Sisterly Bonds Ch. 13

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Note: all characters are over 18


“Oh, hi, uh, Carol,” Cal said, Sam sighing as she knew what may come next.

“Can I join?” Carol practically got on her knees, though, she also looked like she’d jogged ten miles. “Pleeeeease, Cal.”

“You have very curious friends,” Cal said.

“Mrrhrmph (just her)” Sam rolled her eyes.

“So, can I join?” Carol asked.

“Kinda ruining the moment here, Carol” Sam thought. “But, she’s super submissive… though not in the same way as Cal… though, speaking of Cal… maybe there’s a way I can have fun with Cal and Carol not get in the way… though, she’s not exactly a nosy person, I may could have some fun and also help Cal at the same time…”

“I… I guess,” Cal said. “But, you’ll have to bring your own things.”

“Oh, don’t worry” Carol grinned. “I have tons of stuff!”

As Carol ran off, Cal turned to Sam.

“I don’t know how much I can do with her.” She said, sitting next to Sam and holding her. “I’m nervous how she’ll take it… and if she likes gaziantep vip escort bayan to be dominant… I don’t know how far I wanna go.”

Sam could detect the nervousness in Cal’s voice; she knew she didn’t want to accidentally go too far as a dominant and she was nervous how far Carol’d go as a dominant. Sam thought it was odd at first, but then she thought back to how Cal originally was. As kinky and dominating as she could be, there was only one time when she went too far and that was when Sam had tied her back, which had made her think Sam was enjoying herself. She then escalated it, trying to make her hate her like she hated herself.

Sam then realized Cal was talking about something more than simple bondage and slight dom/sub play: sadism. Sam shuddered in her bonds as she got an image of Carol’s sister, who was a definite sadist. She then understood Cal’s fear. She’d suffered abuse at the hands of the monster they lived with. As far as Cal’s bondage antics went, gaziantep yabancı escort bayan they never bordered on sadism, nor did she try to make Sam a masochist.

Sam also knew Carol was more masochistic, but she also knew that Carol did have a habit of getting in too deep, so if the tables were reversed, Sam did actually become concerned about how far she would go.

“Here’s my stuff for now” Carol interrupted her thoughts by dumping ropes and a couple of gags on the ground. Cal looked at them, beginning to tie Carol and setting her next to Sam. The older girl then went back to sitting next to Sam, kissing her cheek.

Sam knew this would take some getting used to; Cal was trying to not have conflict, something she was never good at dealing with, even with the ‘mask’ she used to have up. She hoped the rest of the day would go by better.

Later that night

Sam and Cal slept in the bed Cal loved to share. She had one time suggested that she could gaziantep yaşlı escort bayan tie Sam while she slept, to which the younger had said to wait a little bit. Cal had looked saddened, but the idea of future endeavors in it brightened her face after a minute.

Sam was awakened to Cal fidgeting too much. Normally the older sister held her like a stuffed animal, but now she was almost curling into a ball and whimpering a little and muttering something. Sam grew a little hot with anger as she knew one of two things was probably going on in her dream: the monster they lived with was tormenting her or Sam herself was hurting.

She gently shook Cal, feeling her flinch, but remain tormented in her nightmare.

Sam then got an idea, kissing Cal’s lips and running her fingers through her hair, two things that she knew Cal loved. She felt Cal relax, the nightmare ending. As for what she was seeing, Sam didn’t know, but she knew she was comforted in this action.

Cal’s arms wrapped around her, holding her close, almost suffocatingly close. But, Sam didn’t mind. She loved seeing Cal happy and content. If she were a more anime interested girl, the word ‘kawaii’ would be thrown around a lot in terms of description of Cal.

“It’s alright,” Sam whispered to Cal. “I’m here. You’re safe now.”

Cal held on and snuggled up, drifting back into full sleep.

Sam held her until she fell asleep herself, holding her sister close.

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