Sister Finds My Toys Ch. 04

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It takes a long time to write a story. A lot longer than it takes to leave a comment. Writers on this forum don’t get cash, but they don’t expect it. What they hope for is a comment from you, the reader, to let them know that their hard work is appreciated. My last chapter got over twenty thousand hits and only three comments. I have more stories to tell, but you have to let me know if you want to hear them. I hope you do…

My sister Chris was shocked at the news that our older sister, Carol was coming to visit.

“Shit,” Chris said. “How long will she be here?”

I kind of gave a little shrug. “She said two weeks.”

This was going to ruin everything. Chris and I had just about settled into our brother/sister relationship. Things were going so well for both of us and now everything would have to be put on hold.

Carol had always been the thorn in our sides. She’d always been the one to tattle on us, to spy on us and to generally make our lives miserable. Looks like nothing had changed.

Chris laid back down on the bed. She was still soaking wet from our wild sex romp.

“So, when is she coming?”

I hesitated for a second. “She’ll be here the day after tomorrow.”

Chris stood back up. “Well then we’d better get things in order. Lock the closet!”

When Carol walked through the gate into the baggage area we spotted her right off. It was easy. She’s five feet ten inches tall, full breasted with raven black hair that hangs halfway down her back. It’s hard to miss a woman like that. We tried to look excited by running over to her.

“Hey guys,” Carol said. She hugged us into a three way huddle. “It so good to see you both.” The way she was standing she couldn’t see Chris raise her eyebrows.

We got Carol’s bags loaded into the car and headed for home.

“So, what have you guys been up to?”

The truth would been to tell her we’d been having wild sex for the past few days, but the truth won’t always set you free. I opted for a lie.

“Oh, not much,” I said. “Mostly working around the house and enjoying retirement.”

Carol nodded knowingly.

“How about you, Chris?”

Chris was in the back seat. I could see her reflection in the mirror. She stuck her tongue in her cheek and made like she was giving a blowjob.

“Oh, about the same. Just going day by day and trying to keep the house clean. You know.”

Carol got settled into my room. She put her cloths in the dresser except for her dresses.

“Hey John. Why is the closet locked?”

I was in the living room with Chris. Chris shook her head. “Here we go.”

The floor is busted through in there and it’s unsafe so I put a lock on it until I can get a carpenter out here. Chris was shaking her head slowly at my lame excuse, but Carol seemed to buy it.

“Oh, okay. Chris do you have any room in your closet for a couple of dresses?”

Carol had gone for a nap after hanging her dresses in Chris’ closet. She didn’t come back out of the bedroom until nearly supper time. By then Chris had the whole meal ready to hit the table.

Carol was very complimentary of the food and helped gaziantep sahibe escort bayan Chris clean up afterward. Once the kitchen was back in order we all headed to the living room for after dinner drinks. The girls mixed rum and cokes while I went straight for the whiskey.

“So, ” Carol began once we were all seated comfortably on the sofa and chairs. “What do you guys do in the evenings for entertainment?”

I took this question. Chris could have the next as there would be many more.

“Well, we usually watch some TV and talk about the day. You know, just general things brothers and sisters do.”

Carol nodded. “Oh, I see. Just the plain old stuff, huh?”

“Yeah, same old stuff,” Chris added.

Carol was sitting in a chair that faced both Chris and me on the sofa.

“I’m surprised you have time for TV and talking with all the sex toys you have in your closet! Boy, that sex doll is a beauty.”

Busted… Damn. My mind flashed for damage control, but I couldn’t think of a thing. Chris said nothing either. What could we say. It was bad enough I had toys in there, but anyone could see that the rabbit toy and the female attachments for the stimulator weren’t mine. Chris was the only female living here and since all the toys were in one place we were fried.

Carol was probably enjoying watching us squirm. “Do you guys play together or do you hide in your rooms?”

Okay now, this was starting to piss me off. It’s my house and I’ll do what I want. Chris saw the look on my face and was about to panic.

“Look Carol, you are my guest and I want you to be comfortable here, but that doesn’t include prying into my things. Chris has nothing to do with this. She’s never even seen inside my closet because it is locked. Or, it was locked until you got in there!”

Carol laughed. “Johnny boy, that is pure bullshit. Look at Chris. She’s having a stroke over there. Save the speeches, okay? You two are playing house and we all know it. And here’s something else…”

Oh shit. Here it comes I thought. She’s going threaten to tell the world just like she used to do as a kid.

“…I want in!”

I thought I heard her say she wanted in? “What?”

“You heard me. I want in. I want in on your little family sex marathon. Ever since we were kids you and Chris would team up together and keep me out. Now, I WANT IN!”

“But, but… you always ratted us out?” I was having trouble understanding what was happening.

“Well Duh…. Of course I ratted you out. You wouldn’t let me play so I made your lives Hell.” There was a hint in her voice that said if we didn’t let her in she would rat on us again. Chris had two daughters who didn’t need to know what we were up to.

Chris stood up and took my hand. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” she said. Carol followed us.

In the bedroom, Chris took control. Get the doll and the stimulator out. Carol, you get naked and lie on the bed. John, you strip too.”

I watched as Carol removed her cloths. First her shirt and shorts and then with just a tiny bit of hesitation her bra and panties. Of şahinbey escort bayan course, that got my cock standing straight up.

Chris was still dressed. She looked at my steel hard prick and grinned. “Da ja vu” she said. I had to laugh.

“Okay, Carol. This is a stimulator that is going to send you through the roof. Trust me, I know. John, get naked while I hook sister Carol up to the machine.” I did as I was told.

Chris was obviously enjoying her roll in initiating our sister into our private family fun. With one hand she reached down and opened Carol’s hair covered cunt. “We’ll have to take care of all this hair tomorrow,” she said and then hooked the clit clip in place. Carol jumped at Chris’ touch, but relaxed as Chris continued to connect the lip clips.

By now I was naked and horny as all hell. Chris gave me the signal and I started fucking the rubber doll.

“Okay, Sister. Here’s what happens now. This stimulator is going to make you blow your wad like you won’t believe. I have the controller for it so all you have to do is lay back. And, by the way, when John is ready to cum he’s going to jerk his load all over you. Sound okay?”

Carol nodded. “Sounds better than okay. One thing though, are you into girls by any chance?”

Chris paused. “I never gave it much thought, but seeing you with your clit sticking up leads me to think that maybe I am.” Without another word she turned the dial to number one.

Carol’s ass popped off the bed and she moaned. “Oh my, that’s nice.”

Chris turned to me and grinned. “Nice, she says. Nice!” With that she turned the dial to number three and Carol came off the bed with a howl.

“Oh Fuck, that feels soooo good,” she cried out. Her eyes were fixed on my prick going in and out of the rubber doll. “Too bad to waste all that cock on a doll.”

“It won’t be wasted,” Chris said and turned the dial to four. Carol’s whole body stiffened. She reached up and grabbed at her nipples which were already hard. I could see her clit had doubled in size though it was no where near as large as Chris’.

Chris continued to run the dial between numbers one and four while I fucked away at the doll. I could feel my orgasm wasn’t far off and I told Chris so.

“Good,” she said. When you’re ready let me know.”

That did it. I was ready and told her so.

“Okay,” Chris said, “come over here and jerk it off on sister Carol. Carol was steadily humping into the stimulator.

I felt the cum begin to ball up in my cock so I pulled out of the doll and quickly moved over to where Carol was laying on the bed. I almost didn’t make it in time.

Carol stared at my hard cock as I jerked it up and down. She watched the tip waiting for the first sign of a cumshot. She didn’t have to wait long. I let out a moan and the first stream of hot, white cum shot out of the end of my prick. It flew across the one foot divide between Carol and me and landed on her stomach with an audible plop. The second stream hit her across both tits and the third, though less powerful, landed on her arm.

When I had stopped cumming, şahinbey bayan escort Chris turned to Carol. “You’re next sister dearest,” she said and without warning turned the dial to number six.

Carol came off the bed with a scream. She instinctively grabbed what she could of her clit. “I’m cumming,” she cried and bucked into the air. My cum was running off her in several streams as she opened her legs and surprised both Chris and me. Carol was a squirter. She fired off stream after stream of her girl cum as if she were the Peter North of the female world. One shot caught Chris off guard and landed on her face. Another got me on my lips. I licked it a bit. It tasted pretty good.

When it looked like Carol could take no more, Chris turned the dial to off and waited a moment. Just like I had done to her, Chris turned the dial back up to six again and Carol shot another load in the air. “No more,” she begged.

We laid there for a few minutes totally spent. Chris had not cum yet and was eyeing the stimulator. “Anybody want to see me cum?” she asked.

Carol and I grinned at each other. “Yeah,” we said at the same time, “But not with that thing.”

Together, Carol and I stripped Chris’ clothes off her. As soon as she was naked I took one of her tits into my mouth and began to lightly suck it. Chris moaned. Then I reached down and spread her legs and opened her pussy lips exposing her huge clit.

“Holly shit,” Carol said. “That’s fucking outrageous.”

The way Chris was laying she couldn’t see anything below her belly button so she was more than surprised when she felt a pair of soft lips wrap around her throbbing clit and suck it inside a warm and wet mouth. I was sucking her tit so she knew it wasn’t me.

Carol began working Chris’ clit over with all the expertise and softness that only a woman can apply. Chris was moaning and kicking her legs open and closed as Carol devoured her cunt.

I tried to pay attention to what I was doing, but I couldn’t help wanting to see what was going on down below.

Carol could see my interest. “Hey, Little Brother, Why don’t you come down here for a three way French kiss.? Our lips and Chris’ clit.” Chris moaned even louder.

I slid down to where Carol was working on Chris’ sopping pussy and moved my face close to Carol’s. “You ready?” she said. I nodded and we dove in.

I licked and sucked the left half of Chris’ swollen cunt while Carol licked and sucked the right half. We each worked our way toward the center where our tongues would collide into Chris’ clit. Chris was pulling her nipple so hard I was afraid she would hurt herself.

And then, as Carol’s and my tongue met one more time in the center we took Chris’ clit in our mouths and sucked it. Chris came on the spot.

“Oh fucking yes,” Chris screamed. “Oh fuck I’m cumming in both of your mouths. Eat my cunt. Ohhhh….”

Carol and I sucked and licked Chris’ spasming cunt until we thought she had passed out. We too fell onto the bed, totally exhausted.

About a half hour later we all got up and gave each other a shower and then fell back onto my oversized bed and went to sleep.

Needless to say, Carol never went back home. She and Chris share the guest room whenever someone comes to visit and we need to keep up appearances. Other times, we all sleep together in my room.

And so, all the years I worked and saved so I could retire early finally paid off. I now have a family I never expected to have and we all get along; even Carol, the tattletale….

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