Sister’s New Interview

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This is the third instalment in the ongoing adventures of Anne-Marie, who, at the time of this adventure was 19, a trainee physiotherapist living alone in her family home in an English Midlands city. Her parents and older brother had all left within the last month to work on the continent.

There is no incest in this episode, but, as recorded in the “Sibling Seduction Interview” stories, Anne-Marie had, in the past month, been tricked/persuaded by a pornographic film maker, Simon Pugh. He had been a patient, recovering from the loss of his foot at the centre where she was training. Anne-Marie had allowed herself to be tricked into doing much more than the market research interview she thought she was doing. She ultimately ended up having fabulous sex with her older (step) brother on camera, shown the resultant video to her step father in a fit of guilt, and fucked him as well.

Anne-Marie had expected to hate, but really enjoyed watching the video with her Daddy and recognized its sexual charge, but she was a true innocent, who still thought that the video was not intentionally made that way. To her, it was a record of a market research interview gone wrong. The results had been amazing, opening up a world of good feelings that she had never imagined, but it was still an interview gone wrong as far as she could tell. Daddy, her step father, was keen to put the evidence of his son’s and Anne-Marie’s fall from grace behind them, when he first encouraged her in her mistake, because he only suspected the siblings had spoken indiscreetly during the interview. When he saw what actually happened, while watching the video with Anne-Marie, he lost control and fucked her as well. Thus, he was even more determined to maintain the lie.

Unfortunately, Daddy allayed her suspicions too well. His belated and insincere suggestion that she try for something else fell on deaf ears. Just because she should not have done all the things she had done with her father and brother, Anne-Marie could not deny how wonderfully sexy and fulfilled it had made her feel. Her confidence had been restored and she was keen to peek through that previously unimagined door again.

Still not realizing that her ex-patient was using her to make porn, she responded to Simon Pugh’s email and arranged to see him again the week after her parents had departed. She wanted to redo the interview without her brother, so that their indiscretion would not have to be shown to Pugh’s backers. Unacknowledged in her head, Anne-Marie knew as well that she was a lot less upset by the interview going wrong than, perhaps she should have been. It would not be the end of the world if things went a little wrong again. Thus, for a number of conflicting reasons, she was grateful to Pugh for the opportunity.

Unbeknownst to Anne-Marie, her father had visited Pugh and frightened him into not using the video of her and her brother. In truth, it was not difficult. Even Pugh could see, with a clear record of the film maker enticing the siblings to commit incest, it would be dodgy to release the film, however good the action was. Pugh thought the well-dressed legal executive was a high-powered lawyer, so had already written off his investment in Anne-Marie, when Anne-Marie’s father, inexplicably, failed to forbid future interviews. Their meeting ended on an uncertain note, with nothing explicitly agreed.

Pugh had no way of knowing that seeing the video had led to brutal sex between Daddy and Anne-Marie as well. With his own secret to hide, Anne-Marie’s father had, at the last moment, failed to push home his advantage, even though he knew that Pugh had made a pornographic recording of his daughter and would probably do so again, if he got the chance.


Thus, when Anne-Marie showed up at the studio again to walk through the interview in advance, Pugh was surprised and a little suspicious of being set up. It was only chance he was in the studio at all. He invited her in and, as they talked, it became clear, Anne-Marie had no ulterior motives. She blushed deeply when he mentioned the video with her brother and squirmed as she sat, even more so when he asked how her parents felt about her doing more interviews. It emerged that the father had not forbidden her from doing more video and here she was. She looked as lovely as he remembered; long wavy brunette hair hanging loose, pert B-cup breasts on a slim but curvy size 8 frame, just 5’2″.

He had no plan at all how to film her. To find out what was going on, Pugh chatted to her over hot drinks. She had not a clue about her father’s earlier visit and warning. He was astounded that she was still a little apologetic. “I don’t blame you for not trying to stop us. You are only a man,” as if she knew all about men, “but you could have tried harder before it was too late.”

Pugh discretely picked his jaw up off the floor and asked her what she meant. Her reply set his mind racing. “I mean anyone could see that we got… Yalova Escort ummmmmh… carried away, but you should have kept your mind on the business too. You were in charge.”

He loved the perky way she smiled to take the sting out of her reprimand. Anne-Marie still did not seem to appreciate that he had made an explicitly pornographic film of her brother and her losing control on the set next door. “At least until you took charge!” He laughed and, after a hesitation, so did she. “Anne-Marie that is why we are meeting ahead of time, doing the walk-through. We need to do better.” Struggling to think what to say next, he found £50 and passed it over, babbling, “Here is your fee for showing up today as I promised. It’s for the recording when we do it, but, if I give it to you now, it’s yours, no matter what. If you are not satisfied with how the interview is going, you can stop at any time and still keep the fee.”

Anne-Marie was immediately made to feel safer by the sight and mention of money, which made things more professional and proper. She remembered the last interview as only getting ‘unprofessional’ when they stopped negotiating each subsequent stage. That was when things got out of control. Alas for memory’s tricks and wishful thinking, Anne-Marie had completely overlooked the part that payment had played in exciting her and encouraging her to go further.

She nodded gratefully at his words and took the money, but could not hide a little frown. After all, the previous interview had netted her £1500! She hesitated for a moment before timidly asking, “You know the extra fees…?” Already she was entering the same trap as last time. Not only had the innocent girl not learned her lesson, this time she was leading the way.

Pugh did not answer for a moment and Anne-Marie was revising her expectations downwards, when he finally spoke. “I do have an idea.” He really had been racking his brains. “We need to find someone you don’t know to work with,” he said at last. “That way we won’t have the same risks. I can pay additional fees as before, but it will be easier.” He smiled encouragingly. As they were talking, he remembered his 25 year-old nephew. Tim knew of Pugh’s interest in making porn and had laughingly offered to help out. Well, maybe… “Anne-Marie, this time we will do the fashion check on male fashions, your take on what … teen-aged boys wear. “

Anne-Marie laughed and clapped her hands. It sounded like fun and a lot less risky. Let some boy be embarrassed for a change! She hoped he was cute! But then Anne-Marie remembered, “don’t we need to do the girl’s uniform fashion check over?” She blushed, “I’m afraid that my full uniform needs dry cleaning. Would it be alright if I used my summer frock?” It had gone straight to through the washing machine after her time with Daddy.

Pugh stared for a moment. She was making it too easy, “I was forgetting. We do have to finish the girl’s uniform interview. The summer frock will be fine. Enjoying himself immensely. “Thank you for your professionalism.” He was enjoying himself immensely. “We can use the park bench stage in the studio… We can do that first without involving anyone else. It shouldn’t take long… You can stay in costume, for the afternoon, but only for the look of it, as he will be modelling school clothes.” Pugh prayed his nephew wouldn’t let him down. “Before the boy comes in. I’ll just check his availability.”

Anne-Marie tried not to listen in as Pugh made a call to someone called Tim. She hoped Tim was as keen as Pugh said he was, because she wanted to do it. Pugh was being so reasonable. Even though the last session had not gone the way she imagined it was supposed to go, she had to admit that she had loved it from start to finish and made a lot of money. She hoped this time would be as good… As an afterthought, she added the second hope that they would not do anything unsuitable for the video, suppressing a guilty frisson of pleasure at the thought.

Pugh walked as he talked, and at a point beyond her hearing, he warned Tim to be sure to take Viagra. “I plan to, and I will only be watching!” He came off the phone and gave Anne-Marie the thumbs-up, telling her Tim was a young ex-student just like her. They agreed a time the following Saturday morning. He warned her they were likely to need the whole day. As she left the studio he watched the way her fitted skirt defined her rear, emphasising her firm cheeks as it shifted with each step. It reminded of the first time he had watched her succulent young booty as she left and the session that had followed afterwards. Could he pull it off again, only this time recording video he could use?

Across the parking lot, Anne-Marie was conscious of her ex-patient’s gaze and wondered if the next interview would run smoothly. She gave a daring and completely out-of-character wiggle of her bum. That afternoon she told her best friend and new housemate, Anna, all about her Yalova Escort Bayan morning


The following Saturday Anne-Marie was up bright and early, ironing her school summer frock and packing it into a bag with white knee socks and her maryjanes before her best friend from school and new housemate, Anna, was up. Anna, who looked like a blonder version of Anne-Marie, had moved into Dick’s old room, while Anne-Marie was getting used to the luxury of the master bedroom suite her parents had vacated.

Anne-Marie had laid it on thick to Anna about her market research ‘job’ as a fashion spokeswoman for the young, and Anna was thoroughly jealous of Anne-Marie’s glamorous-sounding opportunity. If anything, more naive than Anne-Marie and completely unaware of the incestuous turn Anne-Marie’s previous interview had taken, she had begged Anne-Marie to ask Pugh if anymore ‘jobs’ were going. Anne-Marie had agreed to ask, but not until after today was finished. Before she left, Anna agreed to pick her up, so they could do some last-minute shopping, proided Anne-Marie promised to tell her all about it. Picturing all the money she hoped to earn, Anne-Marie agreed readily. They hatched a plan whereby Anna would come by the studio at five if she had not heard from her friend sooner. It would be the perfect way for Pugh to meet and, possibly, hire Anna too.

When Anne-Marie got to the studio she was let in a by a whistling Pugh, who showed her into the studio, where Pugh had enlarged the park bench set with astro-turf and placed a picnic blanket and basket next to the park bench. On the blanket was a picnic basket and a pile of school books. He told Anne-Marie that he wanted to create the impression that she was a senior schoolgirl studying in the park for exams. They would do her girl’s uniform first, before Tim arrived.

Anne-Marie happily went off to get changed, giving Pugh the opportunity to make a quick call to Tim. “If you aren’t here promptly at one, the only person who will hate you worse than me, will be you. She looks great. Remember, you are a recent ex-schoolboy!” He listened for a moment, then, “that’s right. Just don’t push too hard. She’s still pretty inexperienced, but if you let her come to you, she’s a little firecracker… Yah, you too.”

He hung up as Anne-Marie burst back into the studio, struggling to get her red cardigan on. Her hair was was tied into two matching brown braids. The cardigan hung loose over a pink checked cotton shirt dress that buttoned to the waist. Only the top button was undone. Her white knee socks completed the picture of schoolgirl innocence. She laughed out loud as Pugh pantomimed falling to his knees and clutching his heart as he stared adoringly at her.

After that it was all work as he directed her into different poses, all of the time getting her to describe what she was doing. Anne-Marie noticed it was nothing like her first fashion check interview with much more posing and modelling than before. When she commented, as she squeezed her arms together at his direction, to explain how girls made their breasts look bigger to the boys.

Pugh congratulated her for noticing. “By showing as well as telling, you are able to project a more trustworthy figure. If you think about it, a fashion check is a lot more authoritative from someone who people identify with. That is why you are so good. You have girl-next-door good looks and are comfortable in front of a camera.” It was babble, but she was flattered and he did not want the mood to cool.

“Here, let me put on some music to help you move more smoothly. Before she knew it, Anne-Marie was half-dancing in response to the beat and Pugh’s encouragement. Before long, her skirt was spinning as she turned or flying up as she leaned across the bench and stuck out her white knicker-covered bum at the camera. It was getting harder and harder to think what to say about schoolgirl fashions, but Pugh did not seem to mind, and it was fun. Deep in the sensible part of her mind a tiny voice asked if things were starting to go a bit… But it was very tiny and only a question, so she ignored it.

Anne-Marie was holding a pose sitting on the park bench with her knees drawn up and held by both arms wrapped around them. Pugh thought the shot was a beauty, the way it took most of her body out of the picture, concentrating attention on her cotton-covered camel-toe framed on either side by her white knee socks. Her sparkling eyes and open grin completed the perfect soft pose portrait of an innocent but eager schoolgirl. “Now, shift over and sit on the blanket by the books. Schoolgirls will find it easier to identify with you if you are one of them. I could see you giving make-up advice.”

“Really?” How many 19 year-olds dream of being stars? Anne-Marie was no exception. “Me? But I thought this interview is only to show clients.” Her face went from joy to uncertainty. She had, after all found herself Escort Yalova doing a lot more than she planned on, the last time she took his direction. The voice of reason made a last stand.

But Pugh was nothing if not a swift thinker. “Of course, but there is quite a bit of investment going into advice and demonstrations from girls just like the ones in the target market. Just by doing this demo, I am going to be able to find budget for you. In fact, in addition to the £50 appearance fee,” he handed her a large value note, “I apologise for not paying you sooner, by the way, but everything went so smoothly I forgot.”

His exaggerated look of apology made her laugh and, of course, forgive him. She blushed a little as she realised that she had forgotten the money too! Thus, Pugh changed the agreed rules and purpose of the interview and disarmed her suspicions without actually addressing any of her concerns. If she had not so obviously enjoyed the fruits of her naïveté and his machinations, one would have to be concerned. As it is, we can sit back and marvel at the girl’s innocent acquiescence and surprisingly deep pleasure in her own corruption.

Anne-Marie’s forgiveness was made more sincere when he added another £50 to the first. “In fact, by the helpful way you are posing, you have already earned another.” She stepped over and flopped down on the blanket, looking every inch the schoolgirl she so recently was. Under Pugh’s prompting, Anne-Marie shifted around on the blanket nattering about fashion, music, dating and anything else he could think to suggest. It was the foxy slinkiness of a girl just too mature for a school summer frock that Pugh was after, and she gave it him in spades, even unbuttoning the top to illustrate her comments on different types of bras and doing a mind-bogglingly sexy monologue on knickers made ten times more so by her refusal to actually show them.

When Pugh finally called time for lunch, Anne-Marie was entirely at ease and readily agreed to stay in costume. She had been made to feel like a star and showing off for the camera had actually been a little sexy. Being asked to ‘stay in costume’ felt particularly professional. Nothing too embarrassing seemed to have happened either. It was all good, though her little voice of reason noted that she had earned much more when embarrassing things had happened.

Pugh brought in lunch and they had a picnic on the set while they waited for Tim. He explained that Tim would be the main model, but she would be expected to comment for the camera and work with Tim as required. As the afternoon session made it a much longer day, he gave her yet another £50. Life was good for Anne-Marie as she sipped her water and awaited her next co-star.


When Tim arrived, Anne-Marie was pleasantly surprised to meet a tall young man with spiky blond hair, who looked about her age or a little older. He was wearing jeans and a ripped t-shirt. He was gorgeous to her eyes. Even more satisfying, he clearly liked what he saw of Anne-Marie, and feasted his eyes on her appreciatively. In her school uniform, she felt like she was back in the lower sixth and she had so wanted Terry Beck to notice her. Only this time, in the guise of Tim, he did!

Tim joined the others on the picnic blanket and Pugh explained how the afternoon’s interview would go. Tim would dress in different styles and model them for Anne-Marie. They would comment on fashions, music, dating and so on. Pugh explained to Tim that Anne-Marie would receive further fees that would be agreed during the interview, if she was required to do more than comment. Pugh explained to Anne-Marie that Tim was on a previously agreed fixed fee of £250. As she had only received £150, she was cheered at the thought of earning more than him, even though he would do all the work!.

Tim confessed that he was very nervous and asked Pugh if he could smoke a joint to help him relax. To support Tim and show him how sophisticated she was, Anne-Marie said she would like one too. As the last time she had smoked, she had ended up fucking her step brother for his cameras, Pugh’s resistance was easily overcome, but he insisted that Tim shift into a school uniform for filming before they lit up.

It seemed utterly weird to Anne-Marie to be sitting on a picnic blanket in a fake park in her school uniform as if she were still a schoolgirl smoking marijuana with a tall blond schoolboy sitting on his blazer next to her, something she would never have done, but now wished she had, when she was at school. Pugh had slipped away before they lit up. Anne-Marie found herself staring fixedly at their hands on the blanket and her mind began to float.

Eventually Pugh got Anne-Marie to sit on the park bench and for Tim to walk by, stopping to turn as if unaware of the brunette watching him. Then Pugh would speak from off-camera asking Anne-Marie what did she think about him? What group did he belong to? What made him a jock and what made him a greaser? She laughed when he suggested ‘smarty.’ “That’s girls only!” But she soon got into it, getting Tim to tie his tie differently so he looked more like a rugby player, or to tie it round his head. It was great fun and had her roaring with laughter.

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