Sleep Over Secret

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Weekends were for a few things: parties, dates, booty calls, and sleep over’s. The large suburban castle that my father had purchased with his six figure salary was often the host of these sleep over’s. However, since that fateful day in the locker rooms, my relationship with my mother had changed. It hadn’t even been a month since the first locker room and we had found our way there again, surrounded by those five fabulous cocks and after being showered in cum we finished each other. Something a mother and daughter generally didn’t do. But we couldn’t stop. We knew it was morally considered wrong, but tasting my own mother’s pussy shot electricity through me that nothing else could replicate.

It started with only doing it after the gangbangs, telling ourselves that after something like that we were just caught up in the moment and needed any release we could get. That façade fell away when one day while at home after school I caught my mother grinding against the dryer in the basement as it vibrated. After about five seconds of staring at each other we were in my parents’ bed fingering each other. My lips smashed against hers until I got her top off and latched onto her breast. We ate each other out, grinded and mimed fucking while having each other’s fingers deep in the other until we ended up cumming all over the bed.

Changing the sheets brought a serious talk about our new relationship. I understood how I felt. I loved my mom and she loved me, but we were just using each other to feel good. And we were okay with that. This talk took us to my mother’s adulterous second love life. And how many people she’s been with. The number surprised me, but from how calmly she talked about it I felt as though my father and she had an understanding. And God knows they still went at it. Every once in a while I would hear them fucking from my room all the way at the other end of the hall.

But it was this episode that made it hard for me to invite my friends over. Our newfound lust for each other consumed us both whenever we found ourselves alone, and sometimes not even then. My father was doing work in bed, thinking my mother was cleaning the kitchen. She instead had her face in my crotch as I sat on the kitchen counter, pulling on my own tits. We knew that a sleep over would only exacerbate things, especially with the wine drinking that always occurred.

However, my best friend in the whole world pushed and pushed and at the end of my week, Jaime was coming over to my house to sleep over. She was a firecracker, a five foot tall black girl, with 34D tits. She had been hounding me to let her come over so we could talk in detail about all the sexcapades we’d had. I only mentioned to her my times in the locker room, not going into too much detail. I certainly never told her about my mother and I’s grand finale.

“Come on Lizzy!” She groaned as I pulled into my driveway. I glanced over, a sly smirk. “How many did you do at once? What holes were they fucking?” She gasped, a kid in a candy store, “Where did they cum?”

“Jesus, Jaime…” I chuckled. I turned the car off and hopped out of the driver’s seat. She followed whining.

“Don’t leave me hanging.”

I sighed and offered this nugget of information, “I was never fully stuffed. I always had a hole free.”

“Which hole?”

I smirked and walked into my house. “It kept changing.” I told her. And it was the truth; every time I and my mom were there I never let them stuff me full like they did to her. But I did let them have fun with whatever two holes they wanted. Jaime regarded my answer with a smile; I imagine she was picturing me in the locker room at the very second.

I opened the door, “We’re home.” I called out, emphasizing the ‘we’ aspect. My mother popped her head into the hallway from the kitchen, a puzzled look on her face. No doubt she expected us to immediately get down to business. Her face brightened immediately when she saw Jaime.

“Oh, Jaime! It’s been so long since you were over here!” She said happily and ran from the kitchen to hug my friend. Her tits bounced from not wear a bra, something she’s taken to doing since we had started our incestuous affair. Jaime hugged her with less enthusiasm.

“Believe me, I’ve tried…” Jaime said, more to me than my mother.

I rolled my eyes as my mother let go of Jaime. “Well you are welcome whenever you want.” She said, in the way only a mother can, then hopped back to the kitchen. “Stay for dinner! We’re having chicken breast.” She called as she disappeared back into the kitchen.

Jaime practically dragged me upstairs into my room as soon as my mother disappeared Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan back into the kitchen. She flopped on the bed and sighed, “Finally! Some peace.” She glanced up at me a moment and smirked. “Let’s talk about boys and watch porn.”

I sighed and cracked a grin. She hadn’t changed at all since she was last here. I crawled onto the bed and turned on my laptop. “What about homework?” I suggested. Wilson was no longer even attempting to teach me math, instead choosing to fuck me senseless between rows of books for an hour. I was falling behind and while porn and boy talk was enticing, I had other things to worry about.

“Porn!” She happily argued. Jaime clapped her hands as she plugged her laptop into my television. I shook my head, smiling as I opened up Word on my computer. I glanced up at the TV and saw my best friend search for lesbian porn. I laughed as she picked a video and she looked back at me. “What? I love watching girls get each other off.” She said and moved so she was sitting next to me on the bed. “Now tell me about the gangbang!”

“No, Jaime! It was just a bunch of dicks.”

“Yeah, but I bet it felt hot to have all those bodies around you wanting to just touch you more…” She had a dreamy look on her face.

“I’m almost not going to tell you about Wilson…”

“Wilson? Wilson, the nerd?!” She gaped at me and I tried hard not to look at her, “You fucked that nerd? Why?” She demanded answers. I gave her a sly smile.

“He’s got an eleven inch cock.” I told her and went on to tell her how most of his free time is now spent fucking our librarian, whenever he isn’t tutoring me or one of the ladies he also tutors and has subsequently taken as a fuck machine.

“I’ve got to get a study time with him…” Jaime said, planning already. “Mmmm…” I stopped typing my essay and glanced over. Jaime’s eyes were glued to the screen and her hand was at her crotch. She rubbed herself through her panties, her dress hiked up from sitting. On the screen two beautiful girls were fingering each other already. I started typing again as she started to rub harder.

Blushing, I glance over and see her hand in her panties now, “If you need to rub one out, I can-” She grabs my knee and gasps as her whole body tenses. The girls on the screen are making out as one girl finger fucks the other hard. Jaime’s eyes seem to glaze over and she notices her hand on my knee. After a moment her fingers loosen the grip on my leg, but start to slide down my thigh. She watches her fingers disappear under my skirt and touch my panties.

“Lace?” She asked as two fingers slipped inside. I just nodded, my eyes on the porn as my best friend hits my clit. I let out a sigh and nodded more fervently as I moved my hand to where her’s had been not a minute ago. We sat there, masturbating each other as we watched the porn unfold. The girls were eating each other out and I shared a glance with Jaime. She nodded.

I ripped my skirt off, desperate to cum since my normal session with my mother had been denied. I slipped my panties off and spread my legs, “Get in there.” I offered. Jaime immediately rolled over and pushed her lips against my lower ones. I moaned and closed my eyes as her tongue pushed into me. My breath got more and more ragged as her intensity increased, her tongue flicking over my clit every once in a while as she ate me out.

I imagined my mother between my legs as I reached down to grab at Jaime’s head. My body trembled and my gasps got stuck in my throat, shit she was amazing. My back arched as the very rapidly approaching orgasm was about to hit me. I was so close when my bedroom door opened up, revealing my mother in nothing but garters and stockings. My eyes bugged as I saw her bare tits hanging out. I tried to close my legs to hold Jaime’s head, but the noise of the door made her turn around.

“Holy shit.” She gasped, panting from the face full of muff she had just had. She turned on the bed and crawled off. Still on all fours she went directly to my own mother’s pussy and without even blinking shoved her tongue up into her pussy. My mother’s legs bent as my best friend’s mouth began to give her pleasure. She looked at me and motioned for me to join them.

I hesitated only a moment, my eyes going to Jaime. But her attention was elsewhere, besides I thought that in the state she was in she wouldn’t have cared what happened. I crawled off the bed and went over to my mother. We kissed intimately for a moment then I knelt, kissing down her body, moving to kneel behind her. As Jaime sucked on her clit, I spread my mother’s ass and smiled at Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan the tight little rosebud of a hole I had seen stretched by high school cock many a time. My tongue slid from her outer cheek right onto the hole. I heard her groan with double the pleasure as these two young tongues started to eat her two holes.

“Fucking Christ…” I heard Jaime moan and I pulled away from my mother’s ass to see her staring at me with wonder.

“Sorry…” I said trying to wipe my mouth. I opened my mouth to explain further but Jaime pulled me in for a kiss. We pulled apart panting, strings of salvia connecting our mouth before glancing up at my mother as she stares down at us with obvious lust.

“Come to bed, girls…” She sighed as she stepped over us to get to my bed. Our heads followed her as she climbed onto the bed, arching her back, her ass up in the air. We stared at her for the longest of moments. Then we jumped up and joined her on the bed. We each took a nipple and sucked on my mother’s tits hard. She moaned as she finger fucked herself while we nibbled and licked to our heart’s content. Jaime pulled away from the tit she was suckling to move up and kiss her. I glanced up, still sucking as Mom made out with my best friend. I took the opportunity to slide my fingers down between her legs, replacing her fingers with mine. I quickly worked them in faster, deeper than she had been going. My mother tensed up and her legs spread slightly. She grabbed at Jaime as I felt her shudder, a quick little orgasm rocking her. She pulled away from Jaime, a content look twinkling in her eye. She turned and I moved to meet her lips. We kissed. Deeply. It was one of the hottest I had had so far in my young life.

“Fuck, that’s the hottest thing…” I heard Jaime say and I pulled away from my mother, giggling.

“Come here.” I said, my voice hushed just form the situation. I pulled her in for a kiss. We moaned into each other’s mouths. I felt her jump and opened my eyes to see my mother working her pussy from behind. I pulled away and repositioned so my pussy was in her face. “Now get back to that magic.” I said as my mother and I sandwiched Jaime between us. I grinded my pussy against her mouth, her tongue invaded me in the best way, sliding over clit with every swipe while she drove it deep into me. My mother had her hands on Jaime’s ass cheeks, had them spread wide open. Her mouth was busy pleasuring her pussy as her fingers teased her ass.

My and my best friend were both cumming as she brought me to a real and true orgasm while my mother got her off. I clutched the sheets, knuckles white from the intensity of the whole thing. Jaime pulled her head up, her face splattered with my juices, she only ran her tongue down my thigh before diving back in. “Oh fuck, Jaime…make me cum again!” I begged. I pushed her head into my crotch again as she grabbed my legs to pull me deeper on her tongue. I think I might have gone cross-eyed at one point.

My mother stood up, wiping her mouth, an evil sort of grin on her face. She walked on the bed past Jaime to me. I had been propped up on my elbows, watching Jaime pleasure me, but as I watched my mother she stepped over me, her pussy right above my head now. I slide down slightly, realizing what she wanted. She crouched on my face, shoving her pussy on it. I opened my mouth, accepting it all, worming my tongue up into her.

“Ahhh!” She gasped, leaning back as she grinded her pussy up and down over my face. “Fuuuuuck…” She moaned, as I nibbled on her clit. I grabbed her ass cheeks, feeling her shudder as I brought her pleasure. I was her little girl and she was using my tongue to fuck her pussy.

That was when Jaime focused on my clit. My hips jerked, nearly knocking her away when she drove her tongue over it, literally flicking it back and forth with the tip of her tongue. My eyes rolled, I wasn’t completely in control of my whole body as she made me see God. I could still taste my mother’s pussy so she was still on top of me. And the bed was still cushioning me below, but besides those and the pleasure emanating from my crotch courtesy of Jaime, I was aware of little else. By the time I was able to focus again everything had changed. The salty taste of my mother was replaced by Jaime’s lips. I was on my side, three of my mother’s fingers deep inside me. Jaime was in the same position. We were both shaking, covered in sweat. My mother’s fingers were slowing, which meant that she had just brought us both to climax and we were coming down. They slipped out of both of us and she tasted them. She sighed, her hair a complete mess. She sat back, panting. She lazily glanced around the room, utterly satisfied.

She sat up, eyes wide all of a sudden. “Shit, I have to finish dinner! You’re father’s going to be home soon!” She rolled off the bed. I watched her ass bounce as she walked out of the room, her legs shaking slightly from it all. I sighed, relaxing as I tried to wrap my head around the time I lost in my bliss. I glanced over and smiled at Jaime. She had her eyes closed, thumbs rolling over her tits as she took deep breaths. After a moment she must have felt my gaze because she opened her eyes and smiled back. We moved closer, cuddling slightly.

“We should get dressed.” I told her, “My dad’s gonna be home soon…”

She whined and rolled over, shaking her butt in frustration. After a moment she sat her head up. “Holy shit.” She turned and looked at me, “Holy shit.” She sat up. “We just…you and your…” She trailed off, staring at me. I nodded, a slight smirk on my face. “Fuck.” Her lips curled into a smile, “That’s so twisted…my pussy’s still tingling.” I giggled and grabbed a fresh pair of panties. I rolled off the bed and slipped them on. “…That wasn’t the first time, was it?” She asked. I nodded. I didn’t know exactly how to explain this to anyone. I felt her lips on my shoulder. “I won’t tell.”

I smiled and grinned at her from over my shoulder. “Thanks.” I picked up a shirt and found as skirt. After a moment I glanced back over at Jaime. She was busy finding her clothes. “You’re going to have to tell me what happened…I think I blacked out at one point.”

She grinned at me as she pulled her dress back on. “Was it before or after you had four fingers jammed in my ass?”

“…Before…” We both broke into laughter and I heard the door open downstairs. My father was home. “Do we look normal?”

“We look like we just had really intense sex.”

I sighed and walked over to my mirror. I quickly assessed the situation: my makeup ruined from sweat, drool, and probably tears of ecstasy, my hair a wild mess. I frowned and turned back to Jaime. “Let’s get cleaned up.”

The next half hour was busy for the three women in the house. My father had said hello to my mother. He then disappeared into his study and went to work. My mother had somehow managed to look pristine in the time between her leaving my room and my father walking into the kitchen to greet her. Jaime and I took a bit longer. The make-up was easy, but the hair was harder. We eventually just washed mine in the sink. Jaime wouldn’t let the water touch her hair. In the stereotypical black girl fashion.

We ate dinner in my room. My father wasn’t there yet and we didn’t want to risk anything. It wasn’t until later that anything remotely taboo came up in conversation. It was like we were typical high school girls, not the slutty fantasy of a porno director. After we had finished some homework and watched a normal TV show, we were going to start just browsing the internet when we heard them. The moans were loud, obviously, but I was very familiar with them since they were coming from my mother down the hall.

“Jesus, they’re going at it? She’s got real stamina…” Jaime said. I just nodded. The moans increased in volume and intensity. “Wow.”

“She has a lot of sex.” I said.

“I can imagine.” We just sat there, listening to my parents fuck. Jaime sighed, cupping her crotch.

“You horny again?” I asked, in slight disbelief. She shrugged. “Just imagining you with my Mom again?” I teased.

She bowed her head in embarrassment, “Maybe…but maybe also I was imagining what your Dad is like.”

I blinked in surprise. My father? I knew he was just as guilty of infidelity as my mother, their combined sexual exploits probably worthy of their own website. I just never imagined him sexually. Surprising, considering my near daily activities with my mother, but it was never a thought for me. I squirmed a bit, shoving my hands between my legs. Jaime grinned and pointed at me.

“Did I hit a nerve? Do you not wanna share Daddy?” She teased and I flipped her off.

“Fuck…no…I never would…would I?” She rolled her eyes.

“Listen, you sixty-nined with your own mother today. I think you’d be okay with taking your Dad’s dick.” My face flushed. I couldn’t hide my shame. Jaime grinned and rubbed her crotch. “Does that turn you on?” I shook my head, rubbing my own crotch openly now. She didn’t antagonize further, instead we both just rubbed out pussies through our clothes to a short orgasm.

Panting, we both climbed onto the bed. As we met, our lips touching again, Jaime stopped. “We shouldn’t…my pussy’s really sore.” I rolled over.

“Thank God. I was gonna power through it, but yes. Ow.” We both giggled and repositioned so I was spooning her. Through the wall, my parents’ sex noises were the lullaby that helped us drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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