Shiraz – The First Taste

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A dream girl, a fantasy come true. Long in the planning but definitely slow in the execution. These are all thoughts flashing through your mind as you watch her closely.

There she is, sitting on the sofa, in your hotel room, next to you, sipping a nice glass of Shiraz and chatting away. The wine causes a warm feeling to run down through her body, she starts feeling that familiar warm feeling spread through her, she strokes your face and starts kissing you. You circle her slim waist with your arm and pull her closer to you, she ends up straddling you, her warm thighs pressing against yours on either side where she has drawn her knees up. In the movement her skirt has hiked up high on her perfect thighs, you place your hands carefully upon the exposed warmth and she moans into your mouth. Kissing you hard with her soft lips, you can taste the wine she’s been drinking. It’s been a while since you saw her last and you can’t wait for what you know is coming.

You start kissing her neck and, moving your hands from her thighs you unbutton her blouse, she’s wearing a lacy cream coloured bra, you reach behind her and release the catch, running your fingers down her back and unzipping her skirt. In a flash she bounces off of her position on to of you, stepping out of her skirt and sliding off her blouse and bra she pauses for a second for you to get a glimpse of her thin lace knickers, so thin that you can clearly see the outline of her mound and the thin strip of hair which she left just above her clit. In an instant she is back on your lap, her knees again folded up on the couch and the crotch of her panties carefully placed squarely over the rapidly growing tent in the front of your pants.

You begin caressing her breasts, you love her breasts, they are not very large but they are firm and stand out pertly with pink tipped nipples. Gently you squeeze them, catching her nipples between your fingers and gently squeezing them too, causing them to darken and harden as they become fully erect under your touch. You stop kissing her lips, moving down kissing her neck, her bare shoulders, down to her breasts, you circle the nipples with your tongue and start sucking and licking them. She sighs as your warm lips caress her now swollen areolas, teasing them, feeling them pucker up and become rigid under your tongue. The way she was sitting, her thighs wide spread on either side of you she could feel the hard bulge in your pants pressing against the thin fabric of her damp panties where they covered the now swollen, wet lips of her aroused pussy. Teasingly she presses her wet heat downward against you, rocking back and forth.

Each time you suck a nipple hard into your mouth she moans and presses her mound harder against your stiff member, the sensation is driving you wild as the pace of your nipple sucking increased and her hips bucked wildly against your cock. Suddenly she stops and stands up, takes you by the hand to the sofa and sits down on it. You lay her back on the sofa, you can see the wetness seeping through her panties as you reach down and slide olgun porno them off, taking her hand, she thinks you are going to do the obvious thing and put it on your ever growing cock but instead you place it between her own legs. You want her to perform for you while you are getting undressed!

With the one hand she is stroking those gorgeous breasts, squeezing her nipples, with the other she dips her finger into her juicy wet hole and starts rubbing her clit hard and fast. She has her long shapely legs wide apart, knees bent, one leg slung over the back of the sofa and one foot on the floor so you get a really good view of her engorged lips as they start to redden and swell with excitement, you can see her juices building up and dribbling down as she is making herself cum whilst looking you straight in the eye!

You are now naked and very very hard, your thick rod standing out proudly. The head swollen and thick with a drop of glistening pre-cum on the tip. You come over and stand within reach so she can grab your cock hungrily and start sucking you, she is pumping the shaft while giving you a good hard sucking. You feel the tip of her tongue giving the head and tip of your cock some extra attention, running her tongue up and down the length while sucking you at the same time. She can start to taste your juices and works even harder on you, trying to make you come

Then there is a knock at the door, its room service! What were you thinking? You put on a robe and answer the door. She ignores it thinking you are getting rid of them, wondering why the hell you didn’t just leave it, crazy man, she nearly had you ready to blow as well! But, its room service of a different kind! In walks this stunning brunette with a rather big bag, big breasts and a sexy look in her eye.

You exchange a few words and without any explanation you strip your robe off indicating to Shiraz girl to suck you again. Meanwhile Room Service girl has stripped down to her black g string and push up bra.

Shiraz girl, a little confused, but the wine has made her fuzzy so she does as requested and takes you in hand again, licking your cock, teasing the tip with her tongue. You are stroking her hair and her neck, sometimes reaching down to her breasts. Suddenly she feels a warm hand easing her legs apart and it’s not yours! It’s the other girl, she stops momentarily to work out what is going on but you push her face back onto your cock.

Room Service has now slipped two fingers inside Shiraz’s pussy and starts to lick and suck her clit, she has never had this happen to her with a girl and is going to go through the roof with a mixture of shock and pleasure, she lets out a muffled moan. You are loving it, watching a girl going down on her, Room Service slides in three fingers and fucks Shiraz’s with them while still licking and sucking her clit, you feel her starting to shudder , its so intense when she cums that her back arches and she moans loudly. You can’t hold back any longer and you cum, shooting hot torrents of cum over her tongue and porno her face, it dribbles down her chin.

Your body is throbbing. While you clean yourself up the two girls go and settle on the bed, positioning themselves with their open pussies facing each other. Room Service gets a toy out from her bag, its a large rubber double ended dildo, she slides it into Shiraz’s gaping wet hole, even though she’s so wet and ready for anything it still feels massive as Room Service is pushing it in. Room Service is fucking it in and out of Shiraz while she is lying there murmuring “oh my god!” again and again.

You are having a drink and watching the action, occasionally giving her directions, you tell them to kiss, Room Service moves round and while she is fucking Shiraz with the toy leans over they start kissing, their lips look soft and their kisses look amazing, they are exploring each others mouths with their tongues, really kissing each other passionately, you long to be there in the middle of it all but you force yourself to stay where your are. You tell Room Service to work on Shiraz’s breasts, she moves down and starts licking and sucking the hot pink nipples. She then looks at you as if asking permission, and slips off her g string, exposing the smooth shaven lips of her swollen pussy. Room Service gets onto the bed and eases the other end of the toy inside her. They are slowly fucking each other, so you can see it sliding in and out of them, their juices mingling together, their breasts rubbing against each other, they are kissing again and with a bit of encouragement from you Shiraz starts to feel raunchy Room Service girl’s breasts.

Shiraz reaches out and starts to explore another girl’s breasts for the first time. She strokes them, they feel soft and she love the texture, their roundness, she’s hesitant at first, squeezing the nipples, then harder. Shiraz runs her fingertips down Room Service’s back, it felt so good to feel the curves of another woman, she could feel Room Service starting to tense up and feel the waves of orgasm running through her body.

You are hard again, aching and dying to join in, you come over to the bed. You position Shiraz over Room Service, the dildo still firmly planted inside both their pussies. You move in behind Shiraz and tell her you want to watch her licking the other girl out. Normally she would have been a bit unsure and scared having never done it before, but orgasm after orgasm has made her feel so revved up and horny with the wine taking away some of her usual inhibitions. You reach in under Shiraz and take hold of the thick rubber dildo which is still inside her tight opening, gently pulling, you slowly remove the toy, feeling her juices flow from deep inside her. She lifts her hips and parts her thighs further, offering her dripping pussy to you. At the same time Room Service is positioning herself with her knees lifted high and her thighs wide apart, anticipating Shiraz’s mouth on her steaming opening.

Shiraz had never seen another woman’s naked body this close, she starts to Porno 64 explore Room Service’s pussy with her fingers, the mound, the lips, the clitoris. She then does the same thing with her tongue, using the tip to trace round the edges of her inner lips, running up until she touched the clit. She starts to probe, lick and suck it, hoping she is getting it right, soon she is really getting into it and slides her tongue inside her, her face buried in the other woman’s pussy. She has never tasted another woman before.

Shiraz is still kneeling on the end of the bed, butt in the air. She continues licking the other girl’s clit while exploring inside her with her fingers, first one, then two, then slides in three. She feels your warm hand stroking her butt and feels you easing her knees apart, you slip your hand in between, part her lips and push your rock hard cock up into her tight entrance, making her gasp. You have a firm hold on her hips, starting slowly building up speed you pump your thick shaft in and out of her.

The relief of finally feeling your aching cock inside her soaking pussy is indescribable. You are watching her fucking another woman, its looks like she has most of her hand inside her, while she is licking and sucking her clit. You are thrusting into her, hard, as if you are trying to get deeper and deeper with every thrust. Room Service suddenly releases a gush of warm pussy juice over Shiraz’s hand and comes hard, almost crushing her hand, Shiraz is a bit shocked but pleased that she managed to have that effect on another woman her first time.

Room Service goes off to freshen up, she gets dressed and leaves without a word leaving you two alone on the bed.

You flip her over and put her ankles on your shoulders, you are inside her really deeply now. She can feel every part of your cock connecting with her.

You’ve had to sit watching two girls driving you crazy and now you want your money’s worth, you lower her legs, hold her wrists down on the bed and fuck her hard and fast, she is in what feels like a constant orgasm, you can feel her gripping you tightly, you remember her licking and fucking the other girl, you remember how hot it looked when you watched the juice seeping out of her onto the toy, you can feel how your cock is sliding in and out of her, covered in that juice, you can’t hold back any longer, you pump your cum into her, jet after jet of hot semen shoots deep into her inner pussy until you feel it overflow from the tight seal of her vulva around your shaft as a thick stream of warm juices escapes from within her and runs down between your convulsing bodies. You feel like you’ve just shot the very last drop of your being into her.

You both collapse back onto the bed, after a little while Shiraz gets up, dresses and picks up the envelope with the cash in it, the very generous amount you arranged earlier in the evening.

She quite enjoys your monthly meetings, she’s still pretty new to the game, and you’re more exciting than the usual business men she visits. You satisfying your girlfriend’s fantasy of letting her turn up, pretending to be room service and joining in was slightly unexpected, but you’ve made it worth her while. After she has gone you lay there, totally satisfied wondering how you will try and claim this one back on the business!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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