Shopping for Lust

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This is a true story. All of the events are written down here to the best of my knowledge and recollection. My name is Will and I work on the Butcher’s counter at Sainsbury’s. I’m about 5’11, have got a brown crew cut and green eyes. My build was more skinny than athletic, but I’d still call myself athletic, you know how it is. These events took place in the summer of 2002. I was 19 years old.

I’d been having a bad day at work. I was working away on the butcher’s department, looking forward to getting away at 8pm and spending a little quality time with my girlfriend, Chloe. However, I went on break around 4pm and I phoned her.


‘Hey, it’s me. Are you coming to mine tonight or am I coming to yours?’

‘Neither Will.’ I was stunned that she’d even consider this.

‘What? Run that one by me again, Chloe.’ Looks like I’m off to Mrs Palm’s tonight! I thought to myself.

‘You didn’t even try to get out of working on Saturday night. I wanted to go out and you can’t even make this one little sacrifice? For us?’ She was sounding increasingly angry

‘I’m sorry, baby, but this is what it’s like in the real world. I need the money to lavish you with gifts.’ I knew this tactic had worked before, but somehow, today, I was not so confident.

‘Don’t you ‘sorry baby’ me, William. I’ll call you when I want you to come and see me next. And when I say Jump, you’d better be ready to say ‘How high?’ or you will regret it.’ *click,* went the phone, as she hung up the phone on me. Now I’d got work making me feel bad on one side and Chloe on the other side of the equation. I was in a no-win situation. I finished my break and walked back out to my department. On my way through the warehouse, I happened to bump into Dominic, the evening shift manager.

‘Hi, Dominic.’

‘Hello, Will, how are you?’

‘I’ve been better. Listen, have you got any overtime available tonight?’ This kind of sentence was unheard of around the shop, so Dominic was taken aback by it.

‘Overtime? Sure I have. How much were you after?’ He grabbed his notebook and pen from his top pocket and flicked a few pages over.

‘Well, my shift on the meat finishes at about 8, so I’m good from then until 11 tonight.’ He raised an eyebrow at this

‘What, a Saturday night and you’re not going out? Are you feeling alright, Will?’

‘The moths are getting lonely, with no money to eat, so I thought I’d put in the extra time.’ I tried to look as willing as possible, but the prospect of a late Saturday shift wasn’t really that appealing to me, considering it would be a mammoth 11 hours.

‘Okay, but you should know I think you’re insane, because you’re doing this. Come and speak to me at 8 and we’ll find you something to do. Nothing too strenuous, I’ll go easy on you.’

‘Thank you, Dominic. I’ll see you later then.’ I returned to my department and completed the main shift. 8O’clock came and I found Dominic, who paired me up with a lady named Sharon. I’d worked with her before and she was a nice lady. She was married and had a rich husband and to be fair, I could see why he’d married her. She had a nice body (Even in the hugely disappointing uniform of work, she looked good.) Her breasts were big, but not huge, I’d say around 36D and she had a reasonable sized waist. (Middle age spread had not gotten hold of her yet) Her piece de resistance was when she crouched or bent down. Her backside was beautiful; you could really tell she worked out. She was a brunette, with blonde highlights and she also had blue eyes. (A killer combination.)

‘So, you’ve been assigned to be my little helper, have you?’ She smiled at me, as I walked over to a loaded trolley of pickles, for the freezer tops.

‘Private Will, reporting for duty, Ma’am!’ I ripped off a smart salute and proceeded to grin broadly. She saw the joke and laughed.

‘Still as mad as ever, I see. Grab the trolley and we’ll get ourselves started.’ Most of the evening was light conversation, so I won’t bother you with it, but after about an hour and a half, we were working so fast, we’d done about six loads of jars and other assorted shop odds and ends.

‘It’s Saturday night, Will. Why aren’t you out at the pub with your friends, having a good time?’ She looked down on me from her lofty perch, as she was stacking tea.

‘My friends are all working or have no money. If they go out, I’ll be buying the drinks, which isn’t fair.’ I passed up another few boxes of tea and took a plastic shrink wrap out of her hands. ‘My social life suffers, because I work here, but I’d rather have the money.’

‘Don’t you have a girlfriend?’ She looked quite sad and sorry for me upon hearing the gravity of the situation.

‘Well, Chloe is not very pleased with me at the moment. She got this Saturday off and wanted to do something. I’d tried to get the day off, but the boss said no…’ I paused and stared at a gap on the shelves, lost in my thoughts for a moment. ‘She doesn’t want to see me tonight, as punishment. I thought I’d do myself esmer porno a favour and work a bit of overtime, to get some more money to spend on her.’

‘Aaw, that’s a nice gesture, Will. How are you going to impress her though?’ For once, someone actually seemed interested in my love-life. I was gob smacked.

‘I don’t know. Maybe a bunch of flowers and serenade her at her bedroom window tomorrow morning, before she gets up. How does that sound?’ I’d take any opportunity to get advice on my love-life from an experienced woman, like Sharon.

‘And I thought romance was dead.’ Sharon smiled and tried not to be too cynical about it. ‘You certainly know how to sweep a woman off her feet, Mr Cooper.’ I bowed theatrically, trying to look serious for a moment.

‘Why thank you, Mrs…’ I trailed off. ‘What is your surname, Sharon?’

‘Rogers. You wouldn’t know I’m a Mrs, because you hardly ever see my husband around here.’

‘Work away from home, does he?’ I had turned the tables and was fulfilling my capacity of a listener.

‘He spends a lot of time in Manchester and London. Plus, he makes a lot of trips abroad to the States and Europe. The last time I saw him was about 2 weeks ago.’

‘Does he call you at all or are you just left to your own devices?’

‘Well, sometimes he does and others I’ll just spend weeks without even a word from him. That’s just his way, I suppose.’ Unfortunately, our conversation was cut short, as Dominic chose that moment to appear and move us to a new section. We continued with the small talk, but never touched upon relationships until the end of the shift.

We clocked out and I turned on my phone as we walked out of the shop. Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks. Sharon was quite surprised and she looked back at me.

‘Forgotten something?’ I handed over the phone and showed her a text message.

‘Will, I’ve met someone else WHO DOESN’T WORK SATURDAYS! I’ve dumped your stuff in your porch; don’t try to call me, Chloe. The message left me feeling sick to my stomach.

‘I guess I’m walking home then.’ I croaked. I sat down on a convenient bench outside the front window, feeling a lump grow within my throat. Sharon handed the phone back to me.

‘I won’t hear of that, Will. Let me give you a lift.’ That cheered me up a little, to find that there is still someone who likes me, even though it looked pretty bleak from my point of view.

‘Why was she going to give you a lift? I though you knew how to drive.’ I grabbed the clip-on tie and wrenched it from my collar.

‘I do know how to drive. The problem is that I share the car with my mom. She’s gone away on holiday to France with my dad and little brother. They needed her car, so they could take the bikes and dad won’t let me drive his.’

‘Why won’t he let you drive his?’ Sharon looked at me, puzzled.

‘Well, he’s a little concerned, what with my lack of insurance to drive his.’ I pocketed the tie and undid the top button of my shirt, suddenly feeling good, with the freedom my neck had.

‘I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you drive us to yours and we’ll prove a point. He doesn’t need to know.’ Sharon winked at me, proffering the keys and I stood there open mouthed.

‘You’d really let me drive your car? Are you quite mad?’ She just grinned at me

‘You know the old saying, Will. You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps!’ She lead me to her car, a BMW Z3. ‘I’ve never been much of a driver, and my husband never drives like this car deserves. Why don’t you see if you can handle it?’ Eagerly, I jumped into the driver’s seat, adjusting the position of the seat, mirrors and headrest to get myself comfortable. Sharon walked around to the boot and put our bags in it. She returned shortly after, getting in the passenger side.

I turned the engine over and it roared into life. I gripped the steering wheel, locked my arm out and pushed my back firmly into the seat. ‘What size engine does this thing have?’ I felt like the proverbial kid in a candy store.

‘3 litre. It’s a rear wheel drive, so watch out. That’s all I know.’ I knocked it into first gear and looked at her. She really was stunning. I could not believe that her husband was away on business so much.

‘Well, it’s a manual transmission. You have to change gears yourself.’ The car park was pretty deserted and the last of the shift had mostly made their way home. The car was facing the exit, so I revved up, dropped the clutch and made the tires squeal as we launched off into the night.

I decided to drive the longer, faster route home tonight. I guessed it would be my only chance to drive a car this nice for about 10 years, so I intended to make the most of it. (I should point out that our appearances had changed from the working uniforms we had on earlier. Sharon had pulled on a big long coat. It was white and lined with fake fur. I had switched my uniform baseball cap for a Yankees cap and was now wearing a pair of trainers instead of my boots. fantazi porno The only giveaway was the shop icon attached to the breast pocket of my shirt, but it was so small, it made no difference.)

We pulled up at some traffic lights, coming down from some of the fastest driving Sharon had ever experienced, when a boy racer pulled up alongside, to the left of us.

‘Hey baby, your man may have the wheels, but does he have the moves? Why not come and sit next to a man who can drive you to heaven.’ Sharon was a little stunned by this. I just leant forward and stared at him. I pressed the accelerator just a little, to get a throaty growl from the engine.

‘See you in Stourport,’ I growled at him. The lights went amber, I hit first gear. They moved to green and we took off. He kept pace well, for the first few seconds, as I struggled to find what the car was capable of. Third gear and the German engineering came into its own, as I started to leave him behind. We drove past a few cars, before slowing to the speed limit and getting back in the normal flow.

‘Well, you sure showed him.’ A combination of shock and admiration possessed her for the time being. I drove slightly more sedately back to my home.

‘Would you like to come in for a drink? It’s the least I can do after you let me drive this magnificent car.’ Sharon smiled sweetly at me and opened her door.

‘I’d be delighted, thank you, Will.’ We got out of the car, unloaded my bag and walked into the house. I dumped my bag at the bottom of the stairs and walked into the lounge. I switched on a few lights and turned back to Sharon.

‘What would you like to drink? I’ve got water, tea, coffee, soft drinks, or something a little stronger.’

‘Water, please. I’ve still got to drive home tonight.’

‘Well okay, would you like peach, lemon and lime or plain old tap?’

‘You really do have a drink for all occasions, don’t you? Peach, please.’ I poured her a drink, smiling to myself.

‘I’d like to think I do, yes. If you’ll excuse me just a few minutes, I’ll just get changed out of this uniform.’ I walked off and got myself washed and changed into a pair of jeans and a Hawaiian shirt. I returned, not smelling like I’d just done 11 hours at work.

‘Ahh, that’s better.’

‘You not drinking?’ Sharon looked at me over the top of her glass of water.

‘No-one likes to drink alone.’ I replied, looking slightly downcast.

‘But you aren’t drinking alone, you’re drinking with me.’ I frowned at her

‘You aren’t drinking alcohol, though. It’s different… However…’ A plan had just appeared in the back of my head. ‘I’d never consider it right to let a lady get drunk and walk home. Allow me to drive you to your house, where we can drink, be merry and then I’ll walk home. People know not to attack me; I’m too weird for that.’ I smirked, knowingly.

‘That would be nice, Will.’ Sharon looked me up and down, as if she had something to say, but it had just gone out of her mind. ‘It’s been a while since I had any proper company of an evening.’

‘What about your husband?’ I asked, downing my glass of water and slipping into my jacket.

‘He doesn’t know how to socialise with me. He just comes in, gives me a kiss, maybe has sex with me and then just goes to sleep.’ Sharon seemed a little angry at this, allowing a scowl to pass across her face, before her smile came back. We walked out to the car and she handed me the keys.

‘I think you can drive again. Just keep it calm when we get to my road. I don’t want the neighbours to suspect anything, like I’ve been out drinking.’ She winked and sat herself in the car. I shut her door and ran around to the drives side. Consciously adjusting myself after my cock decided to lurch when she winked. Did she just wink at me? I thought as I got into the driving seat and began the drive to Castle Rodgers.

It was a nice big place, a double fronted house, with a large driveway and plenty of garden space.

‘Just drive into the garage, Will, the doors open automatically.’ I drove straight into the garage and stopped the engine. I got out and hustled around the car, to let Sharon out, as any gentleman should. I offered her my hand, to stabilise her, getting out.

‘Thanks. You can make yourself at home; I’ll be back in a minute or two.’ She led me through into the kitchen and pointed out the liquor store. ‘Pour yourself a drink and I’ll have one the same. Don’t get the party started without me.’ Again, she winked and walked off, upstairs. With her out of the room, I took the chance to get my cock in the most comfortable position. I washed my hands, because they were black from working, still reeked of the counters and now also of my groin.

I grabbed two glasses and looked within the liquor cabinet. I noticed a bottle of tequila, as yet unopened. I walked over to the fridge, and hoped that I’d find what I was looking for. In amongst all the foodstuffs, I did find 2 cans of Red Bull, chilled and ready porno filmler for action. I took one and the bottle of tequila. One shot of that, a shot of vodka and half a can each gave me a perfect way to rejuvenate, ready for the evening ahead. I put the can by the sink and walked through into the lounge. Her TV was HUGE. It was one of those plasma screen things, with all the attachments. I put it on and searched through the channels, looking for the music.

I’d been sat down, watching some rock for about 10 minutes, when she returned. As I looked over my shoulder, to the door from the hall she had entered through, I had to do a double take. Out of her uniform, she looked completely different. Her hair was still up, but instead of the blouse and trousers, she now had on a silky burgundy robe, cut at the knee. She wore black stockings or tights underneath and not much to cover her modesty upstairs. Where the material of the robe parted, I could see acres of cleavage, which set my heart racing. Struggling, to keep my throbbing member under control, I stood up and grabbed the drinks.

‘I can’t believe how… different you look, when you’re not wearing uniform,’ I floundered. ‘I had no idea that you had such a nice figure, Sharon.’ That was all I could think of as a recovery. It was one of the lessons I’d learnt early on in my relationships, compliments are worth a thousand kisses. She smiled and took one of the glasses from me.

‘Well then, what did you make?’ She smiled, gratefully accepting her drink.

‘Why don’t you try some and have a guess. Kind of like twenty questions.’ We chinked glassed and drank, Sharon allowing some to swirl around her mouth, before swallowing.

‘Well, I’d say you put Red Bull in it, but there’s something else I’ve never tasted before. It’s kinda bitter.’ She shuddered a little bit, not yet used to the taste.

‘You are right about the Red Bull, but I put two spirits into it. Tequila and vodka. We call the cocktail a TVR; it’s one the lads came up with on a long night shift at the bar. I think I need the one, just to stay awake.’ I yawned, and then drank the rest of my drink.

We spent about three hours, chatting away, getting tom know each other (and the contents of Sharon’s liquor cabinet.) I continued to flick through the music channels, hoping for something good to come on. Eventually, at about 2:45 in the morning, Bryan Adams came on with ‘Everything I do.’

‘Wow, this is such a great song. Makes me want to get up and dance.’ Said Sharon, she was getting a little drunk, but that meant it was probably slightly easier to dance with her.

‘Why don’t you then?’ I walked over to her and offered her my hand. She looked confused, but she took my hand and got slightly unsteadily to her feet. I took her right hand in my left, put my right on her hip and we rotated slowly. I was scared that she’d fall over and I’d land on top of her, to be honest. After an amazing 8 minutes of song had finished, she had her head laid on my shoulder and we were swaying gently. I was in a trance. She broke it, pulled away slowly and looked me in the eyes.

‘You always keep surprising me, Will. I haven’t felt like that in a long while, believe me.’ Her stomach chose this moment to grumble loudly and I laughed. She laughed along and walked off into the kitchen, somewhat more stable than before. She opened the freezer and pulled out a few boxes.

‘Could you put the oven on Gas 7 please?’ A strange request, I’ll grant you, but I complied and she walked over, carrying pizzas.

‘Is Quattro Formaggi good enough, or would you like something else on top?’ My libido seemed to have regained consciousness and yelled yeah, you! But I think I managed to avoid speaking my mind. Before I’d noticed, the pizza was cooked and we were sitting in the lounge, eating. I guess the Alcohol and the caffeine were having an effect on my mind.

‘What did you mean earlier, when you said about you hadn’t felt like that in a long while?’ I asked her, between mouthfuls of delicious pizza.

‘Well, you made me feel… like a young girl again. What I wouldn’t give to be 10 years younger?’ Her complexion had suddenly become rosy. Weather it was down to the booze, the pizza or other circumstances I could not tell.

‘What would you do if you were 10 years younger, Sharon?’ I laid down my plate on the table, having now finished and cast a knowing look in her direction.

‘Promise not to freak out if I told you?’ She seemed to suddenly become all shy.

‘I promise I won’t freak out when you tell me.’ I put my hand on my heart and stared straight at her.

‘I’d ask you to make love to me, Will.’ I had no idea that was coming. I’d hoped, but it was more of a fantasy. My dick leapt into life and I tried to look as casual as possible, while retaining at least a small shred of dignity.

‘How old are you, Sharon?’ I leaned forward in my seat, covering the bulge in my trousers with my forearm.

‘I’m forty-one. How old are you, Will?’ I was genuinely taken aback by this. Sleeping with Steph Green, my former English teacher when she was about thirty-seven and I was eighteen seemed no problem, but now I considered upping the ante, by sleeping with a woman who was more than twice my age, I was suddenly struck by some subconscious fear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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