Shirley’s Adventures Pt. 06

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Fond memories of Mr. Bull

Shirley is in France with her camper-van and has hooked up with Mark.

My name is Shirley and at the time I had been a widow for nearly eighteen months. David and I had enjoyed almost 45 years of a somewhat unconventional marriage. I didn’t sleep with other men, I slept with my David. My David didn’t sleep with other women, he slept with me. That which we did, jointly and severally, whilst we were awake was another matter entirely.

Just before My David passed he told me that I should continue to enjoy myself and that he would be with me every step of the way. It took me a while to get things organised but finally I’m on my way, retracing the routes we enjoyed together. I am back in France with our camper van, remembering the past and looking for new adventures. My David is with me.

If this is your first visit to Shirley’s Adventures, please enjoy the previous chapters so that it makes some kind of sense.

I’d met Mark the previous afternoon in the car-park to the nudist beach. We hit it off immediately and fucked shortly after. Between fucks we’d talked. Mark explained how he, a twenty year old, had learned from his Mother and older Sister the many ways to please a woman. With all my experience I can honestly say he never failed to please me.

Mark was a graphic designer with plans to create an erotic, adult, comic book. He just needed a ‘hook’ he said. I’d started to tell him how my David and I had met, he listened intently and later that day he asked if he could illustrate my story, share the profits. Wasn’t worried about sharing the profits but I said that I’d be delighted.

That night we slept together and I awoke to find just me in the bed. Mark was up and working on his iPad, making up a story board, whatever that is.

We enjoyed breakfast in bed. He ate me out. I sucked his balls dry. While I made the coffee he walked into the town to get our breakfast food. Leaving my camper-van on the site we took his Split-Screen back to the beach. We woke ourselves up with a cold swim in the sea then warmed ourselves up with a hot fuck on the beach…

“So… Mr. Bull?” he prompted.

I smiled contentedly, my mind slipped back easily down the decades to when I was still a teenager. Nineteen years old, devoted to my fiance David, my only ever love. That’s doesn’t mean he was the only one I fucked, goodness me no, not by any manner of means BUT, crucially, he knew when I was enjoying some other cock. At the time of meeting Mr. Bull he was actually present, watching Mr. Bull’s big, fat cock driving into my cunt and making me squeal with pleasure….

=== === ===

The boys had gone pot-holing again and David and I were just doing the breakfast dishes in the ablutions hut when Mr. Bull poked his head round the door.

“You two fancy coming back to the farm-house after you’ve finished here for a little, errrm, cream tea? He asked with a naughty smile.

I didn’t have any knickers on so that saved them getting soaked. I couldn’t contain a little sigh of anticipated contentment as I visualised Mr. Bull’s fat cock filling me with his cream. I told him forty-five minutes as we both needed a shower.

“Fine,” he replied, “Wife’s away visiting her mother. We have as long as you want. Just come round the back and straight into the kitchen when you’re ready.”

I could hear Mr. Bull whistling happily as he wandered off. David and I got the washing up done at double speed and headed back to the tent for the wash bag. I needed to prepare for Mr. Bull’s cream to fill any or all of my three willing holes.

It was plainly obvious to myself and David that I was both an exhibitionist and a cock hungry slut. I knew I was happy with that situation and was delighted that my husband-to-be was equally happy. I had his permission, with his presence, to enjoy whatever sex I liked or wanted to try. I was, as he delightedly informed me, his three hole slut. I was happy with that!

In all fairness after inviting Mary to play with his cock. Having totally enjoyed watching her riding my David’s bare cock to his first ever unprotected fuck and subsequent ejaculation I knew, certain sure, that I had no trouble with my David enjoying another woman, as long as I was present.

=== === ===

After fucking my arse in the wee small hours of the day Martin had emphasised the necessity for care and cleanliness after being arse fucked. Namely that after a cock had been in my arse it shouldn’t return to my cunt before having been well cleaned. As he put it, if a cock cums out of your arse and then into your cunt you’ll end up with an infection and no sex for a month! Your choice!! It was a no brainer.

He suggested that a warm water douche might be advisable but not too often as it would remove the beneficial bacteria as well as the harmful ones. Turns out they were both medical students. I had my very own Doc Martin! But that’s a story for another time.

Both David and I were squeaky clean as we tentatively eased open the kitchen bonus veren siteler door and walked into the enormous farm-house kitchen.

“Would you like to come on up?” Mr. Bull’s voice drifted down from above.

In the far corner was a narrow stairway, a stairway to heaven? As I mounted the first tread David unzipped my dress. I walked up and out of it leaving it for David to pick up. At the top I was wearing flip-flops and a smile. My pussy was soaking, my tits firm and my nipples as hard as they would ever be. Mr. Bull greeted me with a big smile and held his arms out for me.

“Fancy a fuck, little girl?” he asked.

“Only one?” I replied, “I’m hoping for more than that!”

Like a good little slut I set about removing Mr. Bull’s few clothes then turned to David. He was already stripped and gently playing with his cock. I knelt and sucked Mr. Bulls fat cock into my eager mouth. I should explain, Mr. Bull’s cock was not a big, fat cock. In reality it was a lot shorter than David’s, even shorter than Phil’s. In fairness Phil’s was by far the fattest, until Mr. Bull came along.

I felt it grow in my mouth and nibbled the tip. David came and stood beside Mr. Bull. He stroked his cock invitingly, his own that is, not Mr. Bull’s. I was sucking that! David’s was good and solid the purple head shining with his pre-cum. I ran a finger encouragingly over the slick tip then added my thumb and stroked gently down each side of the glistening head. David’s cock had a beautiful, gentle upwards curve which made his cock run deliciously along the upper part of my cunt before scoring a bull’s eye right at the top of my pussy. Mr. Bull’s was just nice and thick. When it was ready to fuck I had no chance of taking it all in my mouth, it just didn’t open that wide. Mr Bull was growing in girth very nicely, I swallowed as much as I could then replaced my mouth with my hand and took David’s deep into my mouth and down my throat. Deep throating David was a skill I learned early (but I made sure I continued to practice a lot).

I quickly had two hard cocks to enjoy. Who’s first and where? There wasn’t really a choice, I wanted Mr. Bull to stretch my pussy, long and slow and give me his first cream while I sucked and played with David. I knelt on the big bed. David laid across in front of me and Mr. Bull took up position behind. I felt his cock head nudging my pussy lips apart. I waited expectantly. It was only a few seconds. My pussy was already flooded when he pushed steadily forward, opening me up to take his full girth. He was quickly balls deep, his powerful hands took a firm grip of my hips and pinioned me like a butterfly on a pin. I wrapped my lips around David’s cock and waited.

Mr. Bull, I had discovered, liked to savour the moment. Once he was buried to his root he would hold perfectly still for quite a few seconds then tighten the hold on my hips before withdrawing slowly. When the tip of his cock was nearly dropping out of my pussy he would again pause, gird his loins as it were, then holding me perfectly still, ram his fat cock hard into my dripping pussy. It was a steady, rhythmic fuck for quite a few minutes but then it became faster and faster as I panted and groaned with the power of his cock driving relentlessly into me.

Mr. Bull was a lot older than David or I, a great deal older and it was to my great joy that I realised that he didn’t cum very quickly at all. The earlier sessions up by our tent had often eased almost to a standstill part way through while he gathered his breath. So it was in the bedroom. I was reduced to stroking David’s rampant cock while I took Mr. Bull’s first glorious pounding. While he rested, still very firm and buried deep inside me, I was able to entertain David’s cock with mouth and hand. I didn’t want David’s spunk in my mouth, yet, but I did want him hard and ready to fuck me as soon as Mr. Bull had deposited his first load in my pussy. David had developed a taste for sloppy seconds over the previous week and I wasn’t going to discourage him.

Mr. Bull announced his recovery by thrusting my hips forward. I swallowed the entire length of David’s cock. I was urgently jerked back onto Mr. Bull’s cock then my mouth was rammed back down the hard length of David’s cock. Mr. Bull was not only fucking me for all he was worth, he was forcing me to suck my husband-to-be’s cock at the same time. Heaven! I did my best to squeeze Mr. Bull’s cock as he rammed deep inside me. Even after so few fucks with Mr. Bull I already recognised the pattern. I started to tense my muscles and thrust back onto his cock as he rammed it forward. He wasn’t going to last much longer. I felt him begin to tense. His breathing was becoming laboured and the grip of his hands on my hips started to weaken. I took over, I wanted his cream. I thrust back and rocked forward, eagerly fucking Mr. Bull’s cock while he just stood still holding my hips gently for support.

I heard him coming before I felt it. With one final thrust I drove my pussy back onto his cock and stopped, the cheeks bedava bahis of my arse hard up against his flat belly. A wonderful warm feeling started to fill me. Mr. Bull shuddered as he emptied the contents of his balls into my greedy pussy. I waited as my own orgasm flowed over and through me. It felt good! It felt right!

A tired Mr. Bull eventually slipped out. He came and lay on the bed in front of me and David took his place behind. I cleaned then played with Mr. Bull’s cock while David lubricated his cock by dipping it in and out of the spunk so recently deposited in my pussy by Mr. Bull.

I’d taken cock and the ensuing spunk in my bum a number of times in the previous twenty four hours and whilst the cocks in question had been longer than Mr. Bull’s none were as fat. David’s job was to prepare me. While I teased Mr. Bull back to a new erection David worked his cock in and out of my arse. Once he unloaded deep inside me I would be as ready as possible to take Mr. Bull.

David was always a considerate lover, taking pride in his ability to hold off until I was ready, then pumping his load wherever it was required. I started to push back onto his cock, my signal that Mr. Bull was ready. David picked up the pace and within less than a dozen hard deep thrusts he shuddered spasmodically as he filled my arse with his lubricating spunk. He softened and slipped out. He stepped back to admire his handiwork, as always then made way for Mr. Bull to resume his position behind me.

His knob head slipped easily into my well fucked pussy and picked up any lube that David had missed after a few deep strokes. Without further ado I felt it slide out and upwards where it rested against my dark rose then paused. I nodded my head in answer to his unasked question. He pushed gently forward and thanks to David’s careful preparation I was nicely relaxed and ready. The head slipped in with little discomfort then stopped. He pushed again, he stretched me and it hurt just a little but it was a good hurt, a deliciously new hurt. I pushed back a little to encourage a greater effort. He eased back, out and then immediately forward in one steadfast no nonsense movement.

The head entered, moved forward, the glorious pain came and remained as the shaft followed the head up my back passage. When he was in to the root he stopped and asked if I was OK? I told him I was but asked him to wait a few more seconds.

When I was comfortable I wriggled my bum and he started to carefully fuck my arse. My God! It felt wonderful! I just couldn’t keep still and was soon pushing back harder onto his cock than he was ramming it forward into my arse. David told me later that I was making a lot of noise and telling him to fuck me harder and to pump his spunk into my dirty arsehole whenever he was ready.

He duly obliged and let me collapse in a heap on the bed after shooting me full of his spunk. Once he knew I was OK David headed to the bathroom to prepare his cock for more action. He returned after about ten minutes and Mr. Bull took me with him to the bathroom. We showered together and I made absolutely sure his cock was perfectly clean afterwards by checking it with my mouth. David wandered in and asked if I wanted to check his as well.

For the rest of the afternoon I took cock in all three holes with usually two holes filled at the same time. We tried for a DP in both pussy and arse but it just didn’t work, that afternoon…

We eventually stopped around 4 o’clock having taken a breather now and then between sessions and showers. David and I were making the bed when Mr. Bull came out of the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” he asked. I told him we thought it would be better if the bed looked unused when his wife came home.

“Oh! That doesn’t matter,” he said much to our surprise, “Mrs. Bull knows you are up here getting seriously cunt and arse fucked. She’d like to join us in a foursome before you go home, if you like?”

I’m sure my mouth dropped open at his statement then the import of what he was saying hit me. She would suck my husband-to-be’s cock and he would no doubt fuck her. Mary had done that. I’d invited her to enjoy David’s cock. She’d even taken his bare cock and load at my suggestion before I could. Time for my lovely David to get some more greedy cunt from another woman.

“Perfect, sounds very interesting.” I replied without even thinking to check with David.

David smiled a beautiful smile and winked. Clearly I hadn’t needed to check with him.

### ### ###

Mrs. Bull (Oh! Please call me Jilly, dear) was fulsome, voluptuous, curvaceous but I don’t think quite Jessica Rabbit despite being a farmer’s wife. She was, as David, my-husband-to-be, succinctly put it when he saw her walking across the farmyard on the day we arrived, ‘I would!’

I looked where he was looking and could quite clearly see why he ‘would’ too. I no more realised that he ‘would’ before we left for home any more than I realised that I would be taking Mr. Bull’s fat cock in my mouth, cunt and arse on numerous deneme bonus occasions in the same time frame.

Jilly had prepared us a substantial snack for after our wonderful threesome which was devoured hungrily. Midway through the meal Mr. Bull again brought up the idea that his wife should join us for a foursome the following day. I thought of David’s response on seeing her the day we arrived and with a quick look at the excitement on David’s face agreed. As I agreed I realised that it wasn’t just for my-husband-to-be’s benefit. I wanted to watch my David enjoy fucking another woman again and I wanted that woman to be Mrs. Bull!

The boys, Martin and Phil, were leaving the following morning and I was slightly pleased that they couldn’t make a long night of it. David and I got up to see them off completely forgetting that the long windbreak would not be there to protect our modesty. While Phil was easing the final bits into the little van Martin asked if we would swap details. We waved them off and returned to our sleeping bag for a couple more hours where I dozed off with happy thoughts of Jilly and I playing with her husband and my husband-to-be. Breakfast was brunch in town and at four, all clean and scrubbed, we wandered excitedly down to the farm house for ‘tea ‘n’ tiffin’.

Jilly looked drop dead gorgeous! Her simple flowing dress showed off her breasts perfectly and was just snug enough to emphasis her waist and hips to perfection. It was long enough to be nearly decent. Jilly was wearing the same number of items as me, one! We were both dressed for sex!

To my surprise she stepped in close and pulled me into her arms.

“Oh! I’m so pleased to meet you my dear. Ralph has told me so much about you.”

She gave me a big kiss on the cheek and I found myself returning the hug and the kiss enthusiastically.

I saw Ralph and David shake hands then I was released into Ralph’s arms while Jilly embraced David. I heard some indistinct words and David laughed. I wasn’t concentrating on what they were doing as Ralph was unzipping my dress. I slipped it off without a thought. Even in those early days naked was my favourite outfit. Does that mean I had no dress sense?

David followed Ralph’s lead and there were suddenly two naked women in the kitchen even better dressed for sex. I expected to be led straight upstairs to the bedroom but Jilly said tea was required so that we could get to know each other a little better. As she put it, the boys can have crumpet later and we, she said smiling directly at me, could have tiffin. We sat and drank tea and enjoyed idle chit-chat, if Jilly asking how I had enjoyed Ralph’s fat cock the first time, could be classified as idle chit-chat? From there we explored my week of firsts, seconds and often repeats. I asked about her smooth cunt and was told that it wasn’t always smooth, just for special occasions. Ralph had prepared her that morning and I learned that I had Ralph’s shaved cock to look forward to. Unconsciously I looked at the door to upstairs which made Jilly laugh. She told Ralph to take us upstairs ‘so the boys could warm me up’ while she tidied up a bit.

“Have you tried one of these?” she asked holding out what looked like a small piece of material, as I rose from the table. It was a sleep mask.

“Slip it on when you get upstairs,” she suggested, “it adds a whole new dimension to the sensations”.

I laid on the bed and slipped the mask over my eyes while the boys got undressed. It was totally black! Only the sound of the boys talking softly penetrated the darkness.

“Lift your knees and open wide.” It was Ralph’s voice.

Warm breath blew on my inner thigh and started to move up towards my cunt. There was nothing to distract me and my whole being focussed on the warm caress as it crept ever closer to my cunt. Warm breath ruffled through my bush then worked it’s way down the inside of the other thigh. Silently I screamed ‘No! Don’t go! Please come back!’ but the breath didn’t hear me and continued down until it disappeared.

I waited and waited. It seemed like an age then something wet started up my thigh. A probing tongue, circling, switching from thigh to thigh. It reached my cunt and teased my pussy lips, sucked briefly on my clitty and disappeared. I would have sobbed with frustration had I not been so very turned on. A pair of lips encircled my nipple, the tongue flicked back and forth over it as lips pulled my breast up and suckled on my nipple. A finger stroked gently across my clitty and worked down to part the lips as it searched out the wetness of my greedy cunt. It slipped in without any resistance and found my special spot instantly, perfectly. One mouth left my breast and I felt lips tracing a route directly to my cunt. I opened my legs wider to make it welcome.

Arms held my legs wide, fingers parted my pussy lips and a soft tongue probed deep. The orgasm that had started to build as soon as I slipped the mask on quickly gathered momentum. When the mouth sucked deeply on my clitty I came and shook and came again. The mouth didn’t stop, nor did the fingers. The mouth on my nipple abandoned me to my pleasure as I sensed a leg swing over me and reorganise itself so that both my arms were pinned to the bed. Orgasms rolled over me until I was forced to ask for a rest.

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