Sister finally finds love pt 3_(1)

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Kari jumped up before Chris could slip his cock into her and bolted to the bedroom to put on some clothes. Chris followed hoping to catch her before she got that far, but was unable to. Temporary defeated, he got dressed and looked out the window to see who was there. Eric was back. That fucking douche fuck didn’t listen and had returned.

Kari was already at the door. He slipped down the hallway to eavesdrop on the conversation.

“I DON’T CARE ASSHOLE!! YOU DIDNT EVEN STOP! WE ARE DONE! LEAVE!!” Kari was pissed and screaming at him.

“I messed up, I was wrong and am wrong. It was a mistake. But please don’t throw away all of our history over it. 5 years babe… 5 years!!” Eric had tears running down his face as he pleaded his case.

“Do you really want to bring up the past dick? You were kissing Marcy at homecoming and I caught you then. I am done. We are done. Take that cheating pencil dick of yours and go fuck yourself!”

Kari slammed the door. She turned around and to Chris’ surprise, she wasn’t crying. A weird feeling fell over Chris. He knew deep down Eric wouldn’t stop, at least not yet. They had been together since the start of sophomore year. But the troubling part was that he had seen flashes of anger out of Eric and even temper tantrums. Chris knew what it was like to lose a childhood sweat heart. He had broken up with his not 3 months earlier for eerily similar circumstances. Chris was lost in thought and didnt even notice that Kari had locked the door and climbed the stairs to where he stood. Her touch surprised him and shook him from his thoughts.

He took her into his arms, and kissed the top of her head. The embrace didn’t last long as another knock at the door ended it. Chris was now ready to answer, and was fired up ready to confront Eric. As he went to the door, he was thinking it was too bad he had not just ate Kari’s pussy so he could smell her on his breath. He wasn’t quite at the door when it opened and their parents walked in.

“Why was Eric leaving so fast? He looked upset.” their mom asked.

“He cheated on me. I caught him last night fucking some whore.” Kari’s head sunk. She really didnt want to talk to her parents at this point, and wanted to feel her brother’s cock inside her soaking pussy. As everyone made their way to upstairs, Kari and mom Sandy went to the living room while dad Brian and Chris went to the kitchen. Chris forgot that he had asked his dad to help with with his car. They went to the garage to hang the doors on his 68 SS Camaro while the women talked.

“Just fucked up dad. She walked in on them fucking and he didn’t even stop. She watched him cum in the other girl. And that was the second time he has been here today. He just don’t get it.”

“Well,” dad said grabbing the door bolts, “he never was the smartest person. And your sister deserves way better than what happened to her. Love is a crazy thing. I would not be surprised for her to go back to him.”

“I don’t know dad, she was pretty upset and even if she loves him, I don’t know if she could forgive him and take him back after all that.”

“We will see.” dad said. They finished the doors Edirne Escort and went back upstairs where to the men’s surprise there was laughter and giggles coming from the women. When they entered the room, Sandy told them they all were going to dinner that night, and that she was taking Kari shopping. As the two women got up and left, Brian shook his head and said goodbye to Chris. Chris asked what he should wear and was told Sunday clothes. “Fuck have to shave” Chris thought.

With everyone gone, and the chance to get layed out the window, he finished his chores, and got ready for the night. His phone went and saw a message from Kari. She was in a changing room with a racey dark blue bra and thong set on. His cock went zero to sixty and was at attention. The next picture was her in the mirror, completely nude, while blowing him kisses. The last one was her bent at the waist, legs together with her flower showing and a caption “Your cock should be here”. He almost came right there. He snapped a few of his cock and sent them to her and with a play on her phrase said “Your pussy should be here”.

He so wanted to jack off. He wanted her there. He wanted inside her. He wanted to hold her and cuddle. But he didn’t jerk off. That he would save explicitly for her from now on. Kari responded with she was at mom and dads and he was to meet them all there when he was ready. If she only knew how ready he was. He got dressed with a dark blue suit, white shirt and red tie. He grabbed his wallet and phone and jumped into his truck and left.

He arrived a short time later. Brian grabbed them both a beer while the ladies finished getting ready. Sandy was down first, and both men’s jaw dropped at the sight of her. She wore a low cut, knee high dress and looked amazing. Both men’s eyes went to her 36 d breasts, and then down to her lovely legs and the thigh high boots she wore. Sandy blushed at the attention and and smiled at them when they finally made eye contact. She was in good shape for 42 years young, and while not the thinnest girl in the world, still could draw the attention of the entire room.

“You look amazing mom!” Chris was the first to break the silence.

“Babe, wow, wow WOW!” Dad could hardly keep his excitement in. Chris thought that dad might kick Kari and him out so he and ma could destroy the house. As much as Chris wanted that to so he and Kari could be alone, with all the trouble mom went through, he knew they both would catch hell if they didnt reward all of her trouble. As Brain grabbed her a glass of wine, Sandy called up to Kari to see if she was ready. A few minutes more response, and the three of them sat down and enjoyed a drink together.

When Kari did finally emerge, Chris about died. Her hair slightly curled, and the strapless, full length dress accentuated her body. Chris struggled not to let on their new found romance. He could not believe his eyes.

“You look absolutely stunning sis! Just wow!!”

She blushed and gave him a twirl and a wink. She could see the twinkle in Chris’s eye and was overjoyed at his reaction. She hoped that he was adjusted right for when they left and not show Edirne Escort Bayan his pride while their parents were around.

“Honey you look spectacular! Melts my heart baby girl!” Dad was just as impressed as Chris was.

“Shall we?” dad said finishing his beer.

They stood up and headed for the door. When they got outside, Chris and Kari headed for his truck, and mom and dad would drive seperate. It was a short drive to the restaurant so small talk was all they could do.

“I have a surprise for you” Kari said slyly. She was feeling particularly naughty and handed Chris a small remote control. “It controls a vibrating egg. You can control it at dinner. It is inside me now. Go ahead… try it out!”

Her enthusiasm was undeniable and her hands shook with anticipation. Chris grabbed the remote and turned it on. She squealed as the toy started to vibrate in her pussy. “Oh fuck, I might be in trouble” she said as Chris began to toggle through the different modes. Just as she felt and orgasm start to build, he shut it off bringing a disappointed look to her face.

“Hey, I was about to cum! I want to cum!”

“In due time sweet heart. This is going to be fun!” Chris turned the device back on full bore suddenly and the first of many orgasms tore hard through Kari. She grabbed and squeezed his arm and Chris realized that he was going to have a problem as well. Blood began to engorge his prick, and he wanted nothing more than her so suck his cock and release his seed into her. She panted as she began to calm down and by the time they pulled into the lot, she was almost back to normal.

They exited the vehicle, the vibrate off and control in his pocket. He offered his arm to his sister, and they walked to the front door meeting their parents. As they went to be seated, Chris excused himself to the rest room to adjust himself. The past couple of minutes had his fire raging, and the pressure on his cock was almost unbearable. He washed his hands and dried them. And while looking in the mirror, a devilish grin crept upon his face. He reached into his pocket and pulled the remote out. He studied it so that if things got out of control, he knew the button locations to give his minks of a sister a reprieve.

As he walked to find them, he turned on. He could see her squirm abit and smiled knowing what was happening inside her snatch. He sat down and turned it off, knowing full well that payback for his teasing her would suck later. But the expression on her face was priceless and completely justified his action.

The small talk began as they looked over the menu. The waiter came over to get drink orders and as soon as Kari started to speak, Chris cranked it up on her. Her voice quivered ever so slightly as she fought to keep her composure. Seeing this only made Chris want her to cum more. He reached in his pocket and turned it up and watched as Kari’s legs tightened. Her breath quickened, and she licked her lips as she came. A glance to his parents almost made him lose it, as the bewildered and puzzled look on their faces made him want to laugh.

The vibrate turned off, and Kari sat there for Escort Edirne a moment, her panties soaked and the euphoria of the naughtiest thing she had ever done rushed over her. Her brother amd now love had just made her cum in front of not only their parents, but the waiter and restaurant full of guests. When mom asked what was wrong, she quickly took a drink of water, and tried not to panic as she explained that her legs had a cramp. Chris nearly lost it again, but held it together long enough to tell his sis that maybe you should eat more bananas. She looked at his sarcastically at the double entendre.

“I can’t eat them like you eat tacos!” She spouted off playfully to him and all four of them busted out laughing, even though mom and dad where not to sure what they were really talking about.

The waiter returned with drinks and bread, and started to take the order. A filet mignon for dad, porterhouse for Chris and salmon for mom. Kari braced herself as she started to order, wondering if Chris would turn on the egg again. When he didn’t, she ordered chicken cordon bleu amd shot him a frustrating look. He smiled and reached for his pocket. But he didn’t turn it on. Kari sighed knowing she was being teased and that she was in his control.

As a second round of drinks were ordered and the small talk continued, she forgot about the toy lodged inside her and and got lost into the conversation. That is until the food came. Just as the waiter arrived Chris once again turned it on sending a shockwave through her. Her knees began to bounce, while her lips were quivering and a bead of sweat was forming on her brow. Kari struggled to keep her composure. An orgasm was building deep inside her as she bit her tongue. She was trying not to make a scene, trying to not scream, desperately fighting the urge to not pull her tits out and beg her new lover and her brother to fuck her right there in front of mom and dad and the rest of the restuarant.

Chris was amused. His cock was swollen and he just wanted to release the pressure and give his sexy sis the pussy pounding she deserved. It didn’t take long for Sandy and Brian to realize what they were witnessing. They had no clue that Chris was involved, but both of them began to get turned on. Kari was coming down and Chris turned the vibrator off. Kari was soaked. Her panties clung to her pussy lips and she could feel her love nectar running down her ass crack.

Kari excused herself to head to the restroom. She stood up and felt the eyes of everyone upon her. The waiter looked her up and down and licked his lips at the sight of the gorgeous 21 year old. She pulled on her dress to straighten it, and ignored the judgemental looks from the sea of humanity. She made it to the stall, jacked her dress up and dropped her panties. She spread her lips and pulled back her hood, exposing her sensitive clit. Her finger found her button, and she began to feverishly rub her swollen nub. She was lost in the moment, wishing that her brothers cock was in her mouth, or getting ready to plow her fertile field. She was about to cum again when she heard someone’s foot tapping and saw shoes underneath the door of her stall. She stopped rubbing, waiting to see who it was. She unlocked the door, and opened it.

She froze and was shocked at who was standing there…

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