Sis was Douching!

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The summer air was actually cool on this day and I was enjoying being alone in the house. Everyone was gone and I had the house to myself. Dad had been dead for some time and Mom was at work. My sister, Barb, was out somewhere doing her thing with her friends. Or so I thought. I was intrigued with playing in her hamper with a treasure chest of dirty panties that held her most recent scents! So, off I went, on my journey to her hamper to find her discarded panties.

As I entered her room, I saw the panties actually with her night clothes. So, I picked them up and begin my usual sniff and lick routine as I rubbed my already hard dick. Sis was a little sex pot, 2 years younger than my 20 years that summer. She was a bit short, but had a petite little frame, beautiful, long brown hair and blue eyes. She had the most wonderful little A-cup, almost a B, titties with nipples that threatened to poke your eyes out! And the little nest between her legs? Cameltoe. Plump and well in site, no matter what pants or bikini she wore. Just like I liked them. I love a plump pussy on a girl! And my fetish extended to those little titties I had already seen a few times when she came in after a party or was strolling through the house half naked and not realizing I was even there at times! This girl was a real fuck doll and she knew it! So, I grabbed the panties, still moist from the night before. I found a little cum in them, and imagined she had played with herself that morning. Then it hit me. Dildo…she probably had one.

I searched her nightstand for the vibe, but to no avail. I then focused my search to her panty drawer, filled with sexy thongs and with granny panties for those few days of bleeding each month. I had been in the drawer many times, but had never found anything there before. So, I didn’t think I would find the toy there. Still, I would get to see her panties and maybe even try some on myself. I had missed the frilly ones the week before, as she was on her period and wearing those ugly bloomers! I HAD to have a panty fix! As I plundered the little, lacy pussy covers in her drawer, I felt the hard toy at the back. I pulled out a small little vibe, which told me she had to have a tight little pussy. Sure enough, it still had the dried juices from a morning of twat relief, obviously. I raised it to my nose and inhaled. What a wonderful smell şanlıurfa escort bayan she had! More intense than the panties I had already discovered on the floor. I licked it and it tasted so sweet!

By this time, my dick was throbbing painfully. I wanted to jack off into her dirty panties while getting whiffs of that plastic dick! But, damn, I sure had to pee! So, I stripped my clothes and pulled on the dirty little bikini panties, silk and smooth and so tight, with my dick protruding from the top. Off I went to the bathroom, the only one in the house, with the toy in hand!

It didn’t seem unusual the door was closed and the fan on. The light and fan were on one switch together and we each would often leave the bathroom fan on and close the door to clear the air. So I opened the door and strolled right in. That is when I got the surprise of my life!

There sat my sister, on the toilet, naked, with her feet up on the toilet ring and a douche syringe embedded in that precious cameltoe! She screamed immediately, then started laughing.

“You perv! I knew you were getting into my panties!!”

She then begin to laugh even more, forgetting about the douche show she was presenting to me. My dick did not wilt. It only throbbed. I was red-faced and did not know what to do. After all, I was wearing her little panties!

My sister then pulled the douche from her pussy and attempted to cover herself, telling me to get out. But, at the same time, she got a little grin on her face and had a change of heart.

“On second thought, panty boy, come in and let me see those little panties on you.”

I had no choice but to comply. I knew there was a chance she would tell Mom and that would leave me in a terrible way. I walked in further.

“Turn, so I can see it all.”

As I turned, she sat the douche, still half full, on the vanity beside her.

Looking at me seductively, as she uncovered herself with the free hand that was on her chest, I saw her nipples protruding as hard as my dick.

“Let me se that cock, panty boy.”

At this point, I realized she was opening up to the same desire I had for her, which was to have a little sex play of some sort. This was confirmed when she leaned forward and strokked my hard staff a couple of times, gaziantep sarışın escort bayan before she began to suck it. Oh, did her mouth feel so good! I knew she had some experience by the way she went at it like a pornstar. Man, I was about to blow my load! I knew she was no virgin, but I did not know she had this sort of experience.

Just before I was about to cum, she stopped and looked up at me.

“I want it in my pussy, Mark, you freaky panty perv. Fuck me with those panties still on.”

My wildest dreams were coming true.

“Wait a minute. I have to finish cleaning my cunt. It is still sticky from playing with myself this morning and I want it to be fresh for you.”

Man, I was going to get to fuck that pretty little pussy of hers, surrounded by that cameltoe! I almost cum right there!

It was then that I took matters into my own hands. I reached for the douche and told her to assume that same previous position, with her feet up on the toilet ring. As she did, I took a moment to admire the hairless slit with the plump lips. What a gorgeous pussy she had. I leaned in for a whiff and a little lick, watching her clit pulse slightly. Then, I licked the douche nozzle to lube it a bit and inserted it. I squeezed the bottle until the last cleansing drop expelled from it, into her pussy, then into the toilet. I pumped the nozzle in and out of her a few times and watched her eyes roll.

“This is intense.”

Her breath had was now a breathy whisper. I tossed the douche and went in for a piece of the pie, licking and sucking like a kid with a popsicle. After a few moments of this, she clenched up and shuddered really hard.

“I’M CUMMING!!! Don’t stop! I am cummingggg!”

With that, she emitted a flow of juices, which covered my face.

As her orgasm subsided, she began to pull me up and kiss my face, licking up her own juices.

“Fuck me now!”

She kissed me full on the mouth and grabbed my dick, her tongue looking for my tonsils.

We dropped onto the rug on the floor and I had her to pull her legs way back to open the petals of her precious cameltoe that I so admired. I didn’t think about getting her pregnant. I just thought of fucking her with no mercy. As I lowered myself into her saddle, she şehitkamil escort bayan grabbed my dick and put it at her entrance. Man, she was tight! I had to work to get it in. Pushing and pulling, it took a few moments to get in her snatch. Pretty soon, I hit bottom and she went wild!

I felt the fat lips close around my dick as I sawed in and out with all I had. This was the best pussy I had ever fucked in my life. She was clawing me and soon wrapped her legs around my back, pulling me deeper as she climaxed again. I leaned further down and sucked her hard nipples back and forth. This did it for her. She cut loose with a flood of sister juice, clawing at me like only a pornstar would do. Only this was for real!

I was ready to nut! But, I wanted one more position. I flipped her over onto her knees and pushed her face down to the rug. I lined up behind her little snatch and buried myself in one hard push. Again, she moaned with pleasure. I began to fuck her with everything I could muster. As I felt my nuts boil, I made no attempt to pull out. I cum what seemed like buckets of incest juice into that tight cameltoe of hers while I held onto her sexy little ass. Then we collapsed on the rug.

“Ok, panty boy, you did something no one has ever did to me.”

At this point I am thinking, “Yeah, I did. I committed incest with you!”

I looked over at her well satisfied body and stroked her little tits as I listened.

“You got me pregnant!”

Oh, SHIT!!I was quickly realizing that I probably had got her pregnant. I remembered her cycle only a week before. I had seen the tampons in the trash! And the granny panties in the hamper!

“Quick! You have to douche me again, so there may be a chance I didn’t get pregnant just now!”

She grabbed another syringe from under the vanity and set it up. As I douched her pussy, ever so slowly, I sucked her fabulous little titties. I kissed her and told her how I had fantisized about her. She shared the same story with me. How she imagined me playing with her panties as I jacked off, thinking of only her.

This was the beginning of a life long love affair with us. She later married and had 2 children. One of which, I think is mine. All these years, we fuck when we have time. She still let’s me rub the cameltoe, even though it is even fatter now. She even gives me fresh dirty panties in sealed baggies now and then. Of course, we still play the douche games.

We are older now and the spark is still as new as back then. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I get my share of pussy. But hers is special. It is filled with love, my seed, and an occassional douche!

Of course, I still had not peed that morning….that is a different story itself!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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