Shelly’s Twisted Tale

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It had been a hectic day. First my husband, Kevin calls, he had left his cell phone at home and needed me or Laurence to bring it down to his office along with his lucky golfing cap. He is now the C.E.O / general manager of the local Buick, Cadillac, GMC, Toyota dealership in town. He has put in a lot of hard work and long hours to get where he is and I’m very proud of him. My son Laurence was still working on breakfast and hadn’t dressed for school yet when I asked, “Hey, Laurence, can you quickly take your father his cell phone please?

I heard him groan and say, “I’d like to mom but I’ve got to get dressed for school and I told Nate and Paula I’d pick them up on my way to school and I don’t time to do both.”

Our daughter Katie, who was already up, dressed and had breakfast said, “I can do it mom.”

Looking at the time I said, “You don’t have time, the high school is on the other end of town from your father’s business. Now get in your car and head to school. It’s your senior year and you’ve had perfect attendance so far. Now get going.

Laurence was in his sophomore year at the University and had just turned 20. At times he could be quite the charming adult and others, he was still my little boy.

Giving him the ‘Look’, I said, “Just remember that, young man, the next time you want a new truck or another set of tires or fancy accessory for your truck. Not only do I have to take your father his phone and his baseball cap, he also wants me to pick up tickets for the monster truck show that’s coming to town next month. And did I mention that I’m supposed to have the closing papers written up and ready to be notarized for the Nelsons by 9:00 this morning? Did I?”

As he stood up in just his sweat pants, I couldn’t help but admire his physique. 6’8″, 260 lbs., size 16 shoes and not an ounce of fat. God he was gorgeous. I know it was wrong to look at him like that but he reminded me of some of the guys on the pornos that Kevin brought home. Of course, seeing him earlier this morning, walking around in his underwear and socks with his morning wood, getting me wet didn’t hurt either.

Laurence main interest was football. He lived and breathed it. He was an offensive lineman and had girls lined up just hoping he’d ask them out but he’d rather work out with Nate, his best friend. Nate’s sister, Paula, was more like one of the guys and would track the statistics for the them and also the team. A lot of girls hated Paula because they thought Laurence was tapping her but that sure wasn’t happening.

What no one knew was Laurence was only interested in his mother. He had the hots for her in the biggest way. He loved the way she’d walk around the house in her lingerie and nylons getting ready for work. Though lately he’d been getting some similar feelings from seeing his little sister when she’d come out in just her panties and bra or after a shower wearing just a white tee shirt over her wet body.

What those two fine ladies didn’t know was that Laurence had done was hide a dozen lipstick cameras in strategic locations that were being recorded on a computer he bought off a friend and he had hidden up in the attic for his later viewing. He’d spent many hours stroking his manhood to videos of his mother showering or even masturbating and lately even a few of his sister. He knew it was wrong but he loved it.

Grabbing his father’s phone and cap out of my hands, he said, “Fine, but if I’m late to school, you’ll have to write me an excuse note, alright?” Then he added sort of nicely, “Since you’re the most beautiful mom in town, could you pick up maybe 4 extra tickets for the monster truck show for me and my friends? Please.”

Smiling at him, I nodded and ran out the door, got in my car and headed to the office. I own a small independent real estate firm and do pretty well. Besides me, I have two sales associates, Norma and Bobbi and a receptionist, Gail. As I drove, my mind wandered to the past.

I met Kevin early during the first quarter of the ninth grade. It really was love at first sight. Honestly it was almost like something out of the movies. We saw each other and walked across the quad towards each other, ignoring everyone else until our hands touched. We didn’t speak for several minutes until my friend, Tara, poked me saying, “Don’t just stand there silly, say something.”

I giggled and said, “Um, hi. I’m Shelly and you are?”

He stammered a bit and eventually said, “Gosh, you’re really beautiful. I’m Kevin. May I get your phone number?” I gave it to him and never looked at another boy. Kevin was the only boy I dated. My mother was very upset and told me that I should be dating others so that I could have a good idea of what was out there but I was too much in love. Kevin was two years older than I.

That year was a rough one for Kevin. His father ran a logging business and an early snow storm stopped work. Karl, being the bull-headed guy, he was, decided he was going to ride his snowmobile up and get his loaded truck down from the mountains gaziantep minyon escort bayan for some extra Christmas cash. As he drove his rig down the icy mountain road, a group of jeeps were heading up and Karl hit the brakes which jackknifed his truck, sliding it off the mountain. He went down about 300′ and his cab hit a stand of trees and the load of logs crushed him like somebody stepping on a bug. There wasn’t much cheer in the Beckham household that Christmas.

That spring, Jeri, Kevin’s mom, sold off all his father’s equipment to a guy from Montana, the mysterious Lou. I say mysterious because for some reason, even though Kevin told me he would come to town almost every other week to see Jeri, I never got to meet him.

The Easter before my graduation, we were at Kevin’s mom’s home for dinner and after dinner, Kevin and I were sitting on the front porch swing talking. I really wasn’t expecting it but suddenly Kevin stood up as if to stretch, then he turned to face me and knelt down in front of me and reaching into his pocket, pulled out a ring box and opened it. I gasp, holding my hands over my mouth.

Solemnly Keven said, “Shelly Marie Porter, would you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Kevin Mathew Beckham?”

Tears streamed down my face as I nodded and said yes, flinging my arms around his neck. Our reverie was interrupted by a loud cheering coming from inside and I turned to see the entire family looking at us through the front room windows. They came pouring out congratulating us. Kevin is the youngest child, he has two older brothers and two older sisters, all are married with children of their own. They wanted pictures and we took a lot.

Crystal, Kevin’s oldest sister, asked us, “So when’s the wedding you two?” We looked at each other and I said, “I don’t know. How about as soon as we can get our wedding license?”

I rushed home and grabbed my mother around the waist. Then waving my ring finger under her face I said, “Guess what? I’m getting married. Will you come to the court house with me and sign so we can get our license and be married right after graduation? Otherwise, I have to wait until the end of June when I turn 18.”

Mom pulled away from me and quite curtly said, “No, I won’t sign for you. I don’t think you are ready to get married. You haven’t experienced life yet. You’re still a child, besides I want you to go to college and if you get married, you’ll probably do something stupid like get pregnant, if you’re not already.”

I screamed, “Mom, how could you? I’m still a virgin. Kevin is too. We’re waiting for marriage to give ourselves to one another. I can still go to college if I’m married. Kevin has his classes to finish up and my college counselor has lined up classes for me. I’m studying business management, real estate and brokerage law. Kevin and I have this all planned out.” Mom just walked away, refusing to talk to me about it.

I called Kevin and told him we’d have to wait until the 28th of June to get married as that was my birthday. He looked at the calendar and said, “How about we make it the 29th, that’s a Saturday. That way our friends and family can be there with us.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, “no wonder I love you so much. You’re always thinking of others, more than of yourself.”

Later that evening, as I was going through the pictures on my phone, I thought it odd, that Kevin was the smallest of his family, well other than his mother. Ben and Rocky towered over him, barrel-like chests and beefy arms, like Karl. Even Crystal and Roz were a good 4″ taller than Kevin. I thought I’d ask Jeri about that one day.

In early May, Kevin was my date to my senior prom. My mother was being a royal pain and I ended up buying a dress from a consignment store and adding some trim to make it mine. I did buy a clutch purse and some lovely heels to go with the dress though when Kevin saw me, he balked a little because now I was taller than he was.

For being no help, my mother insisted that she take several pictures of us so she could send them to her friends and our relatives as if to take credit for my dress.

In the middle of her picture taking, our house phone rang and she went in to answer it. Kevin turned to me and whispered in my ear, “Shelly, I love you more than anything. We’re going to be married in a little over a month. Rocky has rented us a hotel room and I want us to go there after the prom. Would you please go there with me? We could tell your mother we’re going out to breakfast with our friends.”

I loved Kevin so much that I was willing to give up my virginity to him before marriage. When my mom came back, she finished taking her pictures and I casually mentioned to her that we might be a little late as some of us were having breakfast after the dance. She just smiled and said, “Have fun dear.” Little did she know what fun we were planning on having.

That night the dance was magic. I floated in Kevin’s arms. He was nizip escort bayan whispering in my ear things he wanted to do to me. When I was using the girls bathroom when I overheard two girls talking about going with their boyfriends to a motel and the one said, “I’m afraid if my parents find out, they’ll file statutory rape charges against my boyfriend.”

The other girlfriend smiled and said, “They can’t, two years ago, the state legislature changed the law so now the legal age of consent is 16, so sweetie, go fuck his brains out.”

I found myself getting so wet that went out and found Kevin and said, “Honey, let’s get out of here. I don’t know about you but I’m ready.”

We drove over to Rocky’s place and Kevin went in. Quickly he came out, holding two plastic cards in a sleeve with the room number on it. Holding them high out the window he shouted, “To us!” as he sped towards the hotel.

Once in the room, I wished Kevin had given me some advanced notice so I could have packed a sexy nightie. Kevin put some music on and we danced and made out, Then Kevin slowly unzipped my dress. I was so nervous but I also wanted to give myself to him so much too.

Being my first time, I wasn’t sure how to proceed. After my dress fell to the floor, he moved it to the chair and removed his coat before returning to me. When he did, I began to unbutton his shirt as he caressed my body. I ran my hands up his bare chest then down to his trousers, where I unsnapped them and pulled his zipper down. As his pants fell to the floor, he kicked off his shoes and pants towards the chair and was standing in front of me in just his boxers, me in my bra and panties.

Kevin began kissing my neck and nibbling on my ears, sending electric shocks throughout my body as his fingertips lightly brushed over my skin, ending at my cleft. My hands instinctively caressed his face then fell slowly to his crotch, feeling the heat from the bulge in his boxers as his fingers found the wetness in my crotch.

Pulling me to him, he unfastened my bra and began suckling my nipples, causing my body to tingle from head to toe. I couldn’t wait and pulled him onto the bed. Kevin had me move to the center of the bed and he pulled down my panties then quickly removed his boxers. He kissed me deeply, our tongues entwined so lovingly, as he pressed his body to mine. I could feel his hardness pressing against my womanhood and wanted him so badly. Then Kevin began kissing my breasts, and slightly biting them until I had to stop him. He was getting a little rough. He moved downward.

As he got to my pussy, I could hardly wait. My girlfriends had tried to describe what it was like when a guy goes down on them and I wanted Kevin to pleasure me to nirvana. As he began licking, it was Ok but I kept waiting for the ‘big’ one. It felt like it was going to happen but that that moment never arrived. After a few minutes, Kevin moved up and tried to guide his manhood into my waiting pussy. I stopped him and asked about protection as I wasn’t on the pill. Kevin reluctantly put on a condom that Rocky had provided for him. Thankfully he had given him a box.

After getting it on, he slid in without hardly any restriction. I started to feel something building and figured that this was going to be a nice orgasm. I had been masturbating for about a year and wanted him to give me a good one. Way too soon, Kevin grunted and shot off into his sheathed cock.

“Sorry,” he said, “Give me a few minutes and we’ll try again.” I felt empty and disillusioned. True to his word, in about 20 minutes we were at it again, only this time, I got on top and I was able to find the right spot to get myself to cum on his cock. Kevin was less than 6″ which was Ok but I figured out that that boy was going to need a lot of training to become a good lover.

All too soon, we had to dress and Kevin took me home. My mother was asleep and probably wouldn’t have known what time I had gotten home. If only I had known.

We would fuck quite often, out in the woods or in the back of his car once our cherries were broken. It was a fun experience for both of us.

The day I graduated, Jeri called and asked me to come to lunch with her the following day as she had business in town and to meet her at the Cold Creek Inn at 11:30. I said I would. She sounded mysterious. The next day I was there at the appointed hour. Jeri was sitting in a corner booth, nervously twirling the straw in her iced tea. “Hi, Jeri, What’s up?” I said.

Mustering her courage, Jeri said, “I know Kevin wants to hold your wedding in our back yard with the reception to follow but I’m going to have to back out. I’ve made arrangements with the pastor of my church to hold the wedding at the garden at the church and the reception in the assembly hall. It’s already paid for so that’s not going to be a worry for you kids. I hope you can get Kevin to forgive me.”

I asked her, “What’s going on?”

Jeri looked towards the ceiling as if to nurdağı escort bayan find the words and finally said, “It’s Lou. He’s sending a truck tomorrow so we can load all my things. I’m moving to Montana to be with him. He’s asked me to marry him. I don’t like living alone and he fills the void that Karl left. The girls are kind of pissed at me because of the grandkids but the boys think it’s great. In fact, Lou has offered them jobs with his company and they’re going to come up and give it a try. The girls do think I deserve happiness, they just don’t like me moving away. I have listed the house and a realtor is staging the house on Friday and they’re doing an open house this weekend. What I need is for you to break the news to Kevin. He’s my baby and I’m afraid this is going to kill him. He needs to be out before Friday. Please be gentle, will you?”

I reached for her hand and said, “Yes, mom, I will. We just want you happy and if this is what you want, then go for it.” We then ordered our lunch and I had to decide how to break the news to Kevin.

After finishing our lunch, I reached for her hands again and held them tightly, I said after taking a deep breath, “Ok, my turn. I have to ask this question. Will you tell me why Kevin is so much smaller than his brothers and sisters? I know that Kevin says it’s just a genetics thing but it’s they’re facial features, their body structure, all of it. Kevin isn’t like any of them. Tell me, what gives?

Jeri pulled back her hands to her chest, eyes searching her plate as if the answer was somehow resting there before her. I could see her visibly shaking and I moved over next to her and placed my arm around her as she cried into my shoulder for a good 5 minutes before looking up.

“Promise me!” Jeri said, “Promise me, promise me; you’ll never tell a living soul what I’m about to tell you. Can you promise me that?”

Holding her tightly I said, “I promise you; I will never tell. Cross my heart.”

Trembling, Jeri softly said, “It was early in Karl’s business. Things had been rough going. He had two logging trucks then and the new one, at least it was the one we just bought, kept breaking down. We had the four kids then and were living on hot dogs, rice and beans and occasionally food bags from my family. Unfortunately, Karl just hated it when they’d bring us a bag of food saying that it was his job to feed us. The trouble was he was working 10 to 12 hours a day, then spending 10 hours fixing the trucks which wasn’t leaving any time for the family or me. Sometimes he would sneak away to the bar / liquor store across the highway when he said he was getting parts.”

“Karl loved to trade and somehow, he traded an old snowmobile for an old rifle, then he traded the old rifle for a pickup truck then the pickup truck for a rebuilt motor for his logging truck. Once he got the rebuilt motor in this truck, it ran like a top and to celebrate, Karl bought a big bottle of scotch.”

“By the time I got home from my job, I found Karl in the temporary tarp building with Tami from the liquor store, his hand around her waist and he had lipstick on his cheek. Between her and Karl they had drank almost half that bottle and were both stinking drunk. I yelled at him. I said, “Karl Beckham, how could you? I could have bought a week’s groceries for what you paid for that bottle. Did you take that money out of our household account? Did you?” Tami made a hasty retreat.”

“Leaning against the pole holding up the rain tarp, he slurred, “It’s my money too, bitch. Now that this truck is running, I can make ten times that in a day.”

“What did you call me? Did you call me a bitch?” I screamed, as I slapped him, quickly backing away.”

“Karl took a swing at me with the bottle, and in the process only succeeded in smashing his scotch or so I thought. With a look of rage, he lunged at me but luckily, I was able to side step him and he fell into the mud. Running as fast as I could, I knew I needed to get to some place safe. Karl could kick ass on almost everyone I knew. The only one I could think of to save me was someone with a gun and that was my older brother Andy.”

“I ran to Andy’s house, hoping with all my might that he was home and when I saw his police cruiser outside my heart sprang out with joy. Hearing the pounding on his front door, Andy pulled his service revolver and jumped out of bed and went to the door and carefully opened it. I rushed to his arms and he asked me, “Why the change of perfumes, Jeri?”

“I was sobbing so hard all I could get out was “Karl”, so Andy got a towel and tried to soak up some of blood pouring from the side of my head along with the remainder of the scotch and then got an ice pack for my head. Then he got his camera and took pictures of the knot on my head as evidence.”

“Andy’s wife had divorced him a couple of years earlier because she couldn’t take the hours, police have to work, so he was alone now. He went into his bedroom and came back with a soft robe she left. He told me, “Go take a long hot shower, then we’ll talk, Ok? I nodded.”

“As I exited the bathroom, Andy took my clothes and put them in the wash. He had built a fire and made us some grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Sitting in front of the fire, after enjoying the meal, he asked me, So what’s going on with you and Karl? I told him about finding Karl with Tami and his attacking me.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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