Sibling Love

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Michael Stevens has only been out of college for a few months.

He enjoyed his education. But, an English Lit degree doesn’t impress most employers.

That’s not to say that he wallowed in depression after graduation.

Michael found employment at a temp agency in the city. Just random bar tending and waiter work.

It allows him to live independently.

The bachelor’s lifestyle suits him. But, his brief respite from family is short lived.

Emily, Michael’s raven hair little sister stands at his door, suitcases in tow.

“Hey,” she smiles at her ruggedly good looking brother.

Michael scratches the back of his head.

“You’re early.”

Emily nods, “Mom and dad don’t approve of me going to art school. It’s gotten pretty annoying.” She looks down from her brother’s eyes. “Am I too early?”

Michael smiles his support, “Come on in.”

There’s only one bedroom in his apartment, one bed. But, he’s a gracious host.

“You can set up in there.”

Emily looks concerned, “Where will you sleep?”

Michael smiles ruefully, “I’ve got a sleeping bag. I’ll be fine on the floor.”

The older sibling is unconcerned. But, the beautiful Emily feels bad.

Ever since she was a kid, her brother’s made sacrifices for her. She had thought that those days were over now that she’s become an adult.

Despite her reservations, she accepts the bedroom.

While Emily arranges her things, Michael occupies himself with his computer. He’s recently been working on a new “masterpiece.” A tale of heaven and hell, adventure and intrigue.

He agonizes over every word, worrying that his product won’t be perfect.

If the man has one flaw it’s that he believes that he can write the perfect story. He can’t. And, the terrible writing assignments of school left him with time for little else.

Still, he knows this piece will be the one.

He doesn’t notice her until she’s right in front of him.

An amused smile touches his sister’s ruby red lips.

His eyes are drawn to her smile and he closes the laptop.

“Hey,” he says awkwardly.

“Hey,” she says plainly.

He recovers and looks at the time on his phone.

“We should celebrate. Let’s go out.”

“Where?” she asks curiously.

He stands up to get his keys and wallet.

“I’ve got a place in mind.”

Emily follows faithfully to his car.

It’s nothing remarkable. But, it’s clean.

The ride has Emily looking at all the sights.

“This is a lot different from home.”

Michael laughs, “Were you expecting otherwise?”

“It’s not that,” Emily says. “It’s just that there is so much.”

Her brother thinks on the first time he left home. Even the college campus he lived at was daunting in its grandness.

The ride is brief and they stop before a restaurant named something de Brazil.

The scent of roasted meat permeates the surroundings and the siblings feel their mouths’ water.

The hostess smiles happily, “Two.”

Michael nods and they find their table.

“What is this place?”

“It’s a restaurant,” Michael says placatingly.

Emily scowls, “You know what I meant.”

Her brother is amused at her reaction.

“They bring roasted meat and fruit out on skewers. They’ll carve off what you want.”

As if sensing his cue, a man brings over a fragrant skewer of meat.

Emily is excited as the man offers the food.

Michael looks on his sister’s pleased face and feels good.

The night carries on and they’re offered a juice.

After drinking it Michael recognizes the alcohol content.

“Please,” Emily begs, sipping at her beverage. “Let me drink it. They’re not even carding me. So it’s fine, right?”

Against his better judgment, Michael says, “You’re done when I say you’re done. Understand?”

The brilliant flash of his sister’s pearly whites is hard for him to endure.

He turns his focus back to the meat and lets Emily drink the sweet cocktail up to the third one.

“But,” she protests, obviously tipsy

Michael’s decision is clear and they finish their meal comfortably.

Emily’s never really had alcohol before and can’t handle it well. Michael half carries his sister to his car.

“Dad would be so pissed,” she laughs.

Michael thinks on the temper of the old man. He would never tolerate the only 18 Emily drinking.

“It’s our secret,” he insists.

“Oooh, as secret from mom and dad on the first night…”

Michael ignores her as they return to his apartment.

Inside, Michael helps Emily to the couch.

They both tumble onto it, much to the amusement of his sister.

They sit up, side by side, looking at one another.

Michael endures as the older brother while his porcelain skinned sister looks at him.

He grows self conscious under her scrutiny.


“Michael,” she says. “It’s a secret.”

As she says it, the inebriated Emily moves in to kiss her brother.

Surprised by the action, Michael does nothing to stop her tongue from entering his mouth. His eyes close as his own tongue massages hers.

But, this gaziantep escort experience doesn’t last long as he regains control and pushes her away.

Despite himself, Michael can’t help but mourn for the loss.

When he looks at his sister, he sees a distinct redness to her fair cheeks.

“I-” she stammers. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

With some effort, Emily stands and walks to the bedroom.

The door closes before Michael has the chance to collect his thoughts.

He sits there, on the couch, for some time before he recovers.

What just happened?

He prepares for bed and rolls out his sleeping bag.

His eyes train on the bedroom door. He imagines she’s already asleep.

Will she even remember it?

Michael feels torn. He wants to forget the incident. But…

He tries to put the thought out of mind finds sleep in his own time.

Dawn comes to the sound of the bathroom in use.

He resists the conscious world. But, it is an unforgiving phenomenon.

But, then his memory catches and his eyes snap open.

Emily comes out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, with wet hair.

She freezes when she sees her brother, dumbly, looking at her.

Her expression is complicated. But, she recovers and goes into the bedroom.

She didn’t forget, he thinks to himself.

With a sigh, he prepares for the day ahead. It’s a work day for him.

His black hair matches the black pants and vest he dons. The white dress shirt creating contrast.

Emily hasn’t come out since she was in the bathroom and Michael feels somewhat bitter as he leaves without seeing her.

After the door closes behind him, Emily peeks out cautiously.

She fumes as she thinks of how foolish she is. He’s her brother. Why did she kiss him?

The art school semester doesn’t start for another few days. So, she’s left to wait. To watch TV.

Going out seems like it would be a hassle.

She settles on the couch and tries to occupy her time with the daytime shows only to realize how boring it all is.

Her thoughts turn to her kiss with Michael.

She’s been away from him for so long, since he moved to the big city for school as soon as he became an adult.

Their parents are somewhat disappointed in his major. Saying that he should have been an engineer or a doctor.

But, Emily thinks differently. She’s always loved his imagination and has read some of what he’s written.

Similarly with her brother, her parents think she’s making a mistake in going to art school.

She sighs. Why can’t they see it? She’s been drawing and painting for most of her life.

She’s pretty good at it for someone without education.

It doesn’t matter what they think. Both her brother and herself are on the path suited for them.

In her boredom, Emily doesn’t notice as her hand drifts down to the shorts she wears. Subconsciously, she presses on her mound. Over and over.

By the time she realizes what she’s doing, she is caught up in memories of growing up with her strong older brother. He was always there for her.

Too far gone to stop, Emily dips her fingers into her panties and begins massaging her clit and sliding along her lower lips.

Just as she begins to peak, she hears a key in the doors lock.

Her fingers jump out and she tries to look nonchalant as Michael comes in.

He sees her and wonders why her face is so red.

“I took the wrong shoes,” he explains.

“Ah,” Emily lets out.

There is a tension between them that cannot be cut.

Shoes changed, he say, “I’m going.”


Both of them kick themselves for how awkward they are now.

Just a day ago, things were so much simpler.

Michael stands still outside the door to his apartment for a long moment before leaving.

The ride to work is mundane and soon he’s at the worksite.

Being a temporary contractor means that the customer doesn’t come to you. Rather, you come to the customer.

The event that the team is preparing is a wedding that will take place at noon.

After the ceremony is finished, he’ll serve at the bar.

But, first, many last minute adjustments are required.

“You’re late,” a female peer of his teases.

He could explain. But, instead, smiles, “Hey, Sarah.”

She smiles sweetly at him.

Her appearance is very pretty; shoulder length brown hair, skin a few shades tanner than his sister, a perfect smile, and ample breasts.

They work together with a number of other servers.

The couple hours it takes gives them time enough to hang out in the employees only section.

The mischievous Sarah stands next to Michael.

In the company of this beautiful woman, Michael can’t appreciate her. His mind replaying the sight of her in the towel this morning. Bare shoulders and long legs. Her wet hair framed her face beautifully.

“Hey,” Sarah snaps her fingers before his face. “Can you hear me?”

Michael shakes away his shameful thoughts.

“Yes, Sarah. I can hear you.”

She looks mildly peeved, “It’s not right to ignore eskort gaziantep women like that.”

I smile and listen to her gossip and complaints.

For as beautiful as the woman is, she’s a bit too chatty.

“So,” she says. “Your sister’s in town.”

Michael freezes at the mention of Emily.

Sarah doesn’t seem to notice, “You said she’s living with you.”

“Y- Yes,” he manages.

Sarah leans in close, “That’s too bad.”

Realization dawns on him as she licks her lips.

Up to this point, he had thought her teasing to only be teasing.

“Why… do you say that?”

Her smile is sly, “Cause, I was hoping you’d invite me over.”

The seduction of the woman is too much for Michael and he leaves her to go to his station at the bar.

As he thinks of the woman’s moist lips he can’t help but regret running away.

There’s a reason he’s been a virgin for so long. It’s not that women don’t show interest, it’s that he always shuts down on them.

With a deep breath he prepares himself. The wedding already in full swing.

After a time, he gets his first customers.

Being an open bar, the only cash that’s passed around is the tips.

His smiles is professional as he supplies a seemingly unlimited amount of whiskey, vodka, wine, and for the gathering.

As the day draws on, most people focus on the celebration.

But, one man sits alone at the bar, nursing his scotch.

He repeatedly sighs until Michael finally asks, “What’s the matter?”

The man looks up and has a sour look on his face.

“Nothing’s wrong,” the man confesses. “The wedding of my best friend is a joyous occasion.”

Michael cocks an eyebrow, “You don’t sound like you believe that.”

“Hah,” the man laughs. “David’s a good guy. But, his choice in women is atrocious. The bride’s a gold digging slut.

“I tell you, within a year, they’ll be divorced. And, she’ll take half of everything he’s got.”

Michael sighs, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Pah,” the man waves a hand. “He loves her. But, she doesn’t love him. Just like my ex.

“My advice, don’t tangle with women that don’t actually love you.”

As he finishes, the man turns to mingle with the masses.

I meditate on his advice until the party ends.

Is there any woman in my life that actually loves me?

“Pour me a drink, will ya.”

Sarah looks at me and my many empty bottles.

“What would you like?”

“Hmm,” she ponders. “Vodka cranberry.”

It’s an easy drink and, soon, finds her hand.

“What’s wrong?” the woman asks all of a sudden.

“Nothing,” he puts on a smile.

As Sarah finishes her drink, she looks to Michael curiously.

“What?” he asks.

Sarah moistens her lips before saying, “Let’s do something after we finish.”

Michael is no longer a boy. But, he still feels awkward when the topic of dating comes up.

“I don’t think-“

“Come on,” she begs.

Michael thinks of how Emily had begged him the night before.

“No, I’m sorry,” he thinks, “My sister just got here. Going out right away…”

His words trail away.

Sarah looks dejected, “Okay. Rain check?”

He thinks on it before saying, “Rain check.”

Somewhat pleased, the woman goes off to her own work.

Night’s setting in and the work is finished.

The ride home is uneventful. But, at the door to his place, he’s frozen. He keeps replaying the kiss he shared with his sister in his mind.

He wish he could say he didn’t enjoy it. Or the sight of her in the morning.

But, he did.

Finally, Michael opens the door and finds his sister at the table drawing something.



The air is dense with tension.

Michael gets fresh clothes and jumps into the shower and lets the warmth soothe him.

It’s a brief moment and he comes into the living space awkwardly.

He, intentionally, doesn’t look at her as he sits on the couch to watch TV.

The mindless shows let his mind reset from the day of work.

At some point, Emily puts down her tools and hesitantly sits on the couch where her brother has his arm spread out.

Her presence draws his attention back to reality.

He’s about to pull his arm back when his sister leans into his side.

They continue watching for a time. But, while he wills that his penis would stay soft, his arousal can’t be contained.

Emily is not oblivious to the change. And yet, she doesn’t know how to act in such a situation.

There is a heat in her loins and ice in her guts.

The wrong thrill leads to her breathing more heavily.

Both wish that their arousal weren’t so apparent. But, neither can hide it.

Emily thinks that she should touch him. Be the initiator. But, just as she’s about to, Michael’s cell phone goes off.

Both jump out of their skins.

Michael recovers and takes the call.

“Hi, mom.”

The pair of them feel terrible for their desires. It’s good that mom called.

“Yeah, she’s doing good. Work’s fine. We’re just watching TV.”

Emily gaziantep esmer escort stands from her position at Michael’s side, her face flush from her embarrassment.

Michael wants to hang up. But, the call carries on for some time.

When, at last, the call ends, both siblings turn to their own bubbles and the night carries on until sleep calls them.

“Michael…” she says as she moves to the bedroom.


Emily thinks for a moment on all that she wants to say. But, settles for, “Goodnight.”

She’s in the room with the door shut before he can return the sentiment.

With a deep sigh, Michael lies down and lets sleep take him.

Emily has a harder time finding sleep. She wants her brother.

In embarrassment, she stuffs a pillow to her face. But, just before screaming her frustration, she realizes the Michael would probably still hear her.

What is it that she even likes? Aren’t most siblings repulsed by each other?

But, she knows. He’s handsome, both strong and gentle, and so intelligent.

When they were growing up, he always protected he.

She falls face first into the bed and doesn’t even get under the covers.

The days pass until Emily can finally start school.

This gives her some distraction from her bubbling well of new emotions she’s feeling.

The classes are fundamental in nature. The basic forms, that she’s worked on for years, are drilled into her in ways she’d never contemplated.

It’s hard. Yet, enjoyable.

At home she has more homework than she’s ever had before.

Michael observes her in her labor and smiles softly.

As if sensing his gaze, she looks up, “What?”

Caught, Michael stammers, “You- You’re really hard working.”

Emily smiles, “Thanks.”

Days pass as they grow more comfortable around one another.

The sexual tension remains though.

In the quiet moments when their eyes meet or their fingers touch. Every time they freeze like deer caught in the headlights.

It takes some time, but they come to recognize the signs in their counterpart’s behavior.

At night, Madison has a smile unlike any she’s shown her big brother before. His behavior cute.

But, still, how to make the other party admit to their desires first.

In the grant money Emily had received for school, there came something extra for spending cash.

She doesn’t have much by way of needs. No rent, Michael pays the rent, and school’s within walking distance.

And so, in the quiet moments between homework and school, she goes to a nearby erotic boutique. And, with red cheeks, looks over the negligee.

“Can I help you?” comes a woman’s voice.

Emily looks to the woman, “I- uh- I was just looking.”

A knowing smile comes over the woman’s features, “I’m sure we have something for you. Men always love crotchless panties.”

At the word crotchless is uttered, Emily feels a coldness in her bowels.

“N- No. That’s not what I’m looking for.

“I’m- I’m looking for something to draw the attention of my… roommate.”

“Yes,” the woman says. “I know just what you need.”

Emily is drawn to a white set of panties and a bra that has a cover running down almost to the belly button.

“This is a more classy set.”

Emily can’t help but feel it slutty. But, then she is in the wrong place for class.

“I’ll take it.”

She leaves with the woven fabric. A nervous smile on her face as she returns home.

When she arrives, she finds her brother busy at his laptop, likely writing his story.

“Hey, Sis,” he says without looking up. He fails to see the excitement in Emily’s eyes.

“Hey, Michael.”

The day finishes with them doing their own things. Emily’s stomach in knots.

When finally, they ready for bed, Emily showers and puts on the negligee.

She looks at herself in the mirror. There is some class to it, she thinks.

Now, to let him see.

With some hesitation, Emily opens the door and walks out.

Her brother looks up and is stunned by her display.

The tries not to smile as she says, “Goodnight.”

“G- Goodnight.”

Behind the closed door, Emily’s head is hot. She just let her brother see so much of her.

Will he get the message?

Michael pants after his sister disappears. She’s never done this before.

His hands tremble and his cock is hard as iron.

He knows she’s attracted to him. But, this is the next level.

With great distress, Michael comes to the bedroom door and he knocks.

A shaky voice asks, “Yes?”

He swallows uncomfortably.

“Can- Can I come in?”

There is a pause before a, “Yes,” can be heard.

The door opens to the room he gave his sister.

But, he has no eyes for the changes. He only has eyes for her pale skin under whiter undergarments. For her abyssal black hair. And, the nervous smile on her face.

“You’re beautiful,” he confesses.

The man’s little sister, on shaky knees, walks over to him, her eyes rising to meet his own.

They know it’s wrong. But, that doesn’t matter.

Her hand reaches down to his pants where his bulge strains to get out.

It’s something she’s never felt before.

His hands settle on the smooth skin of her hips.

Gradually, as if the other might run away, their lips come together. A first for the both of them.

Their tongues writhe in passion as they play with each other.

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