could see a spray of fine, dark, springy hair on his chest. She dipped a finger into the open jar in her hand and smeared it on the tiny quarter of visible skin. For Andy, the sensation was almost painfully sticky as honey clung in his chest hair.

‘Honey?’ Andy questioned in disbelief. Lisa lowered her pretty head and used her tongue to clean the area, licking the exposed skin in light circles . Andy eyed the top of her head and his breathing quickened. Finally she stopped, lifted her head and met his mouth. Her full lips tasted of the skin-salt and honey. He almost bruised them in his eagerness to taste and feel the inner recesses of her hot, sweet mouth. If these first kisses were any indication of how aroused she was, by god she was ready for him.

At the thought, his heavy cock strained in his pants. Lisa unbuttoned more of his light blue shirt, parting it from his Yalova Escort chest so she could press the softness of her breasts against his chest. Her large milk-melons were imprisoned in a balconette bra of the finest black lace. The pert mounds threatened to overflow from their stays and Lisa’s aching nipples longed for his caress.

Andy needed little encouragement. Delighted, he unclipped her bra, whilst Lisa’s shaking hands crept to the buckle of his belt. He transferred the heat of his mouth to her areola, slipping and sucked with impassioned zest. Lisa felt her knees buckle and she gasped, struggling to maintain her own task.

She unzipped his fly and worked the edges of his boxers down, freeing his large cock. She ran an appreciative hand over the thickness of it, toying with his velvet skin. Lisa curled her fingers around his iron rod.

‘Stop it’ she breathed, unconvincing in her lusty haze. Abruptly he stopped caressing her breasts, Lisa thought the sudden lack of stimulation to her nipple was almost heartbreaking. He blew cool air on the slippery tip and she whimpered. Andy raised his head, wearing a mischievous grin.

‘Did you say something?’ The pupils of his eyes were large, his features overcome with lust.

Lisa pouted to avoid a response and kissed him. He could tell by her taste that she was aching for cock. Andy was curious as to why she would stall him? She gave him no immediate explanation, merely helped him out of what was left of his shirt and threw it to the floor. Next she slid off his pressed work pants, utility belt and boxers. They too were left in a puddle on the floor.

Lisa knelt on the rug, she kissed his thigh and Andy’s proud erection bounced in pleasure. She stuffed one hand into the honey jar and brought her sticky fingers to his cock, reaching around to curl her digits onto his hot flesh. He winced in pleasure and where he had been wearing a cheeky grin, the smile fell from his lips as he watched her in wonder.

On her haunches, before him, she still held his cock in one sticky hand, with the other she raised her dripping fingers to her lips and sucked, removing the sweet liquid with relish.

He eyed her with open lust.

Then, instead of leaning in and taking his aching member in her mouth like he had hoped, she shuffled backwards and sat herself on the rug, legs akimbo. The pink peach of her sex lay open. Andy thought he would break from the luxury of it, and to avoid pouncing on her and thrusting into her like a crazed youth, he let out a ragged sigh and raked one hand through his honey-brown hair.

He watched as she ran one of her newly-clean digits over the flesh of her sex, taking care to caress her labia before dipping in to to coat her clit in her own juices, teasing it gently. Andy stood transfixed as she swirled two Yalova Escort Bayan fingers, slipping them easily inside her dripping pussy. Lisa shuddered, she tipped her head back and Andy took a step towards her. She stopped him with one heeled foot.


Reluctantly, Lisa sat up. She saw that Andy was on tenterhooks. She returned her attention to his delectable penis and knelt once more, enjoying the taste of the cloying stickiness and most of all, his satisfied grunt as she took the tip in her mouth, greasing the head with her saliva like an ice-cream.

She released him soon after, closing her mouth, tasting him and the honey all at once. Andy’s hands went to her hair, gently urging her to resume her antics. She allowed him to guide her head until it was pressing her lips close to his cock. She made a show of keeping them closed.

He shifted in frustration and she let the moment last for a second longer, before engulfing his whole, glorious cock in her mouth, passing the tip down the back of her throat. He squirmed, he groaned and Lisa began to stroke, taking him out, clasping the base with one hand, slurping and slipping it all back in between her lips – like a greedy kid at the beach on a hot day, racing the sun to melting point.

She could feel Andy melting, he still had a hand in her hair and she responded to his suggestion of a rhythm as she thrust in and out, cleaning his member of all honey. By now Andy was shaking, he told her she was good, she was golden and somehow, his enlarged cock became even bigger.

Lisa knew if she kept this up he would blow.

Instead she clasped the base of his engorged dick, looking up through her hair and lashes to see his flushed, concentrated expression as he watched her. She stood up, leading him by his cock over to the coffee table before she finally let go. Lisa lowered her body onto the glass and splayed her legs, wordlessly asking him to return the favour.

He knelt, obligingly and licked at her labia. Sucking cock was a pass time Lisa adored so she was wet and ready, Andy had barely flicked a welcome tip of his tongue across her sex, one, two, three times before she erupted in orgasmic spasms. He took his cue from her pleasure, grabbing a nearby cushion from the sofa, quickly coming back to kneel with her splayed before him once more.

Andy placed his penis parallel with the flower of her sex. He remained poised, as though awaiting permission to enter. Lisa wriggled, shifting her hips so her juices covered his cock and it slid easily along her pussy, delightfully adding it’s weight to her lush slit. Lisa allowed the cock head to tease her clit in this way, sliding up and down. She whimpered.

Andy brought the head of his penis to rest at her opening, nothing more. He held on to the moment, gripping her thighs Escort Yalova to prevent her thrusting onto him. She wriggled in ecstasy and he let a further half an inch of his throbbing cock make it’s way inside her hot hole.

Teasing her in this way was making him sweat. He longed to close the distance and feel the meat of her sex envelope all of him. Instead, he sucked on a finger and leaned in to trace one nipple, which rose to attention, instantly. Lisa smiled in pleasure and grabbed at his big hand. She raised his forefinger to her lips and went about administering the same treatment she had lavished on his penis minutes before. Just barely inside her and holding his position, Lisa felt his manhood twitch. Knowing she drove him crazy was added incentive as she continued her tortuous sucking and cajoling.

Andy couldn’t stand the tension a moment longer, his cock began to bury itself agonizingly slowly into her depths. Once inside, Lisa squeaked in pleasure and he stroked for the first time, breaking the spell. Lisa writhed and moaned, going mad for it.

Again, Andy stroked and his fingered were treated to a sexy suckle, and she made her satisfied noises onto his digits. He took another stroke, holding her thighs this time to achieve maximum depth. Lisa cried out, his hand leaving the warmth of her lips, forgotten, as she reveled in the pleasure of finally feeling him fill her. Andy was rising to the challenge beginning to expertly fuck her as she had planned.

They made a rhythmn together, Lisa made sure to clench and unclench her pussy muscles and the beads of sweat on Andy’s forehead told her he was struggling to maintain control. Registering this, she pushed at his chest and despite being almost at the point of no return herself, clambered up.

She poured her frame invitingly over the back of the couch til her creamy breasts were crushed by the cushions, Andy feasted his eyes on her sweetness, splayed, red and ready for him to plunder. He pressed a kiss into her prone peach, taking Lisa by surprise, she shuddered and giggled.

Andy guided his cock home, burying himself in her, giving her a good, deep fuck. As he pounded, his thighs met her buttocks and she rocked, moaning. Her cries grew louder by the stroke and eventually he felt her climax. Andy drove into her softness again and again, thrusting deeply before finally allowing himself to unload.

Limp and exhausted they lay on the couch together, Andy kissed her mouth and she ran a hand through his hair.

‘I have to get back’ She said finally, softly ‘ The squad will be waiting for me to authorize those patrol cars for tonight’

Lisa sat up, Andy stroked the silky skin of her back. She arched like a cat. Reluctantly, she unbuckled her heels and got up, padding towards the bedroom. Andy put his arms lazily behind his head.

‘Ok Boss’ He said, as he watched her delectable arse leaving the room.

‘I guess I’ll see you at work’.

Andy looked up at the ceiling in her lounge room and grinned. Her cream still covered his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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