Sisters Share

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I guess you could say it began ten years ago.

I was a college junior, and Casey was a sophomore.

To say we were close, that we told one another everything, would be an understatement. We’d both been sexually active for several years, maybe at a younger age than we should have been, but that’s not important here. What is relevant is that whenever I’d been with a guy, whenever she’d been with a guy, the next day without fail we’d talk. Not just about how good he was, how many times he’d made us cum and how, but how big his dick was.

We’d gotten pretty good at judging the size at a glance. We knew we were good, because whenever a guy let us taker a ruler to him, our estimate would be within a quarter inch of correct. “It’s a shame there isn’t some game show where our skill could make us a fortune,” Casey said once.

Our Holy Grail was a 9-incher. Despite what you see and read in porn, there aren’t a lot of foot-long dicks running around out there.

It was a little after 3am on a Saturday morning when she called me. “Dani, you have to come over here,” she said in a whisper.

“What? What is it? Are you okay?”

“I’m good, I’m great. Dani, I found one.”

“That’s fine,” I said blearily. “Go back to sleep.”

“No, this guy I picked up last night. Swear to God, I think he’s a 10.”


“10 inches. Or close enough, 9 and three quarters at least.”

“Okay. I’m sure your pussy will heal. Go back to sleep.”

“You have to come here and see for yourself.”

“What?” We talked about our guys, but we rarely even met one another’s boyfriends. Especially since they were usually more “pickup” than “boyfriend.” And now she wants me to look at this guy’s dick?

“You have to. It’s beautiful. He’s out like a light, and even soft it’s something you have to see.”

Well, this is a topic I knew I could trust her judgment about. And she obviously wasn’t going to let me go back to sleep anyway, so I got dressed and walked across campus from my dorm to hers.

She looked through the door’s peephole to make sure it was me – who else would it be at this hour? – and let me in.

She was naked, which didn’t surprise me. It was still a little odd, though: we’d seen one another naked a million times, of course, but we never walked around naked at home. And we both wore panties to bed except when we were with guys, so I guess we’d never seen one another sleeping naked.

“Come on,” she whispered, leading me to the bedroom. “You don’t know how long it took me to get the blanket off of him, really slowly so he wouldn’t wake up.”

I knew this had to be wrong, but I followed her over to the side of the bed. There was enough light coming in through the window that I could see his dick and yes, it was beautiful. Even semi-flaccid, it looked like a thick snake that could attack at any moment. I felt a sudden wave of warmness flowing through me.

“Watch this,” she whispered, and stroked it very gently. He hardly reacted, other his dick stirring and hardening just a bit. “Mmm,” I said just a bit louder than I’d intended.

Casey grabbed me by the arm and quickly led me out of the room. “Sorry,” I whispered when we were out of the bedroom, “it was a reflex.”

She peered back in. “It’s okay, you didn’t wake him. Hey, you want to touch it?”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Sure, what’s the harm? You might never see another one like this,” she teased.

I hesitated for a moment, then started back into the bedroom. Casey grabbed my arm again, this time to hold me back. “What now?” I asked. “Do you want me to go in there or not?”

She gestured at my clothing. “Take all that off,” she said. “So if he suddenly wakes up, he won’t know it’s you and not me.”

“Sure, fine,” I said, “let’s just do this if we’re doing it.” I stripped down to my panties, leaving my clothing on the couch.”

Casey nodded her head toward my panties. “Fine,” I said again, stripping naked.

I walked into the bedroom and over to the bed, feeling both silly and incredibly turned on. I reached very tentatively for his dick, first giving gaziantep ucuz escort bayan it a soft stroke and then, when it seemed safe, wrapping my hand gently around it. I could feel it growing in my grasp.

It was coated with what I knew was my sister’s pussy juices. Okay, well, not very different from my own, and I’d certainly masturbated enough in my lifetime. Carry on.

I looked back at my sister, who was standing right behind me, watching intently. She nodded. So I began sliding my hand up an down his dick until you couldn’t call it anything other than a hand job. Casey’s breathing was becoming a bit ragged, and I was pretty sure she was touching herself.

We’d never done that openly in front of one another when growing up. Sure, I’d done it in the middle of the night, under the cover of my blanket, when I thought or hoped she was asleep, and she’d done the same at times thinking I was asleep. But this was new. I was more and more certain she thrusting a finger two or three in and out of her wet pussy, right behind me. I was pretty sure I could hear it, maybe even smell it.

Did I dare do the same thing? I needed to so badly.

The guy – I never did find out his name – was fully erect now, and it was magnificent.

In my mind’s eye, I continue to pump him until he came all over my naked chest, his cum dripping down from my breasts.

I brought my head down and brought my lips to the head of his dick. Casey groaned softly, the loudest sound anybody had made since we started. She was definitely trying to get herself off, standing less than a foot behind me.

That wasn’t that bad: why had we been afraid to do this in front of one another all those years when we were growing up? Just think about all the times I’d wanted to cum, and cum loudly.

I opened my mouth just enough to take the head of his dick between my lips. Oh God, was this hot.

I began reaching down to my dripping wet pussy, desperate for some relief, when suddenly he stirred, grabbed me, and pulled me onto his body,

“Casey,” he moaned, as our bodies ground together. My breasts hardened as they brushed through his chest hair. When the shaft of his dick slid past my wet vulva, I came. Not hard, not loudly, but I couldn’t help it: I’d already been so close. My sister’s boyfriend made me cum. That was so wrong.

But I certainly couldn’t let him fuck me when he was asleep, even if Casey didn’t look like she would have stopped us.

He was clearly trying to get us into position to fuck, but he was still too groggy to make it work, especially since I wasn’t helping.

When I realized I was close to the edge of the bed, I took a breath and let myself fall out of bed onto the floor, landing hard on my ass.

“I’m fine,” Casey said, quickly taking my place on the bed.

She pushed him back onto his back, straddled him, and slowly lowered herself onto his huge dick. Her face showed a moment’s discomfort, then her expression turned to pure bliss. She fucked him hard, and she fucked him noisily. I’d never watched anybody having sex live before, and I never thought I’d be watching my little sister.

They probably couldn’t see or hear me on the floor next to the bed, my legs spread, my fingers punishing my pussy as I came at least twice more – and at that point I wouldn’t have cared if they could.

As noisy as I was, Casey was a lot louder, and when the guy finally came in her, she screamed so loudly I’m surprised nobody called Campus Security. She collapsed onto him, and as quietly as I could I crept out of the bedroom, got my sweater and jeans on – Casey could give me my bra and panties in the morning – and went back to my own room.

We never did anything like that again, and the only mention either of us made about it was the text message I sent her the next morning: I OWE YOU ONE 😉

Well, like I said, that was all ten years ago. By the time we graduated, we’d both gotten all the crazy behavior out of our systems. We dated, of course, but our priorities now were more about settling down and starting gaziantep ukraynalı escort bayan our careers. We didn’t even discuss our dates’ dick sizes anymore.

Well, hardly ever: at my bachelorette party five years ago, once I’d had one or two drinks too many, I told her that Drew, the man I was marrying, had a solid eight inches. Not a nine, true, but eight inches and thick, and he knew how to use it. It was probably a bitchy thing to say to her, since she’d just broken up with her boyfriend of three years, but I was drunk and I was getting married the next day, so I was entitled.

And now she was going through another bad time: she’d broken up with her latest boyfriend a year earlier, and she told me the few dates she’d had since then were so dull, the whole idea of sex was starting to feel more trouble than it was worth.

Oh, and she was about to turn 30.

On her birthday, I got up early, put on a long t-shirt, and went into the living room to Skype her on my laptop before she left for work. She’d already showered, and was wrapped in a towel.

She wasn’t in a great place emotionally, and complained that she was moving into middle-age (thanks, her 31-year-old sister thought), and she hadn’t even had the urge to play with herself in weeks (too much information!).

I thought about it for a moment, and decided it was time to repay an old debt.

After we both said goodbye, rather than logging off, I just muted the laptop and carried it into the bedroom. I pretended not to see her on the screen, as she silently tried to tell me I’d forgotten to log off.

I wondered whether she’d log off, but I guess she was curious what she’d see.

Pretending to be unaware our connection was still live, I put the laptop on the dresser, the screen facing the bed, and climbed into bed with my t-shirt still on.

I woke up Drew, reminding him it was time to start getting ready for work. He got out of bed and stretched, his morning wood giving me a show I hoped I’d never get tired of. And giving Casey a show as well. That would give her something to rub herself off over, I thought.

I imagined what I’d be hearing from Casey’s end if the sound was still on.

I thought Drew would head to the shower and the fun was over, and thought about whether I’d later tell Casey I’d planned this. Maybe not: it’s hotter if you watch something you’re not supposed to, after all.

“You know what,” Drew said, “I can come in a little late today.” He came back to the bed, lifted the blanket, said “I don’t know what you have this on for,” and pulled the shirt over my head and off, leaving me naked. “Much better.”

Okay, my sister was seeing me naked, no big deal…

“You know what we haven’t done in a long time?” Drew said. And without waiting for a response, he positioned his dick near my mouth.

Normally I wouldn’t hesitate – I love sucking his big dick, and I hadn’t done it in a while – but I was mortified at the thought of Casey watching me so it.

But I couldn’t say that, so I took as much of his dick into my mouth as I could, and started sucking as he held my head and thrust into me. “Oh yeah,” he growled, “you like how I fuck your face?” This wasn’t the first time he’d said this sort of thing during a blowjob, but he was really getting into it. “Suck me like a whore, that’s it. Deeper.”

My ass was facing the screen, so Casey could see right up my pussy as Drew was using me. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life, but I was also so turned on I wanted to scream.

“Play with your pussy,” he commanded. And I did. And I began moaning as loudly as I could with Drew’s dick filling my mouth.

Then suddenly he sat up, looked directly at the computer screen, and said “You too, Casey. Or are you already playing with your pussy?”

He got up, took the laptop from the dresser and put it on the bed, the screen facing us, and said “Don’t you think I saw what you perverts were up to as soon as I got up?” He turned on the sound. “Happy birthday, Casey. Enjoying the show?” gaziantep üniversiteli escort bayan

She couldn’t speak.

“Casey, you don’t have to answer me; but if you don’t, I’m shutting down the computer and the show’s over. So I’ll ask again: Is your hand on your pussy? In your pussy?”

“Yes,” she said softly.

Drew had never been less than circumspect around Casey, but I guess this morning the rules had changed.

“Take off the towel, let me see.”

She did, and back from her laptop revealing her full nudity. Her left hand was cupping her pussy, but not moving. I was sure she wanted to get back to what she’d been doing down there.

Drew positioned me on all fours, facing the laptop screen. “I’m going to fuck your sister doggy right now, but I’m not going to cum until both of you do.”

“That may not take long,” I said, the first time I’d spoken in a while.

Getting behind me, he slowly… slowly… slowly worked his big dick into my pussy. It’s a good thing it was so fat because I was so wet, we might not have felt any friction otherwise.

We were watching Casey, on her back on her bed, her head propped up by a pillow so she could watch us back, her legs spread, her pussy glistening, her left hand playing with her nipples very roughly, her right hand digging into her pussy. I’d never seen another woman masturbate in person, and I was fascinated by how identically I did it.

I don’t think I’d ever felt Drew harder.

“Casey, do you like my cock?” he asked.

“I do.”

“Are you thinking about it while you’re playing with your pussy?”

“God, yes, I am,” she said, but it sounded more like a groan.

“Thinking about my thick cock deep inside of you?”

“Oh,” Casey said as I cold see her beginning to cum. Drew pulled out of me and moved closer to the laptop, letting her see his huge dick, slick and dripping with my juices. Without hesitation, I shoved three fingers into my pussy to replace it.

“Next time you visit,” he told her, “just ask and I’ll throw you onto the couch, and fuck you with this.”

“OH FUCK!” Casey shouted, ramming what looked like all her fingers into her pussy, moaning and gasping through what was probably the most intense orgasm she’d ever had without a man actually inside her.

Drew turned me onto my back, lifted my legs high, and entered me again. I knew he was demonstrating the position he’s have used to fuck Casey and she did too, and she gave one final moan and then a soft sigh.

My orgasm was just building. Drew was pounding into me now, which isn’t the way we usually have sex, but we both needed to have it just like this.

Even with all the noise I was making, I could hear the occasional soft moans coming from the laptop. I couldn’t see, but I imagined Casey was very gently playing with her nipples or stroking her pussy as she watched us.

“NOW!” I shouted and with a final hard thrust, Drew began cumming, and kept fucking me as he came, and I felt wave after wave of pleasure, until I just collapsed, exhausted.

And then…

I was waking up.

I was on my back, stretched out on the bed, cum leaking out of my pussy and matted into my public hair. Drew was lightly caressing me, focusing on my breasts. The laptop was gone. “You were out for a couple of minutes,” he said.

“Wow, that was… well wow.”

“Yeah, wow,” he agreed. “I, um, I hope you were okay with all that, with Casey I mean. We all got kind of… intimate.”

“Did we ever,” I said. “Well, I started it by letting her see your dick without asking you first. And I think we all had a good time.”

He smiled.

“But…” I said.


“What you said about throwing her down on the couch and actually fucking her.”

“Oh, that.”


“That was just part of the game, of course. I thought thinking about it would turn her on, help her to cum.”

“Drew,” I said, “it did the same thing for me.”


“I mean… the next time she’s over here… well, if she really wants to, and you want to, it’s fine with me. We’ve never done that before, of course, sharing a guy, but now I want to give it a try.”

I could see by the look on his face that he wasn’t going to say no.

“But for now,” I said, “since we’re both going to be late for work anyway, I want you to lie down behind me and give me a nice, slow, gentle fuck.

And as he entered me, I began to think about how I would bring up the subject with Casey later.

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