Sick Like Me

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This story came to me during a wedding I’d recently attended. It was my cousin’s and it was very religious so, there was zero drinking or dancing (seriously, WTF). Anyways, I’m the type who likes to get turnt at familial weddings because my family is sometimes hard to deal with, so, here’s how I’d hoped it happened but, from a different perspective, i.e. if I was single and if the groomsmen were actually nice to look at. Of course, none of this went down and is pure fantasy. Hopefully, enjoy!


P.S. I plan on going to law school (hopefully soon-ish) so that’s why a lot of my characters are related to some form of further education/ legal expertise. So, sue me.


God, this wedding was awful.

Sure, the ceremony was lovely, what with the choked up bride and groom (standard, right?) and the wedding colors were dull. Shades of purple and cream. Come on. The groomsmen were dressed dapper style, which was kind of cute but played out and the bridesmaids were practically covered from head to toe. Only the skin on their faces, necks, and hands was showing. Their over-the-top bouquets rivaled that of the bride’s and what bridesmaid wears fucking white?

I tried not to roll my eyes as the officiant/ preacher came across a passage of how “wives need to submit to their husbands”. I snorted and earned a disapproving glance from my father. I only shrugged. Sure, I’d “submit” if only under ropes and bondages.

I guess I should be a little more appropriate; this was, after all, my cousin. One of my closest ones at that, too. We’d practically grown up together, a year apart with him being the elder of us. At twenty-four, I was still unwed and not bred. The only one in my family so far. I sighed and sat forward a little bit more.

A groomsman, with honey eyes and black hair that fell to his shoulders, looked across the pews at me. I caught my breath because let’s just say this man was beautiful. That’s right. B-e-auuutiful.

He had a strong jaw, nose, and luscious lips, along with a thick neck that had some sort of creature snaking its way up his throat. He sported two silver rings in his right eyebrow and his ears were stretched somewhat. He smiled and revealed almost perfectly straight teeth though they were white and that’s when I realized: I had been staring at him. Blushing, I turned away and hid my face, feigning I was wiping tears away. When, in all reality, I was not.

I was happy for my cousin but was perturbed because he had converted for his fiancé. Which didn’t bode well for my family. I wasn’t super religious and didn’t care but why become a Pentecostal?

I don’t know; it was weird considering this was the guy who would be at clubs all weekend long and get drunk, have one night stands, and try to hit up my friends. I guessed he repented and now was living the holy life. I didn’t give a single flying-

“You may now kiss the bride!”

Oh, thank the lord. I clapped along with everyone else and smiled when the photographer caught me scowling. We all stood up and watched the happy couple walk down the aisle to the lobby of the church. It was a nice church, if I was into that sort of stuff, and was rather large, which was kind of pointless but whatever.

After taking the designated pictures and embracing only the family I knew, it was time to let go. However, my hopes were dampened when we found out that the reception would be taking place in the next room. Still in the goddamned church.

Well, maybe there would be some dancing but once we made our way to the other room where the reception would be held, I wanted to roll my eyes.

Circular tables with cheap white linen istanbul escort were thrown over the tops along with little decorative pieces of “Love, Life, woodsy and deep, a scent that could drive any female with ovaries wild. I bet he was also amazing in the sack. Chewing on my bottom lip, I felt an inner pride swell up as his brown eyes shot straight to my action of innocence. “Well, I’m related to the groom. He’s my cousin.”

A smirk played on those full lips as he looked to the sky in contemplation. “Well, that would make sense given you look like you don’t belong here.”

He was right but that kind of pissed me off. “Excuse me?”

He held up his hands in a placating gesture. “With your nose ring,” he flicked it, fingertip grazing my left nostril, sending a shock through me, “and your makeup,” he added with a ‘duh’ look on his face. “I mean, you don’t technically scream ‘church-girl’,” he chuckled.

It was then that I noticed he sported a tongue ring and I immediately flushed. Oh, what could he do with that? Shaking my head from the wayward thoughts, I leaned into him. “Well, you don’t look like you belong here, either.”

Feigning offense, he placed a hand over his heart, his fingernails chipped black. God this man was so different from everyone here. And I liked that. “What do you mean? I am perfectly prim and proper. I go to this church every Sunday and I am saving myself for marriage,” he joked, ending his sentence in a low tone.

I giggled. Yes, I actually giggled. “Oh I’m sure the girls throw themselves at you in droves.”

My eyes widened at my statement. I hadn’t meant to be so bold but oh well now. It was out there. One side of his lips lifted and he turned to look out into the parking lot. Behind the cars sat an open field, farmland most likely but it was still nice being out away from the city with no distractions. “You’d be surprised,” he murmured. There was an air of sadness around him now and I almost felt bad for him. Had he been severely hurt? Was it recent?

If so, I understood. I just recently got out of a four-year relationship and my heart was still battered. Sure, that had been about six months ago but I was still recovering.

We fell into a comfortable silence, several minutes passing us by before he faced me and grinned. “Wanna get out of here? I need a drink,” he winked at me before standing up. He looked down, his eyes finding mine instantly and held out a hand. “Come on,” he whispered.

Hesitantly, I took his hand and rose. Again, that odd shock shot through to my elbow and I had to lean after I stumbled from standing so quickly. I fell into him and he held me against his chest, his lips near mine. I could see his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed almost nervously. As if my manners just so happened to come to me, I took a step back and motioned towards myself. “Oh, I’m-.”

“Jude!” My father called my name. I inwardly groaned when he appeared at my elbow.

“Yes, Dad?” I eyed him and watched as the guy I had been talking to shift his feet awkwardly.

My dad glared at me. What, he raised me. “Ready? We’re headed back to the hotel.” Dad glanced at the guy near me, his eyes narrowing in obvious disapproval. Aside from the tattoos and piercings, he was a class act. Genuine and sweet, he was making me grow attracted towards him.

I shook my head. We had driven about five hours to be here and, thankfully I had a separate room from my parents. Being in law school had its advantages like my parents willing to pay for anything. Since they were oh-so proud of their baby girl who was going to become a big shot kadıköy escort lawyer. Whatever. I wasn’t into it for the money. I wanted to actually help people. “I-uh, I’ll meet you guys later. I wanted to see the happy couple off,” I blinked up at my dad. I’m sure he knew exactly what I was about to do but I wasn’t going to tell him.

I mean, I wasn’t his perfect little virgin princess anymore, which he probably guessed from my most recent relationship, so, oh well. I was an adult for Christ’s sake. I could do whatever the hell I wanted.

Daddy dearest smiled and nodded at me before pulling me into a quick hug. “B-be careful and safe,” he flicked his blue eyes towards the guy. “Don’t forget about the mace in your car. Love you.” He said as he handed me my phone. “Call if you need anything.”

“Love you,” I replied and waved off my stepmom.

“Aww, how sweet. Hey Jude, huh?” The guy was rubbing at his jaw with one hand when I turned back around.

I playfully punched him. “Yeah, Jude. And what’s your name? Wait, let me guess. Something dark and mysterious like Jack or even possibly Bob,” I challenged him. “It’s Bob, isn’t it? I mean, you look like a Bob.”

I was laughing when he pulled me to him to growl in my ear, “It’s Zack.”

For some inexplicable reason, this seemed right. Zack holding me like this. Zack breathing harshly in my ear. Zack pressing into me so I could feel every heart beat and twitch of his muscles. “Zack,” I repeated.

He stepped away and gestured to the parking. “Come on, I got a favorite bar we can go to.”


I had changed in my car before we arrived at a little bar that had a club vibe to it.

Still in my tank, I put on some black short shorts so as to show off all the squats I liked to do. I also put on some red Chucks so I wasn’t too made up. Unfortunately for Zack, he was still stuck in his stupid groomsmen tux albeit he was down to his white button up, untucked and opened up at the chest, and khaki bottoms.

I eyed his chest piece, a black and white dragon midflight. It was partially hidden beneath a wife beater but I could still make it out. “Come on,” he pulled me towards the bar so we could order.

“Jack and coke,” I ordered, my staple. I’m sorry I couldn’t deal with the girly shit.

“Shit,” Zack muttered. “You go hard, huh?”

I only cocked a brow. “So?”

He shook his head and ordered. “Vodka on the rocks.”

I wrinkled my nose. “Vodka?”

This time, he cocked his brow at me, the one with the rings in it. “Got a problem?”


We waited for our drinks while he had an arm around my waist. I was keenly aware of his body so close to mine that by the time our drinks had arrived, I was nearly panting with both want and need.

He tugged on me so we could go to a dark corner of the bar. In the center was a large dancefloor with those who were brave enough and most likely already drunk. I watched as many of the women we passed give me dirty looks because of my “date” or rather the dude I was with. I was kind of proud of myself. Feminine pride swelling.

“So, tell me about yourself,” he said once we sat down in a corner booth. Thank the heavens it was clean because I fucking hated booths.

“What do you wanna know?” I asked, sipping my drink, the burn of the sweet whiskey traveling down my throat. I scrunched my face up because I hadn’t drunk any in a hot minute. But it was still good. However, my stomach swirled, considering I didn’t get to eat that much for dinner so I’m pretty sure I’ll be drunk in about ten minutes.

“The usual. Where’re kağıthane escort you from, what do you do…et cetera,” he winked at me and took a swill of his drink. He also lit a cigarette. Somehow, he made the vice appear attractive and even cool. Hmm.

“Well,” I shrugged. “I’m twenty-four and I’m from a town about five hours north of here. I currently am unemployed given I’m going to law school… I’m an only kid so you could probably tell how protective my dad was of me. I just recently got out of a long-distance relationship. Well, not really. We lived together for a bit before I went off to law school but then we broke up because of… differences.”

The warmth and scorch of the whiskey swept through my extremities and made me incredibly aroused in two seconds flat. I was almost done with my drink when Zack waved at the bartender.

“What about you?” I asked.

“Hang on,” he murmured before heading back to the bar. He returned with two drinks, his and mine, in each hand. “Okay,” he said after situating himself in the booth. We were seated right next to one another, watching the other dancers, our shoulders touching. His heat warmed me up even more but I didn’t dare move away. “I’m from out west. Moved here for college. Well, college and other personal reasons that made me stay after. Anyways, I run a law firm down the road with a buddy.”

I choked on my drink.


He was a lawyer? With the way he looked? “Uh, I wouldn’t have taken you for being a lawyer, because, well, you know,” I gestured to him.

Now, he took real offense. “No, I don’t know,” he crossed his brows.

I set my drink down and scooted closer to him. “I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean-.”

Then he smiled. “It’s alright. I get that all the time but for real. I am a lawyer and a good one,” he winked at me. “If you ever need any pointers, hit me up. Shit, add me to your resume as a reference if you want.”

I nodded. “Okay, thanks.”

He winked and sighed, relaxing further into the booth, smoothing his hands out on his pants. “So, what happened with the relationship? I mean, if you’re okay talking about it.”

I nodded. “I’m okay talking about it. It’s just that, he wasn’t very supportive of my career choices. He decided his future was more important than mine and well, I didn’t want to live like that.”

“Well, he’s a jackass for not realizing what he lost,” Zack mumbled, his eyes almost glazed over from the alcohol. “And I understand with the support issue. My ex wasn’t into my interests. More like she was into my younger brother.”

I placed my hand over his arm. “I’m sorry that happened. It sucks getting cheated on.”

He shook his head. “I would have been okay with her cheating but, she… didn’t love me anymore, basically.”

For some inexplicable reason, I felt genuinely sorry for him and wanted to make him feel better.

We finished our second round of drinks before Zack got us each one more. I sipped that one slowly and watched the couples out on the dancefloor writhe and grind with one another. To be honest, and this was probably the alcohol speaking, I was feeling quite frisky, combined with Zack’s scent and heady breath cascading down my bare shoulder since I was so close to him.

I set my empty drink down on the small table in front of us and sucked in a deep breath. Here we go.

Zack followed suit and as he was sitting back, I grew brave, gripping his face in my hands to bring his lips to mine. He was shocked, his eyes growing wide and his mouth agape before he relented and kissed me back. His arms slid around my waist so I could straddle him.

I whimpered when my knees pressed against the wooden backing of the booth. God, his lips were like magic with the way they suckled and pulled with the right amount of pressure to have me grinding on him. I moaned into his mouth and he swallowed it up, using his tongue to slither gently across my teeth. The sound of his piercing skittering over bone had me gripping his shoulders even more.

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