Silencing the Clerk

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I have really gotten into glory hole sex with strangers. The other day I went into an adult bookstore that is located on 1st Avenue South in Birmingham, Alabama to watch a little porn and maybe suck a dick. After browsing the video part of the store I wandered to the video booth area of the store to see what was happening. There were only about 10 booths so I started looking in the doors to see if any of them had glory holes in them. What I discovered was that the walls were not just a single sheet of plywood separating the booths like most arcades but they were built with a 2 x 4 frame in between the walls. Thank goodness that there were two booths that had glory holes in them that had large cutouts so that the person sucking could get their head in to suck their neighbors dick. There was no one else in the store at the time so I went back out and started looking at the videos again.

After about five minutes the front door opened up and a tall good looking man with a wedding ring on came in and headed to the booth area. I waited a minute and then I headed to the back to see where he went. The light was on in one of the booths that had a glory hole in it so I slipped into the next booth and started looking for some money to feed the video machine. I selected a movie and sat down in the chair and leaned forward to Fikirtepe escort bayan see what might happen. I was pleased to see that he was standing up and had a nice 6 inch dick that he was stroking. I stuck my hand in the glory hole and motioned for him and he quickly stepped up and fed his dick through the hole.

I quickly wrapped my hand around his dick and started jerking him off. No sooner than I started jerking him my movie shut off so I quickly fed another dollar in it and decided it was time to suck him off. I love sucking on a dick and was making very quick work of his tool. I took as much as I could from him as I kept a wet, sloppy suction on his dick. Once again my money ran out and the movie stopped but I figured the way he was starting to rock his hips I would go ahead and finish him off without paying the movie meter again. His thrusts started getting faster as he was getting close to erupting in my mouth when all of a sudden the clerk started banging on the door yelling at me to put money in the machine or get out of the booth. I never slowed down with my sucking and my new friend erupted in my mouth a load of cum that I quickly swallowed. As soon as I was finished I got up and exited the booth and went back inside the sales floor to browse the videos again.

A few minutes Escort Sancaktepe later the guy who had just fucked my face exited the store and several new patrons entered in to the booth area. After a minute I once again went back to the booth area and saw that the two guys who had just entered were in the two booths that we had just occupied. Both lights were on so I figured they were taking care of each other so I started to head back out front again when I noticed that one of the doors was pulled to in the other glory booth.

I went to the booth and slipped in next door and bent over to see who had gone in next door. I could not see a face but I could see that he had a nice 7 inch thick dick out of his pants and was slowly jerking himself off. I motioned in the hole for him to feed me his dick and he quickly responded and stuck his dick through the hole. I wasted no time and took as much of him as I could in my mouth and started fucking him with my mouth. I thought I was giving him the blow job of his life when all of a sudden he pulled his dick out and exited the booth very quickly. I was really disappointed that I did not get to taste his load and got up to exit the booth.

As I exited the booth I noticed that the store clerk was standing in the corner smoking a cigarette. As I walked üsküdar escort by him he turned towards me and I saw that he was stroking his dick and that it was the dick that I was just sucking on through the glory hole. I walked on by him and then turned around and realized that he was offering me his dick again right there in the hallway. I started back towards him and he opened the door to the booth and entered. I followed behind him.

As soon as I got in the booth he offered me his dick again and I wrapped my hand around it as I dropped to my knees. As quickly as I started sucking him again he put his hands on both sides of my head and started a steady rocking motion with his hips as his dick moved in and out of my mouth. The harder I sucked the deeper he slammed his dick in my mouth. His dick reached the back of my throat and he kept on thrusting as he held my head firmly in place. This was my first experience being totally dominated by a man and I was enjoying it as much as he was. After a few minutes of steady face fucking his pace and intensity increased as I sucked him to the base of his dick. With a loud grunt he slammed hard into my face and started shooting his cum down my throat. I swallowed all he had to offer and continued to suck him until his dick softened in my mouth. He pulled out and put his member away , zipped his pants and exited the booth.

After he left I put some money in the machine and quickly jerked off to relieve the pressure that had built up in my dick. Once I cleaned up I got up and exited the bookstore wondering if something like this would ever happen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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