Sister’s Shower Experience Ch. 02

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As I made my way to June’s house I could not get the image of my naked brother out of my head and, as a result, my pussy was wet the whole 15 minute walk to June’s house. However as soon as her house came into view my thoughts changed to look forward to the night ahead, or at least what I thought would happen…

I knocked on June’s door and June’s voice behind the door asked ‘What’s the password?’

‘Let me in you idiot!’ I replied.

‘Correct!’ she said in joy and pulled the door to let me in. I eyed her as I saw she just wearing a long T-shirt that showed off her fantastic legs.

‘Changed already?’ I asked.

‘Well yeah, no point doing it later only thing I’ll be wearing, not here to impress the guys!’ she laughed.

‘Just need to be naked to do that, no clothes needed!’ my best friend Debbie said as we entered the front room. I bent down to hug and kiss her, and my larger breasts mashed against her 36C breasts.

I looked over her shoulder and I saw June pick something up. But as she bent down I saw she wasn’t wearing any panties. I could see he curvy arse and some of her pussy lips. For some reason it got me slightly wet, but I thought she is skimpy because it’s hot. Debbie herself was just in bra and panties. As she was I thought so will I. I stripped down to my bra and panties which gaziantep yavuzeli escort bayan were black while Debbie’s was white. It felt good to be so naked and I certainly began to cool off. Just after I stripped Gene arrived and we greeted her. June parents were gone for the weekend so the house was ours!

‘Right, gangs all here!’ June said happily, ‘lets get the party started!’

‘Yahhhyyy!’ Debbie Gene and me shouted.

June got the DVDs she rented from Blockbuster, as we got the food into bowls and brang them into the living room. We got into our sleeping bags and chatted for a little while, about the end of school, boys, and the plans for the summer ahead.

The first film we watched was ‘I, Robot’, which I thought, was cool, with the plus of the hunk Will Smith in it. We then saw ‘Signs’, which made us all jump a bit. By 12.00 we came to the last film.

‘Er , guys I got porn.’

We didn’t mind, we were really quite interested. We watched it and poked fun at it for a while. And soon without knowing it I realised all the girls, including myself were masturbating, even when a lesbo scene came on, showing a big busted blonde fuck a petite brunette with a strap-on.

Then something I never thought would happen did happen. gaziantep yeni escort bayan Debbie slipped into my sleeping bag and kissed me. I didn’t fight back, I was turned on and I wanted her. I looked over to Gene and June and to my amazement June was on top of Gene both naked and were gyrating their pussies against one another, moaning as they kissed, or stoked of sucked each other’s nipples and tits. This sight turned me on more and I kissed, Debbie, wet lips and stroked her silk feeling skin as she removed my bra, which I soon did to her. We caressed each other breasts and then sucked my nipples, which made me moan. I returned the favour and I really enjoyed sucking her erect hard nipples. I became a little naughty and nibbled them making Debbie moan louder as were the other two girls. Soon all of us were naked and Debbie and myself fingered each other. It felt great, 3 of her fingers buried in me, ramming me hard, rubbing my clit with her thumb. Receiving pleasure was even better when giving it and we matched each other’s pleasure amazingly.

I leant forward to Debbie and whispered ‘lick me out.’

She gave me a sexy smile and we moved into 69 position. We were coy at first, never having done it before but I licked her shaved pussy first then gaziantep zayıf escort bayan she started soon after. As her pussy widened, I stuck my tongue into her wet pussy, at about the same time she did to me.

I heard both Gene and June scream as their orgasms hit them, and looked over as June relaxed on top of Gene and watched us. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the licking thing right. Not that it mattered, Debbie was enjoying it, evident from her moans. Soon both Debbie and myself were moaning loudly and our orgasm coursed though out bodies as we tensed up, moaned and relaxed as our orgasm washed over us. She came back up to me and rested her head on my chest stroking my thigh.

‘That sure was a fun experiment.’ I said.

The other girls nodded and laughed.

‘Are we lesbians then?’ asked Debbie.

‘Dunno…’ said June.

‘Nah’ said Gene ‘Just experimenting, and we bi-sexual at the furthest. Only if we never wanna fuck a guy does it make us lesbians.’

Later on I let my brother about my brother slip.

Debbie asked Gene in out causal conversation ‘what’s your fantasy.’

‘To shag Rose’s brother Densen!’ she laughed.

We all said, myself included ‘ME TO!’

It hit me what I said about a second afterwards and lowered my head tears in my eyes. What would the girls think of me? A freak, mental?

‘Don’t be ashamed Rose’ Debbie said @which girl in their right mind wouldn’t, he is so fit! And I have a plan to help us fuck him!’

‘You do?!’ I said surprised.

She told me her plan. I thought about it.

‘It may work.’ I said. So the pan would be put into action the next day, and we all feel asleep naked, along with the girl we had sex with that night.

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