Shower Sisters

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Mike was finishing his homework in sixth period so he wouldn’t have to bring it home Friday late afternoon, he had always tried to save as much free time out of school by doing all of his work quickly. Now, he wasn’t some bookworm, in fact, in the bottom of his mind was being a model student. But what was on the top of the list were girls, but mostly Anna.

That day after school, Mike would learn more about life and how exciting it could be, than any social studies class could teach. About five minutes before the day was through, Anna, the girl of Mike’s dreams, and shower fantasies came to him. She was young with long, brown hair to her waist, the darkest brown eyes Mike ever loved, she was wearing a tight, short silk slip dress with a floral pattern, and her legs were heaven to look at in the dark, seamed hose, and a four inch heal. Mike fantasized about lifting her dress up to reveal mid-thigh stockings and (his fetish) a black garter belt on his lover.

“Hey Mike”, her smooth voice called.

Mike barely noticed, he was too busy looking at her legs. Suddenly staring straight into her eyes he said hi in a barely audible voice.

“Sorry, I was swimming in P.E. and I still have water in my ears.” Was Mike’s response.

“That’s ok, I don’t mind, I like the attention. Anyway, I’m having trouble with the assignment and I need your help.”

Mike’s gaziantep ofise gelen escort bayan heart almost exploded with joy at that moment, she liked him, he loved her, and they were going to be spending some “time” together.

“Could you come over to my place today and you could help me.”

“Yeah, sure.” Mike said coolly.

When the bell rang, they stopped by the lockers together and dropped all of the excess stuff off. The walked for a mile, and lucky for Mike, she was quiet and shy too. They got into Anna’s house, got drinks of soda, and headed upstairs to her bed to set up the books. Mike thought they were alone, but after a half-hour of studying, Stacie came thrashing up the stairs.

She was a mousey blond, from their mom’s side, with hazel eyes, and thin little legs for a highschool girl. She dropped her workload off on her floor in the next room over with a giant thud and announced busting into Anna’s room that she would be in the pool.

We looked at each other for a second, then started a conversation. When suddenly, opening her legs, showing the shadowy inside, she asked, “what are some of your fantasies.”

Gulping down his coke, Mike said, “well, you are the star of them all ever since I first saw you. I imagine myself in the bath tub, with warm water gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan all around, when you come in, It’s like you don’t see me and you start to take a shower, your legs are straddling either side of my waist, and the spray is in my face, I can see your perfect butt, and you say “could you help me dry off”, I sit up and start sucking the water off your legs while you turn the shower off, I finished one leg, then work on the middle, my tongue goes deep inside.” Anna’s hands were massaging her breasts, Mike was turning her on, and she enjoyed it, she licked her lips, and Mike noticed for the first time that day that she wasn’t wearing a bra, a life line for almost all the girls in the school. “You start at your breast like your doing now, you really like what I’m doing, and you come, juice comes out and I suck it off of your leg, and all you want to do is lay with me in the tub.”

“Come on, let’s try that.” She said. Shocked and surprised, Mike almost came in his pants. They were both in the shower, Mike working her crotch, and Anna digging hard into her petite breasts, she was a lot wetter inside than Mike thought and he imagined himself chugging a coke, she was that wet. Some of the cum ran down his chin is a sweet puddle in the center of his chest. Moaning, she said, “here oğuzeli escort bayan I come, and it seemed to Mike that she fainted, but violently. Shaking and moaning with joy, Mike knew that she just had an orgasm. Lying on top of him, she went limp. Mike got the idea that he could do a kama sutra style sex position, but knew he shouldn’t.

With her two piece bikini almost half off, Stacie barged into the bathroom. She never knocked, she walked in on her parents having sex a dozen times and it barely seemed like news to her anymore. Innocently asking, but already knowing, she asked, “what’s up”, Mike’s hardon was at the lips of Anna’s pink pussie.

Taking off her top in front of the mirror, and then slipping off the bottom, she said that she wanted to shower off from the pool. All three were naked and very aroused. Anna was recovering from her orgasm, Stacie was jealous, she needed attention, and her pouty lips and her curly permed hair always got the wrong kind. She remembered a field trip to some museum, and on the way home in the dark bus, two guys on each side, coping a feel, all of them groping her in the bus, made her feel dirty, but being with her big sister made her feel safe and proud of her sexuality. She straddled both of them for the shower. Anna moved down onto Mike and pumped his virgin cock. Stacie looked down to find her sister and the new man, between her legs, screwing. This was too much, Stacie had to demonstrate her fantasy.

Mike was lying on his back, the warm water flowing down Stacie’s round, smooth butt. Stacie moved to the back of the tub, straddling Mike’s mouth, she sat. Anna moved, her wet cunt over Mike’s cock, facing each other, Mike barely got to see them wildly making out, sisters. But Mike didn’t care, this was better than a 69, two girls and him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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