Six Hundred Miles

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I had traveled over six hundred miles to get to that door step. And all the time I waited was well worth it. I had talked to this girl almost everyday for a year. Now I stood at her door step waiting, wondering, exploding with emotions. I had seen plenty of pictures of her but she was always saying they never showed her true beauty, and I believed her. I knocked twice jittery unsure what, who was going to open that door. I heard a rush of foot steps, and the door opened quickly. Their she stood five foot eight, flowing red hair beautiful big brown eyes that stared at me like the stars in the night sky.

We were so shocked we didn’t know what to say almost so petrified with fear that we couldn’t move. Then suddenly without warning she throw herself into my arms. I embraced her with a passion like I’ve never felt. Then I felt myself press my lips to hers and soon it was our tongs that embraced. Our kiss lasted for what seemed only a moment a second in time, but was closer to ten minutes. We held each other tight and our hands they roamed over each others curve’s. Then our daydream was abruptly shattered when I heard her room mates voice.

It rang out clear “So Jennifer are you going to introduce me.” She turned around still in my arms and said simply “no.” She held my arms around her waste and walked into their apartment. I was all smile’s as she lead me to the couch sitting me down. She sat down next to me well might as well been on me, but I didn’t mind. Her room mate which she now introduced as Anita sat across form us. Well Anita had started to talk to me and I truthfully didn’t notice and neither did my fascination. We were both staring at each other are hands taking queue form are eyes and touching. She did catch are attention when she got up, and said “I’m going to leave you to alone to get better aquatinted.” Jen turned and said thanks Anita and got up giving her a kiss on the nose. As Anita was grabbing her jacket and heading out the door, me and Jen were already heading to her room.

We had talked about this moment and dreamed of this moment for so long. It seemed as if we just couldn’t wait. We knew are love for each other was true but right now all that mattered was Lust. That’s what was driving us are passion for each other. We had talked about the different things we were going to do about wipe cream, chocolate, ice, whips, ropes, and showers. So I had no real idea of what was going to happen. As she lead me to her room and my hands roamed over her as I kissed her neck. She just answered back by holding my head to her neck and then moving her hand down to my cock. She opened her door and walked in and she told me to shut the door.

I did as she commanded xhamster porno and when I turned around she had some rope in hand. I just smiled and walked towards her, I went to kiss her but she teased me and turned away. She said simply and seductively its time to play with a look of power and excitement in her eyes. I knew the roll she wished me to play. We had talked of this many times it seemed to be her favorite fantasy, and as well mine when she told it. I bowed showing my submission and said “as you wish my mistress.” I knew I was in for the time of my life.

She just pointed to the bed and said “on your knee’s.” So I got on the bed and on my knee’s, and while doing so she began to tie my hands very skillfully to the bed. It did not take her long for her to do her work just a few short seconds for each hand. I smiled as she kissed my chest and backed away. She turned on her music to a slow and easy pace and her hands began to move across her tempting flesh. Moving to the beat her hands went over her breast in her tight white shirt and then down to her short daisy dukes. When her hands came back up the second time so did her shirt revealing her large beautiful breast that sprung free from the confiding space of her belly shirt.

My eyes bounced right along and I felt myself growing in my ever increasingly tightening pants. She seemed to notice the growing bulge in my pants as she smiled turning around. She then began to unbutton her daisy duke’s and ohh so slowly began to press them down her slender legs. As she bent forward she looked between her legs to see me staring at her gorgeous ass. It was well rounded yet firm, and all I wanted to do is have my hands on her. As I went reach out the restraints held me tightly in place. That bulge in my pants had grown much bigger and leaped even bigger when she turned around revealing a perfectly shaved pussy. My jaw dropped and I could remove my eyes from her pussy dripping wet with anticipation.

She walked closer to me and it was more then I could bare I reached out with my mouth, yet I was still to far away. I was like a chick in the nest reaching out for more. My tongue out stretched came inches away then she leaned forward just enough for me to lick one of her nipples. I did so and I could not help myself I licked wildly and she just laughed. I looked up at her my eyes wild with pleasure of seeing her in such away and pain for my pants were now to confiding. She seemed to be able to since this and she bent down and began unbuttoning my pants just out of my reach. As she did so and pulled them down it sprang forth all eight inch’s. I breathed a breathe of relief. She looked back up at me from yaşlı porno her knee’s and are eyes connected we stared at each other for a minute or so looking deep into each others eyes seeing love seeing lust seeing a dream that was coming true.

Then I felt her hands presences on my Throbbing cock its soft touch made me shiver. I closed my eyes taking this experience in, and as I did so I felt her tongue slide along the tip and move down the shaft. I shuttered with this rush of pleasure. Then I felt her absence and heard her get up. My eyes shot open in surprise looking back into a smiling face. This was a wicked smile as if she had a plan to touchier me some more. I was wrong though! She pushed me back my hands tied to the bed jerked my arms and my legs under me bent in ways that a body wasn’t suppose to be bent in. She came to the side of her bed and I worked my legs from under me to hang off the end of the bed. She suddenly said with a commanding voice “if you want more of that you have to pleasure me first.” I answered back quickly know what she ment “Yes my mistress”

She crept upon the bed then straddled me with an arm and a leg on either side of me. She crawled forward and her large voluptuous tits brushed against my lips as they passed over my face. I decided I wasn’t going to waste an opportunity such as this to get another taste so as they passed I licked and sucked at them while she didn’t seem to mind. Soon enough though she was in the position she wanted to be in her pussy wet and dripping with her cunt juices onto my chest. The musky smell was intoxicating and I couldn’t resist anymore my head was between her legs in a second and my tongue between her pussy lips. My tongue was moving faster then I knew it could as I lapped up the sweet nectar she offered. Her hands soon enough worked their way into my hair and then tightened holding me their as if I could leave as if I would want to leave. My tongue entered her depths and soon enough found her clit. My tongue lashed at it aggressively and I felt her body respond. She began to buck and squirm to this new attack. I knew it would not belong before she would come and I would get a treat from her flower. I sped up the movement of my tongue somehow and her tight grip on my head strengthened and she pushed my further into her. I knew she was close and I felt her legs squeeze against my head and the muscles of her pussy tighten. A second later my mouth was being filled with her sweet nectar and she squeal loudly, and then her legs and hands released my head and she sank backwards resting her head on my dick.

I didn’t stop though I continued licking at her and it wasn’t to long before aldatma porno she turned over, and we were in a 69. I was in heaven getting blown by her and eating her out at the same time. Not even five minutes had went by and I knew I was fast approaching. I told her I was about to cum and she just sucked harder. I was in ecstasy and I wanted her to be just as happy so I bent my head up as far as I could and began reaming her ass hole with my tongue and I must say I got the response I had hoped for. She released from my dick and breathed deep, but soon enough was back to sucking my dick. I knew I could hold back anymore and I began Cumming into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She continued sucking until she was sure she had it all. Then to my surprise she reached for my wrist and began untying me so I guessed she had played around long enough. As soon as I was free I grabbed her kissing her letting my hands roam over her once more. She did not turn away this time but embraced me as well.

Soon though are hands were exploring her hands on my dick and my fingers in her warm wet pussy. I went to lay her down on her back, but she wasn’t done being in control yet she stopped me and then got on her knees sticking her round tight firm ass into the air and resting on her elbows. I took my place behind her and she reached between her legs grasping my cock. Her touch like before made me shiver, but the next feeling I had made my mind explode. My hard cock was now within her pussy sliding in feeling her warmth. I pressed further in and meet her hymen. I stopped for a second to let her prepare knowing this was going to be a little painful for her. She just said please in a little voice, and I pushed beginning to break through. She winced in a little pain, but she said don’t stop this time in a stronger voice and trusted herself backwards onto me. I gasped in pleasure and she did the same in pleasure and in pain. We wasted no time and began moving back an forth trusting deeper finding new depths, and new pleasures.

We were lost in the moment in the lust and our dreams. We had talked about this for so long and dreamed, hoping we could make this come true. Now though we were living that dream and we were making the most of it. Our body’s were one as the sweat from us stained the sheets moving back and forth in a rhythmic time that gained speed. Where soon we were moving are hips as fast as they could go my cock ramming deep with in her. Our cry’s of pleasure were only answered by the sounds of are body. After a time we couldn’t tell I began to cum shooting my load deep with in her, yet I continued to pump. With each lunge in I cam and it drew her nearer to orgasm. With a final trust with everything I had left I pushed myself into her as far as I could go. Then I felt the walls of her pussy grow tight and her body tense, and with a deafening scream of pleasure she began to collapse upon the bed. I fallowed her lead once more as we fell asleep spooning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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