Shopping with “Auntie” Liv

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Original illustrations were removed to facilitate easier publication. All characters are at least 18 years of age. Enjoy!


I love my Aunt Liv but still fussed when she dragged me clothes shopping. Heck, Liv wasn’t technically even family but has been close friends with our mom for so long, that we all called her “Auntie” anyway. But really, what high school senior wants to wander around the mall with an older woman holding her purse while she picks out boring outfits and asks for opinions on every little detail? Of course, I should’ve known better. Aunt Liv is never boring, even when shopping for clothes.

First we grabbed a bite to eat at the food court and caught up on our lives. She was still perpetually single because she couldn’t find the right man. I was still perpetually a loner who should “get out more.”

After she was done teasing me about my social life, she dragged me over to Macy’s. “I’ve lost five pounds and think I might finally be able to pull off this number I’ve been eyeing for summer at the beach. What do you think?” She held up a flimsy green piece of fabric that looked like it had been clawed by some wild animal.

“That’s a swimsuit?” I asked, incredulous.

“Yes silly! What? You don’t think it’ll look good on me?”

“Uh, well I didn’t say that…”

“Good! Let’s go try it on.”

“You want me to go with you?” I gulped.

“Well I’m certainly not prancing around all of Macy’s half naked,” she frowned. “Just come sit in the changing area. I’ll put this on and then open the door so you can tell me if my ass looks fat in it.” She laughed. Aunt Liv was a voluptuous woman with curves everywhere. Her ample bosom and her ‘fat ass’ where assets she was keenly aware of and used regularly to get her way.

“Ok fine,” I grumbled.

A few minutes later I heard her call my name over the partition. “Maybe you should come in here instead…”

The door opened with her standing behind it so I couldn’t see her. A bit wary, I loped over to the doorway pondering some wisecrack to have at the ready when she asked me how she looked. Of course, when she shut the door, my mind went blank. It wasn’t a swimsuit, but more like careful bits of dark green ribbon stretched over her tits and down her crotch. Though technically a one-piece, it exposed all of her creamy belly. It rode high on her waist, showing all of her thighs. As she turned, I could see the entirety of her round butt cheeks with only a dark green strip going down between. The fabric was so taut and thin on top that I could fully make out the shape of her areolas and nipples Bostancı Escort underneath.

“Well? What do you think?” She asked, pointing for me to sit on the bench as she closed the door. My mouth was still agape.

“That’s uh… pretty sexy,” I started, “but don’t you think it’s…” I trailed a bit, pondering the right words to use so as not to upset her. “That it’s a bit inappropriate for a woman your age?”

“Inappropriate?” she laughed, her bemused eyes settling on my crotch. “Is that because seeing me in this is making you hard?”

Of course I was hard. There was a beautiful, shapely woman strutting around before me. If she were any closer, it would’ve been a lap dance. Still, I sat up a bit and tried to play coy.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“What I’m talking about is the giant tent that was suddenly pitched in your shorts the moment you saw me in this,” she said, arching her back and jiggling her breasts in a playful fashion.

I resigned. “Well… That’s what you were going for wasn’t it?”

She smiled, quite satisfied with herself. Aunt Liv knew more about teasing and seduction than I could ever hope to learn. Her entire life was a trail littered with the broken hearts of men. I found myself suddenly quite jealous of whichever gentleman she was going to wear it for.

“It’s okay hun. You’re right though. I love it when I have that effect on a man,” she paused in contemplation. “You know, you’re quite the grownup yourself nowadays aren’t you? Heading off to college soon… It’s high time I stopped treating you like the little boy from years ago, wouldn’t you say?”

“What do you mean?” I think I knew what she meant. I hoped so anyway, but had to ask to be sure.

She smiled at me. “What I mean is…” Her voice trailed as she moved in close, her thighs brushing up against mine. She squatted down in front of me, pressing her breasts up against my leg as she ran her hand over my pants.

“…that you should let me show you how indecent your Aunt Liv can be!”

I was very turned on by Liv’s ministrations but also in a full panic nearly crawling up the wall looking for a way to back out of this situation gracefully. I felt so conflicted and confused.

She moved her hand up my pants until she was rubbing my crotch. With her other hand she brought a single finger to her lips and looked me in the eye.

“Shhhh….It’s ok hun. Just a little rub and tug from your dear Aunt Liv,” she said with a wink. “Now let’s see what we have here.”

It felt so wrong, but I knew I wasn’t going to do anything to stop her. Ümraniye Escort She didn’t seem the least bit apprehensive or even nervous, like she’d been planning this moment all along. I watched as she unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my fly.

“My my… I do believe we have a winner!” was Liv’s commentary as she fished out my manhood. Without any additional pretense, she immediately began stroking me.

“Very nice mister,” she whispered with a grin as she methodically jerked me. “With this monster and a few tricks from your dear Aunt Liv, I don’t see why you couldn’t make any young lass very happy…”

I started to moan. It was embarrassing, but I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Shhh!” she admonished me, taking her hand away.

“Here,” she said while standing up. “Let’s do this so we don’t make too much of a mess.”

I watched as she pulled down the left strap of the swimsuit and then the right. She carefully fed her arms out of the loops and pulled the whole thing down allowing her breasts to billow forward.

“Take your shirt off” she whispered as she leaned over, breasts dangling in my face, and tugged my pants the rest of the way down.

I did as she asked and she quickly resumed her position kneeling beside me, stroking me.

“It’s okay hun if you want to cum right away,” she said as she rubbed my dick against her breasts. “Would you like to cum on Auntie Liv’s tits?”

I did my best to stifle another moan.

“Oh you would wouldn’t you?” she continued in an excited whisper. “Cum on my tits. Shoot your seed all over my chest!”

My grip on the chair became vice-like. I bit down trying to hold my tongue as my cock began throbbing in Aunt Liv’s hand. Semen spat all over her chest in two airborne volleys while the rest eventually dribbled down her hand. She continued stroking as I squirmed.

“There’s a good boy. Look at all your hot messy cum!” she said as she smeared my ejaculate over her breasts with my dick. She continued pulling on me until the last bits of my seed were spent.

Consumed by my orgasm, I flopped back against the chair. Liv held onto me with her cum-covered hand as she looked around, presumably for something to wipe up with. With her free hand, she dragged over her purse and reached in to fetch a packet of tissues. A few moments later she had made a cursory effort to wipe her hands and her breasts.

“And one little taste for me,” she said, sticking a wet finger in her mouth. I was still in shock. It all felt surreal.

“Mmmm… I might have to come back for seconds,” she said with a wink before she resumed Ataşehir Escort cleaning me up. I watched as she methodically wiped me down. Soiled tissues were piling up in the tiny waste basket in the corner. When she was done, I was damp but otherwise clean. She tossed my shirt at me.

“Come on,” she urged in a hushed tone, “Quickly now.”

I complied and got dressed as quickly as I could in the cramped space while eyeing Liv as she peeled off the rest of the bathing suit. She had a neatly trimmed patch of dark hair above her pussy. She must’ve caught me staring as she ran her fingers through it playfully.

“Maybe some other time sugar. Now hurry up!”

I watched as Liv donned her panties and the rest of her more modest outfit. She then carefully inspected the swimsuit before hanging back on the hanger.

“You’re not going to buy it?”

“Are you kidding?” she snorted in an exaggerated tone. “It’s WAAaaay too inappropriate for a woman my age to wear in public.”

She winked at me again as she opened the door and shooed me out. “Besides, it’s already served its purpose.”

Liv quickly hung the swimsuit on the rejects rack and we snuck out of the dressing rooms like a couple teenagers playing hooky. As we walked back out to the mall, I struggled trying to find a way to talk about what had just happened.

“Liv…?” I started.

She shushed me. “I bet you’ve got a thousand questions, but don’t worry honey. Some things just are what they are. But remember, a gentleman never tells on his lady-friends, especially if he wants to see them again… in that way. Understand?”

I nodded my head, somewhat meekly.

“Good. Now I bet you’re famished. Let’s get you an Orange Julius, mmm?”

From that point forward, we resumed our normal conversation as best as I could manage it. For her part Liv seemed utterly unfazed by the new dimension to our relationship. In fact, she seemed rather pleased to have me more tightly wrapped around her finger. She had always been flirtatious with her body language, but now I knew she was aiming it at me.

As the years went by, I had a number of other special visits from “Auntie” Liv. I never knew if there would be any opportunity for physical contact when she was around, but she always flirted with me mercilessly. When we did get some private time together, she taught me a lot. She took my virginity. She showed me what expert blowjobs feel like. She showed me the do’s and don’ts of good anal sex. She stirred a passion for exhibitionism and risk-taking. Most importantly, she gave me the confidence I needed to break out of my shell and meet other women on my own. For that I’ll alway be grateful. Still, my fondest memory of it all was the hand-job in the Macy’s dressing room. When I exited that little box, I stepped into a new world brimming with new possibilities. That’s a feeling I’ll always cherish.

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