Sister Lust_(1)

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It was a mild summer evening, and as per usual, i began the 10 minute drive to my sisters workplace to give her a lift home, seeing as though she wasnt old enough to drive yet. While diving i thought about, how amazing it would be to fulfill my dream, of fucking my sister. After arriving, and Parking in a car park opposite my sisters work, i began to wait, after 10 minutes of waiting.
I saw my sister walking to my car, I cracked an Instant erection, Seeing here, in her tight leggings, and tight blue T shirt, made me realise, how beautiful she is, and how much more i wanted her. before i knew it she opened the car door and got in.

“hi Brother”
“Hey Sis, How was work”?
“It was good not to busy tonight”
“oh thats good, Lets go Home”

Then began the car ride home, after a minute or so, i decided on how i was going to get my sister.

“Hey Sis”
“Yes Brother”
“Sis could we take a detour, and go look at the Soccer Pitch i will be playing on, this week”

My sister seemed hesitant as she was fairly tired, but much obliged.

“Ok Brother”

Where i was going to take my sister was a Massive Sports Recreation Park, 4 Soccer fields, 2 rugby fields, well you get the point its massive, and during the week completely deserted and isolated from everywhere else, seeing as though it is about 10 minutes out of town.

Once arriving I new straight where to drive to, the furthest most secluded part of the Park.

“Brother we passed the Soccer Fields, why have you driven right to the end of the Park”

at this point Sex hikayeleri i was texting our parents, and coming up with an excuse, that my Sister was been kept back at work for another Hour or so, and that i will visit a friend in the mean time.

“i just want to park the car here and go for a walk”

my sister once again seemed hesitant but once again agreed.

“The pitch looks nice and green, what more do you want to see Brother” little did my sister know what i really wanted to see.
“just looking around, Lets head back to the car”
“ok Brother”

i walked behind my sister, to get an amazing view of her ass, little did she know, i only wanted to go for the walk to see if anyone else was at the park, and no one was.

“ready to go sis”

At this point i pretended to turn the car key.
“Sis the car wont start”
“Bullshit Brother, Stop Joking lets go”
“Im not joking Sis”

lucky for me my sister isnt to smart, and never picked up on it.

“what do we do now Brother”?
“Its probably a flooded battery, Give it 15 minutes, and it should start”
“Ok Brother but what are we gonna do in the mean time?”
“Lets talk Sis”
Here was my chance, i might aswell give it ago, if it fails, What would happen, theres only one way to find out.
” Hey Sis, ive noticed you alot more lately”
“what do you mean Brother/”
“Well lately the clothes youve been wearing, have been more revealing, and i Keep seeing those G Strings, hanging on the Clothes line, and cant help but picture you in them.”
“Brother where is Sikiş hikayeleri this going?”

at this point it was all or nothing, i lent in and Kissed Her

“Cmon Sis don tell me with your hormones lately, that you dont want it?”
“I dont Really”
“sis im gonna be honest, the only reason we are out here, is so we could be in an Isolated Spot”
“brother what are you doing?”

at this point i shoved my hand down my sisters pants, and started to rub he clit.

“Brother Stop, Oh ahhhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhh”
“But Brother we cant, Please, OHHhhhhhhh”

at this point she was getting really wet, i could feel my hand covered in her juices, i had the biggest Erection, i grabbed my sisters hand, and put it on my crotch, and looked into her eyes, They Gleamed, and shone once getting a feel of my hard cock.


my sisters was moaning so heavily right now, but still trying to stop me.

” Ohhhhh, Brother we AHHHHHH cant OHHHHH do This AHHHHHHHHHH”
“shhh sis dont fight it, we are secluded here, no one has to know, but us”
“ok Brother”

at this point we got out of the car and wen into the backseats.

“Shh Sis, just relax”
“brother im nervous, ive never done any of this before”
” Its ok” ill show you what to do, Now just relax”
At this point i was Pulling my sister Tight Black leggings off, something I had fantisized about for ages, I got down to here Black Lace Gstring.

“Oh Sis, you are a naugthy girl wearing these” Erotik hikaye

and i pulled them of revealing, what i had been waiting to see forever, My sisters almost perfect Pussy, so Pink, and wet, it smelled, like the most amazing thing i had ever smelt, I spread apart my sister legs apart, and got down to it.

“mmmmmmmmmm Brother your mouth is so good at this, AHHHHHHH,OHH,AHHHHHH,”

i had no words to describe it, Just pure heaven.

“oh My god Sis”

at this point my sister was moaning and shaking, She was about to have an Orgasm.

” Oh Brother Im gonna cuuu ahhhh MMMMMM, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

i had never heard a scream like it, Before i knew it my mouth was full of all these amazing juices.

“Wow sis, you taste amazing, I faced up, and kissed, here, and while doing so, rubbed my penis on her clit.
“Im ready Brother”
“Ok Sis”

my Sister let out a mild scream, before i knew it, i was through here Cherry,

“How does it feel Sis?”
“A little painful but good”

i eased in gently but got harder and harder until i had my Sis was moaning again.


after only a minute or so of this heaven,

“Sis im gonna cum”
“Cum inside me Brother”
Yes Sis”
ii felt the biggest rush ever, And just filled up my sisters pussy with my cum.
” Oh Brother”

after a minute or so, of just lying in the back seat of my car. rubbing each other we decided to get going, My sister wiped all the cum from her pussy, and we both got changed.
As we were driving home we decided to not speak of it again, But once a week, after my sister has finished work, we head over to the same spot and do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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