Simple Treasures

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There were so many shops down Main Street that they all seemed to blend together. On the corner of main and Sullivan was the old record store, beside it a decaying antique shop. Old style clothing and furnishings sat in the window in a timeless display that had remained as unchanging as the store itself. Across the street beside a lawyer’s office was the toy store, another relic that, like the antique shop, had remained unaltered by time. The dolls, wooden horse, red wagon, and other classics sat in the window, forgotten and out dated as children today preferred their computer games to the playthings that their parents once enjoyed.

Up and down the street the small shops sported their open, specials, or going out of business signs. Business had not been great for any of them lately, so it came as much surprise to Ken when he came upon a newly opened shop that seemed to have sprouted over night among the other, less visited, depots. Ken stopped and looked at the ornate lettering of the store name, “Simple Treasures.”

It name was painted onto the glass in pastels. Green vines encircled the letters, and tiny, autumn colored leaves sprouted out from the vines in an array of fall colors that gave the sign a welcoming touch. The window exhibit consisted of various things such as an old writing desk, a nineteenth century style woman’s gown, a floral vase, and a display of sunglasses, each of different colors and styles. Ordinarily Ken would have ignored the place; it was more his wife’s type of shop what with the feminine style lettering and contents of the store which, to him, didn’t appear masculine at all and his masculinity was something that he took great pride in, but for some reason unknown to him, he had the urge to enter and investigate the place. It was something new he supposed which sparked his interest in the place, something different to do on a lazy day when he really didn’t have much else to occupy his time with. Maybe he would find something in the store that the house could use, or maybe he would find some old tools, anything really that would justify his going inside. Anything was possible he figured and that was what, in the end, made up his mind to enter the shop and look around.

Pushing the door open, Ken walked in. The little bell at the top jingled as he entered. “Shit,” He thought to himself when he heard the bell. The last thing he needed was some over eager sales women popping up to pester him into buying some junk that he really didn’t need. To his surprise though, no one came to assist him. He moved farther into the store and looked around, seeing nothing of interest at first really. The place was filled with odds and ends, mostly old crap that someone else had given away. Second hand shops were not a favorite of Kens; it was like going to an overpriced yard sale. Why pay good money for someone else’s trash?

The more he looked around, the less impressed he was with the place. There really wasn’t anything of any real value for sale. He did stop and look at a display of old records but most of them were from way before his time. He laughed out loud when he noticed a cardboard box full of old eight track tapes. “Now who the hell would want those?” He spoke out loud to no one in particular which quite surprised him when someone answered.

“Oh, you would be surprised at how well those sell.” The woman behind Ken smiled as he turned around to look at her. “I think a lot of people buy them for nostalgic reasons, but I’m sure somewhere out there someone still owns a working eight track player.”

“Seems like a waste of money honestly.” Ken shoved his hands in his pockets as he looked over the shop keeper. She was young, probably in her early thirties, and slender other than her wide hips but Ken always found a bigger bottom on a woman slightly arousing, not like the stick thin girls now-a-days that practically looked anorexic.

She had a mess of wavy blond hair that framed a heart shaped face. Her ears were hidden beneath the mane of hair but Ken could make out a glint of gold from her ear rings. Her eyes were dark blue and huge. They almost seemed to sparkle in the light of the room when she smiled at him. She was dressed in a white button up blouse and a brown or khaki colored skirt that framed her hips and thighs perfectly. It stopped just above the knees with a slit in the back. Her shoes were simple brown sandals but they looked nice on her and were dressy enough for the outfit she wore. She looked professional but also comfortable casual, not stuffy like most people wearing business attire seemed to look. Over all, Ken thought that she was a pretty good looking woman, someone he would probably have asked out if he were younger and not married.

“Not for someone who wants to reclaim their youth or just wanting to remember a happier time in their life. That’s what this store is all about. I sell things here that make people happy. There is something for everyone here, I guarantee it.”

“I don’t think you have anything Yalova Escort for me in this place.” Ken smirked.

“Oh I’m sure I could find something for you.” The woman smiled at him again warmly. She was so sweet it was almost sickening. She was one of those women who were always happy. It was a nice change for Ken after living so many years with a perpetual bitch, but something in the woman’s attitude just seemed fake. It’s like her actions or words were all forced, rehearsed, and not sincere. Ken couldn’t stand people like that, people like used car salesmen who pretended to be your best friend just so they could sell you the biggest lemon on the lot.

“So, you’re the owner?” Ken asked, ignoring her previous statement.

“I am.” She answered, “My name is Delilah. I’ve been in business for a month now. I will admit that business is slow but I imagine it will pick up in time.”

“Maybe you just need better advertising.”

“Oh no,” Delilah shook her head, “I rely solely on word of mouth.”

“Well there’s your problem. People won’t bother coming in here when they know nothing about the place. Hell, I didn’t even know it was here till I walked past it.”

“And yet, here you are.” Delilah smiled again, her huge, false smile.

The conversation wasn’t doing anything for Ken, the store was impossibly dull, and his wife was sure to start bitching if he didn’t return home soon though that never really mattered to him before. He loved getting out of the house to get away from her, the longer the better, but he was done here and ready to leave. “It was a pleasure to meet you.” He told Delilah. “I have to get back home now though, the wife’s waiting, and the kids will be home from school soon, you know how it is.”

“Oh yes,” Delilah nodded in her pleasant and understanding way. “Life goes on, right?”

“Something like that.” Ken said. He looked towards the door uncomfortably, eager to get away from this woman.

“Well, I would really hate for you to make a liar out of me.” Delilah told him, “At least let me try to sell you something. As I said, there is something here for everyone.”

Ken sighed as he grew a little annoyed with her, “I really do have to leave…” He started.

“Really, I won’t take no for an answer.” She turned and motioned for him to follow her.

“Oh for fucks sake,” Ken swore under his breath.

“Come on now.” Delilah crooned, “I think I have something back here that you are just going to love!”

Ken shrugged then reluctantly followed her to the back of the store. Delilah shimmied between a display of old baseball cards and tattered second books, then pushed a cart on wheels out of her way as she bent over a large bin in the center of the floor and began to root around in it. Ken raised an eye brow as he watched her searching for whatever it was that she was searching for.

“She certainly has a nice ass.” He thought to himself as he eyed the outline of her bottom through the light brown skirt she wore, made even tighter now by the fact that she was bent over. He found himself wondering suddenly what she looked like, bent over like that from the opposite side. He had noticed earlier the size of her chest made more noticeable by the low cut neck line of her blouse that was unbuttoned a little too much. He could just imagine the cleavage that was showing now as her huge boobs hung over the bin she was looking through.

“Yes!” She squealed suddenly. “I found it!” Delilah spun around, her enormous tits bouncing up and down in her shirt as she bounded over to Ken who found himself curious about how she managed to do her work without one of those tits smacking her in the face.

“I know you’re going to love this.” She stuck her hands out, showing the item that she’d pulled from the bin. It was a blue box with a picture of an air plane on the front. Ken looked closer at it and saw that it was actually a model airplane kit. He looked up at her, questioningly. “You look like a man who likes to stick things together.” Delilah shrugged, “Plus I heard you say that you had children. This would be a perfect project that you and your kids could do together.”

“How much?” Ken asked her.

“Well, it is kind of old, and I don’t think they even make this brand anymore, so I can’t let it go for less than twenty.”

Ken pursed his lips together then shook his head slowly. “I’m sorry; I don’t have that much money with me right now.”

“That’s a pity; I really think you and your little ones would enjoy this.” Delilah thought for a moment then smiled again. “I’ll tell you what I can do. Now, I don’t normally do this so please don’t tell your friends, but since I really like you, I would be willing to let you have it for nothing, if you could do me one tiny weenie favor.”

Ken was only half listening to her; his attention had somehow reverted to her chest again, or rather the hint of a light pink lace that was peeking out from behind the blouse. He didn’t remember the blouse Yalova Escort Bayan being that damn low before, not enough that he could actually see her bra, had she undone another button while she was bent over? He looked up and caught her eyes. “Huh?”

“How about it,” She asked him. “It’s not hard really. I just have a light in the back that went out and it’s kind of high and well…I’m afraid of heights. The bulb really needs replaced and I can’t get anyone in here to do it until tomorrow. I could wait of course, but it’s too dark back there to do my inventory and I have a few new items that need put on the floor. It would be a huge help to me and you get a free gift for your kids out of it.”

Ken shrugged. It didn’t seem like a bad idea, free stuff for changing a light bulb, hell why not. “Sure.” He told her, brandishing a smile of his own. “Glad to help where I can.”

“Thank you so much!” Delilah bobbed up and down on her heals clapping her hands together in excitement. “Come with me, I’ll show you the light.” She put the plane in his hands then turned and made her way to the back, Ken following after her holding his new plane.

She seemed a little odd to him, maybe it was the fact that she was a blond, or maybe he just wasn’t used to beautiful women being so nice to him. Most of them were stuck up and just plain rude, like his wife. She had been beautiful once but age and kids had taken their toll on her. After having two babies she let herself go big time. She didn’t put on make-up or fix her hair anymore and she never wore those skimpy, sexy, little outfits that she once had, not t hat her fat ass would fit into them anymore. There just wasn’t any fire in their marriage now and he’d practically lost all interest in sex with her. Part of the problem was her attitude. She was mean, mean to him and mean to their children. She was always in a bad mood and always ready to start a fight. In all honesty, Ken hated to be around her anymore.

Once in the back, Delilah showed Ken the light that had burned out. It wasn’t really all that high but he would need a step ladder to get to it, which, luckily Delilah already had out. Ken put down the plane and then took the bulb that Delilah handed to him and started his ascent up the ladder. He’d only gone about four steps before he was able to reach the light and it was a simple light to change. He just had to unscrew the glass light shade that was covering it, replace the bulb, and then screw the shade back into place. When he was done he started to back down the steps but lost his footing for a split second and almost fell.

“Oh be careful!” Delilah gasped. She reached up to help steady him and planted her hand firmly on his ass.

“I’m fine!” Ken snapped as she brushed her hand away, slightly annoyed. Had she done that on purpose or was it just her being a blond again? When he reached the floor Delilah switched the light on bathing the room in a soft incandescent glow.

“Oh thank you so much!” She gushed. “You have no idea what a relief that is on me.”

Ken shrugged. “It was nothing really.”

“Oh no, it’s not nothing, not for me. It’s little things like changing a light bulb that really make you appreciate having a man around. Since my divorce I’ve really been lost. Of course I wouldn’t admit that to my ex.” Delilah laughed at herself as she spoke. “But really, there is only so much a girl can do on her own, you know?”

“Yeah I suppose it can get rough.” Ken agreed. “But sometimes divorce can be a blessing. I didn’t mean that in an insensitive way or anything.”

“Oh I totally agree with you, it can be, it was for me anyway. Don’t get me wrong, we’re better off apart now. He’s happier and I’m happier, but there are certain things that I miss. I suppose I just have to get used to being alone again.”

“I’m sure you’ll find someone again.” Ken moved to grab the plane that he’d sat on the table near the door but Delilah was standing right in front of him.

She took a step closer, the light he’d just changed now illuminated her entire body, and he could see the pink outline of her bra through the top she wore. She was close to him now that her boobs were practically pushed up against him. He took a step back and bumped into the ladder. Those two round, full, delicious tits of her jiggled as she laughed. “Don’t fall over now.” She teased. She moved closer again, this time pressing her body against his and wrapping her arms around his neck. He could feel her hard and erect nipples through her blouse as she pushed her boobs onto him.

“I…Delilah…I’m married.” Ken stammered as stared down at her cleavage. He knew he shouldn’t be staring at her, hell he shouldn’t be there period but damn she was hot.

“Shhh,” Delilah hushed him. “Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve had a man’s arms around me, or felt a man’s body pressed against mine?” She kissed him then, closing her mouth on his and licking his lips seductively. Ken opened his mouth Escort Yalova as she pressed her tongue inside. She started sucking on his tongue then let her hand fall down to his jeans and began rubbing his cock through his pants.

“This isn’t good.” Ken thought as he felt himself grow hard. “But damn it feels so good.” He knew he should push her off. He was married for fucks sake but then, it had probably been just as long for him as it had for her, and what was the harm? His wife would never find out anyway and so what if she did was there anything there worth saving now? No, his marriage was on the rocks, his wife was a fucking snow queen and dam it he deserved some happiness in his life. Delilah had told him, this shop was here to bring people happiness and right now, he was happy.

He kissed her back hard then and she welcomed the kiss eagerly. Her hand squeezed harder on his cock and his body shivered with long anticipated pleasure. He put his hand on her firm round breast and began to massage it. She cooed and moaned at his touch.

“Oh yes, that feels so good.” She exhaled, leaning her head back and letting her hair fall down her back. He kissed her neck and then he kissed the spot where the collar of her shirt opened. Ken slid his hand inside her shirt and underneath the bra. His fingers encircled her nipple and he pinched it gently before cupping her breast in his hand and rubbing it. She cooed again, enjoying every bit of what he was doing to her. His cock was rock hard now and begging to be released but she continued to tease it through his pants. Ken undid the last of the buttons that held her shirt together. He pulled her shirt off and tossed it haphazardly to the floor before reaching around and unfastening her bra.

He pulled the straps down over her shoulder, releasing those large, luscious tits. He stared at her hard, pink nipples and then brought one to his mouth and he began to suck on it hungrily. Delilah wrapped her arms around him again, pressing his head down onto her boob, her fingers locked in his hair. He cupped her other tit in his hand and squeezed as he sucked its sister. He continued to fondle her breasts, stopping once and again to give her nipples another gentle pinch while pulling on it lightly. Delilah moaned and cried out, “Oh yes, God yes!” Listening to her turned Ken on even more, he was aching for her now. He wanted her so badly that it hurt. Without giving it another thought, Ken hiked her skirt up and pulled down her panties.

Delilah kicked them off just as quickly then started fumbling with Ken’s belt and zipper to his pants. Within seconds she had pulled his cock free of his jeans and his fully erect hard-on in her hand. Her fingers wrapped around him and she started pumping him hard. Ken pushed his fingers between her legs and found her wet and waiting little pussy. He was a little surprised to discover that she was shaved down there; it was a nice surprise though as he hadn’t had a shaved pussy in over twenty years.

“Do you like that?” She asked him, “Do you like a shaved pussy.”

“Oh yeah.” Ken told her. “I’d love to stick my face down there.”

“Well what’s stopping you?” She winked at him and squeezed his cock a little harder.

Ken cupped her ass in his hands suddenly and lifted her up onto the table behind her. “Nothing now,” He said. He laid her back and spread her legs apart then ran his hand over her bare flesh. He pushed her lips apart gently then leaned over and started licking. She moaned loudly and squirmed on the table. He moved his tongue over her clit again and again alternating between licking and sucking. He slid a finger inside her; she was so wet, so eager, he could tell that she wanted more. He slid another finger inside and started moving them in and out, slow at first then faster and faster.

She exploded with moans as she cried out for him not to stop. He circled his tongue around her clit then more licking, God he loved this as much as she did and he really enjoyed making her squirm. He could tell that she was close to coming because her body had started to shiver all over. The feel of his tongue on her pussy was literally driving her insane with pleasure. He worked his fingers inside of her more furiously now, and her juices suddenly came spurting out of her as if a flood gate had been opened. He held onto her, his hands still cupping her ass as he pressed his face in deeper and licked the juices from her pussy. “Oh fuck yes!” She cried out as she came. Delilah sat up and Ken pulled her to him and kissed her hard on the mouth. He stuck his tongue in her mouth and she sucked at it, tasting her own juices as she kissed him. Ken caressed the inside of her thigh then he pulled her closer to the edge of the table. Delilah’s shirt was up around her waist now, her legs spread wide. Wet juices glistened on the inside of her thighs and against the soft pink flesh of her pussy. Ken pushed his pants down, moving closer to her, he leaned her back some, and cradling her back in his hands he slowly pressed the head of his cock into her. Delilah groaned and held onto to him tightly for support. Ken put his right hand under her thigh and lifted it some off the table. He pushed his cock in slowly until the entire length of it was inside her.

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