Show , Tell Ch. 05: Develop

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“What would you like to do?” I asked.

It was a cloudy Thursday morning, good for any number of, “indoor,” activities, but I was saving that for later.

“You decide. I’m in the mood for whatever you’d like to do,” Beth answered.

While driving into the city, lots more options there, I glanced at her and saw her smiling. It was a cute smile, not a smirk, something she was thinking amusing her.

“What?” I asked.

“What what?” she responded.

“You were smiling…, and I wondered what was making you smile.”

“Maybe I’m just a happy person,” she answered, smiling even more.


“I was just thinking how much I love the taste of cum.”

Not quite the answer I’d expected.

“Is this something you’ve just discovered or are you expressing a long held conviction?”

Now she laughed, “It’s something I’ve just discovered. There’s something about the way a man reacts when he’s about to cum in my mouth. The way his body tenses, his breathing, the sounds he makes, the way he uses his hands. All men do the same things, but they all do them differently…, and their cum tastes different too”

Shaking my head I asked, “And do you now consider yourself a connoisseur of that particular cuisine?”

“Ummm, yeah, I guess I do.”

“And what are you basing this opinion on? I’m wondering the size of your sample group?”

“Size? They’re all about the same size, but Harold was the thickest.”

Now I laughed, “Too much information! No, I meant, how many men have you tasted? If you consider yourself a connoisseur of men’s semen, you must have savored gallons and gallons of the goop.”

Still smiling, but now looking out the windshield…, thinking.

“There have been seven. My first boyfriend in high school, a guy in college, my husband, you, David and Harold. I like the taste of yours the best.”

“Thank you,” I replied, “but that’s only six.”

“It is…?” Her smile disappeared, a vague look on her face, and then a shrug, “Okay, it’s only six.”

“Not a large sample.”

Now a very devious smile, “I’m hoping…, no planning, on getting larger samples,”

And that solidified my decision on what to do.

I’d driven past a large Adult Video store one day when I was detoured off the highway because of a truck rollover. I remembered there were displays of clothing and other paraphernalia in the windows, so I thought that it might make an interesting destination.

Getting there was easy, but finding a parking space wasn’t, both upper and lower lots full. Luckily, there was a deserted gas station adjacent and we parked there.

Beth had chosen her denim micro mini skirt, spaghetti strapped tank top with oversized arm holes that fell to her waist, displaying an overabundance of side and front boob, as her wardrobe selection. A pair of cork sole high heeled wedges adding four inches to her height.

She wasn’t wearing anything else.

The main entrance to the store was on the other side of the building, the door on our side up two flights of metal stairs. As we were walking up, a customer was walking down, stepping aside to let us pass. By the look on his face I knew what was going to happen next, and he didn’t disappoint.

He let Beth get another six or eight steps higher and then he turned and looked up.

She didn’t disappoint either.

His wide eyed, “YES!” the reward for his foresight.

Once inside, we found ourselves in the magazine section, hundreds of covers offering every manner and form of depravity. Three or four guys were skimming the selections, looking for something to get themselves off.

I kept Beth walking.

Next was a large selection of clothing and lingerie. There were a number of racks displaying the many styles and colors, but most were in boxes on shelves, with a few displayed on the walls and on headless mannequins. We had spent some time looking through the assortment, when I noticed that she had a peculiar habit. Each time she would look at merchandise that was on a lower shelf, she would bend at the waist to retrieve it, rather than squat. When she did this, her skirt would ride up and her entire ass and crotch would be exposed. Adding to the fun, if she was facing me, her entire chest would be revealed whenever she bent forward, her tank top so loose fitting.

Believe me, while she may have made a beginning as an exhibitionist, she had no idea that she was displaying herself when she moved this way, blissfully unaware of her performance. Since I’d noticed, I had no doubt that any other man watching her would immediately observe the same thing.

After looking through the clothing selection, she chose a couple of things that she wanted to model.

Walking to the checkout counter, she was told that they didn’t have dressing rooms. However, she was free to use the Ladies Room if she wished.

The Ladies Room was next to the Men’s Room, in a narrow hallway. As I waited for her, a man navigated around me in the cramped hallway to use the facilities. altyazı porno He was tall, well built, but very young looking. He had long blond hair tied in a pony tail and a matching color untrimmed beard and mustache. Wearing jeans, a white tank top and cowboy boots, he looked a little out of place for New England in August.

Beth opened the door a moment later wearing a tiny red dress. I’m using the term, “dress,” very loosely here, the garment really a yard or so of red fishnet material that tied around her neck and covered as much as a couple of hundred square inches of fishnet could cover her, which was not at all.

She’d left the matching g-string in the bathroom.

“Very nice,” I told her, “but…, would you wear that?”

“I’d guess I could wear it to the strip club,” she responded, “or in the yard if I saw David watching.”

We both laughed at that.

Right about then, the kid walked out the men’s room. As he started to walk behind me, he saw Beth and she saw him. I couldn’t see his reaction, because he was behind me to my left.

Beth lit up like a Christmas tree!

Her eyes grew wide and her smile was immediate.

“Hi…, what do you think?” she asked, doing a slow pirouette.

I turned and looked at him. He was dumbstruck.

Done with her turn, she stood there looking at him.

He took a breath, maybe the first since he’d seen her. Then, in a drawl that spoke of a State far to the South, he said, “Ma’am, y’all just done took my breath away. I ain’t never seen no girl could wear a little somethin like that and make it look so fine.”

He said it as he was taking a step away from us, and then another.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Well, I don’t guess that I should be standin here lookin at you,” he answered, glancing at me, “you bein with this gentleman here.”

“Well that gentleman doesn’t care if you look at me, and I have something else to try on that I’d like you to see.”

With that, she stepped back and closed the door.

Seeing how uncomfortable he was, I asked, “Go to school around here?”

“No sir,” he answered, “UNCC, Carolina Charlotte, up here visitin a fraternity brother, then fixin to bring him back to Charlotte with me.”

“How soon?

“Be leavin early next week,” he replied.

“Any plans for the rest of the day?” an idea springing into my head.

Looking at me warily, he said, “Got no idea at all sir. Be up to my brother.”

“Well, if you’d like to join us for a drink and a little lunch somewhere, maybe with your fraternity brother, let me know. You want to…, great. If not, it’s a missed opportunity, that’s all.”

He was standing there, obviously wondering what he’d just stumbled upon, when Beth opened the door.

I didn’t think it was possible for her to wear less than she’s just modeled, but somehow she managed to do just that.

This time she was wearing two pieces of one inch long stretchy black fringe. It looked like the kind of fringe that you would see around the bottom of one of your grandmother’s lamp shades, but she was wearing this fringe as clothes on her body. One piece was around her chest, I guess in an attempt to cover her breasts. She was wearing the other piece high up on her hips, in an effort to cover her ass and crotch?

Her expression…? The same as it would have been if she was modeling a snowsuit! Great smile, little pirouette, casual, “How do you like this?” looking straight at the kid.

Once again, he stood transfixed, unable to respond.

Beth took a step out of the bathroom, looked out into the store, then grabbed the kid by the wrist and pulled him into the lady’s room.

He didn’t resist.

I thought about joining them, but I knew the kid was already intimidated by my presence. Better to let Beth deal with him and have her tell me about it later.

Maybe, three, three and a half minutes later, the kid opened the door and walked out. He was tucking his shirt into his pants and as he walked past, said, “Y’all please don’t leave til I get back with my brother. If’n he ain’t interested in lunch with y’all…, I kin find a way back to his house.”

He looked like he was on a mission as he walked away.

Beth opened the door a minute later, dressed in the clothes she’d worn into the store, a thin ribbon of milky fluid running from her lower lip to her chin, and a dangerous smile on her face. Looking at me, she ran her right index finger across her chin and then sucked the liquid off her finger. Taking a step forward, she kissed me on the lips, darting her tongue into my mouth, the taste of the boy’s cum still fresh. Then she asked, “Did you get his name?”

Ignoring her question, “What was that all about?” I asked.

“I couldn’t help it. When he walked up I just thought he was gorgeous, like a young Billy Ray Cyrus. And his accent…, I couldn’t just…, and he couldn’t even talk when he looked at me…., I couldn’t help myself.”

“Didn’t realize you liked that, young Billy amatör porno Ray Cyrus look.”

“If they look like him I do,” a dreamy smile on her face.

Shaking my head, feigning anger, “Is this what I have to look forward to? Every time we’re out and you see some man you like, you’ll be disappearing with him and then return with cum on your chin?”

“I’m just adding to my…, what did you call it…, oh, yes…, my sample size. You said seven wasn’t big enough.”

“It was six, remember…, and?”

“And he was the perfect size. Nice and long and thick, but not too thick.”


“And…, wouldn’t you agree that he tasted yummy.”

I didn’t feel the need to add any more information, at least about “young Billy Ray,” so instead I asked, “What was that last thing you tried on?”

“Oh, I didn’t really want it, but I thought you’d like to see me wearing it.”

“I did, and obviously Billy Ray did too. Was there more to it?”

Smiling again, “Nope, that was it.”

She was holding the red dress in her hand, along with the box containing the fringe “lingerie.” Turning the box she said, “If you like it, it’s a bargain at $12.99!”

“$12.99 FOR THAT!!! How much is the dress?” I asked.

Looking at the price tag, she smiled again, “$19.99.”

“I liked the dress,” I told her.

She left that with the guy at the counter and we continued to wander through the store. The video section was huge, the movies grouped by category and like the magazines, there was a topic for everyone.

We were standing in the, “Interracial,” section, Beth checking out the videos while I waited for Billy Ray to reappear. Strangely, accept for the men in the magazine section, the guy we passed on the way in and “Billy Ray,” I hadn’t seen another man the whole time we’d been there. Where was everyone?

That thought had just entered my head when Billy Ray emerged from a closed door to the side of another large display, this one of assorted dildos of every size, shape and color. Right behind him was another young man, most likely his “Fraternity Brother.”

Two “brothers,” couldn’t have looked less alike!

Billy Ray, was tall and lean. Looking at him, he moved very athletically, confident and graceful. His, “brother,” was gigantic, easily 6’5″, maybe taller, and well over 250 lbs, more likely 300! Despite his size, like Billy Ray, he moved gracefully, cargo shorts, a collared Polo and sandals his wardrobe choice. With a wild head of black hair and a two day beard, he appeared to be trying to make himself look older.

It wasn’t working.

As luck would have it, Beth was facing away from them as they approached, studying a video jacket. I held my hand up for them to stop, then put my index finger to my lips, asking them to be quiet. I was waiting to see if Beth might do her, “bend at the waist,” maneuver before she realized they were there, but she turned to ask me a question and then saw them.

Once again, she lit up like a, “Christmas Tree,” a big smile on her face.

“Hey, you’re back!” she exclaimed.

With that, she turned and put the video she’d been looking at back on a lower shelf, not the bottom shelf, her ass only half exposed, along with a hint of her pussy.

The big boy’s eyes popped wide open, Billy Ray elbowing him in that, “See, I told you…,” kind of kid thing.

“Billy Ray,” turned out to be, “Jeff,” his buddy, “Larry.” They were both entering their sophomore year at Charlotte, and both football players, as well as fraternity brothers.

Beth, after shaking Larry’s hand, asked Jeff what position he played and how big he was. “I’m a start’in wide receiver ma’am,” he answered, “and I’m “6′ 2″ and I weigh about 190 pounds.” Asking Larry the same question, she got, “I’m a starter on the offensive line. I play left tackle and I’m 6’6″ tall and I weigh about 290 pounds.”

“He’s a big’un,” Jeff laughed, earning a playful shove from his friend.

As I’d already mentioned to Jeff, I wanted them to join us for a drink and maybe lunch, but I wasn’t sure how Beth would receive the invitation. Larry, however, beat me to it, offering, “Hey, we’re staying at my mom’s place about twenty minutes from here. Nobody’s there until the weekend, so would you like to come over and we can have some lunch and maybe a drink?”

“Your mom wouldn’t mind?” I asked.

“No,” Larry answered, “and we’ll be here until…?” looking at Jeff.

“Like I said, fixin to leave mor’in likely on Tuesday.”

“…, so she’d never even know you were there.”

I looked at Beth and shrugged, she reaching out and took Larry’s catcher’s mitt size hand, saying, “Let’s go.”

As we drove, I had to ask, “So what’s up with you and…, first David, then Harold and now Jeff? Is this something I should really start to expect from you?”

She looked out through the windshield for a long moment. She almost looked sad, like she’d suddenly had second thoughts about Jeff and Larry. Then she turned…,

“Honey…, animasyon porno I’ve never felt so good about myself! For the first time in my life, I feel like the best mother, the best lover, the best teacher, the best everything…, and it’s all because of you. I just have so much confidence in myself…, like I can do anything. I feel super sexy whenever we are together and I want every man I see to think the same thing. David…? He is such a, “poor thing.” I was horny and he happened to be in the right place at the right time. Harold? I just thought he was so sexy. The way he handled himself around the strippers, the way he held and smoked his cigar, I just wanted to get to know him better. I really didn’t see myself having sex with him, just spending time with him should have been enough. But after he’d told me about his wife…, and you had the room reserved, I wanted to make love to him…, and I did. Jeff? Look at him! He’s amazingly sexy! His voice, the way he can barely look at me, never mind say anything to me. He just seemed so innocent…, and the way you’d been talking about sex with me…, I just had to have him. When I got him in the bathroom, I didn’t give him a chance to think about what was happening. I dropped to my knees, unzipped him and sucked him off. It was so intense I had an orgasm just before he came in my mouth…, I want to suck him off again…, if he was in this car I would.”

“What about…?”

“Larry? I’ve never seen, never mind met, anyone that big and intimidating. But he’s as cute and gentle as a lamb and really polite. The two of them are just yummy!”

Then she smiled, “Now, what should you expect? Well…, you can expect me to fuck your brains out as soon as we’re alone. Besides that? I don’t know what to expect from myself, but I’m sure whatever I do…, you’ll find it exciting.”

It took us almost a half hour to get to Larry’s house, but it was worth the extra time. The house was on the coast, an old summer cottage with a wraparound porch and a long front yard that went all the way to the water. The weather was even co-operating, the sun breaking through the clouds, the air warm but not hot.

Larry and Jeff had us sit outside while they made sandwiches and drinks. Beth took the opportunity to walk down to the water, her demeanor one of confidence…, and I could tell, growing sexual excitement. She was standing at the water’s edge, looking left and right and then back at the house. Larry came out with a large plate of sandwiches, Jeff a pitcher of drinks, margaritas it turned out, as well as a bucket of ice cold beers. Beth walked back and we sat at a table on the veranda.

It turned out that Larry was from Maryland, the house belonging to his mother, an inheritance from his maternal grandmother. “It’s been in my family for nearly a hundred years,” he explained, “and I’ve been coming here summers pretty much my whole life.”

“Not many neighbors,” Beth stated.

“Oh, there are homes there, you just can’t see them. My great grandfather bought two extra lots on both sides so he’d have privacy. Luckily, the family’s money has allowed us to keep the property exactly the way he left it.”

While we’d been talking, Beth had been enjoying the margaritas and the panoramic views of bay. While she’d been doing that, the boys had been enjoying the views of her chest, her tank top failing to keep her breasts covered.

Standing, a third drink in her hand, she asked Larry if he had a beach towel. It only took him a minute to locate one. “Mind if a sunbath?” she asked. “Please,” he replied, a sweep of his hand, offering her the entire front yard.

Stepping off the porch, she walked ten feet toward the water, stopped, placed her drink down and spread the towel on the lawn. She kicked off her shoes, stood in the middle of the towel for a moment and then turned to face the three of us.

She had our complete attention.

Cute smile and then she pulled off her tank top. Half a beat later, she unzipped her mini skirt and let that fall on the towel next to her top.

Completely naked, absolutely no awkwardness or shyness about her condition, she said, “I wish you did have some neighbors.”

I didn’t have to look at the two boys…, I took their breathing, or lack thereof, as a sign of their interest.

Beth sat down on the towel, took a sip of her drink and then lay down on her back.

Jeff broke the silence.

“Well Hoss,” to Larry, “done been here orr a week an never noticed that there lawn ornament before.”

After we stopped laughing, Larry replied, “Lawn ornament my ass. That is a Michelangelo work of art if I’ve ever seen one.”

“What’s so funny?” Beth called out, never changing her position.

“Boys are having a cultural diversity discussion here,” I answered.

Rolling over, head perched on her hands, her beautiful ass on display, “Discussing what?”

“Red neck here thinks you look like a lawn ornament,” Larry quickly responded, before Jeff could react, “I said that you looked like a Michelangelo sculpture.”

“Lawn ornament?”

“Now don’t go gettin all ruffled there miss,” Jeff retorted, “I was just pointin out that this ol’ lawn never been so well decorated.”

She was silent for a moment, then asked, “Larry, do you have any tanning oil?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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