SIL (After Marriage)

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See my prior story titled “SIL in College (Before Marriage)


Married and true to my wife for 19 years! I have always marveled at how my Sister in Law can see me and talk to me and act like nothing ever happened. Sometimes I think I am just a perverted nut case that made this all up in my head! I am crazy and perverted or some form of reality that I cannot comprehend — mental illness?

We the story starts with the family getting together for a reunion at the resort and my wife, my daughter, and I along with SIL and her family staying at the In-Laws house. Others were at my parent’s and others were at a hotel. We all got together in the banquet hall at the hotel and had dinner and drinks. It was nice and pretty much everyone had a good buzz going. Nobody was over the top or drunk by any means. As the night ended we went to the in-laws and talked and had more to drink. The subject of the summer of my wife’s internship came up and everyone laughed at me. It seems that the impression left with everyone else was that I was a lost soul without my fiancée (now wife) and hung with the Sister in Law out of sheer loneliness. Everyone had another good laugh and then I saw my Sister in Law looking dead into my eyes with the grin of a cat who caught the mouse! I smiled back and she looked down and away and blushed 3 shades or red! This was our first acknowledgement, however small gaziantep özbek escort bayan and insignificant, that we had ever shared anything.

We kept talking and the subject ranged from kids to boats, houses to cars, vacations to retirement. Every so often she would look my way and our eyes would catch — the tensions and desires of 19 years ago were alive.

The group dwindled. My wife and kids were the first to go to bed, then my FIL, then SIL’s hubby and son. It was just the SIL, the MIL (No action here), and me. As the Mother in Law said her goodnights we poured another glass of wine. We were both nervous and didn’t say a word for a few moments. I broke the silence by suggesting we go sit on the swing in the back of the yard. She did not want to go, but I finally convinced her we should talk outside.

The swing was a good 100 yards from the house and storm coming up had clouded the moonlight. I held her hand as we walked, not in passion, but truly to guide her way as a gentleman. As we approached the swing we sat together with our arms touching, but not close as to think we were anything but in-laws.

We were swinging back and forth with no discussion for what seemed like hours, but was only minutes. She spoke slowly and deliberately when she said,”I am sorry for taking advantage of you when porno videolar you were lonely and drunk.” I didn’t have a response for that, except to grab her and hold her close. My next words were, “I am a little tipsy now!” We both laughed and hugged. We talked about the summer and how it began, how it progressed, and how we were both in need that summer and had no regrets.

I could barely see her as the rain began to fall and we ran to the shed to stop from getting soaked. As stepped through the doorway I grabbed her from behind and kissed her neck and massage her body. She responded with soft moans and her hips humped against my hand as I rubbed her mound through her sun dress. She reached behind and unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. Her hand reached inside my briefs and found my dick as hard as a poker! She rubbed and fondled as I slid her dress up and got inside her panties. She was wet and we pleasured each other for a few minutes. I felt like I was 18 and playing with another teenager. She looked over her should directly at me and smiled. As she did I leaned in a kissed her. The lust then took over as I pushed her gently over bending her at the waist. I pushed into her from behind and went crazy almost falling because of the shorts around my ankles! It was hot and fast and I could not hold on. I shot my load inside her in a torrent. gaziantep rus escort bayan We were sweating and breathing heavy as lost my hardness and slipped out. My cum was dripping down her leg and her panties were catching a good amount of the drips.

She then shot up as the lights went on in the house and her husband called out for her! She was frantic and wanted to hide. I held her close and told her to be still. I knelt before her and pulled her leg from the dirty garment. As I looked up she smiled a nervous smile and I dove into the cream pie and ate her until she could barely stand. Her legs were weak and she had cum several times. I picked her up on the work bench pushed in gently from the front. Our hips were a blur and our flesh slapped noisily together.

The end was close and she was an animal. I fell out on one thrust and she almost killed me as she grunted forward and I missed! She reached down and put me back in and we continued for a no more then 20 seconds as we came together. Our sweaty bodies pressed against each other.

We got dressed and walked gently into the pouring rain as her husband walked to the porch with a spotlight. As soon as he spotted us with the light we began to run for the house. As we reached the porch her husband laughed at us and said you guys are like to kids in second grade playing in the rain. We all laughed and went inside. As we dried off and said our good nights, my SIL stuck her tongue in my mouth as her husband walked away. We broke our kiss and smiled.

The next morning had been telegraphed 19 years before. We woke and pretended nothing happened.

What can I think, what will happen, I do not know but this is raw sex, and there is no tomorrows when the situation comes up!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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