Shifting Gears Ch. 23-24

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Chapter 23 — Party Again

I was tying the plane down in its regular parking space. I thought the flight had gone well, but I wasn’t sure what my passenger had thought. He had the best poker face ever. The FAA Examiner was still seated in the passenger seat going over some kind of paper work on his clipboard. Just before I got out, I could see he’d been jotting down individual scores for the various maneuvers he’d had me do.

The passenger door finally opened, and the stocky man got out. He was smiling. He came over to me, “Miss Brianna Ashley Porter, I am pleased to tell you that you passed your Private Pilot’s Flight Test with flying colors.” He chuckled at his bad pun.

He held out a piece of paper to me. “Here is your temporary license. You’ll get a wallet-size version in the mail from the FAA in a few weeks. I recommend that you continue your training for at least an instrument rating. Never stop learning or improving. Your precision is very good as well as your practical knowledge.”

I sputtered, “Oh, I intend to do keep going. A friend owns a Gulfstream 650ER, and he wants me to keep working my way up the ladder of ratings and such until I’m qualified to fly it for him.”

The Examiner smiled. “I look forward to seeing you along that journey. Within the limitations of your rating, I’d fly with you anywhere. You have the right attitude.”

I handed over the check I’d already written to pay for the exam. He just tucked it in his pocket and we walked into the Drake FBO office together. I’d wait for Deke to return from giving another lesson to show him my accomplishment. I felt expansively proud of what I’d done.

* * * * *

Deke followed me home in his car after he was finished that day. He was pleased that his first civilian student had passed the flight test with such high scores. I’d done equally well on the written test. I was driven to be a good student.

At the condo, I found a celebration for me. Somehow, some of the group had gotten a call from Deke that I’d passed the flight test. There was a large sheet cake with a cartoon character of me and a small plane on one distorted corner of the cake made to look like I’d plowed into the earth icing with my small plastic plane.

Besides Deke and Owen, Sheri, Luke, Maryann, Jake, Sean, Susan, Brent, and Roz were there. Owen had laid in enough food for twice as many for dinner. We all had pulled pork barbecue sandwiches with baked beans, and a few other country favorites.

Owen and Sheri both stood and made a few remarks about how timid I’d been when they met me almost two years earlier, and how far I’d come in terms of breaking out of my shell. I think Brent and Roz were surprised to hear the comments, because they’d only ever seen the ‘new me’.

Owen and I had enjoyed several other evenings of lovemaking with Brent and Roz since they first welcomed us to the condo building. I continued to enjoy Brent’s unique abilities, and also discovered that he had cuckold tendencies regarding Roz.

I could get Brent revved up with dirty talk to him about what was happening with Roz and Owen; for instance, how Owen’s cock fit so perfectly in her snug little pussy, and how she relished having that cock in there all the time, or how much jizz Owen was about to leave in her twat. I’d become pretty proficient at ‘dirty talk’, so I just directed it to their situation.

I’d cleared Brent and Roz’s attendance at the next party with Jake and Maryann, only they didn’t know it. Brent and Roz didn’t even know that they were the hosts or who they were beyond a few of my friends.

From their attitude and the way Roz was dressed, I guessed that they were hoping for some action with us that night. I figured they might get more action than they expected if they hung around. It would be unusual for this group to break-up for the night before at least one round of sex.

If Brent or Roz weren’t interested, they could easily stroll about fifty feet from our front door to their front door, and be home in another, perhaps safer and less sexual environment.

After dinner and pieces of cake, there was a quick effort on cleanup. I knew that Jake was now worth over a billion dollars, yet he carried dishes and leftovers to the kitchen and worried about the overflowing trash can for us. He took the trash out to the dumpster. He was my kind of guy.

I said a few words to Deke about Roz, and her new status in our lives. He obviously liked her; they’d talked for a bit before and during dinner. I suggested he put the make on her after dinner, and he did. It was fun to watch.

Deke was a divine kisser. It was a combination of his soft lips, his masculine aroma, and his gentle touches that just instantly won a girl over and made her wet for more. Roz was an easy score for him. As some of the others at our gathering started to make out, he corralled Roz onto his lap, and the sex was just about on autopilot from there.

I could see Roz swoon over their escort izmir first couple of kisses. I had pegged her as an easy score by then. When she came up for air, I saw the look in her eye. She wanted Deke fried, scrambled, and over easy.

The other bit of matchmaking that I did was to aim Sheri and Brent. I wanted him to have the experience of being with a super-hot woman, especially one that had been my mentor and role model. I told Sheri that he had a unique ability that would show up.

I also talked to Brent and aimed him at Sheri. I told him that he had to demonstrate to her his ability to have orgasm after orgasm without much of a recovery period and without even withdrawing from her pussy. He liked the way I thought. He sat with her at dinner and the two bonded.

By his own admission, Brent was a minuteman on his first orgasm, and then he got down to the business of serious fucking I watched Sheri’s face as he came inside her only a few minutes after they got started. She was disappointed but tried to hide it, but then he kept going. She looked surprised and happy. The longer he went, the wider her smile got.

Sheri popped off her own bit of pleasure with Brent. He was about her age, but she had a great deal more experience. None of that experience prepared her for his second cum, and then his continued pumping into her for a third and then a fourth round of sex. He was still going strong and looked very happy that he was pleasuring her.

Luke and I had fucked nearby, and then I’d made sure he and Roz were together for the next round. I took advantage of that to tease Brent in a bit of a cuckold way. I wasn’t so much as trying to humiliate him as to get him turned on more.

“Brent, can you see Roz. She’s fucking another man now. She got fucked by Deke, and he filled her pussy with his potent baby batter. Now, Luke is about to fuck her. He just fucked me, and it was really good. He understands a woman’s body. Do you think she’ll fuck all the men here tonight? Oh, that would be so great, wouldn’t it? She’d be loaded with cum for you to cleanup and have all those big cocks pumping into her with love and affection. She really seems to like other cocks, doesn’t she? I guess she’s showing her true colors as a hot wife slut.”

Jake found me. He’d been fucking Susan in his first round and now wanted me. I hoped that Maryann hadn’t changed her attitude about their extracurricular sex. She was fucking Deke just then.

Luke carried Roz over to our kitchen island, and set her on the edge of the counter. He plowed into her pussy with his hard shaft, and I think she had another orgasm on that move alone. They were putting on quite a show as he got wound up.

Owen and Sheri were in the midst of all of us. She rode his masculine body in the reverse cowgirl position, so that we could all see his cock entering and extracting from her body. She liked to show-off like that and had me sometimes doing the same thing.

I watched Brent with Maryann. I think he’d already cum three times in her, and she was extolling his virtues as they continued. I wondered where he stored all the cum that he was leaving behind.

Roz resurrected Jake after he tried to override my birth control pills with his seed. When she succeeded, he informed Brent that he was going to fuck his wife, and then proceeded to do so only about six feet away. I could tell that Brent was hyper-aroused by seeing Jake’s cock sink into Roz.

Deke fucked Susan, and I could see the glimmer of some romance there. Deke would love to tie me up, but he knew I’d resist that, particular after moving in with Owen and maintaining my ‘fuck all’ lifestyle. He could see that I wasn’t even allowing Owen, my steady bedmate, to tie me down in a long-term relationship.

Eventually, the evening broke up. I orchestrated Jake and Maryann personally inviting Brent and Roz to the House Party in ten days. They were very happy about that, and asked all the right questions about what to bring. Jake’s normal answer was something like, ‘What ever you’d like to drink, although there’ll be plenty of everything there. By the way, arrive hungry.”

* * * * *

Brent and Roz carpooled with Owen and me to Jake’s party on a Saturday night, as usual. The men looked sharp, and Roz and I were in hot cocktail dresses that showed off our legs, ass, and cleavage. As we parked, I noted that some of the outdoor tables and folding chairs for the upcoming wedding were under tarps beside Jake’s mansion. The wedding was to be the following Saturday.

Brent and Roz were blown away by the large home, and then the furnishing and decorating. Maryann proudly showed them around the house, also commenting on the best places to fuck depending on weather and the extent to which they wanted to be exhibitionists.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the Denver contingent at the party. Jake had sent his private jet to Denver to bring them to the party, and they’d fly back in a day or so the same way. Mike, Grace, izmir escort bayan Chad, Candy, and Connie gave the same welcome to Owen and me that a puppy seeing its master after a day away would do. I felt well-loved by the group.

I also hadn’t seen Derek and Allie for well over a month. We all hugged and kissed. Allie seemed more sophisticated and older than when I’d first met her and she was a high school student — well, she’d just graduated and was starting college very soon.

I watched to be sure that Brent and Roz were okay on their own, and they just blended into the large group of people scattered around the house and patio, instantly making friends. Roz, the cheerleader-type, was front and center as they moved around.

I talked with Marsha, Blake, Aaron, and Sarah about what was going on at Knightsbridge. The quick version of that conversation is that on Monday I was to go by their offices to discuss a sole-source contract for my services. Apparently, since Sheri, Maryann, and I had left, they were shorthanded with skills in our areas. That was good; we’d go back to work for them as outside contractors and make more money than when we were there.

As usual, Jake and Maryann had laid in a great meal. There were caterers manning his large barbecue and a large spread of wonderful side dishes. I couldn’t think of anything I would have added.

During the evening, I learned of several others in Jake’s circle of friends who were also pilots. They were intrigued that since getting my license only a few weeks earlier, that I’d already gotten well along in my instrument rating. I wanted that rating because it would make me a safer pilot.

I stood with Brent and Roz at one point as the sexual part of the evening was just starting. I simultaneously teased Brent and challenged Roz. “Roz, why don’t you take on a challenge to fuck eight new men tonight. Get that little pussy of yours full of some new cock.”

I turned to Brent, “You’d like to see that, wouldn’t you? Your hot little slut wifey moving from one new cock to another — people she’s never fucked before. You know you’d probably spontaneously have an orgasm whenever you saw her with a new man.”

Brent chuckled. “Brie, you understand exactly how to turn me on and tease me. You never disrespect me, but you sure challenge my sensibilities. Most other men with wife as hot as Roz would never let her out in public, and certainly not near this sea of sex sharks that want to fuck her.”

I grabbed Kevin as he strolled by. “Kevin, I don’t think you’ve met Roz. She’s one of my new neighbors, and somebody that you should really get to know quite intimately over the next hour.”

Kevin broke into a large smile, and so did Roz. They did a speed dating thing for five minutes, and then strolled off towards the patio together.

Brent said, “Does that mean that you and I are going to make love?”

I shook my head. “I’m too much of a known for you. We’ll save that for when we’re home and horny on a non-party night.” I looked around and at the bar, I saw Connie just finishing a glass of wine. I led Brent over to her.

“Connie, if you’re not spoken for over the next hour, I think you and Brent here could have a pleasurable time.” I did a little more of an introduction and then backed away from them, right into the arms of guy named Cord that I liked.

Cord led me to a chaise near the deep end of the pool. We slowly stripped each other’s clothes away as we kissed and stroked each other’s bodies. He asked, “When we’ve did this a couple of months ago, you were already warmed up and had fucked other men. I need to know how to warm you up so you’re happy the rest of the night. What kind of foreplay do you like?” He sounded really sincere and serious about pleasuring me, unlike a few others at the party.

I leaned in and licked up his neck. “Body contact. Fingers in holes, mouths on pussies and cock, and lots of romantic and sexual words, that’s what warms me up.”

Cord grinned, “Then, I’m your man.” His whole body seemed to wrap around mine as we started kissing. This man liked his tongue and lips everywhere on my body. I couldn’t remember anybody making love to my armpits before, but Cord did and it was sexy as all fuck.

I realized that Allie was fucking a man I only knew as Ken next to us. She looked really worked up. I tossed out, “Hey, Allie, am I still mentoring you?”

She moaned, “Oh, God, yes. Please help me break out of my old mold.”

“It looks like you’re doing all right, but I have a suggestion. Why don’t you and Ken go and make love on the hood of one of the cars parked in the street. See what taking a big risk of being caught is like.”

I heard the sharp intake of breath by both of them, and then Ken laughed. He said, “Come on. You want to be an exhibitionist. Fucking in public is part of the curriculum.”

The two stood, naked, and walked away holding hands, heading for the side of the house and the street that Jake’s house was on.

Cord and I took izmir escortlar our time. I then made love with Mike, and then Chad, wishing with each of them that I needed to spend more time in Denver. In several phone calls I’d told them that I’d moved in with Owen, but that nothing else had changed about either of our availabilities for romantic and sexual evenings.

The chaise next to us sudden got occupied by Skye and Luke. Skye was the full-time flight attendant on Jake’s corporate jet. We smiled at each other, and I knew that both of us wanted some time together for both talk and for some female-female sex.

I’d learned that when Skye wasn’t in the plane, she had started to serve as the Concierge at Jake’s home. He increasingly had guests staying there, and tasked Skye to help Maryann as hostess. Skye had her hands full. She was also being trained as part of the security staff so she could backup Susan.

Jake’s constant other female presence was Susan –his primary bodyguard. She described herself as eye candy to the outside world. She was just part of Jake’s retinue. If he was out in public, there was also a man named Ari who’d been with the Mossad for almost two decades. He was as solid as a brick wall, armed to the teeth, and knew six different martial arts. He was the ‘public’ bodyguard. Susan was the sleeper, and the hidden backup. She was equally as deadly.

Ari didn’t live in the house with Jake. Together with Susan, he orchestrated the coverage in the house as well as the overall security systems. Susan had an apartment over the garage, but usually joined Jake and Maryann in their bed.

One thing I knew about Jake’s house was that there were hordes of weaponry stored in secret compartments throughout the house. Jake, Skye, Susan, Ari, and the others on the security corps knew every hidden compartment under a table, behind some curtains, behind a painting, in a credenza, or in a bedside table, and could bring a massive amount of fire power to bear in under ten seconds. There were also gas masks, knives, and even a cross-bow tucked away.

I cuddled up with Mike after our round of lovemaking. I caught up on what he and Grace had been doing and how his business was faring. He mentioned that he’d recommended Owen and me for separate jobs to friends in the Denver area. That earned him a kiss.

He told me that he, Grace, Chad, and Candy had worried about Connie feeling like odd-man-out when they got together. Consequently, the four of them had lined up a dashing slightly older man to join their quintet. Tom was going to be ‘auditioned’ the following weekend.

I asked, “And Connie is going along with this? She wasn’t high on being linked to any particular man as I recall.”

Mike nodded, “She said so long as they’re not expected to be a ‘couple’ she’s okay with the arrangement. He’s going to be like she is, an independent open-minded individual that enjoys an evening of carnal pleasures with friends occasionally.”

I shrugged, “Whatever. I look forward to meeting him.”

“Chad, Grace, and I interviewed him. We showed him pictures of Connie, Candy, Owen, and you. I think you helped seal the deal. I gave him a thumbnail sketch of you and your work, too. He was very impressed.”

“You should have brought him with you tonight. There are more women than men here tonight. He could help sate the horny masses.”

Mike laughed, “Sometime in the future. We still need to see how he is with our group. Of course, if you can be out there for that weekend, you have a place to stay and a warm bed or two.”

“Tempting offer. What if I brought company?”


“I was thinking of trying to talk Jake and Maryann into flying out there and bringing us. It’d be a lot easier than commercial flights.”

“I thought they were getting married next weekend?”

“They are, but they’re not taking much a honeymoon until they can get better organized. I think that a core group of us are going to be included when they go. Maryann is thinking they’ll take a bunch of us to Europe somewhere.”

“Nice friends,” Mike chuckled. “I need to up my game.”

“Hey, you got to fly here in Jake’s new toy.”

“We did, and we even joined the Mile-High Club. Skye suggested it after we got up to altitude. She didn’t participate but guaranteed our privacy.”

I laughed, “The plane has cameras all over it. It’s all recorded, plus the pilots and jump seat where Skye sits can all watch what’s going on.”

“Damn! I knew it was too good to be true. I’ll have to find her later and say something.”

“She can get you a copy of the video, if you ask nicely.”

“Oh, goody. Maybe I’ll get several and give them out as Christmas gifts.”

“Put me on your Christmas list. You know I’m a first-class voyeur. So’s Owen.”

I walked around the house after our cuddle. I found Brent nearly exhausted as he went back and forth between Marsha and Sarah. They were both leaking his cum. He looked up at me.

“How’re you doing, Brent?”

“I’ve never cum so much. My balls are sore, but this is so much fun.”

“Where’s Roz?”

He shrugged. “Trying to fuck ten new guys or whatever you challenged her to do.” I thought I’d said eight. Roz may have upped the number.

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