Skin Luminous

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The evening and how it was spent was nothing short but an exclusive memory to touch upon your senses throughout the days and night.. A soft bathing effervescent of light falls onto the bare skin illustrating the round curves of your body, that is laced with a red velvet bra and an alluring cotton pair of panties. It carved out your physique beneath the light, lightly tussled in a small mess upon the four post bed… Your hands and ankles tied loosely by silk ribbons keeping you placated upon the satin sheets, straining your movement. Only four of your senses remain: touch, scent, taste and sound. You can hear the soft prattle of movement feeling the weight of the bed shift beneath as another’s presence came to focus.

A soft whisper compliments your beauty. As warm fingertips begin to draw along your bare collar bone splaying a gentle hand across your chest…fading into the background. The fruitful scent of strawberries began to linger in the candle-lighten room as one was placed gently against your ruby lips in a sauntering tease; allowing you to taste the fruit of bite into the juicy nectar. A man, brawn and reflective of your thoughts and feelings leans in close to steal a small kiss from your lips, tongue tasting the sweet fruit upon your lips, teasing his senses with the promise of delight. There was a small pause before he brings another to your lips, this time with the small glower of heat that was cooled by the exposure of an open room.

The strong scent of delicious chocolate fills your senses, as he allows a few droplets to land upon your bare skin; and whilst you enjoy the next sweet sensation, his warm mouths falls down onto your body, licking up the sweet spills that littered your neck and shoulder. His tongue lathers the surface of your mecidiyeköy escort skin drawing his head down in between your breasts, to nuzzle his face against the warmth of your body. He dips his finger into a nearby dressing bowl, coating his skin in chocolate as he draws it up to your gasping mouth.

He continues to work his way down along your body drawing more chocolate covered strawberries to trail along the warm skin of your tummy, his tongue trailing after the decadent fruit: tasting, kissing and licking, until he reach the lip of your black panties. Oh, he didn’t want to soil your clothing too badly, even as you started to get wet beneath his teases. Your delicate scent catches his attention, causing him to breathe deeply. Slowly he turns his attention back to your velvet bra, fingers touching beneath the thin wire strap, before lifting the material up your body to expose your warm mounds… Your breasts exposed, he falls down onto the exposed flesh like a hungry predator cornering his prey; suckling upon your erecting nipples in a small frenzy. It was sweet and irresistible, as the small fruit cup dessert was laced along your skin, allowing him to kiss and explore the length of your sensitive skin.

You had no control. Your body writhes in pleasure beneath his hot mouth. Even now you couldn’t prevent him from opening your legs to expose your dripping sex that spoils your dark shaded panties… It amuses him that he could notice the small dribble of wetness that soaked the cotton material, offering a darker shade. And as if driven by hunger and want, he laces his fingers at your waist line and begins to peel the naughty pair off your hips; exposing your pout little sex to his eyes. merter escort The lips puffy and pink from being erotically tease and possibly aching for attention.

He moves to all fours, hand planting beneath your tied arms and knees placing themselves in between your open legs. Lowering himself down, he lets you know that he was already stark naked, skin flushed from musing over your alluring naked body, causing his passion to build and mass arousal. His hard thick manhood nuzzles against your inner thigh, letting you feel his length and throbbing pulse. The tip of his rigid cock touches your silk folds and he draws his hips in small rolls, parting them apart with his attentive exploration, and once he found the wetness of your hot sex; he slides himself in slowly. His member stretching your lips around his thick shaft, as he guides himself deep into your tightness.

Bedroom noises, subtle moans and the distinct strong scents of their arousal was enticing the ambience to flutter in excitement. Oh yes, he was taking you completely, thrusting his body against yours until you can feel his trimmed pelvis pressing against yours; hips softly locking themselves in between your legs and softly pinning your body against the satin sheets. The muscles of his body vexes in pleasure, his tight little bottom rising from your body and falling back down onto you driving his hard cock deep inside you. He was making love to you wanton body, labouring over your form tenderly as he continues to fill you completely with his thickness; without the promise to relent or stop. The once soft grind of his body was now picking up, becoming more hard and fast. Your lover only wanted you to feel the pleasure of him mounting mutlukent escort your body and expanding your sexual experience to new delightful heights.

Another kiss was felt upon your mouth, as his tongue sneaks in between your soft moans, coiling around yours before he gently sucks onto your bottom lip… He continues to work your body grinding against it hard until he started to throb and pulse. Your sex gripping his length despite the lubricated friction finding not an easy grip as he slides easily in and out of your dripping pussy. His eyes feast upon your subtle thrashing, wrists and ankles, still restricted by the silk bonds that kept you tied onto his bed. Oh yes, you’re going to cum tonight…and cum hard. There was nowhere for you to escape or retreat, the only possible movement was your hips thrusting greedily back absently and without a second thought; wanting him deeper inside you..

You were starting become tighter and wetter, causing the man to groan in favour, as he continues to quicken his thrusts against your luscious body… The warm flush of pre-cum started to seep into your juices turning your sex aflame. His hips pounds against your body causing the subtle springs of the mattress to creak silently. He continues kiss and nibble his way down along your jaw line, seeking small bites from your ear and neck promising not to leave a mark upon your skin. He was matching your pace, holding his stamina graciously though he wanted to climax so badly.

Your sex started to gush against his penetration, your vaginal walls clamping furiously upon his hard thrusting cock, causing him to explode with you. Hot cum floods into your pussy mixing with your torrent rush of juices, spilling down along your legs and onto the bed as his body slows down into a shuttering halt, keeping himself deep inside you until he could not take the pressure any more, and draws himself completely out. He gasps for his air, fingers fumbling to undo the ties that kept the binds tight upon your wrists and ankles, wanting your body to bathe in the glower of their shared experience and rest against his hard body..


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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